Led By the Spirits

Full Summary:

Harry's 21 and life is getting hard...harder then usual that is. Ginny just dumped him, the war is escalating because he can't find Voldemort, and he's not handling things all too well.

But how could a night out drinking, a certain girl who has become a woman, and a man using a kwickspell course change anything? Two words, it can.

Harry's in WAY over his head

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Harry Potter stared moodily into his drink, his messy black hair cascading around his face and hiding his features. The music was pumping around him, people were laughing and talking loudly amongst themselves, and the overall atmosphere of cheer should have been contagious.

He blinked his bleary eyes, looking through the dregs of amber liquid to the bottom of his glass. He downed the last mouthful quickly.

"Another," Harry said, his face still downcast, pushing the now empty glass towards the barman. The brown haired man arched a bushy brow.

"You sure? You've had four already …" Harry reached into his pocket and brought out another galleon, placing it on the counter. It was twice as much as he needed to pay for the drink.

"Another," he repeated. He watched through his fringe as the gold coin was snatched up greedily.

"Yessir," the barman said before he rushed away.

Harry pushed his jacket sleeve up so he could see his watch, the neon charms flashing around him only allowing him to see its face in waves. Twelve o'clock, it read.

"Happy 21st, Harry," he muttered, resting his forehead against the bar counter with a soft thud. Ginny had dumped him the day before, and needless to say, he wasn't feeling his best ... but I guess I should be happy I lived this long … He heard a girl shriek happily as the music swelled, and a second later a man laughed, their voices mixing together to make a chorus of drunken giggles. He closed his eyes tightly, wishing he could be so carefree too.

The war had officially started four years ago, when people had started to disappear, only to turn up dead the next day, the Dark Mark carved on their brows. People were afraid for their lives as well as the lives of their families, and if anything, that fear had only escalated over the years. Seeing the Dark Mark was almost as common as seeing a drunk on the street, which was very common. Most people chose to douse their fears and sorrows with alcohol. The only source of 'hope' was the Boy Who Lived. Harry's hands balled into fists.

"Here you go, sir, another Death Wish," the Barman said as he placed the tall glass in front of him.

"Thanks," Harry muttered as he reached out and took it; again he didn't raise his head. If he did, he would most likely be recognised, and he couldn't allow that to happen. Imagine the headline. 'Boy Who Lived Wasted!' or 'Our Saviour …' Harry's thoughts were cut short as someone sat heavily beside him on the counter.

"Hello, Harry!"

He froze … where have I heard that voice before? He looked up slowly to see a sheet of white blond hair and pretty blue eyes. Is that … no … his eyes widened, focusing slowly on the woman's face. Could she be …


She smiled broadly. "You remember me! I was afraid that all of your fame might have changed you. For the worse that is, of course," she said happily, balancing shakily on the bar top. Harry couldn't find his voice … she was stunning.

Her hair was dead straight and fell to her hips, and her eyes had changed as she matured. Where before they had been … bulbus, his mind produced frankly, they were now elegantly … Harry couldn't pinpoint what about them had changed so much, but whatever had, made her look absolutely beautiful. She was slim and wore a tight top, cut - Harry averted his gaze - very low, and she wore a small leather skirt, accentuating her long legs. Netting socks reached up from laced high heals, made of bright hot pink leather. As he watched she brushed her hair behind her ears. Some things don't seem to change, he thought with a small smile. She still wore her old turnip earrings.

The music changed and Luna beamed. "I love this song! Come and dance Harry!" she said, getting to her feet. She overbalanced for a moment and leaned against the bar, blinking owlishly as the room stopped spinning around in her mind's eye.

"Are you finished with that?" she suddenly asked, pointing at his untouched drink. Before Harry could say anything she smiled, reached out, and downed the drink in three large gulps. Harry blinked in amazement. Even he couldn't do that … and he'd been drinking for awhile.

"Come on!" she said, standing up properly and taking Harry's hand. A second later she pulled him to his feet.

"But-" he began to complain as she dragged him towards the dance floor.

"What?" she asked, not easing her quick pace. The lights where still flashing around them, and as they reached the dance floor small sparks began to sprinkle down from the ceiling, sticking in their hair. The lights made Harry uneasy, reminding him far too much of curses flying around a battlefield.

"I-I can't dance," he muttered. Luna giggled.

"Is that all?" she asked. "I'll teach you, then. Just do what I do!" she said, and suddenly Luna began to move, she swayed her hips, she rolled her shoulders, she flicked her hair … the lights began to flicker, making each of her actions look like it was a made by a doll. One stiff movement at a time …

It was mesmerising …

"Come on, Harry!" she said, her smile spreading across her face. Her glee was contagious. Harry found himself grinning back at her, and a moment later they were both dancing.

"Where have you been? I haven't seen you in years!" Harry said over the music. Luna twirled before she answered, her hair spinning out around her.

