Chapter 8

Dean thought for a minute, letting the license plate's I.D. sink into his mind. He knew he had seen those plates before. Dad…those are Dad's plates, but he couldn't be…He knew in his head that a crash involving a Honda civic and a pick up truck that obviously the Honda would get the brunt of the force, but something in his gut was telling him that was not the case.

"Dean, are you alright?" Dr. Reye said with concern.

Dean leaned up against one of the walls of the ICU, letting himself slowly sink to the floor. "Um……who were the fatalities?"

"We haven't identified them yet, but we should have the name of Sam's donor in the next hour or so."

"So… there was only one death?" Dean said, keeping his eyes toward the ground.

"Yes, there were two people involved in the collision, but just one survivor. I think they are in the ER still on the 2nd floor getting checked out." Dr. Reye replied.

Dean slowly got up off of the floor. "Doc, I'm going to take a little walk, you'll page me if anything else come up?"

"Of course." Dr. Reye reassured.

Dean walked down the hall into Sam's room. He wasn't surprised to see that Sam's vitals had improved, he always knew his brother was a fighter. He walked over to Sam's bed, taking Sam's cool hand into his warm one.

"Hey Sammy, um…good news, they found you a heart kiddo. But uh, they told me that there was a car crash, involving a Honda civic and a black pickup truck. Sammy….the plates on the truck matched Dad's… was Dad's truck."

Dean cleared his throat, refusing to let the stinging tears leave his eyes. "Um….they haven't identified the body yet so I'm not completely sure if it is Dad, but we'll find out huh?" Dean brushed Sam's bangs away from his face. "I'll be right back Sammy."

Dean walked out into the hall and pressed the down button for the elevator. His mind was still reeling. He had to see for himself, he had to know the truth. Was his father dead? The man who had raised him to be a shoot first ask questions later hunter. He stepped inside the elevator and pressed the button for the second floor.

Dad would've called me, he would've called to tell me he had been in an accident. He would want Sammy and I to know that he was okay, and that he would see us in a couple of hours at the motel or something.

The large metal doors opened, revealing the crowded waiting room. Dean stepped out, looking around at the weary strangers. He walked over to the receptionist. She smiled at him, "May I help you sir?"

"Yeah, um I looking for…." Dean stopped. He looked into the glass window behind the receptionist desk. He saw a man sitting down, with his head hung low. His hair was a dark brown with some gray peeking through. Dean could see the worry lines in his brow. A bandage was wrapped around the elder man's head, and a cut was just above his upper lip. The man tapped his foot nervously on the ground.


Dean ran into the room behind the desk. "Sir! you can't go in there." The receptionist called after him, but Dean paid her no mind. The man looked up, a look of surprise and worry washed over his face. "Son?" John said. He stood up from his chair, surveying his son.

"Dad, oh my god I thought you were…" Dean's voice trailed off. John pulled his son into a warm hug. Dean embraced him as if he had never hugged the man in his life.

"It's alright son, I'm okay." John pulled back. "How is your brother?" Dean looked as his father with confusion.

"I got your voicemail, how's Sammy doing?"

"He's hanging in there. They said they found a heart for him. I thought it was you Dad, I thought you were the one who died in that crash." Dean's voice cracked.

John lowered his head, "So she's dead." He sat back down in the chair, and Dean sat in the one across from him. John wiped a weary hand over his tired face.

"She?" Dean said incredulously, "Did you know who she was?"

"No, they haven't told me a name yet."

Dean slid back in his chair. "So, do you remember what happened?"

"Still a little foggy, but I was driving here to check out this new hunt, and to check up on you and your brother. Then I was going around a corner, and the road was slick from the rain earlier, I was going faster than I thought. I hit a slick spot and swerved into the other lane, and then I hit a car, pinning it up against a guardrail. They the rest goes black." John said, pinching his brim of his nose trying to remember what happened. Dean reached out and put a hand on his father's knee.

"It's okay Dad." he reassured.

John looked up and smiled, remembering all those times he had come home from a hunt and Dean would say those words. "Okay son."

Dean took John to Sam's ICU room. His father was taken back by what he saw, he had never seen Sammy so….helpless. He watching his youngest son's chest slowly rise and fall. He pulled up a chair to Sam's bed. "Hey there Sammy, its Dad. I hope you can hear me." John rubbed small circles into Sam's hand with his thumb. " I love you son, you just hang in there okay."

Dean smiled as he watched his father with Sam. A knock interrupted his thoughts. Dean turned around, Dr. Reye was standing in the doorway with a sad look on his face.

"Dean can I talk with you for a minute?" Dr. Reye asked.

Dean looked over at John, "Go ahead son, I'll stay here with Sammy."

Dean walked out into the hallway with the doctor. "What's up?" Dean asked.

"Dean, we have identified they donor." Dr. Reye said.


"Sydney Davalos." Dr. Reye said quietly.

Dean's heart dropped. "Syd? Sam's other nurse?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so. We'll be prepping Sam for surgery in the next hour. I'll let you get back to you family."

Dr. Reye disappeared down the hall. Dean shook his head. He was happy that his father was alive, but Sydney was dead. He could remember talking to her a couple of days ago, before she left to see her grandmother. He could see her innocent features, sparkling eyes, and flowing chestnut locks. He punched a wall, running his hand through his hair with his other hand.

"Damn it, why did it have to be her?"