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Chapter One: "Do"

"Damn, that's the Kyuubi's chakra!" Kakashi hissed as he followed Pakkun

through the thick forests of Fire Country. He had been tracking Naruto and Sasuke for several hours while edging ever closer to the boarder with Otogakure, the ominous 'Valley of The End.'

"What do you think is going on up there?" Kakashi was broke out of his thoughts by Pakkun's question. The copy-nin winced as he felt another surge of demonic chakra erupt from beyond his field of vision. The situation was becoming more and more desperate in his mind as the sky itself seemed to weep at the evil presence both nin and dog felt.

Kakashi shook his head causing water to fly off his silver hair. "I don't really know." he answered. "That is defiantly the Kyuubi no Kitsune, though. I'll remember that chakra for the rest of my life."

The small pug nodded in understanding. Although he himself wasn't present for the fight against the Yokai, he wasn't a combat type after all, he still knew of the amount of damage the fox caused as he had helped afterwards by sniffing out survivors in the torched forest that served as the battleground.

The rain pounded on the pair as they ran though the forest. Pakkun let out a small yelp that drew Kakashi's attention. "There is another chakra source with the Kyuubi that's almost as large. It's...pure evil." the small pug said as he picked-up the pace. Now that they were closer, Kakashi began to feel the presence of the second chakra source. All at once both chakra sources erupted in a spike of pure force.

"I can't believe the power I'm feeling. The Kyuubi is boosting Naruto's level up to high Chuunin-level at least and Sasuke is low Jounin with the cursed seal, he's never had that much power before." Kakashi stated as the pair broke the tree line. The pair landed on of two statues that framed the valley; the statues of Uchiha Madara and the Shodaime Hokage.

The last blast of raw power was enough to send chills down Kakashi's spine and he frantically looked for either of his two students. Pakkun ran over to the edge of the Shodaime statue's head and looked down at the river below. The small dog could just barely see two figures though the breaking rain. The sun coming out helped a little and he noticed that one figure moved off while leaving the other where it laid.

"Kakashi! There's someone down there!" The Jounin instantly appeared beside the small pug in a cloud of smoke and leaned over the side of the statue. He could see a speck of orange by the valley's waterfall. Kakashi took no note of the rain as it started again. The Jounin quickly made his way down the rock wall and to his students side. A part of Naruto's trademark orange jumpsuit was burnt through but surprisingly the skin that showed through it was untouched. A hitai-ate that was scratched though was laying by the unconscious boy.

Pakkun took a sniff of it before turning to Kakashi. "Sasuke."

The one-eyed Jounin took a deep breath and sighed. "I wonder...why didn't I see this coming?" Kakashi asked himself. The Jounin placed Sasuke's hitai-ate on the blonde's chest before scooping him up. The little pug sighed as he looked up at the twin statues.

"Ironic that they would have their fight here, isn't it?" Pakkun asked.

Kakashi followed the dog's gaze and nodded. "Uchiha Madara fought his closest friend here and the battle carved the river. The fight shook Konoha to its foundation...I only hope Naruto will be spared of that, he's suffered enough."

The small dog could only nod. "We have time to musing later, right now we should get Naruto to the hospital."

Kakashi cast one last look over his shoulder at the opposite wall of the valley; the boarder of the Land of Sound. "...Hai."


A few kilometers away from the destruction at the Valley of the End, a medic squad was scouring the area for the survivors of the rescue party. Hyuuga Neji, Akimichi Choji, and Inuzuka Kiba had already been removed from the combat area and taken to the hospital for immediate treatment. Nara Shikamaru and Temari of the Sand had followed most of the team back to Konoha, only two medics were left to find Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. The pair were traveling towards the boarder with Oto when they stumbled across a section of forest that was completely destroyed. It confused the two medics since there was a large swath of land that was cut low in the form of a fan.

"Ok...this is big." the medic known as Byouin understated in awe. His partner, Enjintou, nodded dumbly as he stared at the destruction. The Suna-nin Temari had fought a battle here, he remembered.

Byouin shook off his awe; this was no time to gawk since there might be lives at stake. "I'll do a chakra scan! Stand behind me so you don't screw with the results." Enjintou nodded and quickly made his way behind his partner. Byouin ran though several hand seals after he took a soldier pill, the amount of chakra it would take to scan an area like this was considerable.

