Unwanted Surprises Chapter 1

It is early morning and Susan is awake.

"Ben, Ben dear, wake up!" Susan cried dramatically, "I, I've had a bad dream."

Ben's eyes flicker open for a second, but close again.


"What is it now? I'm not in the mood for bad news." Ben responded, grumpily as usual.

"You're also never in the mood for good news either… but I won't go into that. I've had a calling." Susan fell back onto the pillow, looking with angst into Ben's eyes.

"Very Good," Ben replied sarcastically," What is it this time? Are we going to adopt an orphan? Are you going to become a nun? Go and see Nick…no wait that really is a bad idea."

"Hmmm, we do need to do that soon, but that would be going off the point, and we wouldn't want to do that…."

"No, we wouldn't," Ben murmured under his breath.

"Well now that Nick has found his way into the world, and Janey is happy with that new fella of hers, it seems we need to help Michael."

"Michael? I don't recall such a person, I'm afraid," replied Ben.

"Shut Up! It's just that Michael is going through a difficult phase of his life, and soon it will be too late for you to have any bearing on him at all, so I thought…"

"No!" Ben interrupted, sure of what was coming.

Susan glared at Ben, " so I thought you could start by teaching him to behave responsibly."

"I'm sorry Susan, but your vision of an idealistic child is never going to come true."

"You wouldn't want him to end up on the streets though, cold and alone." Susan stopped, and looked up at Ben's face in a persuasive manner.

"He's 18," Ben shouted, " All the damage has already been done, and cemented over."

"But the cement is still a bit wet, you can still scrape away a few of the last moments of wackiness." Susan smiled knowingly.

"Forget it, Just forget it Susan." Ben got up off the bed, turned and walked into the bathroom, with his head held high.

"Oh Ben dear, can you pick up some olives on the way back from work?" Susan called.

"What for?" He stuttered.

"For dinner, I'm making a surprise."

The bathroom door suddenly swung closed, "So are you going to talk to Michael then?" Susan smiled to herself.