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Tenten's Bad Luck. Chapter 1

In Konoha, the day was crappy. I mean, very crappy.

It was raining outside and Tenten was in a bad mood. She had lost her hair ties, she had accidentally tripped on her shoes and now, she was soaking wet.

It all started at practice. Things were already crappy, not counting that she was there with Lee and Gai (that's the crappiest part) but she had the most miserable luck these days.

Neji was home training with Hyuuga Hiashi, and he ditched practically every practice.

Anyway, Tenten was pissed throughout her whole training session. And by the time it was over, the sky suddenly rumbled and rain poured down in sheets.

Tenten raced home, her clothes getting soaked.

(At home)

Tenten finally made it home, she squeezed her pants and wrung them out, practically flooding the whole apartment. (Man, those pants can take on a lot of water)

Tenten fumbled with her hair, attempting to get the tangled hair ties out to prepare for a hot bath. But those darn things were stuck.

"Damn it." Tenten muttered. She managed to wrestle it free, after tripping over her bed and bonking her head on the corner of her nightstand.

Tenten walked into the bathroom, taking off her clothes and started the tub. She added some bubbles and stepped in.

"Aww, this is heaven." Tenten said, she sat down in the tub and covered herself in bubbles. Maybe her luck was finally turning around. Yea right, something bad was bound to happen.

The lights flickered and the power went out. Tenten paused. She heard her mother's footsteps and a flashlight light from the hallway.

"Tenten! The power went out." Her mother said.

"Obviously." Tenten muttered.

Tenten got out of the tub. She wrapped her white towel around her naked body and stepped out of the tub, her hair dripping wet.

"Tenten, would you run down to the store and buy a few candles?" her mother asked.

Tenten groaned.

"Mom, I'm taking a fucking bath. Can't this wait?"

"No." Her mom growled. Sigh…ever since Mr. Tenten's dad left the house, things have been dim between Tenten and her mother.

Tenten rolled her eyes. She tossed on a bathrobe to go downstairs. Besides, the store was just a few floors down; no one would see her in her bathrobe.

Tenten walked down to the store and looked for the candles. She spotted a pack and got it off the shelf, walking over to the cash register to pay for them.

But then, she saw to her horror…


Tenten turned bright pink. She remembered that under this bathrobe, she was completely naked. Neji looked at Tenten in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Tenten asked.

"Um…buying some candles." Neji said.

"Me too." Tenten said.

Tenten quickly paid and left the store. Great, just great! Tenten had made a fool of herself, walking into a store with nothing but a bathrobe on and her hair completely wet and tangled.

She ran upstairs to her house and dropped on her bed.

"I hate my life." Tenten said.

(The next day)

After the whole Neji and Tenten in her bathrobe incident was over, Tenten decided to take in some training the next morning. She was especially cranky.

Tenten trudged into the kitchen, dark clouds hovering over her head and she grabbed her breakfast and headed out the door.


Outside, it was a sunny day. Tenten forced a smile. She took one step outside and then…

It started raining.

Tenten looked surprised and stepped back inside.

The raining stopped and the sun came again.

She stepped outside again…

And it started raining.

She stepped in…

And the sun came out.

Tenten did this several times until her neighbor yelled at her, "QUIT MESSING WITH THE WEATHER!"

Tenten looked surprised but stepped outside again, and it started raining. She sighed a heavy sigh and walked to the training grounds.

On the way there, she saw the Hyuuga resident and heard the voice of Neji inside training with Hiashi.

No surprise. Tenten scoffed. Her teammate was always training with his uncle, that he probably forgot about Tenten and Lee.

Tenten's mood meter dropped.

She walked on, to the training grounds (still raining) and she practiced some throws at the target.

She missed every single throw. Actually, her kunai zipped straight at the target, but when it was just 2 centimeters from the target, the kunai paused and dropped onto the floor. Talk about irony…

Tenten's mood meter dropped dramatically.

She started to go home, but she tripped in some mud and fell, face first into the puddle.

Tenten's mood meter dropped again.

Tenten walked on, wiping mud off. The rain seemed to fall harder and harder, until it seemed like god was pouring buckets on Tenten on purpose.

Tenten's mood meter zipped down.

She finally made it home. And by then, the rain stopped abruptly as she took one step inside. Tenten blew flames from her ears.

Tenten's mood meter was in China by now.

Tenten blew up (no, not literally) and she shook so much, that she created her own mini earthquake.

"GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?" She hollered at the sky. She dropped on one knee and cried, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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