Ch.1: Discovering Love

The streets were bustling with activity. Children playing, young people laughing, couples loving; all enjoying the festival. Hinata stopped Neji when he was about to walk into his hotel room.

"Neji-nii-san, c-can we please go to the f-festival? We've b-been working undercover on this m-mission for two and a half w-weeks. Don't we deserve a n-night off?" she pleaded with him. He sighed, she's been asking him all day to go to the festival. He had told her that No, they were on a mission for crying out loud. But then he felt her hand gently touch his arm.

"Please." She said softly looking up at him with her pearl eyes. Neji looked down at her. Maybe we shouldn't have formed a bond and bridged the gap between us; then maybe I would be able to say no to her.

"Alright fine, we'll go to the festival." Neji conceded. Hinata was so happy and excited she squealed and hugged him before going into her room to change. Neji sighed again but smiled while he went to his own room.

It was four years after the Chuunin exams. Four years of changing, four years of slowly becoming the man he wanted to be, four years of his 180 degree turnabout with his feelings towards his cousin. After learning the truth about the past, Hinata helped him move on, always supporting him, never losing patience with him. She taught him how to enjoy life and that no matter what, there was always hope. An hour later, dressed in a simple kimono, he knocked on the door to her hotel room right next to his.

"Hinata-sama, are you ready?" he called from across the door. In answer she opened the door; Neji couldn't help but freeze and stare at her simple beauty. She put a clip in her hair of white flowers, matching the white flower petals on her midnight blue kimono, her short hair gently pulled back to show off her lovely face. She blushed prettily under his gaze.

"How d-do I look?" she asked softly. Like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, he said in his mind.

"You look…nice." He told her; she smiled.

"T-thank you Neji-nii-san." He nodded.

They walked along the busy street that was aglow with lanterns and the air was filled with music. Neji looked at Hinata and smiled softly as he watched his cousin's face light up with happy excitement, like a child on Christmas morning. He sighed contentedly as he and Hinata visited the different booths and got caught up in the cheerful atmosphere.

A few hours later, Hinata stood off to the side, close to a park and watched the glow of the fireflies while waiting for Neji to come back with their ice cream. Then she suddenly felt strong arms wrap around her and smelled the distinct odor of sake. She gasped as she tried to turn around, but found a drunken young man holding her from behind.

"Hey baby." He drawled before sloppily kissing her on her surprised lips. Hinata's eyes widened with shock then squeezed shut with disgust. She struggled against him, trying to free herself. She felt as if his repulsive kiss was dragging her down into the gutters, into darkness. When suddenly the man was thrown off her body and into a tree. She turned her head to see Neji's face twisted with rage, his hands in fists and their blood limit activated.

"Don't ever touch her again." He warned menacingly. Hinata gave off a small cry as she ran into his arms. He held her close; he could feel her body trembling. "Are you alright Hinata-sama?" he asked worried. She shook her head as she tightened her hold on him.

"What happened?" he asked her. She pulled her face from his chest slightly.

"He…he k-kissed me." She whispered.

"Come, I think it's time for us to leave." He told her, looking back to see if the drunk man would be any more trouble, but he was passed out. Seeing that he would no longer be a nuisance, Neji kept his arm around Hinata's shoulder as he walked her back to their hotel. Once he escorted her to her room, he was about to turn to go to his own, but she stopped him by clutching the front of his kimono.

"C-can…you stay with m-me? Just for a little bit?" she whispered. He nodded and followed her into her room. They both walked over and sat on the edge of her bed; silence forming between them. "I-if that's what a kiss is l-like…then I don't e-ever want to be kissed again." Hinata whispered, her pale eyes looking like she was in a trance, trapped in her memory; Neji sighed.


"Neji…it was so…" she shivered, feeling tainted, violated. "Oh Neji, it w-was terrible." Tears starting to form in her eyes.

"It w-was so d-disgusting. I…"she continued.

"Hinata, not all kisses feel like that." Neji told her tiredly; it was just a kiss, it's not like he raped her.

"H-how would you kn-know? Eeww it was so slimy and…ugh." She shivered again, remembering the experience. "I b-bet they're all like t-that." Hinata said with an angry expression, too caught up in her memory to act like herself or think clearly.

"Would you like to test your theory?" Neji asked her softly, staring at the floor.

"W-what?" she asked, shaking her head as if suddenly coming out of her trance, out of her dark world.

