"Well, Shika, guess she'll start moving in today," Shikamaru said to himself in a bliss of after sleep splendor. With that, he blearily got out of bed and made his way to the, take a guess… that's right, kitchen. As he began to open the beautiful wooden cabinets Ino had gotten when they were together, there was a soft, light, almost rhythmic knock at the door that was starting to send him into another sleepy splendor. Shikamaru, trying not to fall out on the kitchen floor like a drunken Jiraiya in a strip club, rushed to the door "What?" he asked oh, so, happily while quickly pulling the door open. A small, dainty hand landed softly against the bare flesh of his chest.

It was none other than…ZUKA! "Uh," was all she could muster as a light blush came to her face. She cleared her throat adding, "I, I'm gonna start moving things in now, alright."

"Sure, whatever, but could you please stop touching my chest." Zuka felt her face heat again. She hadn't realized that she had now opened the previously clenched fist of a hand and was now outlining Shikamaru's muscles.

"S-sorry," she said now facing the ground. Shikamaru would have assured her that it was ok but he was too busy staring into the box Zuka's sister, Isis, was holding. She turned back to see what his blush was about, and unfortunately… she found out.

"What's the matter; never seen a box of thongs before," Isis asked Shikamaru with an amused grin on her face.

"I, I'm just going to go make some coffee now."

"Whatever. Here, Zu. Take your box of sexy panties into your new apartment," Isis said handing off the box to her stunned sister. Zuka only made a short, stressed, grunting noise as Isis happily walked off. Zuka, now alone and feeling shyer than normal, faced the doorway with a sulking look. She took one deep breath and stepped over the thresh hold and only thought about making it to her room. Luckily for her Shikamaru was turned away facing the opposite direction of her blissfully making his morning cup of coffee. Well, his afternoon cup of coffee it being 12:45 and all.

"Well the only thing to do now is make it the hell outta her without him seeing me," Zuka said to no one in particular.

" I think its too late for that," said Shikamaru popping out from nowhere. "So, what's with the giant box of thongs, are you some kinda nymph or something?"

"No, of course not. What kind of freak do you think I am?"

"Just a question. And in case you forgot, you never answered the first one."

"………My sister buys them for me," Zuka said after a good 2 or 3 minutes of silence.

"You were'em or they just for show." Zuka took a gulp before she nodded her head agreeing to the first statement.

"Gotta go get some other things. You understand, don't you? Good," She then hurriedly got on an elevator that was conveniently already there and going down. Shikamaru just walked back into his apartment. Although as he took his coffee into his room with him and set it on the night, he couldn't stop thinking of how cute she looked with a pinkish glow across her face. 'I wonder if she would look that way on her back, in pleasure, moaning my name, with me in- WAIT! What the hell was he thinking? Really, on her back, MOANING. He just wasn't going to get any sleep thinking these things. Shikamaru got back out of his bed and made his way to his closet. He put on a white wife-beater (that'll get her blushing again), some baggy dark blue denim jeans, and his Jordan's.


Zuka let go of a much pent up sigh, which was good because she really needed the release. It would of have been perfect after that if, Shikamaru's friends hadn't been examining some of her more elaborate bras. Let's list the different kinds. YAY! (inner me : soo stupid) Shino, who was lured into it by Neji who's byakugan had made him a HUMUNGUS pervert, was holding an all black, strapless bra with beautiful purple lace around the edges and it's back had angle wing like golden clasps. Neji, the perv himself, held a white bra that looked like it would never fit a c-cup which all the others were clearly labeled, and it had a heart shaped cut out on the right cup where Zuka's skin would be the fill-in. Naruto held a yellow one strapped, smiley faced bra. The smiley face had it's tongue sticking out and the left cup read 'likes to be teased'. Lee was holding a green, camo bra that said 'this is what I wear when I can't go…COMMANDO!' Kiba, another one of Shikamaru's more perverted friends was holding a cow-print bra that said 'milk me' and had removable straps with a cow-bell for a clasp. Sasuke was holding a blue and white polka dot bra, strapless with two green dot around the are for her nipples that said push. Choji, who had just gotten off of a mission, was there too. He held a bra tootsie pop bra that read 'how many licks does it take to get to the center of my tootsie?' YAY! We listed them all! (inner me: still stupid)

Zuka's face went pale as she watched the men play with her bra in brood daylight like it was nothing. "What are you doing!" she shouted like nobody's business.

"Admiring your lovely collection of bras," Kiba said sarcastically. The others, even Neji, dropped there bras into their appropriate box. Of course, he didn't need to fantasize her boobs in the bra when he could just look at hers now.


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