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It was already dark, and the sky was becoming heavy with clouds, an apparent confirmation of the forecast they have heard during the news that morning. Sam looked at his watch and its only 7. Just like in all scary movies, paranormal and supernatural activities happened with different signs coming together. The wind started to howl like hungry wolves in the desert hunting for food while creating one kind of spooky scene with the branches and leaves rustling and flapping against each other. The more he tried to remain calm the more intense he became. Even though he thought it was safer to be inside the car, he was not sure for how long he could stand the test. The wind was so strong and powerful that he could almost see invisible hands slapping on the windows insisting to come in.

"Okay… okay… this is nothing… be brave… be brave…" Muttered Sam as he breathed in and out heavily holding tight to his gun.

Within minutes, Sam heard claps of thunders followed by bolts of lightning slicing the chest of the dark sky. The wind continued to swirl dusts and dried leaves outside on the road and in fact he could see a shadow of Johnny McWright running over to his garage to close the door and then back to his house. Sam continued to observe the house and its surrounding until the lights on the second floor went out followed by the ones in the living room. Almost all the lights in the house went out except for the two dim wall-lights at the main doorsteps and the ones at the gate. Sam turned his attention back to the empty road ahead of him and occasionally checked at the stretch of dark isolated road behind his back. Its darkness was somehow looked pretty much disturbing to him.

The thunder continued to show its merciless power as it roared arrogantly in the sky adding up to his sense of discomfort in the car. He wished Dean was there. Even though his smart-ass talking irritated him sometimes, he admitted it was actually the smart-ass talking that kept him brave, confident and calm all these while. How he missed his brother.

Dean on the other hand, had a hard time digging the hole. It was more difficult than expected. After a few minutes of digging, his jacket was already off somewhere in the dark. Wearing one layer less meant less restriction in his movement, as he kept pushing and digging the soil. If things were getting on smoothly as planned and if he was right in his calculation on his present rate of digging the hole, he might be able to make it even before midnight. Just nice, he thought. The road of thunders and flashes of lightning in the sky was a big threat at first but that did not pull him back or hindered him from moving on. In fact, he hated the growling sound so much that he kept digging and digging hoping to end it as soon as possible.

Once in a while he would stop digging and looked up. He could sense someone watching him from behind or something was observing him from afar. He was not sure who or what it was but he had no intention of checking it out. Past experiences taught him a lot on that one. His attention was more on the spade and the hole rather than to pay attention to the angry rustles of leaves as the wind was getting harsher that he could feel sharp stinging of the breeze brushing against his face.

"Oh come on Dean… just a little bit more… come on…" Dean muttered to himself as he continued digging the hole with no intention of stopping at all even though his arms and back were aching and pleading to stop.

It must have been awhile since he started the first dig and the last time he stopped was to wipe off the sweat from his face. A few more diggings and he would have covered two-third of the hole. His white shirt soaked with his sweat and dirty soil all over it and even on his jeans. In his mid-obsession in wanting to finish up the job fast, something peculiar about the surrounding caught his attention. Weird as it sounded but the wind had stopped its rage. The howling had stopped and so were the rustles of leaves. Even the clapping of thunders had ceased leaving with nothing but pure silence. With one full force Dean kicked the spade deep into the soil and thought he had knocked onto something hard.


"Tonight… is the last night for you to bring justice back for your sister Selena… tonight is the night of victory for us… you shall free your sister's soul from unhappiness and miseries and you shall be rewarded…" A smile shone outlined her guardian's wrinkled face as she combed her hair down and dolled her up like she always did when she was young with Sabrina.