"I've been looking for those Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. It took me awhile, but I found one! Father was so proud," she said, placing her hands on his shoulders. Harry smiled at the look in her eyes as he put his hands on her hips. There was a bright spark there that looked even brighter than the lights around them.

"What about you?" she asked. With a silly grin Harry dipped her and she giggled.

"Me? I'm an Auror," he said.

She turned out of his grip and continued dancing as she said,

"Really? Is that why you have two wands?"


Half an hour later the two were back at the bar. Harry had another Death Wish in front of him, and Luna was drinking a Purple Humdinger. Harry was doubled over, trying to stop laughing as Luna continued her story.

"You should have seen my father's face! My doll was splattered all over the walls in big globs of molten plastic, and there I was, standing in the middle of the room, with just a singed arm in my hand, and ash all over my face. I started bawling and my uncle started laughing so hard that he had a heart attack!" she laughed at the memory before she sculled the rest of her drink. "Another please!" she said, her cheeks rosy as she lifted the empty glass into the air. The barman shook his head as he plucked the glass from her and replaced it with another.


Harry's laughter hadn't yet died on his face as he turned to the voice. When he did, he bit his lip. Oh crap. His mind garbled as it caught up.


"Harry! That is you!" he slurred as he stumbled over. A second later Mr Weasley sat beside him, his long gangly arm draped around Harry's shoulder with cheeks almost as pink as Luna's. "Ginny gave me a message to pass on to you if I happened to cross your path!" he said, his breath reeking of drink, his eyes slightly unfocused. Harry bit back his amazement; he'd never thought Arthur was the type to drink. Suddenly his words sunk in and Harry's heart sunk … not on my birthday … not in front of Luna …

"She told me to tell you … to tell you that …" he bit his lip. "Ah! Yes … That you're a great stinking coward for not asking her to marry you. And that she hopes you die, slowly and painfully for what you've done to her! Oh … and a big Happy Birthday …" Arthur's voice trailed off as a frown crossed his brow.

"Ginny asked you to say that? That isn't very nice; not at all … it's your birthday Harry?" Luna asked. Harry nodded mutely, his face pale and an awful taste filling his mouth.

"A coward for not asking her to marry you …" Arthur muttered, his eyes slowly re-focusing as he concentrated on his daughter's words. "I thought you already had!" he spluttered. Harry's insides began to shrink.

"Leave him alone. Can't you see that he never loved her? Not totally at least. It's his birthday! And you shouldn't say mean things to people on their birthdays! A Baltherin will bite your toes off while you sleep if you do," Luna said. "I'd wear thick socks tonight if I were you," she added as she fiddled with her half empty glass.

Harry's stomach began to plummet as well as shrink. He looked up at Luna, an astonished look on his face. "I-I-I…" his mind began to shout denial after denial of what Luna had said about himself and Ginny, as he gaped stupidly, his mouth utterly dry. Of course I loved Ginny!

A moment later he realised that the little voice had spoken in the past tense … loved? No … I love … his mouth shut slowly. I loved her. A large weight suddenly lifted from his chest … his heart to be precise. Not anymore.

"Baltherin? Toes, socks … I …" Arthur began to sway as he spoke. Harry steadied him quickly, still astonished at his new internal insight. The redhead blinked twice quickly, focusing on Luna. "What was I sayin' before?" he asked, blinking again.

Luna looked up for a moment, bitting her lip as she thought. "You were telling us about … Molly isn't it? Ah yes, and about how fantastic she is at …" she trailed off, looking at Harry for inspiration.

'Cooking,' he mouthed. Luna grinned.

"How amazing at cooking she is," she said brightly, her cheeks even rosier than they were before. She finished her drink in another gulp, slamming it back to the table with another grin.

"Bartender-man! Fillmeup!" she giggled.

Arthur grinned goofily. "Ahh, yes. My Mollywobbles is a talented one! Oh, and she's sooo beautiful! All those red locks that tumble everywhere, all those curves! And her nose, and eyes … lips … hipsss." Harry got to his feet quickly, not wanting to hear anymore.

"Yes! Didn't you need to go somewhere?" he asked, pulling Mr Weasley to his feet. Arthur grinned again as he nodded, his glasses slipping halfway off his nose as he threw his fist into the air as if in triumph.

"I have to see a man about a goat!" he proclaimed as he marched off into the giggling throng of drunken wizards.

Harry sat back down, biting back giggles himself.

"Goat?" Luna inquired, her lips twitching. As one their resolve broke and they began to laugh.

As they regained their breath, Luna asked. "It's your birthday?" Harry nodded again, wiping tears off his glasses. Luna smiled again as she got to her feet, pulling Harry to his.

"Then we must be going!" she said. As she pulled him towards the door, Harry threw four galleons on the table.


After that things became blurry. Harry only remembered bits and pieces of the night.

One moment-

Luna stumbled on the pavement into Harry, one of her heels broken; he draped his arm around her shoulder as they both chortled, singing at the tops of their slurring voices-

"Malfoy is Our Queen.
Malfoy is Our Queen.
We must confess,
He wears a dress!
Malfoy is Our Queen.

