It had been a few weeks since Ashitaka went to help rebuild Iron town. He hadn't visited San or tried to contact her in any way. She was upset and thought he had forgotten her or something. Her sister and brother, who are wolves, knew how she felt despite how hard she tried to hide them.

"You know I could always go over there and crunch his face off." Kitha, the eldest twin said after another silent supper.

"That's all right," Son said remembering the night she first met Ashykoto and he had said the same thing.

"He's probably busy with the re-building and hasn't had time," said Kana, the youngest twin, trying to cheer her up.

"You're probably right. I just miss him that's all." She said.

"If you miss him that badly you should probably go visit him," Kitha said

"Yeah we should. You haven't been out in ages and it's driving us crazy," Kana said

"Okay, do you think they'll try to kill us?" she asked

"Why would they try to kill us? It's not like we're trying to kill their "lady"." Kana said

"Let's go." Said Kitha as he got up and Son jumped on his back.

The two wolves were happy and playful after being in their small home trying to cheer San up. The cool evening air felt good as they ran from their home to where Iron town was being re-built. They couldn't help chasing each other around. They jumped up the waterfall or scared the ape tribe, who were taking care of the trees they had planted since arriving. As they came closer a feeling of dread washed over San. Something wasn't right and she couldn't understand what it was. Her brother feeling her tense stopped, her sister seeing her brother stop came to a halt beside him.

"What's wrong?" they asked in unison

"I don't know. For some reason I feel as though something is wrong, but I don't know what." She said

"Could it be that you're nervous at seeing Ashitaka again?" Kitha teased.

"No way," San replied hastily her face burning.

"Kana look, San is for once embarrassed." Kitha said to Kana

"I am not." San said swatting her brother on the head playfully.

"For that you're going to have to run there yourself." Kitha said bucking her off and running away with Kana laughing historically.

"Come on guys. Get back here." San finally managed to say through the laughing fit.

If felt good to laugh. The last few weeks had been hard on all of them. The ape tribe had finally come back and started planting trees. San and her clan, (It was weird calling it her clan. It had been awhile since Morro died. It had taken her and the twins days to get over their mother's death, but things had to get done.) had helped to plant and protect the forest from the ever coming humans. The forest was finally starting to look like the old one. But it'll never be the same. The forest spirit will never take a new form, but I guess it's for the best. San thought to herself as her brother and sister came in sight. They had realized that she wasn't going to chase them so they came back acting like they were being neglected.

"Come on we have to hurry or it will be too late to visit him. " San said chuckling as her brother bent down for her to climb on. He had grown since that time and was as tall as San. Kana was just starting to reach San's shoulders.

"It's good to hear you laughing again. It's been a rough few weeks, but the worst is over. Hopefully." Kitha said

"Why do you always have to be so pessimistic? All right we're going." Kana said as she felt the impatient stare of her younger sister. They ran in the direction of Iron town spirits high only to here the sound of gun shots and smell the stench of smoke.

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