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Giggling was heard from the local bar. People avoided a corner of the drinking house, some left to get away from the unexplainable weirdness inhabiting within.

Jiraiya sat in the bar giggling and holding up his first volume of his new series.

"Cha! My new series is going to be a big hit! This is the best idea I've had!"

Jiraiya giggled again. The sake was getting to his brain. More giggling was ensured.

"If Oro-chan ever reads this giggle he's going to freak…or giggle get horny more giggling."

(A/N: Jiraiya is really drunk.)

Jiraiya chucked back another shot of sake before a flashback took effect.


Jiraiya was enjoying the feel of Orochimaru's tongue rubbing against his.

Both their hands wandered over each others bare bodies.

Heat was building up in both ninjas. The kiss was broken off and Orochimaru's tongue trailed down Jiraiya's neck. He stopped at Jiraiya's left nipple and sucked. A low moan was emitted as his cock hardened.

Jiraiya was pushed down on the bed as Orochimaru trailed further down.

Orochimaru stopped as he reached Jiraiya's cock.

Pre-cum was leaking from the ministrations.

"Excited are we?" Orochimaru purred.

Jiraiya tensed and his breathing was hard. Without another word Orochimaru licked the inside of his thighs. Jiraiya moaned at the cruel torture that his partner was proceeding.

His breath hitched when he felt Orochimaru sucking on his balls. Jiraiya's hand clenched the sheets with pleasure as Orochimaru's expert hands played with his arousal.

A few moments later he groaned in ecstasy as the familiar orgasm hit him.

Breathing hard he watched as Orochimaru stood with a smirk on his face licking off the cum from his fingers.

"How'd you like that?" Orochimaru asked.

A lust filled grin appeared on Jiraiya's face.

"It's my turn…" Was the reply given.

End Flashback

A blank looking Jiraiya sat there with drool running from his mouth. The image of that was enough to send half the drinkers in the bar running.

After several more minutes of spacing out the sound of laughter echoed in the air, it was a truly horrifying and amusing sight. In a matter of seconds the bar was deserted, even the manager left. They all wanted to avoid the perverted homosexual maniac sitting in the corner of the bar…

In Another Place

Orochimaru walked along the halls of his lair with Jiraiya's book for his new series.

The contents of the book made him lick his lips, his need grew as he neared the end of the book.

As Orochimaru snapped it shut he promptly walked into Kabuto's room…

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