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Jiraiya sighed happily while he sat in the brothel. It was another night of women hanging off him. Another sigh. His charm must be overworking, hee hee. (A/N: not really but the women are getting paid.)

Thinking about why he was so into women brought back the memory of his first relationship.

You see readers. Our good friend Jiraiya here was never a heterosexual in the first place, sure he liked to look at women's breasts but what guy wouldn't? But Jiraiya was more interested in his male team mate.


Jiraiya's lips met with his in a passionate kiss, feelings poured in through actions. The moans and groans could be heard throughout the apartment. The bedsprings squeaked faster as they neared their second orgasm for the night.

The two were exhausted from the erotic workout. Both lay on their sides facing each other. Jiraiya cuddle up to him and said. "Don't ever change, Orochimaru. Don't ever change."

With that, he looked up into his lovers' eyes and gave a small smile before falling asleep.

But what he didn't see was the sad smile on Orochimaru's face before he too fell in a light slumber.

End Flashback

Jiraiya missed his touch, his body could still remember the way it heated every time Orochimaru touched him. But he could never forget the emotional pain he felt when Orochimaru abandoned Konoha for power. That was when he turned his interest to females.

So before Jiraiya got too drunk, he vowed to write a gay series with his own happy ending.

A/N: It wasn't suppose to be like this but I somehow lost the original notes for this one-shot so I had to make up another plot. Sorry if the characters were OOC. If I find the notes then I would write the original version.


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