The word "reward" came as a surprise. A huge one. Selena did not know that by committing a serious crime such as killing would bring about a reward. To be rewarded for snatching a person's husband, someone else's father was such a big joke to her. Even by committing herself to make good deeds for her lifetime can never be enough to atone those sins of killing others. Perhaps her grandmother had learnt from the past experience and how those experiences turned her into such a bitter woman. Selena tried to put herself in her grandmother's shoes and wonder if she would ever react the same way. Just three months after her grandfather was shot, her parents were killed in a car accident and followed by the tragic death of Sabrina who was raped and killed. The ones who were responsible for the misfortunes happening in her family were either awarded with only a short number of years in prison or better still, they were acquitted with no charges against them. Those people were awarded with applauses while Selena and her grandmother commemorated the grief of their loss with painful tears for months.

Selena had no idea what the reward was all about and she refused to acknowledge whatever reward her grandmother was going to offer her unless if its her freedom, something which she doubted so. She knew her grandmother too well. Her grandmother will never let her go, not after what had happened to Sabrina. She was the only kin her grandmother had left and all the more she will be protected against all evils as what her grandmother often told her. Why must it hurt so much just to get a small amount of justice? Why must she be the chosen one to carry that torch of justice? Why her? Thinking about the reward and endless questions stirring up in her head, made her giddy.

"Now now… you look just exactly like your mother when she was young… beautiful and intelligent… I am so proud of my girl. She has never given me any problems, not even one. she has such a blessing life ahead… especially when she chosen Ash, your father… he came from a fine family, always take good care of her… if its not for that accident… they would have been here staying with us… don't you think? But…" Then her grandmother stopped and clenched her fists as her eyes became red. It must be about Sabrina, Selena thought as she turned and touched her grandmother's hands gracefully hoping that her love could change everything that was about to happen.


"Hmmm… they should have been punished long long time ago but this world is ignoring our pleas for justice… so now, they shall pay for it… nobody and no one can ever stop me… you know what I mean Selena?" Selena nodded her head as her grandmother smiled in full satisfaction. "Come my dear… Its time… "

While getting ready for the final ritual, Selena felt warm tears at the corner of her eyes. She tried hard to prevent it from falling down. She was not afraid of shedding tears but she was more afraid of getting another beat-up by her grandmother like she had that early afternoon when she came back late from the graveyard. Though she was in terrible pain of getting whipped on her back, she did not mention anything about the brothers or even had that in her thoughts because her grandmother was good at reading thoughts.

"Grandma…" Selena cleared her throat and braved herself up to call her grandmother.

"Yes Selena…"

"Do… do you love me?" The old lady stared hard at her as if she was admiring her face like she never did before. Her eyes sparkled with tenderness, the same tenderness she had missed for the last four years. Slowly she planted a short kiss on her granddaughter's forehead and smiled.

"Of course I love you… Sabrina…" She whispered as she walked away, unleashing an horrifying scar to bleed once again.

"Grandma… its me… Selena…" Selena muttered as she closed her eyes in great disappointment. Her heart was aching with torment. She wished she was dead in Sabrina's place rather than to be hurt in such a way. At least, she knew her grandmother would have loved her more then.

"I shall now summon you to come back to where you shall belong… come back home… come back home now…" So it had started. Her grandmother's loud voice kept drifting in and out of her consciousness. Her mind and body were going against each other. She tried to keep awake but something else was disturbing her concentration. She was fighting in a battle she had never done before. The battle to survive in order to save herself and her beloved sister from being drowning in the quest of vengeance. Her body was throbbing on the bed that she could feel herself flying and bouncing on the bed at the same time. She clenched on to the rope that was used to tie her down and clenching it so hard that she felt a piercing cut through her palm by her own fingernails.

Selena knew she had to fight and in fact she was putting up the strongest struggle ever to keep Sabrina out of her body and to prevent her twin sister from controlling her mind.

"Sab… please… don't do this…" Pleaded Selena in her heart with tears running down her cheeks like a smooth flow of water from the tap. Sabrina was in the room and she was right above her looking down at her other half. Their eyes met and for the first time, it sparkled with indefinite unfamiliarity.

