Rating: PG/T

Pairing: Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie, Dash/Paulina, Kwan/Star, and more...

Note: I do not own Danny Phantom, but I own the new characters.

Chapter 1: Destination to the Past

"I can't believe Mr. Lancer send me to detention," said Danny miserably, "Again!"

"It's like the fifth times this week. If this kept on going on, you'll get lots of trouble," informed Tucker

Danny sighed, "Yeah thanks Mr Obvious, that's very helping."

"Well you did got late for his class for quite a long time," said Sam.

"Because I was fighting ghost!" protest Danny, "Why do I have to live this double life? Its so annoying!"

"Hey look at the bright side," said Sam, "At least people love the ghost you for what you've done to keep this town safe."

Danny smiled as he entered his house, by the time the door was open wide, both of his parents were running around the house wildly.

"That ghost boy is on the move again!" cried Jack, "We have to move fast!"

"But honey, the ghost boy was there like 3 hours ago, do you think we can be there in time to catch that ghost?" asked Maddie.

"Maddie, we're the greatest ghost hunters in town, we will catch this ghost boy no matter what!" state Jack proudly.

Maddie grin, "And when we catch him…"

"We'll tear him apart molecules by molecules!" cried both Maddie and Jack in excitement, then they ran to the door.

Before they're gone Maddie gave a small peck on Danny's cheek and Jack gave him a pat on the head. "Welcome home dear, and bye," said Maddie. "Wish us luck on capturing the ghost boy!" cried Jack and they're finally off.

Danny looked at Sam, "You were saying something?"

Sam sighed, "Danny... you can't have everyone to like your ghost form... cause... well... you're half ghost... its a bit natural if some people will like you and others don't."

Tucker suddenly notice something on the sky, "Oh look guys! A shooting star! I want to make a wish! Let me see… I wish that tomorrow there will be a new babe in town!"

Sam and Danny raised their eyebrows at Tucker.

"What?" asked Tucker, "Can a man live up his fantasy?"

"Nice try Tuck," said Sam, "But you forgot to add in the wish to make the 'babe' to like you."

"Oh man," groaned Tucker, "I know I forgot to add something!"

Danny chuckled, "Lets just go to sleep guys, we really need to wake up next morning for school. I don't want to get detention again. Good thing today I don't have a night-shift, Jazz told me to get a break for one day."

"Okay Danny, g'night," said Sam.

"G'night!" cried Tucker as he walked away with Sam, "And who knows if my wish really come true that girl might want to try and date you."

Danny could hear Sam laughed from the far distance saying, "Not a chance…"

26 years in the future

"Dude that is so awesome!" laughed a 14 years old raven hair boy with purple eyes. He was wearing a red and black jump-suit.

"I know, this is like, our greatest invention!" cheered another boy, which happen to be the previous boy identical twin. They even wore the same pair of suit, only that he was wearing blue colored suit other than red.

"Low your voice down guys," said a 14 years old dark skin guy with glasses. He was wearing an orange suit with brown pants, "We're going to be so much in trouble if she found us out."

A 16 years old boy with raven hair who was also wearing a glasses nodded, he was wearing a white suit with dark blue jacket and black pants, "She might kill us all for using the hidden place in her bedroom as a secret base for making this small machine."

"But Rick, you just have to admit. This is the best place to create this baby. The wall is especially made with metal as hard as diamonds and its sound proof!" state the twin in unison.

"How about the basement laboratory? Your grandparents specially made that lab for the two of you, right?" asked Rick.

"Yeah Sam, Tom. You two are so lucky, your lab is twice bigger than mine," said the dark skin boy.

"Cedric is right, why from all of the places it just had to be the room that belongs to your sister," protested Rick.

"Oh come on," said Sam, "Our lab don't have wall as thick and hard as this. This room is covered with the best metal grandpa can ever invented and Danielle takes all of the glory by using these metals for her room."

Rick sighed, "You know very well why her room is all covered in metal, you two should know better."

"Oh you're just saying that because you don't want to see your girlfriend upset," teased Tom.

