Muffy let out a joyful moan as the two sweaty bodies collapsed beside each other.

"Patrick...mmm..." she took a break to breath as his hand traveled slowly down her stomach and in between her legs, "You are good. I didn't expect much, but you're way better than a lot of guys in Forget-me-not Valley."

"Really?" He looked down at his throbbing dick, "How many guys have you slept with, Muffy?"

"Almost everyone. Rock and me fool around quite a bit. Then there's Griffin, Merlin, Gustafa, your brother, and whatever that artist guys name is. Oh, and when Wally was my personal trainer we had a few quickies

"What about that new farmer guy. Jack, I think his name is? He's about your age and seems lonely," Patrick grinned, amused.

"Yeah, but I'm not sure how to come on to that guy. He's sexy, I admit that...but he doesn't really talk to me. What's he like?" Muffy batted her eyes.

"Good fella. Comes by every now and are strong, you know!" he winked.

"I just don't know how to make know...excited," Muffy complained.

"Just do what you normally do. No guy could go through that without perking up," Patrick enthused.

"But every guy has their special quirk. Gustafa likes an oily back rub. Cody has me pose for him...since he's an artist and all, Rock is aroused by my tits, Griffin likes a good lapdance, Wally loves moaning noises, your brother likes balls played with, and Marlin just straight-up needs me to suck his dick."

"Damn, Muffy, you know these guys forwards and back!" Patrick placed a hand on her breast.

Muffy tossed her head back and licked her lips, "Wanna ride again?" she asked seductively.

Patrick let out a small, "hell yeah," as Muffy straddled his waist. He grabbed her hips and positioned her before pulling her body down onto his dick. Muffy thrusted and Patrick kept her in the right spot. Their bodies banged together as they moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, Patrick!" she gasped as he squeezed her breasts. They rolled over so that he was on top andthe sex was more hardcore. His dick pushed inside deeper an deeper each time.

Faster and harder, they reached a climax after a tight squeeze together right at the end. Patrick let out a shot of cum and lay back, exhausted.

"Kassey will be back any minute," He said worriedly, looking at his watch, "You better go. I'll clean this up."

"Good work!" Muffy slipped on a thong, her red dress, blue jacket, and shoes. She grabbed a wad of cash on the table and slid down the rope as she called, "I'll be back when you need me!"