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The last chapter…


Numair sighed and lifted his frightened daughter to his lap. The weeping girl buried her face in her father's shirt and cried, "Da, I don't want to be on the boat! I want to go home! I feel sick!"

"Shh. it's alright, Sarra," he whispered lightly in her ear. Unfortunately, it was the two-year-old's first time on a long boat ride and she had inherited his sea sickness.

Daine had finally gotten Rikash to sleep in his crib. She walked over to where her daughter wept. Gently, she touched Sarra's shoulder. The child turned to her mother.

Daine smiled, "Now Sarra, your brother's sleeping. You mustn't wake him. If your Da tells you a story will you go to bed?"

Sarra sniffled but nodded.

Numair sighed and looked at Daine. Daine gave him a grin as if to say 'your job now'. He blinked and looked down when he felt a tug at his shirt. "Da, start the story," the little girl whined.

Numair began a tale of the history of Carthack. Daine rolled her eyes. With the 'stories' Numair told, their children were likely to be scholars by the time they are ten. Though as Daine thought this, she couldn't help but also listen to him intently, even if he was rather rambling.

After awhile, she touched his shoulder and pointed to Sarra. The little girl was asleep in his lap. Numair sighed again and picked up the girl. Gently, he carried her to her small bed in the corner of their cramped cabin. Then he climbed back into the larger bed that he and Daine shared. She grinned as he sat next to her and enfolded her in his arms. She rested against his familiar shape.Even though it was tiring, she was glad to be in this tiny room with her family.

"You finally bored her to sleep," Daine whispered to him.

"I did not," he said.

"Shh," Daine put a finger to her lips, gesturing at Rikash and Sarra. Numair went silent, looking at his children. Sarra had taken her looks after her mother. A small mass of curls were planted atop her head. She kept the mass in a large bun. Numair grinned to see that many curls had come lose of their tie and were now spread across her face. He thought of her blue-gray eyes that were always full of curiosity. They were always looking for something new. She was like him when it came to learning. She could never have enough knowledge. She especially favored knowledge about her wild magic and animals.

Rikash, on the other hand, had taken on his father's appearance. The hair that had started growing atop his small head was a deep black color. His eyes were of the dark brown color. Unlike his sister, his eyes were filled with a stubborn pride instead of curiosity. A powerful gift ran through his vanes. No doubt, these were the children of Salmalín.

"What are you thinking of?" Daine asked quietly.

Numair glanced down at her, "Nothing sweet. I'm just happy."

Daine grinned and tilted her face up for a kiss. Numair gave her one.

They were melting into each other when the cry of Rikash startled them. Sarra awoke from the sound too. She groaned and put a pillow over her head yelling, "Rikash made my tummy hurt again. With long sighs, Daine and Numair got up to comfort their children.


Daine grinned as Rajumat came into view. The only other time she remembered being so happy to see land was when she had come from Carthack for the first time.

As they pulled up to the dock, Daine noticed all the animals that had come to greet her and Sarra. Sarra, herself, also noticed and hurried to greet them back. Numair gently gripped her arm and told her to wait until they found her cousin. Alanna and George scanned the crowd of merchants. Alanna was the first to spot her daughter.

"Aly!" never before had Daine see the lioness run so fast.

The rest of the Tortallans waited till Alanna and George were done greeting their daughter till they all came up. Aly greeted them in turn.

"Alan It's so good to finally see you again! Thom, how are your studies? Gandma! Granda! How are the spies in Tortall? Uncle Nummy! Aunt Daine! I'm glad you're here. Where is little Rikash and Sarra?"

Sarra timidly stepped forward. Aly knelt down. The spymaster remembered when this little one had been a premature shapshifter. "Nice to meet you Sarra," She told the two-year-old, but Sarra wasn't paying attention. Her gaze was focused on the man behind Aly. He was six feet tall with black eyes and crow-black hair. This man was not human.

Aly looked behind her shoulder to see where the girl looked.

With a sigh she got up. Turning to everyone she said in a clear voice, "This is Nawat, my soon-to-be husband." Nawat glanced at Daine and Sarra timidly.

Sarra cocked her head to one side. "You're a crow," she said.

Numair stooped forward to pick up his charge. "Sorry," he mumbled, softly scolding Sarra.

Aly stepped back and whispered into Nawat's ear. Then the crow hand stepped forward and extended a hand to Daine. She took and smiled saying, "Hello, wingbrother!"

Nawat grinded slightly, "Hello, wingsister!"

Aly broke the moment and said, "Come and I'll show you to your hotels."

The Tortallan party made its way over to an expensive hotel. There, Daine and Numair were given a kitchen/dining room/living room with a large master bedroom and a smaller bedroom. They were happy to see that the Master bedroom already had a crib tucked into the corner. Daine sat on the bed to feed Rikash while Numair went with Sarra to go get some things to make dinner.

Daine smiled at her son. "Oh, little Rikash," she whispered.

By the time Numair and Sarra returned with some food, Rikash was asleep in his crib. Daine held a finger to her lips as she walked to the table to eat her meal. She had to admit, the smoked salmon was very good.

When they finished, they placed Sarra to bed, who, for once, fell right to sleep out of pure exhaustion. That done, Numair turned to Daine and kissed her lightly. She kissed him back, though she was very tired.

As Numair went to remove her shirt, Daine placed a hand on his chest. "Now Master Salmalín, you promised to behave yourself while we're here," she teased lightly.

"But, sweet," Numair whined causing Daine to smile; he sounded almost like Sarra did when you would not buy her the book she wanted.

Daine turned, "I'm tired. Tomorrow we have to go to a wedding. Besides, It's only one more week."

He grumbled as he followed her to bed.


The wedding was small. Aly looked lovely. Daine was surprised to see a light glow on the statue of Kyprith through the whole wedding, but didn't think to much of it.

For the reception, Aly had gotten them a private room in a great restraint. Daine grinned as she looked around. Sarra was sitting on Thom's knee as he explained an amount of things to her. Numair talked to Myles. Rikash was asleep in her arms.

"What are you thinking?" the darking called Trick asked.

"Nothing much," Daine answered. "I'm just so happy!"

And she was. This was what was meant to be. This was the family she always wanted.

After dinner they went back to their hotel room. Sarra only made it half way before she fell asleep in Numair's arms. Daine, herself, could feel her own eyes giving way. As she fell on the bed that night she felt Numair fold his arms around her. She let herself rest within the safe confines of his arms.

Later that night, a storm began to rage outside. Thunder crashed next to the hotel, waking Rikash and sending Sarra crying into their room. The small girl climbed in next to her mother as her father went to collect her brother before climbing in next to her. Daine told her children they could stay there until the storm wore out, but they all fell asleep to soon.

The entire Salmalín lay on the large bed, softly and peacefully asleep, without war or death or anything of that matter. This was right. This was what's meant to be. This was a matter of new life.

This was Salmalín.


So how's the last chapter? I've been kinda doing a series. You see, my first long fic was about D/N getting married. This one's about their young chidren. How about them with teenage children? Won't that be interesting. If anyone got an idea with Sarra and Rikash as teenagers that I can run with please let me know. Till then…

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