A/N: This is another Superman fic. However, the following five drabbles don't all deal with Superman Returns. There are major spoilers for the first Superman movie, as well as Superman Returns. However, I think the majority of the drabbles relate to SR. Almost all of them deal with Clark/Lois as a pairing (or, Superman/Lois, if you're more literal), except for the last one which is more Clark and Jason.

I hope you enjoy. All the drabble titles are song lyrics, so extra props to you if you can figure out which song they're from. And in case it's not evident in the drabbles themselves, it's always Clark's POV, even the last one, although the last one is written in second-person.

i. desperately close to a coffin of hope, i'd cheat destiny just to be near you

It wasn't right. Being a superhero shouldn't have to mean choosing between the love of your life or saving innocent people. But somehow it did. It always did. Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Didn't love fit in there somewhere? It had to. So he defied his parents. His biological parents. And he broke the rules. Because love means never having to follow logic. So he went back and saved her. And she looked up at him in awe with those luscious eyes of hers. And he simply smiled and flew away, grateful and relieved that she was still alive.

ii. yesterday, love was such an easy game to play

He had wandered over there with innocent intentions. He really had. But when he picked up the picture, his heart flew into his throat. Lois. With a guy. And a son. He still had hope. Hoped that it was just a friend. But he knew. The man was leaning into Lois's personal space and she seemed comfortable with it. And Lois would never just tolerate someone's intrusion into her space. And then Jimmy had come over and explained the whole thing to him. And he broke it. By accident. But he broke it nonetheless. Just like he had broken them.

iii. missed me, missed me, now you've got to kiss me

He hated Clark sometimes. Some days, he just wanted to stay in costume all day. He wanted to stay super. But he knew. He knew people, and he knew what he wanted. He didn't want Lois to just love Superman. He wanted Lois to love Clark. To love him. But it was times like these. When she was trying to greet him with a friendly peck. But his memories—Superman's memories—reminded him of more. He wanted to kiss her on the lips, to take her breath away again. But that's not how things work. Not for Clark or Superman.

iv. another head aches, another heart breaks

He'd like to do one inherently selfish thing in his lifetime. But it's against his nature. Here he is, in the midst of raging waters and the opened heavens, and he's bleeding. The wound on his back is fresh, and it stings and bleeds, and he's never been so happy to acknowledge his humanity. But he slowly crawls to his feet, and stands by the door. Human and superhuman all at once. He always loved paradoxes. And before she can do or say something to object, he just smiles that sad smile of his and leaves. Leaves her. "Goodbye, Lois."

v. one beam of light is enough to see where you're going

You're both sitting in a secluded area of the park, both eating ice cream cones. You're sitting on a park bench, and you can't help noticing how his legs hang off the seat and are swinging just slightly. You smile. He doesn't eat his ice cream fast enough to forgo its melting, and when he frowns, you lean in a little and simply blow. But it's when he leans in to blow on yours that you think life couldn't get any better. That's when you notice tiny crystals around the edge, the barest evidence of his breath. Maybe it could.