Rating: PG/T

Pairing: Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie, Dash/Paulina, Kwan/Star, Danielle/Rick, Tom/Liz, Samuel/Rose

Note: I do not own Danny Phantom, but I own the new characters. New Characters:

Danny+Sam: Danielle, Samuel, Tom and Matt

Tucker+Valerie: Cedric

Dash+Paulina: Rick

Jazz: Liz

Johnny 13+Kitten: Rose

Chapter 6: Uncontrollable Disaster

"I can't believe I become a witch!" cried Tucker in horror.

After half an hour in the nurse office, finally the end of school classes rang and the three of them finally allowed to be excused out of the nurse office. They were now walking towards their home.

Sam sighed, "Yes Tucker, we've heard you said the same phrase for more than ten times…"

"But why do I have to become a chick? I'm a dude!" protested Tucker even more.

"Yes Tucker, we know!" groaned Danny, "Look I know you two aren't happy with your roles, but this is just a play."

Sam raised her eyebrow, "You're just saying that because you become a prince and gotta kiss the 'prettiest girl' in Casper High."

"Danny! I envy you!" cried Tucker in agony.

"Tucker, chill!" sighed Danny, "Look, just put it this way, you did once tried to dress up as a girl. Remember when you try to imitate Sam?"

"And you try to wear all black so why being a dark magician be any different?" asked Sam.

Tucker stared at them as he started to remember when he cross-dressed as Sam and when he turned Goth in order not to be teased as a techno-geek. He sighed, "Not helping guys, those are not really my most favorite memories y'know…"

"How about if we switch roles?" asked Sam, "I would love to be the evil witch? Black is way more to my kind of color rather than bright color."

Tucker shudder, "Are you crazy! I'm not going to be any sissy fairy! Being a witch is already bad enough, being a fairy will be down right humiliating!"

"And knowing Mr. Lancer, I don't think he's going to let any role switching. But look at the bright side Sam. I heard that the three fairies would wear three kinds of colors, red, blue and green. Why don't you ask for green color? I mean… you like plants and everything right?" asked Danny.

"Well…" murmured Sam, "I have to admit… green is not that bad… but light green?" her face then twisted, "That is just so wrong…"

"Hey! I'm the one cross-dressing here!" protested Tucker.

"And you did wear pink last time," grinned Danny at Sam, "Remember?"

Sam frowned as she glared at Danny, "Don't make me remember that…"

"Hey how about my bright side!" cried Tucker.

"You don't have a bright side, you're a witch remember? You wear black," pointed Danny.

Tucker gave a dry laugh, "Very funny…"

Suddenly a huge explosion was heard a few miles away.

"What was that?" cried Danny.

"Wanna bet that it's a ghost?" grinned Tucker.

Sam sighed, "Go for it Danny."

Danny looked around, "Cover me up guys!"

Tucker and Sam start to cover Danny from the public view as he gave out a white glow and a small cry, "Going Ghost!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" cried both Tom and Samuel.

Two trucks landed right in front of them. If they didn't jumped away, they might turn into a pancake under it.

"Hide!" hissed Samuel as he pulled his twin to the nearby tree and hide behind it.

Tom was gasping tiredly, "She really going to kill us huh?"

"Duh!" glared Samuel.

"What with the glare? You started all this!" protested Tom.

"Shhhhh!" shushed Samuel in panic, "Ok, its my fault. I admit that right now there's no way to stop her without brutal force."

Tom smacked him on the head, "Don't kid yourself, you know fighting with her right now would only means that you two had to fight till' one of you got killed. She's in her berserk self. She has no self-conscious about the fact that we're her brothers. All she know is that two us should be destroyed into pieces, literally."

"Thanks Mr. Obvious," sneered Samuel, "But this is not her first time being like this y'know."

"Yes, but we have our parents to calm her down and her room was made especially so she can't escape with her ghost strength and power, now we have nothing!" protested Tom.

"Lower your voice," hissed Samuel, "Fine, we'll just call Rick and Cedric. Who knows they'll get some ideas to stop her." He then started to press some buttons on his watch.

Yes? Rick voice suddenly was heard from the watch.

"SOS," whispered Samuel, "We have an emergency.

They could hear a disbelief sighed coming from the other side of the line, What did you guys do to Danielle?

"How did you know its about Dan?" asked Samuel.

Obviously…murmured Rick, So what happen?

"Sam gave out an ultimate prank, and now Dan is gonna kill us, literally…" murmured Tom.

