Chapter 25: Return


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I woke up and yawned. 'Uh... where am I?' My blurs started to clear up. I was in my room, but how? My clock said that it's... 11:00 A.M.?!

"Huh? How did I get here?"

'Carrying you,' I heard a voice in my head.

'Burn, you awake?'

'No, I was just dreaming and talking to you at the same time,' he thought sarcastically. 'Of course I'm awake.'

'When did I fell asleep?'

'When we were waving good bye to the Monkey Team.' Oh now I remember.

'Are the rest of the Dojo awake?'

'How should I know? I'm stuck in bed and I don't want to get up.'


'No. You do it.'

'No way! You're the leader, you do it!'

'You're the one who asked, you do it!' Here we go again.

'I can make you get out of that bed, y'know.'

'Me too, but I'm too tired to do it.'

'But I ain't.' I raised from my bed and left to the end of the five rooms and tried to open the door. This is where the word "tried" comes to work. "Hey, open up!" I banged his door.

"Nope," he said through the door.

"You gave me no choice," I returned to my room and looked through my bedside table, which was above my bed. I found the device that Deets used to open the lock of my door. I returned to his room and unlocked the door.

When I opened the door, I saw courier boxes in front of the door. "Am I clever or what?" he laughed. At least he's saved from two things: me and my gift. Said too much again.

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny Brandon."

He fumed and said, "You'll suffer the consequences!"

I giggled. "If you can get out of there." I ran up to the Vehicle Room. "Bye!"

"Come back here!" Burn yelled. "Fizz, I'm not done with you yet!" He knocked down the boxes and ran to find me.

"You two..." yawned Deets as she walked out of her room. "It's 11:05... in the morning! It's too early." No, it's not!

"No," I said to her. "Early is 6:30 in the morning!" But when I saw her, she was gone to her room. Guess she was tired. Well... who wouldn't be tired if you stayed all night re-suppling the Super Robot?

"Hey!" Burn fumed. "I said waking up early was a good idea for early training."

"That's what happens when you read an old professional courier manual," I taunted.

He entered the Vehicle Room and saw nothing... well, except our vehicles. "Where did that girl go?"

I was like an animal... specifically a monkey. I hid between vehicles and tables to not be found. 'Can you find me?'

"No," Burn said clearly. He looked through the vehicles and I moved to some boxes.

When I was sneaking through the boxes, one of them fell. 'Oops!'

"Gotcha!" he said as I ran away from him. Yeah, this is gonna be a good day!

A month passed since the Monkey Team left Earth. The monkeys were in the Control Room. Nova and Sprx were playing video games. Antauri was reading a book he was given by the Dojo couries as a present. Otto was repairing the melted Fork Man. Gibson was finally back in his lab.

Chiro was in his room. On his hand was the time communicator that Fizz gave him.

'Since one day we'll need each other again, we can keep in touch with this communicator,' Fizz's voice rang in his head.

"We'll need each other again? Why? How do those two know?" Chiro said to himself.

'It's the matter of time,' Fizz's and Burn's voice ran in his head.

"They never told me why," he said. "Why are we meeting them? What cause will make us see each other again?"

'Hope to see ya soon!' Fizz's voice said in his mind.

"Those two are hiding something, and we'll find out."

"Chiro?" another voice was heard. Chiro looked at the door to see Antauri. "Something is troubling you. You are not playing with Sprx and Nova."

"Yeah. When we were at Earth, did you noticed that Burn and Fizz knew that we'll meet again?"

"Yes, that is troubling me as well. But if what they say is true, some forces will make us meet again... and we will be ready."

"Yeah, you're right. Thanks!" Chiro said happily. "Let's check on Jinmay's message again, maybe there's a clue on why was she so desperate and why did the message stop short."

The silver monkey nodded as he and the boy left to the Control Room. What they didn't know was that their job was about to start again... with a certain alien girl with a certain device, being followed by a certain Galactic Smash player.

In a month, things can change. Progress City was restored to its glory. All sector were as big and tall as they were two months ago. Things came back to normal for couriers, no more donating for the city. But Dojo had still one problem, no Ol' Skool to be found.

