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Chapter 1:

Harry sat on his bed in the smallest room of number 4 Privet Drive. The summer had been awful thus far. Harry felt lost. His relatives had become particularly abusive this summer, and he was desperate to get out. Harry couldn't wait to begin his sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

A sudden tapping on the window startled Harry from his thoughts. He opened the window and let the small unidentifiable bird in. The bird dropped off a letter, then flew out the window. Harry looked at the envelope. In purple calligraphy it said

Harry Potter

4 Privet Dr.

Little Winging


He turned the envelope over and saw a seal with two wands crossed and a book below it. He gingerly broke the seal of the envelope and pulled out the letter. His eyes grew large as he read.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We here at Arcadia Magical Institute would like to extent an invitation to study at our esteemed school. The experience is unlike any others in the world. It is a year round program, you receive two weeks off at Christmas, and four weeks in the summer. We cover both muggle basic education, and magical learning. We at Arcadia approach teaching magic differently than any other school of magic in the world. We teach the old magic. We teach about what magic truly is, not just how to use it. If you would like to join us at Arcadia Magical Institute please be ready to leave on August 1st, at 9:00 am. This letter is charmed to be a portkey.

Hoping to see you soon,

Esther Whithers

Headmistress of Arcadia Magical Institute

Harry couldn't believe it. Here was an opportunity to leave the Dursley's forever, a twelve month school schedule, not only would he also have a magical education, but also a muggle. But what about his friends. What would his friends think. Would they miss him? Was it worth it to leave them behind and embark on this new magical adventure? He knew his answer immediately. Yes, he needed to go. He needed to get away from this place that reminded him so much of Sirius. He didn't want his friends hovering over him while he tried to deal with his grief. He would go. He would send a letter to Dumbledore just before he left. He knew that he would be able to send it with the school owl's. They always dropped his letter off for him on the night of his birthday. He could send it with the owl just before he left, then Dumbledore would not be able to find him and bring him back. He would be able to learn magic, and prepare for his final battle with Voldemort. He would of course keep in contact with his friends, but he would never tell them where he was.

"BOY!" He was suddenly pulled from his thoughts by his aunts high pitched screech. Harry stood up and walked across the room pulling the door open. He went downstairs and saw Remus Lupin sitting in the living room. He looked tired and thin.

"Remus-" He said. Remus looked up and smiled at him.

"Harry" He said. Remus stood up and enveloped Harry into a hug.

"Cub, how are you doing? How are you coping." He asked. Harry looked away tears filling his eyes.

"I miss him so much Remy, I don't know what to do." He said. Remus pulled him to him in a tight hug.

"I came to tell you that I am going away for a while. I have been offered a position to teach Philosophy at a wizarding school. It's located in Alaska, it's called Arcadia Magical Institute." Remus said. Harry's face lit up.

"I got a letter from them this morning offering me a position in the school. I had just decided to attend when you arrived. I thought it would be the best way for me to deal with my grief." Harry said. Lupin smiled down at him.

"I think that is a wonderful idea Harry, we can go together. We can heal together there. However, I would not advise telling Dumbledore before you went." He said with a knowing look. Harry nodded.

"I had surmised as much. Remus, I know that I am going to need money over there. If I gave you my vault key, and a note to Gringotts would you either take out money for me, for the next couple of years, or find out if they have the equivalent of a muggle bank card, or some other way that I could access my vault over there?" He asked. Remus nodded.

"I will do that for you. I'll talk to a goblin and decide the best course of action for you." Harry smiled at him. He then told Remus to follow him up to his room where he wrote a quick note and gave Remus his key.

"Would you also get some money out of my vault while you're there to have exchanged for muggle money. If I am going to be away from the Dursley's forever I would like to get a new wardrobe. I don't want to go to a new school looking like a pauper." Remus laughed quietly.

"I'll do that, then tomorrow we can go shopping for new clothes. I'll pick you up around eleven o'clock tomorrow, and we can take a bus to the mall in Little Winging." He said. Harry nodded then said good-bye to Remus.

The next morning at eleven o'clock Harry was waiting outside for Remus to arrive. With a small pop the man appeared in the front yard. Harry smiled and together they walked down to the bus station. They paid their fare and took seats in the middle of the bus.

As they waited for their stop Remus pulled out a small plastic card, and a wallet.

"This is the equivalent of a muggle bank card. This wallet is charmed directly to your vault. You just think how much you want, and in what type of currency while holding the wallet, then when you open it the funds will be available." He explained handing the card and wallet over to Harry. Harry thanked Remus and stuck the card in the wallet, then into his back pocket.

They arrived at their stop, and disembarked from the bus. Remus led Harry into the mall and together they began their shopping spree. They went from store to store. Harry had never really had a style before because he had never had the opportunity to really buy clothes other than his school uniform. The first stop they made was to the optometrist to have an eye exam and get new glasses. After the eye exam Harry decided on a pair of square black glasses. They weren't as large as his, but they just "looked right" according to Remus. Harry also decided to purchase contacts. The lady at the desk said that the order would be ready in two hours, and they could pick everything up there.

Harry spent the day trying on all sorts of clothing trying to find a style that was him. He tried on everything he could think of. Finally he decided on not really having a style and just getting what he liked, and thought was comfortable. He ended up purchasing several pairs of jeans that sat low on his hips. They all looked slightly warn, and very comfortable. He purchased several T-shirts, both long sleeved and short sleeved, three polo shirts, and several oxford style shirts in various colors. He found several jumpers, and sweatshirts he particularly liked. He also got three pairs of dress trousers in both black and charcoal, as the sales man told him, along with several pairs of kaki pants. He stocked up on boxers, and socks. After buying clothing they went to the shoe store where Harry purchased two pairs of trainers, a pair of black Dr. Martin boots, black and brown dress shoes, and a pair of flip flops. He also found two necklaces he liked, and a leather wrist band that snapped closed. After they were done shopping they stopped by the optometrist to pick up his glasses and contacts, then went back to Privet Drive. Harry gave Remus a tight hug then went in the house with the promise of seeing him in a week to go to Arcadia.