The lights in the house flickered as if someone was playing with the switches. Sabrina's shrieking laughter came in between of Selena's wails for mercy as they were sharing her body. Selena could feel thousands of needles being jabbed inside her body at the same time that it felt like tearing her apart. In the end, Sabrina took a complete control of her body as she broke free from the ropes and sat at the edge of the bed facing the one who summoned her back from the grave. She was swaying her body sideways as she hummed to a song. After chanting a few spells, Sabrina stood up and in a split second she vanished into thin air, leaving her grandmother laughing in hysteria.


Sam looked at his watch and it showed exactly at 11.30 a.m. and if the time given by the report was right, the spirit or whatever it was, should be there by then. He held the gun closely to his chest while the other hand on the steering wheel. As planned and promised, Sam was about to reach for his cellphone when he detected something bizarre happening outside. He touched on the window with his palm. No more slapping. He observed the trees and dried leaves on the ground. They were unmoved and looked dead as if someone had clicked on the pause mode. No more leaves flapping and wolves howling could be heard. Everything was in peace. Not even a single sound was heard except for his own breath in the car.

The still in the air frozen the blood in his veins even though he felt warm in the car despite of the air-con was on all the time. Reaching for his cellphone in the pocket, he pressed for Dean's number with his fingers shaking.

"Yes Sammie?"

"Dean… I think she is here…"

"Sammie? Hey Sammie? Are you there? I can't hear you!"

"Dean! I said she is here! Are you done with the grave?" Asked Sam who was practically shouting at the top of his voice in the car.

"Samm…ie… what…" Then the conversation ended with error message stated as no connection available. Sam turned on the radio and the speakers were blasting with loud irritating buzzing sounds. Then he turned to the house. The lights were flickering vigorously. The signs were there and Sam knew what it meant.

"I guess… this it is…" He said as he took a deep breath before he opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Sam ran and climbed over the metal gates without much difficulty. He knew he had to be fast and hoped Dean had gotten to the body or at least reaching to it soon. Sam fastened up his pace and tried to break down the door but thought of taking another alternative when he noticed the glass sliding door at the veranda was ajar. The moment he stepped in, he smelled something sweet. In fact it was too sickening sweet to Sam as he could feel a wave of nauseas building up in his stomach. Occasionally Sam would brush his nose to sweep the smell away.

He was flashing the lights at the living room and then moving over to the kitchen he suddenly heard a loud screaming coming from upstairs.


"Hello? Sammie? Sammie are you there?" He heard a loud buzzing sound followed by an engage tone. Dean redialed Sam's number but the line was dead. On the screen stated as error in connecting due to no network available. Dean released soft curses as he slipped his cellphone back in his jeans pocket and started to dig the soil as fast as he could sensing that something must have gone wrong at the McWrights.

Each time he dug, he felt he was getting close to the coffin but it was deeper than he thought. A picture of his brother in deep trouble worrying him as much as he wanted to get out of the hole right there and then.

"Hanging there buddy! I'm getting to it… hanging there!" He said to himself as he used his bare hands digging and pushing the soil away. His knuckles blistered with blood dripping down but he ignored the bleeding and continued digging. Finally it was paid off.

Dean stepped at the side and reached for the spade to dig up more soil so that he easily gets accessed to the coffin. The moment he heard a creaking sound coming from below, he stopped digging and pulled out the first wooden plank. It was one of the worst and disgusting sight he ever seen in his entire life. The smell of fresh blood offered by Selena earlier that afternoon had penetrated through the soil and down to the corpse was getting stronger as he bent over to check on the corpse by using his small flashlight. There were millipedes crawling in and out of her eyes, centipedes that were the size of his palm was all over the hole and not to mention the presence of the rats, cockroaches and other indescribable insects living together in that hole.

"Oh man… why do I have to do this all the time?" Groaned Dean as he used his feet to push the scorpions and centipedes away from the chest.

He remembered Selena mentioned something about the chain. Burning the body alone was not enough to kill Sabrina's spirit, because her grandmother had summoned evil demons coming in place of Sabrina's soul. They had to get the chain, summoned the demon back and trapped it inside the red ruby locket presented by her grandmother during the burial ceremony before burning it.