"Wha… I… uh…" rambled Rick while giving out a slight blush, "She… she's not my girlfriend!"

"Oh, Rick is blushing!" laughed Sam and Tom teasingly.

"Quiet down guys, this place may be sound proof, butDany may found another way to hear us," said Cedric worriedly.

Suddenly the door slammed open, revealing a beautiful blond hair girl with blue eyes. She wore black and green jump suit, "What the… SAMUEL FENTON! THOMAS FENTON! CEDRIC FOLEY! AND RICHARD BAXTER! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN MY ROOM!"

All of the boys paled in horror, and Cedric looks like if he was about to pee on his pants. Samuel and Tom hide behind Rick as they tremble in fright, while Rick himself was sweating from head to toe with absolute fear.

"Um… uh… hi sis… nice day isn't it?" asked Tom as he gave out nervous smile.

"Nice day?" growled Danielle furiously, "I was babysitting Matt for a while when I decide to get my homework in my room. And here I found you guys messing around with my room. No wonder these past months I felt that something is not right in my room. You call this a nice day? You guys are so toast!"

"Uh… but we don't have a toaster to toast us up," joked Samuel while his face showed nothing but nervousness and fear.

Rick glared at Samuel, "I don't think this is the right situation where you give out joke that is not even a joke."

Danielle looked at the small machine, "Is that the thing you've been working out in MY room?" She then gave out a small grin and cried, "GHOST UP!"

Everyone gasped in fear as her jump-suit colour inverse from black to green and green to black, her hair turned black, wearing green eyeliner and lipstick, so as her eyes which turned bright green, "Maybe I should destroy that machine to teach you all a lesson."

"NO!" cried the four of them in horror. Samuel and Tom then jumped up in front of the machines and the both of them cried, "There's no way we'll allow you to destroy this baby! GO GHOST!"

Then the twin turned into their ghost form. Both of them had white hair, but with different eyes colors and the colour of their jump-suit inverse just like Danielle. Samuel eyes turned bright red, while Tom eyes turned bright blue.

"So you want to challenge me huh?" sneered Danielle, "Well then, I just have to beat the hell out of you once again."

"Not this time sis. In order to protect our creation, we'll not lose to you," said the ghost twin in unison.

None of them notice, but a baby who was wearing yellow and black jump-suit, with white hair and bright yellow eyes was floating on the air and towards the machine.

Cedric gasped, "Oh no! Dan! Sam! Tom! Matt is going towards the machine!"

Danielle, Samuel and Tom gasped as they saw their baby brother in his ghost form was floating towards the machine.

"Matt! Get away from that thing!" cried Danielle as she zoomed towards Matt in orders to catch him. Samuel and Tom too tried to catch Matt, but right at the time their hands touched Matt, Matt pushed the red button and…

ZAPPED! They're gone.

Rick and Cedric blinked in disbelief, both of them look at each other in shocked and fear.

"Oh no…" murmured Cedric.

Rick nodded, "Yeah, this is bad…"

Present day


Danielle, Samuel and Tom cried in horror, while Matt was laughing as they fell from the sky. Then as Danielle hold on to Matt, the four of them float on the sky in their ghost form.

Samuel sighed, "That was close."

Tom looked around and gulped, "Oh no guys, where are we?"

Samuel too looked around and gasped, "Holy crap! Tom you just got to see all this!"

"This is impossible," Tom gasped as his grin getting wider.

"WE'RE 26 YEARS IN THE PAST! THE MACHINE WORKS!" cheered the twin as they hugged each other in happiness.

"HELLO!" growled Danielle, "Maybe you might be forgetting something but THIS IS NO TIME FOR THAT! DO YOU KNOW WHAT SITUATION ARE WE IN?"

"Oh sis, you're too paranoid, we can just go to the ghost zone and ask Clockwork to send us back to out timeline," said Tom.

"Tom is right, we don't have to panic and worried about our past being completely turned into chaos, all we have to do is to go to grandma and grandpa's house then go to the ghost zone," shrugged Samuel.

