Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Les Misérables, or any of the characters. That would be Victor Hugo. I couldn't quite decide whether this is more musical or book based, but considering that I decided to post it in the BOOK category, I guess its safe to say that I'm decided. He he. Sorry that this chapter is so short, but the others will be longer, I swear! This is just a prologue!


Chapter 1: Montparnasse at the Barricades?


'Damnit! I am stupid! A couple strong drinks and a couple strong feelings and I am out here on the barricade? The hell!' He brushed the blood from his face, squinting to tryto find a way out.

This wasn't supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to be on the barricade with a bunch of half-wit school boys that were just trying to throw their lives away. He shook his head, and prayed to God (something he hadn't done before) that he would wake up. He prayed that this was all a dream.

The last thing he remembered was sitting at that blasted tavern and drinking a few drinks while discussing his feelings for Eponine. Then he remembered. Her sister had been brought into the tavern to try to pick drunkards pockets, and he had confronted her on behalf of Eponine, and she had said quite plainly that she was at the barricade.

His drunk mind said 'Come! Let us go to the barricades and save her!' Now, he felt like such an idiot. He was smarter than this! Or, at least he was when he was sober.

He gave up searching for an exit from the mess of blood and balls, and was about to give in to the pain of his shoulder. A ball had pierced his shoulder blade, and the pain it produced was too much for words.

As he swirled into blackness, the last thing he saw was the face of Eponine, the ugly, dirty gamine he had somehow fallen in love with, despite the fact that he was a known assassin. The last thing he felt, or thought he felt, was a pair of arms grasping him as he fell.

Perhaps, he thought, they were the arms of the devil, ready to greet him when he entered hell.

And Montparnasse dropped to the ground.