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Lover's Diary Chapter 1- The beginning of the page.

Sasuke sighed as he opened the door into a room. Slowly, his eyes scanned the whole area as if absorbing every detail of the room into his mind. Everything in the room is covered in a thin layer of dust collected in just a week.

"But still, his smell is still lingering in this room…" He said silently with a tint of sadness in his onyx eyes. The raven haired boy then made his way over a messy floor towards the bed.

"Man.. This room is so messy…. Doesn't he ever clean it?" He stood beside the bed and started to scan the items that are placed beside the bed. At the head of the bed are pictures of him and a blond.

"… These are the only pictures I took with him; he treasured it so much…" Sasuke thought in his heart. Suddenly a knock from the door distracted him.

A girl with a pink hair opened the door and entered with a few boxes, "Do you think that these boxes is enough?"

"Yeah.." Sasuke made his way back to the door and took the boxes, "Thanks.."

Sakura smiled, "You are welcomed. I'll leave you alone then…" She turned and left the room, closing the door behind.

Sasuke placed the box down, "Now.. Where should I start to pack from?" He looked around and placed his eyes on the floor. "I guess I should start from the floor…"

Sasuke sat down and started packing by separating the unwanted and wanted stuff as the unwanted stuff are mostly rubbish. After almost 45 minutes, he managed to clear the floor up and filled a bag with rubbish and a box with belongings.

He wiped a sweat off his forehead, "Phew.. That took me longer than I thought… Now what?" Sasuke looked around the room and decided to pack the book shelf.

"I guess this should go next." Slowly he began pulling all the books out and placed it neatly into the box. After clearing the first row, he proceeds to the second row and starts to pull the books out. He suddenly stopped in his track and stared at the books hidden behind other books with a frown.

"What are those books? Why is it hidden behind….?" Sasuke's hand moved up and started to pull the front books out and dump it on the floor, not caring how the books fell. After clearing it, he saw a whole row of note books that looked like diaries. Sasuke then pulled out the first book and opened it. His eyes widen in shock.

"These are.. These are his diaries all these years…." Sasuke dropped down to his knees and sat down on the floor.


-Tale of the past-

A time in the past.

"Konichiwa!" A young blonde haired guy greeted another young boy with a similar age but with raven. The raven haired only stared at him, trying to greet him back but he was too shock as this is the first time someone ever greeted him.

".. Ko-konichiwa." He greeted back with his head down and a small blush.

The blond smiled happily at him, "You know! My name is Naruto! Uzumaki Naruto! Let's be friends! Okay?"

The other boy looked at him with an uncertain look but when he saw the blonde's pleading eyes, he softens.

"Please please!" Naruto pleaded at him again. Continue blushing and smiling, the raven head nodded.

"GREAT! Then, what is your name?" Naruto exclaimed loudly.

"….My name is Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke looked up at Naruto and smiled. "Nice to meet you!"



Today: Sunny day

Dear Diary,

This starting of my new and first diary! Today, Mr. Iruka suggested to us to write a diary everyday. He said it's good as we can tell out how we feel and no one is going to read it! Hehehe.. But I think it is boring to write 'Dear Diary' on every entry as everyone out there who kept a diary does the same.. So what can I do to make it more unique? Hmmm… I know I can put a person's name! I'll put my new friend's name. So from now on will be 'Dear Sasuke'! Isn't that nice? Then let's talk about my day at school. I finally talked to him! Sasuke is always sitting alone and never talk to anyone. I'm glad that I took the courage to talk to him. I feel that we'll be good friends! I feel kind of tired now.. Good night Sasuke!

Yours Truly,

NARUTO, 10 years old.


Sasuke stared and smiled bitterly at the page, "Stupid idiot… Why use my name for your little secrets?..."


-Tale of the Past-

The next day in the past after the little meeting.

Two kids were walking home from school. Sasuke is being his usual self while Naruto is chatting away.

"So, I ate-…" Naruto glared at a yawning Sasuke, "Are you listening to me?"

"Nope…" Sasuke replied.

"That's mean…. It's bad ya know. So listen!" Naruto pouted.

"… Fine fine.. I'll listen." Sasuke sighed in defeat.

"Yay!" Naruto jumped around and then spotted an ice cream stand, "Oh! Ice cream! Come! I'll treat!" He said, pulling Sasuke along.

"But I don't really like sweets…"

"Not an excuse!"



Today: Sunny day again!

Dear Sasuke,

Today was fun! After asking a lot of times, Sasuke finally agrees to go home with me! And I get to treat him to an ice cream. He said he doesn't like sweets but I think he ended up liking it. Isn't that great? But then, he is not a good listener. He won't listen to me about my yesterday's activity after I went home.. And he said it's boring! … Anyway, he is still willing to follow me around! Hehehe… Today when I come home, dad is home again… He is scary… I hate him… He always looked at me with eyes that seem hungry. I'm scared of him…

Yours Truly,

NARUTO, 10 years old


Sasuke looked at the last line of the page, "….Naruto…"

-End of Chapter 1- The Beginning of the Page.-

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