"Chakra Sukyan no Jutsu!" A wave of chakra formed around the medic and swept the decimated forest. A bead of sweat ran down the stressed medic's face but he kept the jutsu in tact as the chakra pulse traveled over the entire width of the clearing. Enjintou focused his senses to catch any indication of a chakra ping. The jutsu was a search skill used to find victims of natural disasters trapped in rubble by bouncing a pulse of chakra off their bodies.

Byouin sighed; there was one small feedback from the middle of the field. It was fading but it was there. He turned to his partner who nodded in agreement to the unvoiced order. The medics sprinted towards the weak chakra


She could feel the sun on her eyes but couldn't find the strength to open them. It was odd, she thought, that she was content with her situation. She should be upset, furious, that she had lost in such a way but for some reason she wasn't bothered by it. She was all to content to lay here and accept whatever came after life and she was do it with a sneer on her lips. Of course, it didn't stop her from grumbling about the way she died; who used a sickle-wielding weasel, anyway? It was so stupid, she thought.

"I've never seen her before, have you?"

There were voices that interrupted her last inner-monolog. It was her lot in life, she supposed. She had to deal with annoying pricks like Sakon and Jiroubou when she was alive and kicking so why not be bothered after as she died? If she had the ability she would have laughed at her fate.

"It doesn't matter who she is, she's still alive and we're going to treat her!"

Treat her? There was nothing anyone could do. In fact, it would be better if she died, she thought. If she was taken back to Oto she would be killed by Kimimaro for not completing her mission. It would be better if she died now as the Kaguya survivor for not killing the two shits she was fighting. Of course, she would love to see how that prick would deal with a flying weasel that could level a forest. Bastard would probably piss his robes.

"So, will she make it back to the village?"

Village? What village? So...they were going to take her back to Oto; Kabuto was going to have a conniption when he sees the state she's in.

"...no, she has internal damage and her legs are crushed. I have to heal some of this now."

Suddenly, she felt the calming touch of a medical jutsu. Some of the binding pain she felt in her lower back disappeared as well as the feeling of blood in her lungs.

"That's all I can do out here, help me get that tree off of her legs so we can get her to the hospital."

Oh, there was a tree on her legs. That would explain why she couldn't feel them at the moment. Finally, she had enough strength to cough up some blood and clear her throat. It didn't make any sense that they were helping her only to kill her when they were back in Oto, perhaps Orochimaru wanted to use her as one of his test subjects? If she could, she would have shivered at that possibility.

The sound of something large hitting the forest floor alerted her that the medics were done with the tree. She still couldn't feel her legs but the pressure on her stomach was gone. The sense of weightlessness let her know that someone had picked her up. This was more than she could stand and she let her discomfort show.

"I'm...n-not...a f-fucking...p-piece of l-luggage...bastard..."

The two medics looked at the redhead they were carrying back to Konoha. It was amazing that she was even conscious considering the state she was in. Of course, being insulted by someone half their age pushed the medical oath to the limit of their patience...


"So the demon brat survived as well?" one of the orderlies asked as she rolled her supply tray though the Konoha hospital.

Her companion snorted in obvious disgust. "Out of all the Genins that went to rescue the Uchiha he was the one with the least injures! I bet he sabotaged the entire mission." the old woman hissed. They abruptly shut-up when they saw Shizune stalking down the halls; it was common knowledge that the young medic had a soft spot for the blonde monster.

"Are you two on your way to check on Uzumaki Naruto? It's time to change his bandages." the short-haired woman asked. The two nurses struggled to keep their fake smiles as they nodded. That seemed to be enough for Shizune as she returned the smile and went about her business.

"I don't believe this! Not only do we have to work overtime because the demon wrecked his mission now we have to actually take care of it?"

The other nurse was about to voice her opinion when two field medics walked though the main door to the hospital carrying a heavily-injured redheaded girl. "We need Hokage-sama!"

Shizune ran over to the pair and called for a gurney. "We need to get her to the seal room! Someone get Tsunade-sama and tell her what room we're in; we have to move!" Shizune helped the medics put the girl on the gurney and quickly wheeled her towards one of the back rooms designated for large-scale medical jutsu. Hyuuga Neji had already been moved to a private room after his injuries where taken care of and the room was free so the field medics set the wounded girl down in the center of the seal array. A few moments after Shizune had started the medical scanner, a busty blonde roughly pushed her way though the swinging doors.