"Damn! Just move away damn it!" Muttered Dean as he lowered down to reach for the locket. He tried hard not to look at the skull but whenever he felt something crawled on his hands, he had no choice but to turn and looked down. "Oh come on Dean!" With all the might he had left, he grabbed and pulled the chain away from the corpse leaving a short snapping sound from below. "Oops! Sorry…"

Despite of his legs aching, Dean had no problem in climbing up the hole. He poured a small bottled of diesel on the corpse as he took the chain and slipped it inside his pocket. Reaching for the lighter in his other pocket, Dean squatted down next to the hole and hung his head low in respect for the last time. "I'm sorry…"

The lighter dropped into the hole and within minutes, the hole was in a blaze. "One is down… one more to go…" Uttered Dean as he took his jacket from the ground, grabbed the spade and his haversack. He looked at his watch. It was 11.45 p.m.


"Johnny? Johnny McWright? Johnny are you there? Talk to me Johnny!" Shouted Sam as he took one step at a time. At a crucial time like this, Sam knew he had to be careful. There can never be any room for clumsiness or mistakes. At least not until Dean comes, he thought as he took a deep breath per to his step.

There was no answer from Johnny McWright or even his wife or anybody else in the house. His heartbeat started to race and he could feel chills running down his spines as he tried to take control of the whole situation and not the other way round. Though the screaming had stopped, Sam could still hear it inside his head playing on a repeated mode.

"Johnny… Hey Johnny! Talk to me… where are you?"

Again no answer from Johnny McWright except for his own echoes bouncing back inside his ears and Sam hated that silence. Slowly he took another step up and left with a few more steps before he reaches the top landing but the short interval between the steps felt like forever to him. As much as fear terrorizing him, he gripped the gun tight and positioned it close to his chest. With Dean not around, he has to depend on the gun and a perfect aiming. There was no way he can wait for Dean, he was running out of time and he had to make his decision fast.

Sam moved a step closer and the smell got stronger. The pungent smell annoyed him so much for a simple fact that he hated that smell. Smell of death he thought. The moment he reached the top floor, he leaped to the other side where he heard some commotion coming from and leaned his back against the wall waiting for the right time to jump in and gave his first shot for the night.

"Please… I really didn't mean to kill you… please… please… let my son go… please…" Son? The spirit got hold of the son? Now, that has reached the first degree of danger, Sam thought as he looked at his watch. 11.50p.m. and still no sight of Dean.

Johnny's pleadings received only loud shrieking laughter followed by melancholy cries and lastly, humming of an unknown song.

"Please… kill me if you want but please… don't do anything to my son… please… I'm begging you…" Sam heard Johnny McWright continued begging for his son's life followed by a little boy's cries. That was when Sam heard a loud crash of glass coming from inside the room. Stage one had passed and that has reached stage two of danger, meaning he had to take some actions.

"Sabrina! Stop! Don't do it… don't do it Sabrina…" Sam leapt out from the side and pointed the gun at the white figure standing near to the window with broken glass shattering on the floor.

Sabrina tilted her head sideway and looked at Sam. She looked confused but at the same time, he knew she was there not to save a life but to seek justice for her death and the last man who was responsible for her death was right before her very eyes. In a slow motion, Sam pulled the trigger and began to approach her in small steps. As he moved forward, he saw a figure lying in a pool of blood at the other end of the bed. It was a female figure. He was late, in fact too late to save Johnny's wife. The boy's cries caught Sam's attention back as his legs were dangling in the air. Sabrina was holding him up using only one hand while the boy's little fingers tried to reach for his father.

"Please Father… help me… please help my son… please save him…" Begged Johnny McWright who was already on his knees.

"Sabrina… let the child go… he is innocent… let him go…" Persuaded Sam hoping to buy over some time while waiting for Dean.

Sabrina did not answer but merely smirking at him.