Ouch, that bad? These only happen like three times right? First when she was six, you guys destroy all of her school homework and projects she had spent time doing for two weeks. Then when she was eight, you guys written all of the writings in her diary to the school newspaper, especially the embarrassing and personal one. And the last one was two years ago when you guys took a picture of her face when she was sleeping and post it at the school billboard, posters and front page news paper,pointed Rick.

Samuel laughed, "Yeah, that was awesome wasn't it?"

Tom glared at his brother as he smacked his head once again, "Focus!" he then glared at the watch, "Are you going to give out history lesson or help us?"

Maybe, if you tell me what you did that made her snapped like that, said Rick

"Ok, look for once I'm not involve with this," said Tom, "There's a play in this school called Sleeping Beauty. Sam somehow made a setup that made Dan to be the princess and dad become the prince, so they kiss each other."

Silence was given for few seconds, and Rick finally murmured, You are so dead…

"Come on, what's the big deal," complained Samuel, "This is dad we're talking about. He always kiss her good night every night, so why is this so different?"

Well, lets see. First, he is not exactly your dad in this time period. Second they'll be kissing in front of public. Third it's a romance story, so its like having a father and daughter kiss each other in a romantic kind of way. DO YOU KNOW HOW WRONG IS THAT? cried Rick.

"Keep your voice down Rick," shushed Samuel, "Its just a small prank, what could've happen?"

"How about the fact that our dad might end up falling in love with our sister and we will not exist in this world?" glared Tom.

Samuel shudder, "Ok, that is just so wrong. Geez fine, I admit. I went too far, but you did agree with me."

"Yeah I did, but I didn't do it," pointed Tom.

"Well?" Samuel then looked at his watch again, "Any smart ideas?"

Look, the only way we can calm her down is to lock her down is to use Mr. Fenton hardest and anti-ghost metal to cage her down for few hours. But we don't have that kind of metal until they invented it in like… five more years from this timeline… sighed Rick.

"You're not helping…" glared Samuel.

Ok, for once just… fight with her… suggest Rick nervously.

"WHAT?" cried both Samuel and Tom.

"There you are…"

Both of the twins paled as they looked at the tree behind them, only that the tree was no more on the ground. Danielle had took it of the ground and now about to smashed it right towards them, until…

"Hold it!"

Danielle, Samuel and Tom looked at the source of the voice, and to the twin horror it was… their father, in his ghost form.

"Hey I never met you before. You're new around here?" asked Danny.

Danielle looked coldly at Danny, then she looked back at the twins. Raising the tree and swing it down towards the twin.

"AAAAAAA!" screamed the twin as they shield themselves with their arms. Danny came right on time to hold the tree from crushing them.

"Hey, what with the rude manner," said Danny while gritting his teeth, he then looked at Samuel and Tom, "Run away you two!"

Samuel and Tom looked at each other as they both nodded and ran.

Danielle removed the tree away as she begun to follow the twin. Danny immediately float in front of Danielle, "What are you planning with those two?"

"Move away…" Danielle coldly commanded.

"Look I don't know why you're trying to kill those two boys, but whatever the reason I will not let you do that," warned Danny.

Danielle glared coldly at Danny with blank face, "Move away or die…"

"Whoa, she's one dangerous ghost. Quite pretty… but dangerous," murmured Danny worriedly, "Look whoever you are, you can't really kill me. As you can see… I'm a ghost!"

"My name is Earth Phantom," said Danielle, "And I command you to move away. Let me be and have me finish my preys."

Danny stared at Danielle in disbelief, "Hey! You're stealing the 'Phantom' part of my name! And the only place I'm letting you be is to the ghost zone!" Danny then held the thermos right in front of Danielle, opening them and started sucking Danielle into it.

Danielle eyes were wide in shocked as she was sucked into the thermos. She gave out a scream and ended as she was trapped inside the thermos.

Smirking in victory, Danny juggled the thermos, "Well that was really easy."

Sam and Tucker appeared from behind the bushes. "Is it over?" asked Tucker.

"Yeah, and I have to admit, it's quite easy for a scary looking ghost like that," said Danny.

"She could be a newbie," shrugged Sam, "And the name Earth Phantom. It's very elemental. Why can't you name yourself like that Danny?"

Danny raised his eyebrow, "I prefer my own name thank you very much."

"Whatever you say," chuckled Sam.

"Hey Danny, did your dad upgrade the thermos?" asked Tucker

"No… why?" Danny raised his eyebrow.

"Because its glowing…" winced Tucker.

Tucker was right. The thermos was glowing and vibrating violently. Danny looked at it in panic, but before he could even say a word, the thermos exploded.

Danny was thrown to the ground with hard force. He looked up to see Danielle glaring furiously a Danny. "Impossible…" gasped Danny in horror.