"Shizune! What's the condition of the patent?" Tsunade asked as she walked over to the small monitor off to the side. Her brows furrowed as she looked the young girl over. For starters, she had never seen the girl before but what raised instant alarms was that she was wearing clothes similar to what Orochimaru was wearing the last time she saw him.

Shizune snapped her head up from the medical monitor to answer the Hokage. "She has internal damage and her legs are crushed. The medics said they found her half-underneath a tree! It's a miracle that she's even alive."

Tsunade frowned as she looked over Shizune's shoulder. The girl's muscles were torn and crushed all along her legs; it was doubtful that she would ever walk again.

"All right..." Tsunade shook off her worries about the redhead's loyalties for the moment and walked over to the girl. "...first we fix the eternal damage. Her colon, stomach, liver, and intestines are going to need major work." Tsunade turned towards her assistant and noted that she was still drained from the operation on Neji. "Shizune, you take over my patents for now. Akimichi Choji is stable so I'm done with him. Make sure you apply the drugs I've fixed every hour on him, ok?"

Shizune silently thanked the older woman, she was whipped-out from tending to the others.

The woman was about to leave the room when Tsunade called out for her to wait a moment. "Call ANBU and have them place a guard on this room and summon Mitarashi Anko."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" Shizune chirped. The young medic watched her mentor charge the seal array as she went about her business while wondering why Tsunade would need ANBU...


Mitarashi Anko was not a happy woman by any stretch of the imagination. Her best friend, Yuhi Kurenai, could attest to this. At her best, she was only slightly-psychotic; at her worst...

"Alright, why the hell did you call me here, Tsunade-sama?" Anko demanded as she stomped up to the blonde Hokage.

Tsunade took a deep breath and tried not to let the insubordination get to her; Anko was too much like Naruto in her book. The Sannin motioned for Anko to enter the large seal room where her latest patent was being lifted onto a gurney.

"I need to take a look at your cursed seal, Anko-san." Tsunade said, getting straight to the point.

Anko narrowed her eyes and her hand unconsciously moved scratch the crook of her neck. "Why? And what are ANBU doing here?"

Tsunade held out her hand to stop the medic that was about to roll the young girl out of the room. Anko walked over to the side of the gurney and winced in sympathy; the redhead was white as a sheet and had several cleaned cuts on her body; results of some horrible battle that she received the short end of the stick, no doubt.

"What the hell happened to her?" Anko asked.

"She was found by our field medics after the mission to locate Uchiha Sasuke failed. She doesn't have any identifying markings on her but she does have this..." Tsunade gently pulled back the girls hair to show Anko the three jagged tattoos on back of the redhead's neck accompanied by a circle of glowing runes.

The Special Jounin growled as she saw the cursed seal. "Orochimaru. She's from Hidden Sound?"

Tsunade nodded. "The only survivor from her unit, apparently. I need to know what the Third did to your seal so I can suppress hers."

"Is she dangerous?" Anko was slightly unnerved about having someone who was so close to Orochimaru anywhere in Konoha; especially if they had a cursed seal.

"No...her legs were completely crushed and it's unlikely she'll ever walk again. I could repair the bone damage but her muscles are torn and her chakra pathways are disrupted. I'm keeping an ANBU guard on her but I'm not worrying too much if we can suppress the seal." Tsunade replied as she waved-off the medics. "For now, though, I've used Fuuja Houin on it."

Anko watched the medics disappear around the corner with an ANBU guard following them and turned back to Tsunade. "I don't know the exact method Sandaime-sama used to keep mine in check. So far, it only activates when Orochimaru is around to screw with it." the Special Jounin said with a grimace.

Tsunade sighed; she should have expected that. "Well, consider yourself on leave until I get your seal figured out. The girl will be officially interrogated in a few days so maybe she'll know something about it. For the time being we can go over your medical file to see if Sandaime-sensei recorded his method. You're coming to suffer with me, of course." the woman ordered.

Anko reluctantly followed Tsunade towards the file room but couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for the young Oto-nin. Ibiki was going to have a field day when she recovered...


"This girl is one of Orochimaru's brats?" one of the two nurses asked as they took charge of the gurney the redhead was resting on.