Danielle glared murderously at the twin, "And when we get there, you two are officially in trouble with mom and dad."

"Aw don't be like that sis," grinned Samuel and Tom innocently, "Its not like if we did something we cannot fix."

Before Danielle could reply, a figure behind them started to speak, "You speak to soon children."

"Clockwork!" Samuel, Tom and Danielle cried in surprise and maybe…fear?

"One thing I have to say is that you're in trouble," stated the Clockwork.

"I…in trouble?" chuckled Samuel nervously, "What are you talking about?"

"Samuel Fenton, Thomas Fenton and Danielle Fenton. No… or may I say, Fire Phantom, Water Phantom and Earth Phantom, do you realize what trouble you're in?" asked Clockwork sternly.

"Ye…yes, uh…no?" answered the three of them nervously.

Clockwork sighed, "The machine your brothers had created disobey the rule of time. And as a time master it is my job to give you the punishment."

Samuel and Tom gulped, "Punishment?"

"Yes," nodded Clockwork.

"Wa…wait a minute," protested Danielle, "You can punish those two, but how about me and Matt we did nothing wrong!"

"You still travel to the past, so the punishment for you still count," stated Clockwork.

Danielle glared at the twin furiously, "You two better be ready to become full ghost!"

"Danielle," started Clockwork, "This punishment is not too heavy, knowing that you four are children and one of you is still a baby."

Danielle looked at Clockwork nervously. Taking a deep breath, she then asked a question she fear what the answer might be, "And the punishment is?"

"That you four should stay in this period of time forsix whole months," said Clockwork, "Unless that is if you can create another time machine and travel back to your own time."

The three of them blinked, Samuel looked at Clockwork in confusion, "Wait! How is that a punishment?"

Clockwork smirked, "Oh it's a punishment for sure, if anything, I mean anything ever happen to your parents because of what you're doing to this timeline, like the fact that they could be dead or not be able to marry each other, then you four will no longer exist."

Danielle gasped while the twin face paled in horror. Tom choked out a word in shocked, "You're kidding…"

"But…" said Clockwork once again, "Since I knew you four very well and also I kind of a bit owe your father a favor. I will lighten the situation up. I will get four people from your timeline to help you to stay on existence for this pastsix months."

The three of them looked at Clockwork in shocked and excitement, "Seriously?"

"They'll be here tomorrow," smiled Clockwork, "Good luck," he then vanished.

Tom sighed, "Good thing there'll be someone who's going to help us, wonder who'll they be…"

Sam looked around and groaned, "Aw man, look at this place. It's so ancient! How can we build our machine in this kind of place…"

Danielle then glared at Samuel, "Well you better get use to it cause everything is because of your fault!"

"Our fault?" asked Samuel in annoyance, "We're not the one pressing the button!"

"You're the one making the machine!" cried Danielle in annoyance.

"I'm not the one pressing the button!"

"There will be no button if the machine didn't exist in the first place!"

"Still it's not our fault or our creation, it's him the one you should blame!"

"Stay Matt out of this, he's hardly a year old!"

"Oh just because we're 14 years old and we can talk and walk we get all the blame?"


"Well do you know what I think? THAT TOTALLY SUCKS!"

"Good! Then maybe you will learn a thing or two of coming to my room and mess it up with all your geeky friends!"

"Hey! One of these geeky friends you're talking about is also your best friend y'know!"

Tom cleared his throat, hoping to take the attention from the verbal fight between the two siblings, "Uh… do I get to say a word for this?"

"FOR NOW, NO!" cried Danielle and Samuel together as they once again glared at each other furiously.

Tom sighed, from all of the family, he just happened to be the calm one in this kind of situation. Well what did he expect? He was called the Water Phantom after all, while Samuel and Danielle were the Fire and Earth Phantom. Their temper and elemental name really match. The best example is Matt, he was called Wind Phantom and he already become the most care-free and the most mood-swing person in the family, even if he was just a baby.

