A/N: Am I crazy? You better believe. Inspiration has struck this fan fiction author and what you are about to read is Chapter One in a series of hopefully-hilarious adventures with the cast of the Avatar. WARNING: They are completely crazy and though connected in plot, there not connected too much else. Including the TV storyline. After all, how many times have you seen a plane on Avatar? Ah well, enjoy and if you like it I'll right more crazy adventures that promise to have lots of humor and other randomness!

Chapter One

"Now boarding Flight 903, please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your flight."

"I can't enjoy my flight! I hate flying! I hate planes! I hate hating things!" An angry voice shouted and echoed through out the plane. Katara, having finally found her seat, turned to see who she would be sharing this three hour plane ride with.

"You!" she screamed, jumping up in shock. Sitting there in the seat beside what was suppose to be hers was none other than the yelling Prince Zuko himself who looking madder than a wet hen with its head cut off….or something like that.

"And I hate armrests! And I hate copilots! And I hate snakes! There had better not be any snakes on this plane!" Zuko squawked. He stopped abruptly when he saw who was standing in the aisle staring at him. "And I hate you!" he said jumping up.

"No way!" Katara shrieked, throwing down her twelve bright pink suitcases. "I will not next to the Fire Prince!" She stomped her foot angrily.

"Ma'am?" A flight attendant with blonde hair tapped Katara on the shoulder. "You need to sit down."

"But-" Katara protested.

"Sit!" the lady yelled. She glared. Katara glared back. She gave her a death stare. Katara sat down.

"Hi Katara! Look we're flying!" Aang's eyes poked over the seat in front of her since he was to short for her to see anything else. Sokka was sitting beside him looking out the window with a look of sheer terror.

"I hate flying!" he moaned, clutching his stomach.

"This is just like being on Appa!" Aang said excitedly. "Well…if he was made of metal, weighed a few hundred tons, and had his own copilot." He added.

"I hate copilots!" Zuko shouted, sending a fireball at the nearest empty seat.

A tiny buzzer promptly sounded and dumped a bucket of water on Zuko's head. He roared in anger and gagged on the water.

A robotic voice sounded from above. "Thank you for using our In-Motion Fire- Annihilation Tool. Please enjoy your flight."

"That doesn't even make sense!" Zuko yelled. "IMFAT?"

Katara choked on the soda she was conveniently drinking and it spewed out her nose. "Zuko just said he was fat!" she laughed.

"What! I did not!" Zuko's hands flared up again and he was once again washed down with water from above. "I hate water!" he yelled. "I hate this plane! Do you know how I feel right now!"

"Fat?" Katara asked.

"No!" Zuko screamed and folded his arms in anger.

There was a lurch then and the captain went through the boring opening speech of safety and floatation devices.

"So why are you on this plane anyway?" Katara asked as the plane took off and Sokka searched in vain for a motion sickness bag.

"I'll never tell you!" Zuko screamed.


"My Uncle thought I should go visit my father and that if I hijack this plane then I could give it to him as a gift."

"Oh, ok." Katara said.

"Why are you here water peasant?" he snarled. He was suddenly doused with a wave of water. "What the-!"

"Thank you for using our In-Motion Getaway-Annoying-Youth device." Another robotic chirped at them.

"What?" Zuko said even more angrily, "That makes even less sense than the last one! IMGA-"

"Well you see," Katara interrupted, not paying attention to the Fire Prince's near blunder, "Me, Sokka, and AANG!" She suddenly shouted in his ear causing him to jump back and hit his head on the window.

"Why are you yelling!"

"I don't know. AANG! asked that we shout his name as loud as possible when we say it. He thinks it will boost his self confidence or something."

"Oh ok. Well continue with your story." Zuko said, rubbing the back of his head.

"OK, me, Sokka, and-"

"NO, NO!" Zuko shouted quickly, "Skip that part!"

"Well we decided that it would be easier to get to the North Pole if we flew there by plane instead of on Appa."

"But I thought you had already made it to the North Pole?"

"Well we have but the author of this fan fiction has asked that we pretend that episode never happened so that we don't ruin her creative muse."

"That makes sense." Zuko said nodding.


"Yes, AANG!" Katara screamed.

"AHH!" Zuko yelped covering his ears. He was promptly sprayed with water. "What did I do this time!" He yelled at the intercom above him.

"Nothing," was the monotonous reply. "I just don't like you."

Zuko crossed his arms and pouted.

"Yes, AANG!" Katara screamed again.

"Will you knock it off!" Zuko yelled.