"Yup. Hokage-sama wants to put her up in a secure room until she's healed enough for interrogation." the other, younger nurse replied with distain lacing her voice.

The masked ANBU guard followed silently as the two nurses complained about the 'unfairness' of it all. He was inclined to agree with them since he was rather unhappy at having to guard an enemy-nin, even if she was incapacitated.

On their way past the nurse station, the older of the two nurses grabbed a clipboard and started to flip though it's pages.

"We don't have any singles available so we'll have to double-up another room." she said. The other nurse glared at the Oto-nin in contempt even though the girl was unconscious.

"She would be fine with that demo..." the older nurse spared a look at the ANBU silently watching and shuddered; even if the Third wasn't around his law still stood. "...Uzumaki boy."

The other nurse nodded her agreement and wheeled the unconscious Tayuya towards the decided room. The ANBU guard sighed under his mask; he really didn't want to mess with the Kyuubi brat on top of all this.

In his room, Naruto was sitting on his hospital bed wrapped like a mummy. In a word, the boy was sulking. He could hear echo's of his failed promise to Sakura when it was quiet, he could see her sobbing when he closed his eyes.

"Damn you, Sasuke..." The boy's grip on the sheets strengthened until his knuckles turned white. "You could have gotten power here! You had everything; a bloodline limit, respect, memories of a family, Sakura-chan..." Naruto's voice was starting to falter when the door to his room swung open. The blonde watched with narrow eyes as the old nurse glared at him. When the gurney was rolled in, he ignored the rude nurse in favor of seeing who his new roommate was. The girl, who looked to be a few years older than him, had long red hair and was wearing a hospital robe. As the two nurses lifted her onto the second bed in the room, he could see that both of her legs were in heavy casts. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought the girl looked familiar.

When he looked at her face he saw her cold eyes. It seemed she was awake but wasn't in the mood for conversation; he could understand that. When the two nurses finished settling her in, they glared one last time at the blonde boy before heading out the door. Naruto thought he saw an ANBU member out in the hall but the door closed before he could get a better look.

For several minutes Naruto just continued to sneak glances at the strange girl. 'She's kinda cute...' he admitted to himself. The redhead finally sighed and whipped her head over to the side to glare at Naruto.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" the girl demanded. Naruto, embarrassed that he was caught staring, started sputtering incoherent excuses but was saved by the door opening yet again.

"Yo, Naruto." Shikamaru greeted in his usual lazy tone. He stopped mid-step once the second bed came into view as his jaw dropped.

Tayuya, upon hearing someone open the door, tossed one last glare at the blonde before turning-over in her bed to see who came in. When she saw the pineapple-haired Chuunin her eyes grew to the size of saucers.

"You bastard! I'll rip your throat out and beat you with your own spine!" Tayuya raved. Of course, not even being able to stand quickly made her threats academic but Shikamaru kept his distance none-the-less.

"What are you doing here? Such a troublesome woman..." the Chuunin mumbled as he regained his composure. He noted the rather large set of casts on Tayuya's legs and deduced that she was immobile for the moment which was good since Temari wasn't around to hide behind.

For his part, Naruto watched the interactions with interest. When he saw the girl go off on Shikamaru, the identity of the girl clicked in his mind and he quickly turned white as a sheet. "You! You're the crazy girl that helped kidnapped Sasuke!" he yelled in mortification. He was suddenly disgusted at having ever thought the foul-mouthed Oto-nin was 'cute' in any way, shape, or form.

With a new target to lambaste, Tayuya rolled her head over to glare at the blonde. "Don't mention that damned name again! Do you know the hell I've had to go though just to get that prick? I can't even fucking walk now because of that mission!" she raved. Naruto cringed under the verbal lashing and felt his resolve waning; he couldn't attack someone that was injured.

"What do you mean you can't walk? You did see Hokage-sama, didn't you?" Shikamaru asked. He was certain the girl did see the Slug Sannin since only the Hokage could have cured the wounds Temari's summon gave her.

Tayuya's teeth started to grind as she continued to glare at the blonde. With a huff, she rolled over to her other side and proceeded to ignore the two Konoha-nin.