Draco Malfoy's quite obscene
Malfoy's friends call him Christine.
That's why all the Slytherin's scream:
Malfoy is Our Queen.

Malfoy really looks his best,
In a pretty frilly dress.
We swear this song is not in jest.
Malfoy is Our Queen."

Harry laughed as their song came to an end. A moment later he tripped, bringing both himself and Luna crashing to the ground. Another moment later they were laughing again.-

And suddenly-

Harry and Luna snuck around a corner, both smothering laughter behind their hands. Luna was clad in her normal attire, but somewhere during the night she had found a ridiculously large feather boa. The bright green plumage was wrapped around her neck, and then around Harry's, tripping them both at times as its tail dragged along around their feet. And, for some reason, Harry was wearing an overly large wizard's hat that fell around his ears.-

And the next-

"Shhhhhhhuuuuuuushhhhhhhhh!" Luna hushed, laughter bubbling behind the elongated sound. Harry's face became pink as he tried to do what he was told. Their boa and hat were still in place. They were both standing outside a random door in the Wizarding hotel Harry was staying in. He held up three fingers.

Three - he lowered one finger as he placed the other hand on the door knob.

Two - he dropped another finger as he prepared to turn the handle.

One! The last finger joined the others and he threw open the door. As one they rushed inside. Harry's hat fell over his eyes, but he didn't bother pushing it aside.

A balding man stood inside, clad in only a pair of red and white spotted boxes, a piece of paper held in his hands. His face was red with rage, and his mouth was snarling. "YOU WERE MEANT TO WORK!" he shrieked. He suddenly started as he noticed that he was no longer alone in the room.

"Who the hell ar"- his question was cut short as Harry held out his wand.

"Accio paper!" A second later he felt it fly into his hand.

"You have no right! Who the hell are you to barge into my room at this hour?" the man bellowed as Harry lifted the brim of his hat slightly so he could see the paper.

"We're big bad Aurors!" Luna trilled, smothering her laughter as she raised her wand at the man. He paled.

Kwikspell Course the paper was entitled. Harry felt himself pale slightly.

"Give that back! It's none of your blasted business! Give it back! Give it back!" the man yelled as he dived at the paper.

Harry handed it back to him without a fight. "So sorry, wrong room," he slurred before he grabbed Luna by the arm and dragged her away.

As soon as the door was shut behind him, she giggled at his expression. "Wha?" she asked.

"Oops … maybe we shouldn't have done that."

And then-

Harry suddenly found himself in another bar. He was sitting beside Luna in a long curved seat and before them, on a round table, was an assortment of brightly coloured drinks. Luna grinned as she reached out for a hot pink concoction that was fizzing slightly. She sipped at it, and a small puff of pink smoke gushed from her ears.

"Beat that!" Luna declared as she thrust her drink at him.

Harry bit back a laugh as he reached out for a vivid blue glass. Looking down at it, he saw that bright sparks were skittering across its surface. He grinned as he downed it all in one gulp. The sparks jumped from his mouth and danced in his eyes as they laughed. He shook his head to clear it and licked his lips.

"Your turn," he said as he put the glass back down. Luna bit her lip as she looked at all of the glasses set out before them. She looked up at Harry with a mischievous glint in her blue eyes.

"Double … you have to try it after I have," she dared.

Harry nodded. "But I get to choose," he said.

Luna shook her head. "No, that honour goes to me," she said as she reached out for the red drink.

Harry laughed. "You're going to drink that? It'll burn right through your tongue!" he said, looking at the crimson drink. Luna smirked and brought the glass to her lips.

Harry winced and looked away as she drank a mouthful. He looked back as she lowered the drink, a satisfied expression on her face. She breathed out, and Harry saw steam issue between her pink lips.

"You're insane!" he accused. Luna pushed the glass towards him.

"Your turn," she said. Harry grinned.

"My turn," he agreed, but instead of reaching for the glass he reached for Luna. He planted his mouth firmly against hers and Luna melted into his grip. A moment later he broke away, licking his lips.

"Mmm, it's quiet nice," he said with a smirk of his own. Luna ran her pale orange nails through her hair, breathless.

"Yes, it was," she said softly.


Harry woke up with a quiet groan. His head was throbbing and his tongue felt dry and fuzzy in his mouth. He sat up and put his hand to his head as it spun … and something cold touched his brow. Frowning he looked at his hand, his eyes widening.

"What the-" The sheets beside him crumpled, and slowly he turned to see … oh crap. Luna lay beside him, her blond hair splayed around her face on the pillow, her eyes shut gently … totally naked. He looked away quickly, feeling a blush rise on his cheeks … the blush suddenly drained away from his face as something golden glittered in the sunlight that streamed into the room.

A ring … another ring … a matching ring to his own … on Luna's finger - Oh. CRAP.


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