The alarm seemed like it was never letting up on poor Shikamaru's ears. Finally deciding that he couldn't take it anymore, Shikamaru let a drool stained hand reach from under the covers and take no mercy on the poor alarm clock as he slammed a hand onto the stop button… or what he thought was the stop button, which ended up being the 'snooze' button.

After sufficiently cursing the alarm and Ino for buying the dammed thing for him, Shikamaru reluctantly rolled out of bed (literally) and hit the floor with a thud.

"I'm glad as hell that it's Friday." He said as he strolled grouchily into the bathroom, brushing his teeth and taking a quick five minute shower. (a/n Well it was more like a three minute shower but whatever) He wandered back into his room and pulled out a black shirt that read 'never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups' and a pair of jeans then went to the kitchen.

After having a huge bowl of cereal, Shikamaru decided to head to work because he wanted to walk as slowly as he possibly could on his way there.


'Good googly moogly that thang is juicy' was repeated twice before Shikamaru could get his cell phone out of his pocket and people walking the street decided to stop staring at him. "Hello?" he asked dryly to the person on the other side of the phone.

"Hey, Shika! We still on for tonight?" Naruto asked a little too excitedly for the lazy leaf nin on the other side of the phone.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You lazy bastard it's the first Friday of the month! Which you probably don't remember the importance of, do you?" There was a short silence before Shikamaru finally answered his simplistic answer.


"It's guys' night out, not to mention your own fucking birthday, baka."

"Oh yeah… I guess it is. Well what time is this damn thing supposed to start anyway.?"

"As soon as you get your apartment, bye!" Naruto almost shouted as he hung the phone up. Even though he had already flipped his phone off and put it away, Shikamaru had just thought to say 'bye' and found himself outside of his apartment complex. He sighed softly to himself and trudged up the stairs.


Shikamaru pulled out his key only to realize that it wasn't neccessary because his door was already slightly ajar.

"Thanks for breaking into my apartment you low-lifes," He spat sourly at his so called friends from the doorway.

"Anytime," Kiba yelled voice doused in sarcasm. "You know Shikamaru you've gotsome pretty big bills here, how do you pay'em all."

"Great now you're going through my mail..." Kiba looked at him with a grin that said what are friends for, and you never answered my question. Seeing this hegave up knowing that it would spark Naruto'scuriosity and together they would ride him until he confessed.

"I manage, but it's been getting difficult lately. And don't even think about saying ask your parents." With that lastthing being said he shot Shino a look that said 'yeaI'm talking toyou', but he completely ignored it and continued to say.

"Why don't you get a roommate, then?" he asked only to have Sasuke give a sacastic answer.

"Cause his roommate would end up doing all the chores." with Neji adding "Or the guy would end up making Shikamaru wear nothing but a maid's apron and watch him clean." With thatsaid all the men started laughing all except Shikamaru who mumbled something incoherent as he made his way to his bedroom to find something to wear for the night's upcoming events.

"You know maybe we should actually help him find a roommate," Lee said breaking the silence.

"Why?" Kiba asked in all seriousness.

"Because he's our friend and I'm sure no one here wants him to move in with you including me." They all nodded in unison and Shino spoke up.

"Then we should force him into tonight. It's the perfect time." And so they all agreed and decided to tell him about it over dinner where-ever they decided to eat.


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