Neji turned his head to look at her, and she could see a warmth in his eyes. His hand came up to gently brush his knuckles against her softly cheek. Hinata's face pinkened, as his eyes moved down to stare at her lips. She saw the warmth in his eyes increase and she could feel her heart quicken. He slowly brought his lips closer to hers and barely brushed them together; teasing her. She gasped softly at his touch, feeling her insides melt and her face flame.

"Shall I kiss you Hinata?" he whispered, slowly, softly brushing his lips back and forth against hers. Her eyes rolled up as she closed them, her body trembling with anticipation.

"Y-yes." She breathed on a sigh. And as soon as he heard her, he quickly captured her open mouth with his, taking his chance to slip his hot tongue between her soft lips. He smiled inwardly as she moaned softly into his mouth. She tasted so sweet as he continued to plunder her mouth with his tongue. Neji's arms wrapped themselves around her and pulled her close as his tongue caressed hers, trying to get her to participate in the sensual act they partook in. Soon Hinata's tongue was tangling with Neji's, making him shiver with desire. He could feel her hands caressing his stomach and slowly trailing up to wrap around his neck.

Hinata's head was dizzy from their drugged kiss, she arched her neck back breaking the kiss and gasping for air. Then sighed Neji's name as she felt his hot wet lips on her neck; her fingers tangled themselves in his long silky hair. He tasted her sweetness with his tongue and inhaled her lovely scent.

"Hinata." He sighed as he claimed her mouth again and lowered them both so that they were stretched out on the bed. His hands gripping her hips, trying his best not to have them wander her body. Meanwhile her hands touched his head, his neck, his strong shoulders. His mouth trailed back down her neck as her arm went about his shoulders, pulling his body to hers so that there was no space between them. But as soon as Neji's hips had lain upon hers, as soon as he felt her breasts crushed against his chest, he groaned and buried his face into her hair. He felt Hinata slowly undulating her hips against his, creating a slowly steady rhythm that drove him crazy.

"Hinata, no…" he said, gasping for air, trying to slow things down. "Don't…I won't be able to stop." He told her in a strained voice. Her fingers continued to stroke his back, her hips still rocking against his.

"What…what if…I don't w-want you to stop?" she asked hesitantly. Neji leaned up on his elbows to look into her pale eyes, now alight with a burning fire in their depts.

"Is that what you want?" he asked her, his heart pounding in his chest. He shouldn't even consider what she was offering him. But with all his heart he wanted to be her first, her only; he had dreamt of this moment so many times. But if she wanted him to stop…it was not the seal that commanded him, not with her. With her, it was his love.

"Well…I…I want you." she whispered, a sweet blush coloring her cheeks. "And…well…do…do you love me?" she asked him, her emotions showing clearly on her face; she wanted it, wanted his love. He was still afraid to tell her, but she deserved to know. Neji lifted his hand to cup her cheek.

"More than you know." He told her softly. If it was possible, her heart pounded even faster in her chest as she gave him a wobbly smile. She reached up and kissed him sweetly.

"Then it'll b-be okay." She said softly. Neji kissed her passionately as he made quick work of her clothes, and soon she was naked before him. Her face was red as an apple when he stopped to stare at her beautiful blossoming body and found himself immediately achingly hard.

His pale eyes traveled back up to her red face as his hand filled itself with her soft breast, his fingers grazing her nipple, making it come alive. Hinata couldn't seem to catch her breath, she leaned her head back, her mind filled with the arousing sensations. Her hips jerked against his while a soft moan escaped her lips. She trembled beneath him as he leaned down to capture her nipple into his mouth. Her head snapped up with surprise and then quickly collapsed back onto the pillow as his tongue scrapped against her, circled her, teased her. She was so hot and she could feel a wetness between her legs.

Hinata could feel a pulse beating frantically between her legs as Neji continued to lavish her breasts with his hot mouth and sensual tongue. The pulse beating stronger with every brush of his tongue, every caress from his hand; it was crying out for his touch. Her legs moved restlessly, she no longer had control over her body, she couldn't think, she could only satisfy her body's intense hunger for his.

"Neji…please…I need…I need you." she pleaded, hardly knowing what she was saying. All she knew was that he was still clothed and she needed to feel his skin under her hands, she needed to know what his skin tasted like.

Neji couldn't get enough of touching her, tasting her, his mouth traveled back up her chest to her neck as he quickly obeyed her small request, disrobing with the help of Hinata. Seconds later, he too, was naked, much to Hinata's satisfaction. Touching him, caressing him as much as possible; her mouth kissing and tasting whatever skin was close to her. Part of her was appalled at her actions. Who is this mad woman in my skin that acts so scandalous? But the things Neji was doing to her felt so good, so incredible; she couldn't, wouldn't stop him.