"Uh...alright, whatever. So troublesome..." Shikamaru grumbled as he sat at the foot of Naruto's bed. Naruto frowned one last time at the back of the redhead before turning his attention to Shikamaru who was asking about Sasuke. Naruto relayed the events of his fight at the Valley of the End and his failure.

Naruto heard something akin to faint laughter coming from the redhead's bed but before he could yell at her the door opened again. Tsunade and Sakura walked into the room with the former softly smiling and the latter looking apprehensive. Tayuya inclined her head to see who it was before snorting loudly and going back to her original position.

"I see the little princess is up and about." Tsunade taunted. The Oto-nin growled and shifted in her bed.

"You old hag! Did you drag your half-dead carcass down here just taunt me or something? Must be how you get your kicks in your old age; eh, granny?" Tayuya shot back with all the venom she could muster. The room suddenly dropped in temperature by several degrees as Tsunade and Tayuya had an impromptu glaring match. Of course, the deadly atmosphere was ruined when Naruto doubled-over with laughter.

Sakura and Shikamaru looked at the boy as if he had grown another head. Naruto only stopped when Tsunade cracked a clipboard over his head.

"Damn kid, he thinks that's so funny, huh?" Tsunade mumbled under her breath as she checked Naruto's chart. Sakura shifted from one foot to another before catching Naruto's eye. The blonde visibly wilted from the eye contact which made Sakura feel that much worse.

"Sakura-chan, I promise I'll get Sasuke back for you! It's the promise of a lifetime!" Naruto loudly declared. If one was listening closely, they would be able to pick-up the slight desperation hidden within his tone. Shikamaru and Tsunade smiled fondly at the boy's behavior while Tayuya actually stayed quiet for a change. Sakura side-stepped his promise and walked over to the room's window to open it.

"It's a nice day out, Naruto." Sakura commented as she stared out at the hospital's courtyard.

Shikamaru bristled at the girl's attitude but his words were cut-off by Naruto. "I promise, Sakura-chan! I'll drag him back here if I have to, it's my promise of a lifetime!"

Sakura stared at him for a moment. A ghost of a smile was on her lips as she walked towards the door. Naruto thought she was just going to leave but she turned her head before she walked out.

"I'm sorry, Naruto. Next time...we'll get him together." with that, the kunoichi disappeared from the room. Naruto, stunned at first, began to smile along with Shikamaru and Tsunade.

Of course, their happy moment was ruined when Tayuya decided to jump into the conversation. "You are some sappy pricks, you know? You're teammate is a damned traitor and you still want trash like that to come back?" the redhead asked in her usual gruff voice.

"He's my teammate! Unlike you, I care about my friends!" Naruto refuted. Shikamaru groaned, an argument between two people like them was going to be annoying.

"Teammate? If sitting in a hospital wrapped-up like some damn leper is what teammates do to one another then maybe this village isn't different from Oto! What do you think will happen to the bastard even if you get him from Orochimaru? Do you really fucking believe everything will be right with the world? Wake up, prick." Tayuya hissed.

Before Naruto could even question what the girl meant by that, Tsunade stepped between the beds. "Alright you two, knock it off. I don't know what those idiot nurses were thinking in putting you two together but you both need rest so sit down, shut up, and sleep!" the Hokage bellowed. Tayuya mumbled a curse and twisted around so she was no longer facing her roommate while Naruto did the same.

Shikamaru, taking the Hokage's glare as a hint, stood up from the foot of Naruto's bed and yawned. "Well, I need to go visit Choji. Ino's probably annoying him to death." With that, the lazy Chuunin excused himself to leave the blonde Hokage to play babysitter.

"All right, I'm going to leave now and you two are going to keep it down. If I get any complaints from the other patients about any noise coming from this room I'll just keep you both in medical comatose while you're recovering." Tsunade warned. The Hokage then ruffled Naruto's hair, much to his displeasure, and left the two to their own devices. After all, she had left Anko alone in the records room...

For awhile, neither occupant said anything. The quiet was a nice alternative to arguing in Naruto's mind. Unfortunately, having no one to talk to reminded him of his childhood before Team Seven. Those days to him were a distant memory, or so he thought. The battle with Sasuke made the blonde face more of his past than he cared for and he slipped into brooding like he once did. Usually, his happy-go-lucky mask would distract him from such things but he couldn't take solace in it at the moment. It had been chipped away from the stress of first thinking Sasuke was abducted, then having to fight to catch up with him, then finding out he actually defected, and finally his fight at the Valley of the End.

