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Even the best fall down sometime
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

- Collide by Howie Day

Veronica woke up. Beads of sweat lined her forehead. She looked at her alarm clock. It flashed the time back at her. It was 3:24 in the morning. In the darkness, the red flashing neon numbers were her only source of light. She pulled the covers back and got out of bed to get a glass of milk. That would put her to sleep. She walked into the kitchenette and opened the fridge. When the cold hit her, she wished she had worn warmer pyjamas. She got out the milk, and turned on the stove. Pouring the milk into the saucepan, she put it on the stove, waiting for it to warm up. A strange sense of loneliness overcame her. Keith was out on another out of town investigation, and she was left in the house with Backup. 'Beaver thought he had no reason to live'. She grinned sarcastically into the night at the thought. 'But how his suicide affected us. We all needed him more than he knew. Dick needed him the most. He needed someone he could mess around with. He needed someone who would be there, just in case he thought life was getting serious. Most of all, he needed his brother. She didn't think she had seen anyone break this much before. Not Logan when Lilly died. Not her when everyone she leaned on left her side. Never anyone. 'Who would've thought, Dick breaking because his punching bag was gone'. Again she smiled humourlessly into the darkness. She walked over to the stove and took the milk off it. She put it in a glass, and started to drink it when she heard it. The first knock. She thought it was her imagination playing games with her, but she heard it again. She looked at Backup. One of his eyes opened and one ear went up into the air. She walked over to the door and opened it cautiously.

"Hello?" Her voice seemed to echo, until she saw the figure standing in the darkness. The figure turned with a swagger, and when the face came into the light outside her door, she understood and nodded, opening her house to him. He was muttering but Veronica could pick up the slur in his words.

"You're drunk!" she exclaimed. The figure could only nod at her in response.

"I had the dream again," he said "the one where he jumps off, and his words come floating up at me. He said that I was the reason. Oh, Veronica, if only I had treated him better, he wouldn't have jumped. He wouldn't have jumped if I had treated him like a brother!" He dissolved into tears.

"Shhh, Dick, its ok, it wasn't your fault" Veronica took him in her arms as he leaned against her. Walking backwards slowly she lead him to her couch, all the time whispering 'shh, its ok'. Her knees hit the edge of the couch and she fell back, taking him with her. He lifter his legs, so his head was in her lap.

"I had that dream. I had that dream. I could've saved him. I could've saved him Veronica, but I didn't." He kept mumbling the same thing over and over again. She stroked his blonde hair, his forehead. The action made him drowsy, and slowly he fell into a peaceful sleep. 'Well, you're gonna wake up with one hell of a hangover Dick' she thought to herself. Looking down into his face Veronica could no longer see the dumb surfer who acted just like his name. Lines had etched themselves onto his face, and she could see that he had matured after his brother's death. He looked older than he should have, they all did. She used the peace to reflect on all that had happened in the past few weeks.

Mac had been the person other than Dick who had been hit hard. She would never be the same. Veronica shook her head. Cassidy took a piece of her with him. When she had found her, shivering, she knew that Mac had loved him. And that's what he did with her love. Took everything. He took her heart, and her innocence. Her first love, ever.

Logan distanced himself. He made himself immune, just like Veronica once had. They tried to work with their relationship, but put it on hold. They had lots to work out, and they wanted to get over Cassidy's death in their own way. They both agreed to take a break. Soon, all anyone saw of him was the odd message left on their cell phone, saying 'don't try to find me, I just need some time'. And after that, nothing. No contact number, no nothing.

She herself had been hit pretty hard. When the realisation came that that night she could've been a murderer, it slapped her in the face. She didn't go into seclusion like she did when Lilly was murdered. Just some quiet time. And then the dreams started coming. When she had killed Beaver, and then been charged for murder. She was being walked down the schools hallway, and everyone had lined up on the sides and was either laughing at her or turning their faces away trying to hide the glares. Finally as she came to the end of the hallway she saw Dick and Logan looking at her, making finger guns. Logan simply said 'I didn't know you had it in you. Veronica Mars, a killer? Who would've thought?' and suddenly their finger guns became real ones and they fired. She saw the bullet in slow motion, and just as it was about to hit her in the head, she woke up. The dreams kept coming. Over and over again. And every night she would wake up at exactly 3:24, her clock flashing the red digits back at her.

Suddenly, Dick started tossing and turning. Startled, Veronica looked down at his face. He looked like he was in pain, his face creasing up and looking an ashen white. She started stroking his hair again, and slowly he eased up and went back to sleep. Veronica leaned down and brushed a kiss across his forehead and closed her eyes, trying to catch some sleep as well.

Dick could've sworn he felt something brush his soul.

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