"Sabrina please… let the child go… killing him won't do any good to you… listen to me…" Sam tried to approach but she moved a step back. Then in a split second, the gun on his hand slipped and flung out of the window. "Alright alright… see… I have no more gun with me… now let the boy go… please…" Pleaded Sam as he put up his hands in the air to convince her.


"Ssshhh… let me do it alright…" Sam showed a signal for Johnny to keep quiet while he tried to pacify the angry Sabrina.

Johnny McWright remained on his knees as he cried looking at his wife.

"Selena… I know you are in there and I know you can hear me… please… please listen to me… you've got to fight it… fight it Selena… fight it-" Before Sam could finish his sentence, he felt his body being held up in the air. His feet were no longer touching the ground. His weight was going against the gravity pull that he had difficulty to breathe as he was getting higher and reaching the ceiling. "Please… Selena… fight it… you have to fight it…" Sam hardly heard his own trembling voice as he continued to plead with Selena who was trapped in her own body.

Sabrina continued to smirk as if Sam's effort in order for her sister to fight her was fruitless but she was wrong. Her smirk soon turned into melancholy cries.

"Sam… please help me… please…"

"No! Shut up! There is nothing he can do for you Selena… so just shut up… have you forgotten how these men killed me? Have you forgotten all about me Selena?" Her voice changed into a deep growling one.

"No Sabrina… please… stop this… please…" Sabrina was about to drop the boy down when Dean jumped forward and grabbed the boy in his arms. He rolled over to the side and handed over the boy to his father as Selena and Sabrina began to argue with each other. In one second the room was filled with Sabrina's growling voice and then it was Selena's soft cries begging for help.

"Dean?" Sam said as he could see a glimpse of his brother saving Johnny's son.

"Sam? What are you doing up there?"

"Ni…ce quest…ion Dean… now can… you please get me down?" Sam was clenching his fists trying to hold on as much as he can because he could feel his blood beginning to slow down in the veins.

"This is all because of you…" Sabrina released the press on her head as if she was fighting deep within herself and began to charge at Dean. Dean tried to save himself but Sabrina was quicker. In her anger, she held him up by his shirt and flung him to the wall a few times. She scratched his arms and slashed his back using her long fingernails. Seeing the blood on Dean's lips and back satisfied her but her mission was not to hurt, it was to kill. When Dean was sprawling on the floor, she turned and in a flick on a fingertip, Sam was flung to the other end of the room and down to the floor unconscious.

With the two brothers down, it made her job easier. She turned and moved swiftly towards Johnny. She was not walking or running, afterall her feet did not touch the floor. Johnny tried to run but Sabrina had cast a spell on both his legs that led to his kneeling position. He wanted to push his son away but the boy kept on clinging to him. Sabrina was getting closer and he had no choice but to push his son away with all he could. Let him faced the music of his death for his own misdeed.

Sabrina knelt down in front of him and looked deep into his eyes. She was laughing and crying at the same time. Blood started to drip down from his nose and ears followed by his eyes. He can no longer control the blood, his mind or anything else. So that was how his death looked like, he thought. Just as she was about to suck up all of his air and blood, Dean quickly leapt forward, grabbed her from the waist and rolled over. In the midst of struggling and trying to pin her down, the chain dropped out from his pocket. By this time, Sam had regained his conscious and in a blur vision he saw two figures struggling not far from him.

"Sammie! Get the chain!" Shouted Dean as Sabrina kept pushing and kicking him away.

Sam tried to stand up but his legs were badly hurt. Even his back was aching.

"Sammie quick! The chain!" There was a punch of demand and persistence in Dean's voice, forcing Sam to pay no attention to his own pain and slide his way to the chain.

"Nooooo!" Growled the voice when Sam took the chain and summoned whatever the evil spirit was to go back to the red ruby locket that he was holding. The task of summoning the spirit back to where it belonged was more complicated than they thought. The spirit refused to listen to Sam's instructions until Dean splashed the Holy Water at Sabrina causing the room to be deafening with loud screeching screaming followed by a flash of light zooming inside the locket.