"Hey, dumbass. Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Don't tell me the queen bitch scared you that much." Tayuya taunted. Naruto snarled but found himself unable to get mad at her. There was a desperate longing in her voice that was hidden under the sarcastic edge; it was almost unperceivable but it was there. The only reason the blonde caught it was because he had used the same voice before back in the Academy. The boy actually smirked when he caught was it was that she was feeling.

"You're lonely, huh?" Naruto shot back.

Tayuya snorted. "Don't flatter yourself, fag. I just sleep better when I hear background noise. It's too fucking quiet in here."

Naruto chuckled at her response. "Whatever you say." Before she could fire some angry remark back, he spoke again. "So, what did you mean about everything not being better when I bring Sasuke back? I don't get it."

The redhead groaned and flipped over in her bed. She leveled a stare at him that clearly said, 'you are an idiot' before answering. "What the hell do you think I mean? Sasuke left this craphole of a village willingly, that makes him a traitor. What do you think happens to traitors? What do you think would happen if your hunter-nin caught his brother?"

Naruto's eyes went wide. "They wouldn't kill him! He's nothing like Itachi!" the boy defended while making sure to keep his volume down.

"If that's true, then explain to me why you're in a damn hospital? He put you hear, didn't he? He attacked an Shinobi of Konoha on an official mission; he's as good as dead when he gets back." Tayuya stopped for a moment and tilter her head in thought before adding, "Or maybe he'll be used as breeding stock. That Sharingan thing is rare so they might not kill him. He'll never be a ninja again, that's for sure."

Naruto's mind rebelled at that thought. Was his promise to Sakura to save Sasuke from death at the hands of Orochimaru only exchanging that fate for being killed by his own village? He mentally pushed that thought away; no, it would all workout in the end and his family would be back.

Naruto squinted his eyes in a fox-like manner and grinned at the girl with his answer in his mind. "It'll all work out! There's no way that--"

"Stop right fucking there." Tayuya rudely interrupted. "When you talk to me don't use that damned fake smile, that's the second time I'd seen that thing and it pisses me the hell off." she ordered.

"..." Naruto cringed under her stare. His eyes opened fully and he gave her an honest, if not a bit forced, lopsided smile. "Better?"

"You still look like a dumbass but at least you look like an honest dumbass." Tayuya eloquently informed him.

Naruto couldn't help it, he had to laugh at that. It wasn't his usual loud and annoying laugh, but an quiet chuckle. If anyone else had heard it they would have sworn that the blonde boy was actually someone else in a Henge due to the change in attitude.

"I'm glad we both agree you're an idiot." Tayuya said with a smirk. "You actually think that smile fooled people?" she asked with disbelief.

The blonde abruptly stopped laughing. Cold blue met dark brown as Naruto's gaze caught hers. Tayuya found herself a bit unnerved as he just sat and stared; it was as if he was looking for something.

"W-what the hell's your problem, prick? Stop fucking staring at me!" Tayuya demanded, breaking the gaze.

Naruto sighed and leaned back on his pillows with his hands behind his head. He let his eyes unfocus as he drudged up more memories. All the times he practically begged for attention back at the Academy, the pranks he would pull just to cover-up his own shortcomings, all of it. "...you're the first."

Tayuya's attention went back to the boy's voice, she was still getting over whatever the hell had bothered her about the blonde's eyes when he had said something. "What did you say?"

"You're question. You asked how many people fell for my smile." Naruto turned to again meet her eyes as he answered. Somehow, Tayuya couldn't avoid it and met it with her own stare. "You're the first person to see though it. No one, not even Kakashi-sensei, Ero-Sennin, Sakura-chan, Iruka-sensei, or Tsunade-bachan." he admitted.

"The ninja here must be idiots, then." Tayuya said in a huff, again breaking the eye contact. She mentally decided to not get caught in the boy's gaze again, he had some freaky power or something that unnerved her. "It looks like you're fucking constipated so don't do it around me, got it?" she demanded.

Naruto blinked at her. This time he smiled without it being forced. It was a calm, serine thing that not many people got to see. Upon seeing it, Tayuya muttered something about 'bastard blondes' and rolled over in her bed to hide, to her utter disgust, a growing smile of her own...

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