I just realized that I left out something important from chapter 4. Tenten was denying that her diary contained nothing true. So I figured, heck, why not type her last entry in that diary?

Oh yea, this is 2nd person. Tenten is telling the story to Neji. You get it?

Dear Diary,

So, the spell is broken. I learned to cry and Neji learned to love. We learned to love each other. I remember the other day, Lee and Neji were in my room and they were reading my diary. UGH! I sincerely thought they read to the part where I said, "They are my best friends in the world." Would that make it really awkward? But most importantly, I remember hearing them both tell me that it's ok and I'm not alone anymore.

You understand how glad that made me feel? Knowing in the world that I'm needed now. That I'm alive today. Although I still don't know my purpose in life, I can still keep walking. And maybe, I'll find the one person in the world for me. And maybe that person is the reason I AM alive. I'm happy that they are able to listen to me now.


For now, my life story might be a bit confusing, Neji. But you're willing to listen right? Of course, that's why tomorrow I can't wait to meet up with you…

…and tell you everything.