-1Chapter 7:

The next morning Dumbledore gave Ron and Hermione the letter from Harry back. Telling them that Harry would be back soon. Hermione smiled up at the headmaster in thanks. Ron nodded and slipped the letter back into his school bag, then the two headed off to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

When they returned to the common room in the evening Ron went upstairs to put his school bag away. While he was up there he set the letter from Harry down on his bedside table then went back downstairs for a game of chess.

---- ---- ------ -----

Harry was sitting at his desk in Healer Jim's office reading the assignment's that Jim had given him. It had been two weeks since he had sent the letter's to his friends and the headmaster. Hedwig had still not returned, and he was beginning to become concerned about her safety. She had never taken this long on a delivery before. There was a knock on the door then Jim poked his head in.

"Hey Harry, we have a broken arm out here, since you just learned the bone mending charm why don't you come out here and fix it?" He said with a smile. Harry nodded and stood to leave the room.

Harry was nearly at the doorway when his vision suddenly tunneled, and pain shot through the scar on his forehead.

------ ----- ----------- ------------- ------------------- ----------

Harry looked around the room men and women in black cloaks were kneeling in a semicircle.

"Welcome my faithful. Apprentice, what news have you?" The serpentine man asked. A cloaked figure stood and stepped forward. Harry could feel the tingle of magic around him, and understood when the man spoke. He had a voice charm on him.

"Potter has sent his friends a letter." He said and held a piece of parchment out. Harry wondered who this new apprentice was. He walked over to the man. He was in the normal death eater garb, but for the black gloves that covered his heads so that no skin was exposed. Harry looked into the eyes of the man. They were a light blue color. They looked familiar, but Harry couldn't place them. Voldemort read over the letter.

"You have pleased me apprentice, please resume your place. Severus!" The man bellowed. Severus Snape stepped out of the line and fell to his knees again.

"Why did you not inform me of this earlier?" He asked his voice coming out in a quiet hiss that did not bode well for the dour Potions master.

"I am sorry my lord, Dumbledore did not inform me of his disappearance. I was under the impression the boy was still residing with his relatives until he did not return to school. And even then Dumbledore would not discuss where the brat was." Severus answered keeping his eyes on the stone floor.

Harry knew the potions master was lying. It was not a well known fact but Severus and Remus were actually good friends, and Remus had informed Severus that Harry was in his care and that they were not returning to Hogwarts. Severus had written back and sworn that he would tell no one that they were together.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"That's answer does not please me Snape." He hissed before pointing his wand at the man.

"Crucio!" He screamed. Harry didn't know what to do, with the force of the curse Snape would surely be driven insane. Then he had an idea, which was very Gryffindor in its stupidity. He stepped in front of the curse. He didn't know if it would block it, but he had to try.

----------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ------------------

Jim was just beginning to wonder where Harry had gone to when he heard an ear splitting shriek from the office. He quickly turned to the student on the bed and healed her arm and sent her on her way. He then ran into the office to find Harry convulsing on the floor screaming. He ran over and positioned himself under Harry's upper body to try to hold him still so he wouldn't hurt himself. When the screaming and the convulsing stopped Harry lay on the ground limp and shaking. To Jim who didn't know Harry it appeared he had been placed under the Cruciatus curse, but he couldn't have there was no one else in the room. He scooped the limp Harry up into his arms and carried him into the main infirmary and placed him on one of the beds. Then began a diagnostic scan. Nerve damage consistent with the Cruciatus curse, slightly lowered temperature. He sighed wondering how on earth this happened.


Remus was sitting in his office grading papers when his floo flared to life and Healer Jim's head appeared.

"Hello Jim, what can I do for you today?" He asked calmly. Jim sighed.

"It's Harry, there's something wrong with him, but for the life of me I can't understand." He said. Remus nodded knowing instantly what was wrong with his cub. He grabbed a small vial of a vicious looking yellow liquid.

"I'm coming through." He said.

Remus appeared in the hospital wing office and went through into the main ward. Harry lay on the bed tremors wracking his body. He sat down on the edge of the bed and lifted Harry's head and shoulders. He got the potion down Harry's throat, then repositioned the boy so that he was cradling the slight figure like a baby.

"Harry, cub, wake up. You need to wake up now Harry." He said gently smoothing the messy black hair away from his forehead. Harry stirred slightly in his arms.

"Sev, punished for not knowing where I am. Got in the way of the Cruciatus, it was going to drive him insane it was so powerful." Harry said as the tremor's died down.

"Harry, you stepped in front of the Cruciatus curse in your vision?" He asked. Harry nodded. Remus rolled his eyes.

"In the words of Severus Snape idiotic Gryffindor." He said and hugged Harry close to him.

Severus felt himself hit with the powerful curse and fell to the floor screaming. He thought he was going to die, or at least not come out of this with his sanity intact. Then suddenly the curse lessoned. He could still feel it, but it felt like it was going through a filter first. Now only needing to pretend to scream in pain he opened his eyes a fraction and saw the shining outline. The outline of a boy. A boy with messy hair, and he knew what was happening. The idiot boy was having a vision, and his vision self had stepped in front of the curse. Idiot Gryffindor. He thought to himself. The curse lifted and Voldemort looked down on the shaking man.

"Do not disappoint me again Severus. You won't live next time." He said in a low dangerous voice. Severus went back to his place in line.

Remus stood up from the bed with Harry still nestled in his arms.

"I'm going to take him back to my rooms. I know how to care for him there." He said. Jim nodded and Remus disappeared into the fire again.