Today was Burn and Fizz's turn to deliver. 'Well, no more messing with monkeys,' Fizz thought. 'So much for communicating too.'

"Still worried?" asked Burn.

"Yeah, a month has passed and the Monkey Team hasn't called. Something must be wrong," she said.

They passed an alley and the familiar voice that called that night came to the couple's thoughts. 'So, Frances Isabella, Brandon, are you ready?'

"Huh? What?" they said in unison. They stopped their vehicles and looked around.

'You heard me. Are you two ready?'

They kept looking and saw nobody. "For what?" asked Fizz.

'A reunion.'

"G-Grandpa? Is that you?" she asked shyly.

"Why yes Frances Isabella," a man came out of the alley. He was a tall old man with brown hair, blue eyes, wearing unusual clothes, leather... almost like what Europeans used to wear. "It is me!"

"You're back!" the two couriers shouted.

"I promised it and I told you both that I was here."

"Cad, for a month?" asked Burn.

"Yes, for a month," answered Cad. "And I promised you two something, a reunion."

"You mean-" said Fizz.

"Yes, everyone is coming."

"Including-" Burn was cut off.

"Yes, even my son is coming. Frances Isabella, your father is hard to find, left and right, left and right, but I caught him on Hawaii. He was studying the volcanoes there."

"You too!" Fizz fumed. "You go for a little vacation and you don't bring us?!"

"I was not for a vacation, Frances Isabella. I was there for the calling every Bailey and Blaze for a reunion. Someone..." Cad eyed at Burn and Fizz "...has activated the Gifts. Do you know who?"

"Eh..." both tried to hide their embarrassment.

"No need to tell me who did it," Cad saw that his granddaughter and her boyfriend sighed in relief. "You are going to tell it to your families."


"Yes, you activate, you confess."

"It was bad enough we told my mom, Grandpa..." Fizz whined, "but to tell both our families, that's just crazy!"

"Yeah, I agree!" replied Burn.

"Sorry, if-"

"Yes, we know, we know," both knew what Cad was going to say.

"This is the reason why you two are telepathically talking to each other."

"No, we did that before the Gift activated," his granddaughter said. "And we called it 'Mind Talk'. We did it when we were little... weeks before Burn left Sector 42."

"Oh really," the old man looked mischievously at the couple. "Then that means that you two had..."

"Okay, okay, we had!" they both admitted.

"That has to be told in the reunion as well, after my speech. And you two have to confess two times."


"One for the adults, one for your cousins."

"Aw, great!" they said sarcastically.

"Well, that is all, see you two at the reunion." Cad walked to the alley. The two couriers followed him and didn't saw anybody in that alley.

"He does it again," said Fizz. She glared at Burn. "Who activated the powers?"

He whistled.

"Okay, so I did. You could have stopped me."

He whistled again.

"Okay, so it was immediate. Let's go before the Dojo suspects that we have monkeys again."

They both started their vehicles and left to finish their job.

The next day was unavoidable... or 2:15 in the morning, because Ed was waking everyone else. He knocked the doors, made noise with the pans and pots from the kitchen. He even used Loogie's megaphone to wake them up.

'What is that boy thinking?!' thought Burn. 'It's too early to wake up.'

"Guys, wake up!" continued Ed with his calling outside of the rooms.

'He had a nightmare?'

'Fizz, if it was a nightmare, would he do that?'


'Easier question: would you do all that racket?'

'No way!'

The rest of the Dojo left their rooms to see why Ed made all that racket. The floor was a disaster, pots and pans everywhere. "Wow, I didn't know you could do all of this damage, Ed," said Fizz as she picked up a pot.

"Thanks, it's one of my natural talents."

"Before I kill you for that..." stated Deets.

"Even if you won't," replied Fizz to the girl.

"Why did you wake us at 2:15 in the morning?!"

"Because I had a vision..."

"You woke me up for that!" yelled Dr. Pinch. "If I wake up with puffy gills, it's all on your head."

"...that Ol' Skool is coming."

"When?!" asked the Dojo. At least they got good news since two months ago.

"All I know is that he's coming this week... or this month..." then Ed whispered "...or this year."