Dean let go of his grip and limped over to Sam who was holding on to the locket with an alien-look alike creature knocking on the locket.

"You need to burn it fast…before grandma starts to chant her new spell…" Whispered Selena in a weak voice as she gestured to the locket. Dean and Sam turned to Selena and then exchanged glances before they started searching for a lighter or a box of matches to burn the locket.

"Quick Dean… we have no time!" Hurried Sam as he looked at the creature inside the locket.

"I am searching for it dude…" Said Dean as he slipped his hands inside his pockets.

"I thought the lighter is with you?" Sam asked.

"Look dude! I'm not smoking why would I wanna carry the lighter with me!"

"Here…" Johnny's weak voice calling out to them as he showed his lighter to the brother. Without fasting much time, Dean limped up to him and grabbed the lighter.

They tried to light it up but each time they lit up the lighter, they felt a force blowing it away.

"Dean… I think we really need to burn this thing right now!"

"What do you think I am doing Sammie?"

"Its not working or what?" Sam asked.

"I think it must be the wind… quick over there!" Dean pointed to the small area behind the door.

Sam held the chain up while Dean used one hand to light up the lighter and the other to shield the locket from the strong wind. They tried a few times and still failed to light it up.

"Eeeerr… Fathers…" They heard Johnny's voice from behind. The trembling in his voice indicated a bad sign. Slowly they turned and saw Selena standing behind them.

"What the-" In a flash, they both collapsed to the ground with their eyes and nose started to bleed profusely.

"Sabrina… please stop… listen to me…" They heard a voice. It was Selena.

The pain had subsided but not the bleeding. Sabrina was no longer facing them but was looking at the almost identical figure that was moving closer to her. The brothers looked up and saw Selena and Sabrina facing each other, not in one body but two separate bodies.

"Sabrina please… listen to me… grandma is using us… she is using you… using me… please… you've got to stop this… I love you Sab… I really love you… I miss you so much…" Selena was about to touch on her twin sister's cheeks when suddenly Sabrina grabbed her by her neck and pushed her all the way to the wall. "Quick! Burn the locket now!" Cried Selena as she fought her tears, her fear and her sister.

In one click, the locket caught fire. The creature inside the locket was screaming in its tiniest voice to be released. The fire soon engulfed the entire locket and the gold chain. Sabrina who was strangling her sister was screaming, screeching and growling as she had smoke coming out of her body. Just before she turned into ashes, she managed to stretch out her hands to Selena and carved a weak smile to her sister.

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" Cried Selena as she cried on Sam's chest and Sam wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"You alright there Johnny?" Asked Dean. He tried to help Johnny up but it seemed that both of Johnny's legs were broken.

"Oh my God…" The brothers were startled by Selena's sudden cried out.

"What's wrong?"



Four days in Saint Town were enough for them to get to know the beauty of the said isolated town despite of its headlines recently. The people were friendly, the policemen were cooperative and most importantly, they had successfully solved another supernatural puzzle that was haunting the town before their arrival.

Dean walked out of the motel room with his bag on his shoulder leaving Sam behind to lock the door. After handed over the keys to Dean, Sam limped his way to the car while Dean had to go over to the counter to make all the necessary arrangement to check out before heading on to their next unclear destination.

"Hi Sam!" Sam turned and saw Selena standing behind him. She looked more beautiful than the first time he saw her.

"Hi… what are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"I called you up this morning but Dean said you were out and he told me that you guys will be leaving this afternoon." Selena forced a smile and looked at Sam with hopes. She was hoping that Sam would stay behind though she knew she had nothing lucrative to offer him.

"Yeah… we're leaving now. Dean is checking out. How's your neck?"

"Oh this? Its fine… thanks… why aren't you guys staying for a few more days?"

"I wish but… we have things to do and-"

"Hey Selena!" Sam turned and gave Dean a what-a-perfect-timing kind of look and then back to Selena who was biting her upper lips.

"Hey Dean!"

"How's your neck?" Dean asked as he walked over to the two of them.