He landed in his rooms and carried Harry into his room. He lay the young man on his bed and stripped him down to his boxers. He then dug into the drawer by the bedside table and retrieved a small jar of soothing lotion that Severus had made especially for Cruciatus victims. He gently rubbed the cream into the boy's sensitive skin before tucking Harry into bed. He lowered the light level then went into the living room to finish grading papers.

Harry woke later that evening thinking about what he had seen in the vision. Snape was in grave danger, Harry knew that. They needed to get Snape out of there until Harry was able to return and finished Voldemort off for good. He pulled himself into a sitting position weakly, and looked around him. He was in his bedroom at Remus'. He could hear Remus' quill scratching away in the other room. Big Band music was quietly wafting through the small apartment.

"Remus." Harry called. The scratching stopped and soft footsteps were heard. Remus came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hey cub, how are you feeling?" He asked. Harry smiled up at him.

"Awful. I need more of the lotion, skins way to sensitive right now. Also, we need to get Sev out of there Remy. He isn't safe there, his life is in mortal danger." Harry said begging with his eyes. Remus nodded.

"I'll have headmistress Whithers send a portkey. I know that after the Christmas break the potions master would like to retire, Sev can replace him." Remus said. Harry smiled and nodded.

"Now, lets get some more of the lotion put on you, then see about some dinner." He said picking up the jar of cream. He massaged the cream into Harry's skin then left to call for some food from the kitchens. Harry dressed in soft cotton sleeping pants and a cotton t-shirt before padding slowly out into the living room and plopping down onto the couch and pulling a Weasley knit afghan around his thin frame.

After dinner Remus went to speak with the headmaster while Harry went to his dorm room for his books. He still wasn't feeling 100 so he decided hew as going to sleep in his room at Remus that night instead of the dorm.

He opened his door to find his roommate laying on his bed with his head hanging off upside down reading a book.

"Theo, that can not possibly be comfortable." Harry said. Theo raised the book and gazed at Harry still upside down.

"I can assure you it's quite comfortable. Where have you been you're usually back in the room by now." He asked raising one eyebrow.

"Err. I kind of had a seizure, while I was still in the hospital wing, and Remus wants me to stay with him tonight since I am still not feeling 100." Harry lied quickly. Theo rolled over looking concerned.

"You sure you're ok? Who are you staying with now. Remus?" He asked. Harry nodded then rolled his eyes thinking about his own stupidity.

"Yeah, sorry Professor Lupin, he's my guardian and he would like me to stay with him tonight." Harry answered collecting his muggle class books and his sketch pad. Theo nodded.

"Ok hope you feel better in the morning." He said. Harry nodded and left the room heading back over to Remus' room. On his walk over Hedwig landed on his shoulder.

"Hello girl, it's good to see you again." He said and took the two letters off her leg.

His eyes scanned over the letter from Dumbledore and he began to get angry. He was not returning to Hogwarts, not for anything. He loved it here at Arcadia, and couldn't imagine returning. He was learning so much about magic, and he would also have a muggle education to help further his career. He noticed underneath the letter was a list. He began to read it.

Madrid Spain

Baghdad Iraq

Perth Australia

Florence Italy

Moscow Russia

Alberta Canada

St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Albuquerque New Mexico

Columbus Ohio

Leeland Michigan

Stratford Canada

New York New York

Harry started to laugh. So the old coot tried to put a tracking charm on the letter. He pet Hedwig's feathers affectionately.

"Good owl, he's going to be so confused with all of these locations showing up, and all track charms are disabled when they reach the school, so he still can't find us!" Harry said still laughing. He knew the headmaster would go to every single one of those locations looking for him.

He let himself in to Remus apartment still chuckling to himself. Remus was sitting at the kitchen table grading papers. He looked up when Harry entered the apartment.

"What's so funny cub?" He asked. Harry just shook his head and handed over the note. Remus read the note then started to laugh himself.

"So Hedwig decided to go on a world tour did she?" He asked. Harry nodded.

"So, how are you feeling?" He asked looking concerned. Harry sat down on the couch and thought about it for a minute.

"Better, still tired though. Did you talk to the headmistress about Professor Snape?" He asked pulling the afghan around his thin shoulders again. Remus nodded.

"Yeah. She is going to be sending an invitation to him to be the potions master here. He should be here by the end of the week if he chooses to accept." Remus said and went back to his grading. Harry pulled a book out of his bag and began on his dark arts homework.

Saturday arrived and Remus went to find out if Severus had accepted the position of Potions Master while Harry stayed back in his dorm room spending time with his friends. Harry had missed his dorm, he had spent the week in Remus' rooms because he had had several more visions that caused him to need to be monitored closely.

Harry and his friends went to the great hall for dinner. They sat down at their table where Harry closed his eyes and laid his head down on his arms. He still felt off from his last attack. He felt someone nudge him in the ribs and looked up at his friend Alex who lived next door to him.

"Hey Harry, there's a new guy at the table. I think he might be a vampire." He said. Harry rolled his eyes and looked over to the head table. Sure enough Severus Snape was sitting next to Remus talking quietly. He looked up and locked eyes with Harry. Severus raised an eyebrow in question, and Harry gave him a cheeky grin then turned back to Alex.

"Nope, not a vampire, though most affectionately call him the greasy git behind his back. But he's ok really. He's going to be our potions master after the Christmas holiday." Harry answered. Alex stared at him.

"How do you know that?" He asked incredulously. Harry gave him a mysterious smile.

"I have my ways." He answered.

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