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The Art of Integrity

Chapter One

(Danny's POV)

Night time. Amity Park is always an adherence to all types of crime at night. Ghost attacks have worn the place down. Humans, or living beings, have to deal with the ghosts themselves for two years.And every now and then their plans would fail and just as they were about to give up, someone would help them. He's not normal, they know. There is something about him that seems a bit peculiar. But they accept him as their mysterious hero, never in sight, but always there tolend an invisible, and some times intangible, hand. Many reports have been made. Sightings being spread. And even a description. They say he's half-ghost, or full-ghost, no one knows for sure. They say his hair is as silver as the moon, and his eyes the most vivid green. But he, himself, has been known to hide within the shadows, or just plain not being there. To everyone in the city, he is known by many names. Some call him simply the Ghost-Boy; others, Hybrid, and other's still, call the teenager Phantom. His true name is still a mystery. Amity's greatest ghost-hunters have been said to know who he is, but they withhold their information from the city, the state, the world.

No part of this planet is safe. The ghosts have ruined everything. The city itself is in almost ruin. Part of houses are still in top-shape, but others remain broken down. Everywhere you go you seem to be followed by everything it's been through. Misery fills every corner and crevice and heart. Power is often out of reach and the citizens remain in darkness in their homes, afraid to step out into the outside where the sun shines. Children are taught everything their parents know. Some times, they never learn to read and write. All of this in two years. But the people know this started before that. It started three and a half years ago.

The ghosts had begun to infiltrate the city. With only a few ghost-hunters in the area, it was hard to keep the place stable. For nearly a year everything seemed safe. But the people didn't know that the government was beginning to crumble. The ghosts had vanished because the ghosts had gone and hit the city right where it hurts: at the heart of it's organization. None of the states new what was going on. No one knew. And just when everything hit rock bottom and the government called, not for back-up, but surrender, suddenly everyone knew what was to come. At the head of everything - cities, states, countries- Walker, Vladimir Masters, and a few others that are not well known, became, not government officials, but more like kings. They began to rule the continent with an iron fist. And with many portals popping up everywhere around the world, courtesy of Vlad Masters, soon the whole world was brought down to their knees.

Now, everyone cowers in fear of these few people. And everywhere, in every city, there's always someone there to take care of business should some random people come out of place. Like the saying goes: a place for everything and everything in its place. The city of Amity Park is no different. People are to be in their houses by ten o'clock each night, no exceptions unless they are called upon by someone that is their superior. And you know how the world always wanted to be equal? No colors count? No ethnicities? We got our wish, but it's nothing like what we expected. Everyone is an inferior. Everyone gets the same amount of food. Everyone is nothing. No one matters. And Amity Park has it's superior patrolling streets every night and day, making sure everything is okay. Amity Park has Samantha Manson, previously known as Sagira. Anyone who's anyone knows that if you call her by any other name that's Sam, then you'll certainly get it.

But even with this warrior of strength and stealth patrols the streets, beneath the roads that pave the city, there's a rebellion working it's way through the system. There are rumors going around that the Phantom is working to aid these warriors against the frightful rulers of this broken down world, but there's no way to know for sure. They also say that a certain past ghost-hunter was the started of this guild and is said to steal ghost weapons. Another rumor has it that the ghost hunters Maddie and Jack Fenton's daughter, Jasmin Fenton, is an ally of this group and helps to get supplies for the building of new weapons from her parents lab. This, however, has not been confirmed. The name of this group is H.Y.B.R.I.D.S., named after one of the names given to the ghost-boy that is said to be the good guy against this horrid system. H.Y.B.R.I.D.S. stands for:

Your fellow
Brethren to
Itself of this
Destruction of moral

The currently known names of the people in the H.Y.B.R.I.D.S. allegiance are consistent of: Paulina Sanchez, Tucker Foley, Valerie Grey, and Dash Baxter. The people who are in close observation are Jasmine Fenton, and the elusive Phantom. All in all, Amity Park's Sam Manson believes it's all a hoax.

As for me, well, I think otherwise. I've seen this group plan. I've seen their intricate blue-prints for new devices and weapons. I've seen how they work. And I know that they stand a chance. Jasmin is the provider of equipment. Valerie plans out many of their rebellions against Vlad, Walker, and others. Tucker and Dash help to make the weapons. Paulina is always the one to create some sort of distraction. Believe it or not, the girl has gotten tough. Her hair's been cut in a crafty kind of way. She looks more built up with primitive muscle on her arms and abdomen. This girl's definitely lost her girly touch. And Valerie, she hasn't lost her leadership abilities. I've seen some plans fail, and ever since the humans just gave up, it's been up to just this group of six teenagers to help bring this world back to where it used to be. As for me, well, the elusive Phantom, as they call me, tries to help any way he can. Some times that means lending Jazz an invisible or intangible hand. And somehow, every time I do, she knows it's me. And she knows exactly, almost exactly, where I am and who I am. There are times when I actually think she remembers me. But I know that's impossible.

Besides, I've still got a target. And that target is on the move again. Flying and landing on another roof, I catch sight of Sam again. She's running now. I need to keep up with her or lose her all together. Wait, she's chasing someone. "Stop!" she shouts, running. She's fast. Searching ahead, I now see who it is. My eyes widen. It's Jazz. She's holding something bulky and it's wearing her down. She's breathing hard, trying to find a way to escape. I grin. Time to spring into action. flying at break-neck speed, I quickly swoop down from the roof-top and grab hold of Jazz. She doesn't move or anything, just let's herself be carried. In a split-second, right before Sam's very eyes, I turn us invisible.Before long, we're out of sight. Jazz is wearing a hazmat suit like Maddie's, but this one is black and you can see her hair. She's about nineteen now, I haven't been paying much attention to the time anyway. Some times, I don't even know how old I am.

"It's past curfew," I murmur as I turn intangible and phase her down beneath the streets into the now-never-used sewage systems.

"I...know," she pants into my chest. "I needed to do this now...though." Setting her down onto the old stone floor, I turn around to go back onto the surface. "Wait," she says. I stop, but do not turn to her. "Please," she continues on. "You need to help us. We can't do this alone. You're one of us. It's almost an obligation. We-"

"You don't need someone like me," I step in, cutting her off. "I've seen what you guys can do. You're better off without me."

"We're not good enough," she says. "You needn't fear us. All we want is someone else to join. There aren't enough of us. We need more allies in high places. Please, Danny."

I freeze, my eyes widen, my inside turn to ice. "What?" I ask her, not believing my ears.

"Please, Phantom, we need your help," she says. I turn to her now, grasp her shoulders and shake them.

"No, you didn't call me Phantom," I state firmly. "Jazz, you didn't call me that. What did you call me?"

"I'm not Jazz," she says. "And I didn't call you anything, Phantom." I see fear in her eyes, confusion. Letting go, I take a few steps back. Is she...was she remembering? "Phantom, do..." she starts.

"I'll think about it," I say, and quickly turn and go intangible, flying up back onto the surface before she can say another word.

Someone was beginning to remember.

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