"Fine… its getting better, how's your legs?"

"Oh this? Not to worry, I can already kick some ass now!"

"Glad to hear that!" Laughed Selena as she turned back to Sam.

"You guys sure you wanna leave… I mean now? Don't you wanna stay a few more days?" Selena just felt the need to repeat herself and Sam got the hint pretty well.

"I wish my dear but we really need to run now… we still have things to do… maybe in the future, we'll come back again…" Said Dean as he gave Selena a hug.

"Yeah sure! Hopefully I'm still around."

"Oh! Where are you going?" Sam asked.

"I'm intending to go to the board school and leave everything behind."

"What about your grandma?" Selena turned to Dean and released a short sigh.

"I think she's beyond help…" Laughed Selena and they all knew, the laugh was faked. "They have taken her to the asylum and I doubt I can ever see her because they said I need to give her some time to adapt to that place before I can go over and pay her a visit. This whole thing… has taken too much of her I guess…" Then she looked down trying hard to swallow the fact that she was too ashamed of herself. If only she had been stronger, she would have been able to control and minimized the damages.

"I'm sorry…" Now it was Sam's turn to hug Selena. Selena felt comfort and found solace in his arms. Strange. She has never felt like that before, not with someone whom she hardly knew. Somehow there was something about Sam that drawn her closer to him.

"Ahem…" Dean pretended to clear his throat with a slight cough. Selena pulled away from Sam as smiled at them.

"Well… I guess we'll meet again then!" Selena said as she pretentiously scratching her forehead to hide the blush.

"Sure! You take care alright…" Selena nodded her head obediently and smiled at Sam.

"You both too and thanks for helping me!" It was one painful and tearing goodbye for Selena. Afterall, she had no one else in that town. Her application for the boarding school has yet to be approved so she had to spend the remaining of the days in that half-burnt house. The present sight was ugly but not the old memories of her and her family. She may have lost almost everything but one thing for sure, she was glad the nightmare was over.

Even though their car had left the premises, Sam could see Selena still standing outside the motel from the side mirror.

"She's hot isn't it?" Dean said as he pressed on the accelerator.


"I said she's hot isn't it?"


"Stop playing dumb Sammie! I know you like her!" Dean said with a wicked smile.

"Bite me!"

"Nah! Not me! I'm not interested especially after that horrible kiss at the cafe… but she can." Dean continued to tease his younger brother.

"Right!" Sam said as he wet his lower lips. "Hey… hmmm… actually… hmmm… thanks for saving my life yesterday."

"You mean saving your ass?"



"I'm… I'm trying to thank you." Sam said as he began to lean back and started to scratch his arms, his neck, his palm and his fingers.

"Well… you're welcome then?" Then he saw Sam looked at him. "What? Not that mushy brotherly heavenly hug you called it!" Dean said with a straight face.

"No! My body!"

"Yeah I can see that!"

"Dean! My entire body is itchy… don't… don't you feel anything?" Sam asked as he kept scratching his thighs, legs and then his back again.

"No… I'm perfectly fine…"

"Gosh! I must have got allergic to those pies we had this morning…" Exclaimed Sam as he continued scratching his back.

"Oh! Need my help?"

"No! I… I… I can do this… myself…" Sam continued as he took off his jacket exposing the small rashes on his arms. "Gosh… what's in the pie?" Muttered Sam, losing almost all of his cool posture in his attempts of scratching, rubbing and slapping his own skin.

Dean continued wearing a straight face while observing his little brother in his little cute act. He never thought revenge could be so sweet and it's a wonder why people are going all out in seeking it. Dean maintained and tamed his vicious smile from being uncovered. He knew he had it all planned. Oh yes he loves Sam, his little precious Sammie but when it came down to payback time, oh he truly adores that silly look on Sam. If only Sam had stopped scratching for a second and looked at Dean, unmasked the face Dean was wearing then, he would have seen how the senior Winchester making a goober dance around the car with his hands right up in the air clapping and proclaiming his so-called ultimate victory.