Summary: Would Freddie and Katie always just be band mates? Is there the possibility of something more? Join them on the ride that is their lives. Warning: Begins a bit dark.

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Freddy and Katie were on a ride. It was in the back of the carnival where visitors were sparse at the late hour. The entire band was on the ride with them. They had all gone to the carnival together, a fun group outing after they had spent weeks preparing for a gig they finally performed the previous night. Typhoon, the ride was called. Twenty compartments shaped like hollow half circles made it easy to avoid prying eyes. The ride moved up and down in a circle faster and faster forward then backward. It was two to a compartment for the dizzy inducing ride; they ended up together.

Her steady boyfriend ended their two year relationship three days earlier. She thought they were going to try and stay together despite heading different directions for college in the fall. She thought he was worth all the work and effort and time she had spent trying to make their relationship work over the years. She thought he was special. He ended their relationship in a voice mail with a girl calling after him to hurry in the background. The next day at school she tried to approach him four times and each time he was groping a different girl at his side. It turned out she had given her heart to someone that never wanted it.

He had been obviously trying to hide his depression for a while. It wasn't anything major, no suicidal thoughts. High school would end in a few weeks; everyone was going their separate directions, off to something wonderful, something new. He wasn't going anywhere. He didn't want to go to college, he didn't even apply, but now, he was going to be left behind alone. He was the only one out of the entire band, out of everyone he knew, that didn't have a plan or a goal for what to do after graduation. With his father's constant taunts of "you're wasting your life," and everyone else always discussing they're bright futures; he tended to always feel hopeless and bleak. Soon everything he knew would be gone and he had a feeling he wasn't going to like whatever new things were coming.

They ended up riding together simply because everyone else had someone to ride with. He sat on the inside, she was on the outside. As the ride spun faster she had to hold on tighter and tighter not to slam into him, but the bar she was holding onto was metal and as the season neared summer it was warm out, her hand was sweating and it slipped. She slid into him and muttered a sorry. His head turned to her as he was going to respond, but her face, all of her, in such close proximity, and he didn't know what to say. Suddenly speaking wasn't the urge he had.

They were spinning. But each of their worlds had been spinning before they had set foot on the ride. Their worlds were changing, they were being changed before their very eyes and there was nothing either of them could do to stop it.

And the ride was spinning and no one could see them. Everything was moving around them as they sat, together, no space between them, their eyes locked together. She unconsciously licked her lips, granting permission to fulfill the desire in his eyes. He closed the small space between them capturing her lips with his own. She immediately responded kissing him back because it seemed like such a natural response.

The ride switched and started moving them backwards and up and down and around as the kiss deepened. It had been an impulse for him to kiss her as was her response of kissing him back. No thinking was involved on either part. They lost themselves in the comforting kiss, the kiss that made the spinning stop.

He hadn't dared lay a hand on her. He kept reaching out and almost caressing her face, but something in him always stopped him from doing so. It was as if he actually touched her with anything other than his lips in the moment she would realize what was happening and stop. So, he didn't touch her because the kiss was lulling him into a state of solace and he didn't want it to stop.

Her hands had also dared not touch him though they did reach toward his chest occasionally as if to pull him closer. But her subconscious never let her complete the reach for fear that the touch might be taken the wrong way, as a sign to stop, which she definitely didn't want. The kiss made her forget about everything that was real, everything that was terrible, and let her sink into a state of comfort.

As the ride slowed significantly they pulled away from each other, away from the soothing kiss. They did not speak aloud, only with their eyes. With their eyes locked together as the ride made its final time around and slowed to a complete stop, there was an understanding that transpired between them. The kiss meant nothing. The kiss was comfort; it was something that made each of them feel good in times when they were always feeling so bad. It meant nothing was what they both thought and non-verbally agreed on.

The ride stopped. She exited first and he followed. They joined the group as they gathered to say goodbye for it had been a long night of rides and they had all previously decided that this was their last for the evening since the carnival was closing. They said goodnight to their friends, their band mates, and went their separate ways in the parking lot to their separate cars.