"I'm going to be sick." Sokka groaned.


They all looked up to see the stewardess standing there with a cart of food.

"Yes please." Katara said.

"Yes." Zuko grumbled.

They both took their packets and Katara began to dig in. Zuko stared at his. He turned it over. "Instructions," He muttered out loud. "Open package. Eat nuts." He stared at it for a moment. "I HATE CONFUSING INSTRUCTIONS!" he yelled ripping at the bag.

Half-an-Hour Later

"Open foul nuts!" Zuko screamed. He tugged with all his might and finally they opened. Or to be more accurate, finally they exploded, raining peanuts everywhere.

"Oh, good. Peanuts, my favorite." Uncle Iroh said.

"Uncle!" Zuko said in shock. "What are you doing here?"

"Why I'm here to make the story dramatic!" Iroh said with a bow which caused him to hit his head on the seat. He sat back and stared at his nephew who was sitting in front of him.

"I love drama!" Katara said happily. "Don't you AANG!"

"If you do that one more time I'm going to hi-jack this plane, fly it to the Fire Nation, and give it to my father as a present so he will give me back my honor and have the Avatar once and for all to rule the world!"

Katara stared at Zuko

Zuko stared at Katara.

Katara stared at Zuko.

Zuko waited.

Katara waited.

Aang waited.

Sokka threw up.

"AANG!" Katara screamed.

"That's it!" Zuko jumped up and vaulted over the seat into the aisle, tripped over one of Katara's many suitcases and sprawled in the aisle. He stood up and ran into the cockpit.

The captain's voice came over the intercom, "Passengers we would like to thank you for flying Crash and Burn Airlines and inform you that we are now being hijacked. Please enjoy the relaxing music while control of the plane changes hands and we find ourselves at the mercy of a merciless fire bender. And also we would like to thank the Avatar, AANG! for flying with us."

"Your welcome!" Aang sang happily.

The plane bounced and then a new voice came over the intercom. "Ladies and gentleman this is your hijacker speaking. Um I would like to thank my Uncle Iroh for getting me where I am today, my father for being a senseless jerk so that I could be scarred for life and hate every living creature and um …..yeah that's pretty much all I have to say, thank you." Zuko put down the microphone. There was polite, scattered applause. Then they settled down into tranquil peace. All of the two and a half seconds it lasted.

"MAYDAY!" Zuko screamed over the intercom as the plane suddenly did a nose dive. "MAYDAY! There is a giant flying bison on the windshield! I can't see a thing! We're going to die! We're going to die! Oh wow, I found some more peanuts. We're going to die!"

"AANG!" Katara yelled.

"AANG!" Aang yelled back.

"Why did you just yell your own name?" Sokka asked, looking up from his barf bag.

"I was feeling particularly low on self confidence at the moment." Aang said.

"Oh, ok." Sokka said and promptly dove under the seat.

"Maybe you should tell everyone to type my name in all CAPS when they review this story so it will boost my self esteem." Aang said.

"Forget about that AANG!" Katara yelled in frustration. "Why is Appa on the plane windshield?"

"Well where else was I supposed to put him? He has to come with us you know."

"Oh gee, I don't know, maybe he could have FLOWN!" Katara shouted.

"Oh." Aang said. "HEY APPA!" He shouted. "IT'S OK! YOU CAN FLY!" There was a thump as what they assumed was a large white bison taking off from a plane.

"AHH!" The intercom suddenly shouted.

"No, it's AANG!" Sokka shouted from under the seat. "Not AHH!"

"No!" The intercom shouted back. "We're about to crash!"

"Where!" Katara screamed as the plane began to drop.

"Oh, it's terrible!" Zuko wailed.

"Where!" Aang shouted.

"Oh, I can't look!" Zuko screeched.

"Whmph!" Appa growled.

"It's….it's…Disneyland!" Zuko screamed and then everything went black.

A/N: DUN DUN DUN! Oh the terror! What will happen next?

Zuko: At least there weren't any snakes on this plane.

Katara: Zuko that is the worst pun ever.

Zuko: Or ladies in that water.

Katara: That's even worse.

Zuko: Or…um…Snakes in a Lady…er…on the water….under a plane….

Katara: Ok just stop and let the poor people review before you scare them off.

Aang: AANG!

Everyone: Oh shut up!

A/N: And if people seem to like this fan fiction then I think it would be awesome to do one of the chapters as a madlib, you know where you right a list of words like noun, adjective, and then fill in the blanks in the story with them. Tell me what you think.