This Time and the Next

"Of time and change and things better said. Ryuhou X Mimori"

Time changes everything, and Ryuhou has slowly come to accept that fact. He thinks he should despise that fact, but he finds that he can only thank it. If it wasn't for time and change, Ryuhou thinks that he would never find himself in the position he's in. And somehow, that would be wrong.

Because Ryuhou is holding Mimori now, is holding her and whispering nonsense that neither are really registering, but he finds that that doesn't really matter. He thinks it's funny, though, because he used to be a man of few words. But time changes everything.

And so he thinks he can become a man of many words, so he starts off with a few simple ones that aren't really simple at all.

"I love you."

.:if time changes everything, then everything changes time:.