The drive home though, it was as if she was following him for she was. She lived a block past him and then half a block around the corner. She drove past him as he pulled into his empty house and continued to her own home.

She parked her car in her driveway and sat for a minute inside. She closed her eyes and thought about the kiss, about the comfort of the kiss. Then she thought about Josh, the guy who broke her heart so easily. She felt so stupid for actually loving him, for wanting him. Then she thought about the kiss again, the kiss that made everything bad disappear. She got out of her car and decided to take a walk, a block and a half walk.

He had watched her in his rearview mirror. It was a little dangerous to have his eyes glued to looking backwards, but he kept wondering if maybe she would follow him into his drive way. If maybe she would want an escape as much as he did. But it was stupid, they weren't best friends, but they were friends, classmates since kindergarten, and they were band mates. He sat in his car and watched her drive past him and continue to her house. It may be stupid, it may be a mistake, but he wanted her to turn around and come back to him. He wanted the comfort of her kiss. He wanted to feel good again. Other than the kiss on the ride, it had been so long since he had felt good. He knew he should get out of his car, go in his empty house (his parents were on vacation again, fifth time in five months) and he should take out his frustrations on his drums. He knew that he should have done that, but he got out of his car and decided to take a block and a half walk.

Her thought process had been quicker than his. When he got to the end of his driveway and was going to cross the street he found that she was already just across the street. She stopped in her tracks seeing him in his driveway.

"Oh you're…um never mind," she stuttered figuring he was heading out somewhere to something to someone, someone else.

"No," he said immediately, "I was just…" he struggled to explain and simply poorly gestured pointing at himself and then her absently.

Understanding passed between them. They were headed to each other. Who moved first, they didn't notice, but with the understanding of what they both wanted they hurriedly met in the middle of the street kissing lustfully.

This time each of them found their hands less restricted. She wrapped her arms around his neck securing herself to him tightly. He pulled her closer wrapping one of his hands around her waist and placing the other firmly in the small of her back.

They stumbled toward and into his house gasping slightly for air as they continued to make out but not wanting to stop the contact of each other for they didn't want to stop the contentment it brought.

Standing in his dark entryway with the front door closed, his hands roamed up her back to entangle her hair. But, they didn't stop at her hair, they moved forward to cup her face in his hands. It made her feel so safe and wanted and, just like the kisses, it made her feel good. She sighed into his mouth as her own hands began to move finding their way down his back and under his shirt to explore his firm stomach. He groaned with content liking the feeling of her soft hands exploring the somewhat sensitive area.

They started stumbling around the corner and down the hall to his room. They both knew what they wanted when they decided to go to the other. Seeing each other outside, with the understanding that passed, they both knew that they both wanted the same thing. They both wanted to feel good. They both wanted to be together. They wanted to ignore whether or not it was right to sleep with a friend and just find comfort in each other from their shattering lives. Just for one night they wanted nothing else to exist and just enjoy the fact that the other person's touch was soothing in a way that words never were.

He was the hot drummer of a kick ass band, he didn't have any trouble getting girls and he had absolutely no problem with letting his adoring fans go as far with him as they wanted. It definitely wasn't his first time.

It wasn't hers either. Her virginity along with her heart and countless other things was one of the many things she had given to Josh, not that he ever cared.

So for the one night, in his dark empty house, they gave into the desire to do something to simply feel good. They found comfort in the warmth of a friend's embrace. They found comfort in the passion of a friend's kiss. They found solace in each other.

She awoke the next morning just after sunrise loosely in his embrace. She got up carefully and quietly trying not to wake him and gathered her scattered clothes from around the room. She got dressed quickly and headed home to sneak back in before her dad and step-mom noticed she wasn't there.

He woke up a few hours after she left. He knew she would be gone. They both knew what their night together meant and didn't mean. It didn't mean anything except for they both needed each other and were there for each other in the way they needed, but they weren't a couple and they wouldn't be. It wouldn't be awkward when they saw each other again because neither of them had any delusions or confusions about what they didn't have. They helped each other feel better when everything in their lives was crap, and that was all. They would be friends, classmates, and band mates still. Nothing between them would change because of their night together, or at least that was what they thought.

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