July 22, 2006; 6:00AM

As I awoke this morning I was informed that my beloved voice actor, Mr. Iwamatsu Makoto or you all may know him more fondly as just Mako, had passed away not too long ago. I will not hide my dishearten feelings for this tragic event. Mako was a good friend and gave me many wondrous memories and brilliant moments of life. I am forever grateful to him and feel lucky and honored to have known him and had him for my very own voice. He will be missed as dearly as he is loved but, as a good fan of mine has stated, we must all eventually make the journey to the Spirit World so let us remember that we will eventually see him again and this separation is only temporary.

I understand how many of you are concerned for how my new voice will sound. To tell you the truth, I am a little concerned as well. But not because I am getting a new voice, oh no; I am more concerned for you, my fans, and how you will all react to Mako's successor. I am fully aware that I may never sound the same again and how this may upset many of you, but I ask of you all, please give my new voice an unbiased chance; you might just find that you like the new one better. Please, I ask this simple task of you because I already have a lot to deal with concerning Zuko's closemindedness. You have no idea how stubborn my nephew can be, he is a very complicated young man.

It has also come to my attention that some of you would rather see me, ahem, follow in Mako's footsteps and be reunited with my dear (Lu Ten). As appealing as that sounds, I really must decline the offer. It is not yet my time as I still have much work to do here in the Living World. Zuko needs me and as much as I do miss my own son, I am certain that he will understand my reasons for staying just a little longer. Please do this for me, for Mako as I am certain that both he and I would rather the fans didn't try to poison my ginseng tea to spare me from undergoing the most horrible change that anyone could bestow upon an lovable animated character. I will be fine, my trust is with Micheal Dante DiMartino and Brian Konietzko. They made me what I am and if you have faith in them I'm positive that they will see to it that my situation is taken care of. They, above all else, know what is best for everyone in the end.

With Respect,

Retired General Prince Iroh of the Fire Nation

This has got to be the shortest fic I've ever written, and I don't think it even really counts as a real fanfic.

So, uh, I just now found out about what happened to Iroh's voice actor, like just two hours ago. That hit me real hard. I was feeling down the past few days and so that really got me to break down and cry. Of course I didn't know Mako, but what I instantly thought of when I heard of this was all the DBZ episodes and how the changes in voice actors almost always made me want to shoot myself. Especially the most recent release of uncut shiney red cased episodes. Anyway, if any of you know the Artist Booter-Freak, yeah she just posted a real touching tributaion picture for him (that's how I found out, and that picture was what ultimatly made me cry. And will probably still continue to make me water up for a long while to come sooooo...just so that ya know...) and then she brought up, in her artist's notes, how some of the Iroh fans wanted to see Iroh die as well. Thinking of the ordeals with DBZ, yeah I don't blame them in the least. However, I think Iroh has some different thoughts on the matter and that is where this comes in...yeah...