Hearing her panting for breath and feeling her anticipating body trembling beneath his, Neji trailed his hand down to see if she was ready for him. When he slipped his hand between her legs Hinata felt a little hesitant, but soon her was caressing her, stroking her in a way she never could've imagined. Her mind was flooded with the amazing sensations, driving her mad. But when he dipped his fingers into her, she gripped his shoulders tightly, arching her body roughly against his, her head thrown back, crying out his name.

Neji shook in response, he couldn't wait anymore. He needed to bury himself deeply into her; now! Hinata wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck as she felt him position himself between her legs while his hands gripped her hips. Sure she was frightened a little, but she trusted him completely and her body's craving for his was too strong an urge to deny. Soon she could feel him slowly push himself into her; she moved her head restlessly on the pillow, the pain taking her breath away. She tried not to make a noise, but couldn't stop her body from tensing. Neji grit his teeth, feeling her reaction and stopped.

"Hinata, I'm sorry. I…" he grounded out, desperately trying to fight the urge of thrusting into her tight wet warmth. It was killing him to stop, but it was a death he'd gladly die for her. Hinata placed her finger over his mouth, silencing him.

"Shh, it's ok." She whispered, the pain already receding. Experimentally lifting her hips towards his, bringing him deeper into her. Neji closed his eyes and was gasping for breath as he continued to go deeper into her; she was paradise, she was heaven. Soon he was fully embedded in her; Neji smiled weakly, they fit perfectly together, as if their bodies were made for each other.

Once pausing again to get her used to the feel of him inside her he slowly pulled out almost all the way before plunging back into her. Hinata moaned loudly, arching her back, the unbelievable sensations taking over her mind. He continued to slowly thrust into her, wrapping his arms around her, leaning down to kiss her neck as their hips moved together. He could feel it; he could feel the pressure building in both of them. Hinata's hands dug in his hair, tugging gently as she felt something wild within her set free. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, allowing her to rock her hips harder against his.

Neji's groan was muffled against her neck, as their speed started to increase. Soon their rhythm wasn't fast enough, hard enough, he wasn't deep enough. Suddenly Hinata's body contracted tightly, her warmth convulsing around his hot shaft, she cried out as her body became taut. Neji thrust into her once more and moaned her name before he too was sent over the edge, taking the plunge and falling with her.

Neji collapsed, his body exhausted, his mind still numb with pleasure. Hinata could feel his hot breath on her neck and his weight upon her, her body felt like mush, but she could never remember feeling so…so…the feeling was just so indescribable, words didn't do it justice. Once strength returned to him, Neji leaned up onto his elbows, looking down at the young woman beneath him, a slow smile grace her lips. Leaning his head down, he gently kissed her beautiful smiling mouth. Then rolled onto his back, taking her with him, so that he wouldn't crush her with his weight.

A comfortable silence filled between them, each lost in their thoughts, in their afterglow. Neji was idly stroking her smooth arm while Hinata was drawing small invisible circles on his chest, when she stopped suddenly.

"Neji, c-could I…could I a-ask you a question?" she asked hesitantly.

"Hhmm." Was all he said as he continued to stroke her arm, savoring the feel of her naked body molded to his.

"Is…is it m-me you…l-love…or this?" she whispered so softly he almost didn't hear her. His hand stilled as he thought about her question; he brought his hand under her chin to gently lift her face to his. Her eyes showing her vulnerability, he gently caressed her cheek with his fingers.

"Hinata…I…I've loved you long before this." He told her, his love for her shinning in his eyes for her to see. Her smile lit her face, her eyes, her heart.

"Me too." She said simply.

"Huh?" Neji asked, unconsciously holding his breath.

"I've…l-loved you…for a long t-time too." She told him, a rosy pink filling her cheeks. Neji's heart pounded in his chest as he brought her mouth up to meet his, sealing their love in a gentle kiss.


AN: Oh wow, another NejiHina...ehehehe it's just so easy for me to write about them. I hope you guys like this chapter, it is kinda sudden, I know. But this story isn't about how they fall in love, it's about whether or not they can stay in love...ya know what I mean? So yeah, they've loved each other for a long time, just didn't say or do anything till it makes the LEMON totally okay. This isn't really going to be a long story, like my last NejiHina, but I hope you guys like it, it's a bit darker...well not now, but it will get darker, mwahahahaha!