"Okay, so this is the plan," said Burn. " Everyone goes to sleep. Then I will come up with a plan for this week or month."

"That's some good advice Burn," said Fizz. "Well good night."

They all left to their bedroom and slept... well three couriers anyway.

'What are we going to do? What if Ol' Skool actually came back?'

'Maybe we can ask him for a raise...' Fizz chuckled at her thought.

'I'm serious.'

'Oh... then maybe we can ask him for the week off and leave to prepare for that reunion Grandpa told us.'

'What, the dreaded reunion?'

'That wasn't funny.'

'Sorry... but it's true! Confess to both adults and cousins, your grandpa is just plain crazy.'

'He is, isn't he? But the faster we tell them, the faster our cousins can leave us in peace. Well, good night!'

'Good night!'

Morning finally came to Faroe Islands... and no more noise. This time it was Ed, Deets and Loogie's turn to deliver. Burn and Fizz were left to clean the Dojo.

"I'm not going in there, you go."

"No way, ladies first."

"It's a boy's bathroom. Well... Loogie's bathroom, and you're a boy. You go!"

The couple was fighting for who will clean Loogie's bathroom, the portal of everything nasty and for no person should never see. Ed entered it before and... well, let's just say that he's been traumatized by that bathroom ever since.

"You want a battle?"

"No, we'll destroy the Dojo!"


"What was that, Frances?"


"That's called caring, something, even you, know."

Fizz started to cluck like a chicken to intimidate Burn.

"I wouldn't be say 'chicken' if I were you, Frances Isabella."

"Okay, that does it." She grabbed the broom and she turned to the boy. She didn't saw no one. "Only Grandpa says my middle name!"

'Really, Isabella?'

She fumed. "Nobody, that includes you and excludes my grandfather, doesn't say my middle name!!!"

'Isabella, Isabella, Isabella!'

Fizz fumed even more. She ran all around the Dojo and saw nobody. All Fizz could hear was Burn's snickering in her mind. "Don't. Tell. Me..." She looked at the drawn bathroom door that she and Burn were arguing about. "You wouldn't dare..."

'You think?'

"You can't be in there."

'And I am.'

With her broom, she pushed the button for the door to open. She took a slight look inside the disgusting, drawn bathroom. 'Ed was saying the truth. This place has things a person should never see.'

A pair of hands pushed the girl inside and with his broom locked the door. "Frances Isabella just lost the battle."

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!" Fizz shouted from the top of her lungs, inside the bathroom. "And while you're at it, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!"

"Say 'please'," Burn insisted.


"Okay, I'll just leave you there all day."

"Okay, okay, please GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!"

"Okay," Burn used his broom to touch the button to unlock the door. "There, happy?"

"Nope," she used her broom for offense to hit Burn. Wow, that's how a girl treats her boyfriend.

"Hey!" he used his broom for defense and blocked Fizz's hit.

Fizz started hitting and Burn started blocking. He wouldn't hit a girl, would he? Burn kept blocking, but he missed one. He fell on the floor, hard. Fizz pointed her broom at him. "Give up?"

"Nope," he used his broom and swiped it on her legs. She fell on top of him, one broom on top of the other. The couple pushed their brooms to see who would win the fight. Their eyes locked into one another to see who will crack first.

A click sound was heard and Burn and Fizz stopped the fighting and looked who did the sound. Four chuckles were heard that soon turned into laughter. "So, this is how you treat Fizz behind my back," said an old man with white hair in a ponytail dreads, blue eyes being covered by sunglasses, wearing a red shirt and white pants. In his hand, he held a digital camera.

"O-ol' Skool?! You're back?" the couple said.

"No, I'm just his ghost... well of course I'm back!"

"So this is why you were waking us up at 2:15 in the morning?" whined Burn.

"I needed to say it because I could forget," replied Ed.

"Yeah, right," said Dr. Pinch. "You wanted for me to get puffy gills."

They all looked at the catfish puppet awkwardly, then they laughed.

'Yep, this is gonna be a great day,' mind-talked Fizz.

'Yeah, until we get laughed by our whole families,' replied Burn.

'But hey, who's counting the days?'

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