"You will pay for that!" growled Danielle angrily.

"Danny!" cried Sam.

"Uh oh, this is bad this is bad this is bad," murmured Tucker in panic.

Danielle grabbed Danny's shoulder and pinned him to the ground, as she raised her hand to hit Danny straight on the face, Danny yelped as he move his face away right on time before her fist smashed to his face. Danielle fist went straight to the ground, punching the hard rocky ground instead.

Danny sighed in relief, "That was close…"

The hit Danielle given to the ground suddenly create a crack. Yet it was no ordinary crack. The cracked went everywhere around miles in radius surrounding them.

Danny looked in horror at all the cracked, he was SO lucky that he avoid it, if the hit really got to his face, his face will become a smashed ectoplasm in no time.

Sam paled as she was left gaping in shock while Tucker fainted to ground in the instant. First the ghost broke out from the thermos, defeating its powerful ghost shield, then her fist created a crack as if a mini meteor crashed into the ground.

Danielle raised her fist once again as she glared at Danny, "Now I won't miss."

Looking at her in absolute horror, Danny froze to the ground, having no strength to move or escape. His fear had overwhelmed him to its limit. Looking at his stiff figure, Danielle smirked as she once again slammed her fist towards Danny's face.

"DANNY!" screamed Sam in horror.

An unknown source of beam blasted Danielle away from Danny. Right in time before he could get crushed by her fist.

Danny and Sam whipped their face to look at the one who blast that unknown beam. They gasped as they saw two identical ghosts, but with different color on their suit.

"That was close…" sighed Tom, he then looked at Danny, "You okay?"

Danny nodded and begun to speak with a shaky voice, "Who… who are you?"

Tom gave a comforting smile, "My name is Water Phantom and this is my brother, Fire Phantom. He's the one who save you."

Danny blinked, "Wha… Hey, you guys are also stealing the last part of my name!"

"Lets discuss about the last name problem later," said Samuel as he glared at Danielle, "Now we have some serious business to take care of."

"What?" cried Rose in disbelief, "You made my Sammy and Tom fight with Danielle? Why?"

"We have no choice," sighed Rick, "If we let Danielle to stay like that, she might end up killing those two for real. She is no more herself and highly dangerous. Those two fools should've known about it by now. How can they be so foolish?"

Cedric was typing on his computer furiously, "Guys, I have the data on all of the Fentons' ghost family. And this is what I got. You see, their ghost name is not just any name that they use for fun. Their elemental ghost names are base on their specialty. It is true that all of them have the exact same power as their father. But two of their power have the same power as their father in our time."

"But… Mr. Fenton is so powerful as a ghost," said Liz.

"Exactly," nodded Cedric, "This is serious guys. Earth Phantom or Danielle Fenton, specialize in Paranormal Strength and Ectoplasmic Energy Shield. Her Paranormal Strength is as strong as fifty elephants and her Ectoplasmic Energy Shield is triple the strength of the Ectoplasmic Energy Shield Mr. Fenton has in this time period. That's why her element is Earth, the one with the absolute power of strength and shield relate so much to that element."

"Tom and Sammy?" asked Rose.

Cedric nodded as he continued, "Fire Phantom or Samuel Fenton, specialize in Ectoplasmic Energy Blast and Ghost Sense. The energy blast can create a force as big as hundred bombs put together when in full blow. His ghost sense has the most sensitive effect to any ghost even hundred miles away from his location. His destructive power made him to possess the elemental name of Fire. While Water Phantom or Thomas Fenton, specialize in Duplication and Cryokinesis. He is able to duplicate himself to hundred copy and still capable of maintaining his original strength to each of his clones, and the power of Cryokinesis of his, capable of freezing twenty miles of ocean water in one blow. Both of his power represent the characteristic of liquid,. That's why he hold the elemental name of Water."

"Whoa…" gasped both Rose and Liz in disbelief.

"And let me guess for the last one," said Rick, "Wind Phantom or Matthew Phantom, specialize in Ghostly Wail. A power that is impossible for a baby ghost that just a year old can have. And his power of blowing up stuff gives him the elemental name of Wind. But that's only one specialty."

"That's because he's only a baby, his specialize second power will come out later," stated Cedric.

"So if Sammy and Tom fight Danielle, they'll win right?" asked Rose hopefully, "I mean its two against one."

Cedric sighed, "Now that's the thing, Danielle is two years older than those two. So obviously she's stronger, especially the fact that she'll not hesitate on her attack, unlike those two who tried not to accidentally kill their own sister. So…"

"So?" asked Liz worriedly.

"It's an equal strength between them, in other word, it's a fight to death," murmured Rick gravely.