To avoid Susan, Ben goes down to the kitchen for a 'quiet' night drink

Ben walks over to the liquor cabinet, for the 2nd time that day. "Come back tomorrow and have another go," Ben murmured under his breath, mocking his son.

"Would mother approve?" a hysteric voice said behind him.

Ben turned around, though all he could see was an empty room.

"Who's that? Michael? How did you get down here so fast?"

"Guess again."

Ben turned around again to find Nick, beaming down on him.

"What are you doing here?" Ben groaned, putting down the glass of scotch, and taking the whole bottle.

"I'm your son," replied Nick.

"Yes you are. So what are you doing here?" Ben repeated.

"Well, I've been missing you all so much I thought I'd come back and say hello."

"Okay, Hello. Are you done now?" Ben took a swig of scotch.

"Aren't you going to give your son a hug?" Nick reached out with open arms, while Ben ducked and walked into the lounge.

Nick followed, "Ah, I see you still haven't repaired the hole in the carpet."

"You put it there in the first place. I thought I'd leave it in remembrance of you, as you weren't here to mess anything else up." Ben replied, somewhat truthfully, sitting down on the sofa.

"Well now I'm back, so where is everyone?" Nick asked, picking up random objects.

"It's half past midnight! Where do you think?" Ben said, his voice ascending as he spoke.

"Uh, down the pub? Wow, even Michael can go now. Hasn't our boy grown up fast?" Nick sat down beside Ben, "So where do I sleep?"

" You don't! You go back to wherever you've spent the last few months of your life, and stay there."

"But dad, you can't just chuck me out. Think of how mum would react when I tell her you neglected your son in his time of need." Ben looked mildly surprised at his son's blackmail speech, then groaned.

"Great! We can stay up all night watching cartoons, like the times we never spent together!"

Ben got up off the sofa and put the scotch bottle down, realising how many times he'd lost a battle in that day: first Susan, then Michael and now Nick. "Goodnight Nick," Ben said, reluctantly.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite father!" Nick called sarcastically.