While Samuel and Danielle were still fighting and shouting towards each other, Matt was once again floating around, rolling and swinging around, having his own baby ghost fun.

Tom sighed as he grabbed Matt from floating too far from them all, "Don't go around too much alright, we don't want to get all the trouble trying to find you when you got lost."

"Da," giggled Matt as he started to play around with Tom's hair.

Tom chuckled as he let his baby brother had his fun with his hair. He looked around and sighed, "We're really in so much trouble, and that punishment Clockwork just gave us is well… troublesome… Don't you think so too Matt?"

Matt looked at Tom with his innocent eyes, clearly saying that he had no idea what Tom word just meant.

"26 years in the past huh?" sighed Tom, "Where do you think our parents… our parents? Oh… OH MAN! OUR PARENTS!"

"Da?" Looking at Tom panic expression in confusion, Matt kept on grabbing Tom suit in order to know exactly what happen… not that he might understand anything anyway…

"Guys, seriously you got to stop fight…" before Tom could break Samuel and Danielle's fight, the four of them suddenly felt a cold chill from their body and smoky breath from their mouth, their ghost sense.

"I am the box ghost! BEWARE!"

The three of them groaned while Matt was laughing and clapping as they saw the infamous Box Ghost.

"Box ghost…" mumbled Samuel in annoyance.

"He has less muscle, less scary face and the size of his body is like half the size of the box ghost we usually know, so to sum it up, fighting him is just a waste of energy," said Danielle in a bored tone.

Tom looked at Matt, "Matt you know what to do…" He then let go of Matt, "Play with that guy for a while."

"I am the master of all cardboard and square! I am the box ghost! Beware!" cried the box ghost.

"Woah he still use those phrase even 26 years in the past?" asked Tom in amusement, "Its truly amazing that he never get tired of that stupid phrase."

Matt was then floating around Box Ghost as Box Ghost try to hit Matt in annoyance, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Matt laughed even louder as he was now pulling Box Ghost hair and head around.

"Now what are we going to do?" asked Samuel, "We have to stay in a really low profile so we'll not screw up the flow of time in this timeline."

"You know, with us being here, I think the time is already screwed up," added Danielle.

"GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF!" cried Box Ghost as he started trashing around when Matt was pulling his hair and face. Spinning around in order to make Matt get off him but it only made Matt to grab him tighter as he was laughing happily, in other word, Matt is having fun.

"We can't be in a low profile," said Tom, "We can't let anybody know who we are remember?"

"True…" nodded Danielle.

"GET OFF ME!" screamed Box Ghost as he started to take up any boxes around them and threw it towards Matt. Matt looked at the boxes innocently and found a shiny small box from all of the boxes, which made him to let go of Box Ghost in order to get it. At the time he let go of Box Ghost, all of the boxes hit Box Ghost instead of Matt. While Matt giggled happily as he finally grabbed the shiny small box.

"I have an idea," said Samuel, "Why don't we just go undercover as students?"

"Why students?" asked Danielle.

"Well… we can't say that the four of us live in Amityville without going to school, people will get suspicious and in the end we'll have to go to school anyway," explained Samuel, "And anyway, if they know our identities I can just erase their memories and modify them with my newest memory modification machine so they'll not know who we are."

Danielle and Tom looked at Samuel with blanked expression.

"Or… that's not quite a good idea…" chuckled Samuel nervously.

"YOU'RE A GENIUS MATT!" cried Danielle and Tom brightly.

Samuel blinked in confusion and surprised, "Uh…"

"That way, our identity will be safe," said Danielle.

"Also we can have the fun of the old school life!" cried Tom happily.

"And as long as we're here, there might be lots of ghosts and other challenge to fight!"

"Pranks to use towards bullies!"

"And most of all…" grinned Samuel as he too joined the conversation.

"NO ADULT PARENTS!" The three of them cheered happily.

"Da?" was the only thing Matt can say as he was floating around the air while holding the shiny small box. As for Box Ghost, he was trapped inside his own box as he was stupid enough to forget that he actually had the power to go through things.