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Two KPs.

Chapter One.

August 22nd.

Fifteen year old Ron Stoppable was just slowly getting out of bed when he heard a knock at his door. Assuming that his parents would get it, he took his time getting downstairs. His thoughts were on the strange dream he was having and the outcome of said dream. I was dreaming about holding a hundred dollars and when I woke up it was there. Did I have it? Or am I doing stuff with my mind. Am I a mutant?

Coming down stairs, he was greeted by not his mother but by a bald man in a wheel chair. "Hello Ronald. I'm Professor Charles Xavier And this is one of my students, Katheryn Pride." Said the man as he introduced a very pretty girl about Ron's age.

"Like Hi. How are you? You can call me Kitty" Said the girl as she shook his hand.

"I hate to be rude, but you see I just woke up and I'm a bit slow on the uptake. But why are you here?" Said Ron as he went to get himself a cup of coffee. I'm glad I'm in a robe. Coming downstairs in my boxers would have been bad.

"We are from the Xavier institute for gifted students." Said Prof. X. "We are a school for mutants."

The word 'mutants' perked Ron's ears. "Is this about the dreams I've been having? They are all coming true. What's wrong with me?" Said Ron in a flurry of emotions.

"Nothing is wrong with you. You are blessed." Said Kitty.

"I didn't mean it that way. Like I said I just woke up and it's hard to process all this at once." Said Ron as he took a sip of his coffee wishing it was something else like hot chocolate, but they were out of that so he had to settle. The next sip freaked him out when it was indeed hot chocolate. "How did that happen?" Said Ron.

"How did what happen young man?" Said Prof. X.

"I was drinking this coffee. Then I thought that I wanted hot chocolate, then it became hot chocolate." Said Ron.

"I think I can answer that. But I need to test my theory." Said Prof. X.

"OK, How will you do that. And will it hurt?" Said Ron.

"Just think of something you want or wish for." Said Prof. X.

Man I wish KP was here. She would know what to do. As soon as he finished that thought. Kim appeared in the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel since she was fresh from the shower.

"How did I get here?" Said a very beet red Kim.

"It's my mutant ability." Said Ron.

"To transport half naked girls into your house?" Said a irate Kim.

"Yes, No, I mean my power is that whatever I wish for or imagine comes true." Said Ron deducing his power.

"Well I'm heading up stairs to fetch a spare set of clothes that I keep here. Then We'll talk." Said Kim.

Charles just arched a eyebrow. Kitty spoke up. "Why were you thinking about Kim Possible? Wait I remember you're her partner."

"Wow you remember me. Most of the time I just get called the side kick." Said Ron.

"The main reason we're here Ronald is to ask you if you'd like to learn to master your powers at the school. If you agree, you'll move to New York for the school year. And you'll be attending Bay view high, with Kitty and the others." Said Charles.

"I have to ask my parents, but yes I would like to attend. I could be very dangerous with these powers unchecked." Said Ron.

"Very sensible of you Ronald." Said Charles. "We've already discussed this with your parents. They're fine with it as long as you are. We'll be leaving for the school in two days." Said Charles. "We have to go though. We'll be back on Friday."

After that the Professor and Kitty left. Ron had a goofy grin on his face when Kim came back downstairs. "I'm sorry for snapping at you like that. So you're a mutant huh?" Said Kim.

"Yes I am. And in two days I'm heading to a school that will teach me how to use my powers." Said Ron.

"But what about school here? What about the missions?" Said Kim slightly worried.

"I'll be going to a high school there. As for the missions, I feel that since these powers are just forming I'm more of a danger than a help. Once I learn how to control these powers. Then I'll be better for the missions." Said Ron.

"I'm going to miss you." Said Kim.

"I'll miss you too. I know you can use Monique for the missions." Said Ron with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess." Said a down cast Kim.

August 24th.

Ron was finished packing his stuff. He decided to only pack clothes, some games, and Rufus. Well Rufus was easy to pack since he pretty much lived in Ron's pocket. "Cheese." Said Rufus as he bit into a piece of Colby. Kim had given her good byes yesterday. Now all Ron had to do was wait. As he was waiting outside as per the instructions given to him by Prof. X. He noticed a large black jet landing in the street. Being in Middleton the people were used to various jets landing because of a certain teen hero. The jet opened up and out came two people One being Kitty, and the other being a rather gruff looking man with steely brown eyes. "Name's Logan. You can call me sir." Said the man in a take no BS type voice.

"Ro-Ro-Ron! I'm Ron pleased to meet you sir." Said Ron as he shook the man's hand. The man's hand felt like it was made of steel as Ron felt his grip. They boarded the jet and headed for New York.


Kim sat alone on her bed and started to cry. I can't believe that he left. I'm going to miss him. Ron I love you. Is that so hard to say? I chickened out bad yesterday.


Ron was over at Kim's for a rushed going away dinner. Ron had made a roast that nearly melted off of the fork. Kim had her fill of food and the seven layers of heaven cake that Ron made. They were in her room watching a movie. Kim sat close to Ron and wanted to tell him the truth about her feelings. But she just couldn't find the words. Ron gave her a hug before he left. "I'm going to miss you KP. But you can visit me during the winter holiday. I'll call you or e-mail you." Said Ron as he went to get on his scooter. Under her breath she said. "I love you Ron."

(End Flashback)

She hoped that during the year no one would find how much of a great guy that Ron was so that she could get him during the winter holiday.


They arrived at this massive mansion about three hours later. Ron was in awe at the sheer size of it. "That's where you live?" He said to Kitty.

"Yup. I'm just so glad that you are here. Now I have someone to go to temple with tomorrow." Said Kitty.

"You're Jewish?" Asked Ron. She nodded and pulled out a Star of David that was on a chain around her neck.

"Badical. We're the only Jewish family in town it seems like so we have to go to the next town to attend Temple." Said Ron as he felt happy to have something in common with this girl.

"I'm the only Jew at the institute. So now I won't be so lonely at Chanukah." Said Kitty.

They got off the jet and headed upstairs to the main part of the house. Kitty led Ron to his new room. "It's right next to Kurt's. Please don't mind the smell." Said Kitty as the first bit of brimstone hit Ron's nose.

"What is that?" He asked while pinching his nose. It sounded more like. "Wha iz dha?"

"A byproduct of Kurt's power. He teleports. It's more like phasing through dimensions. But the pocket dimension of his has that smell in it." Said Kitty as she held her nose as well. "You'll get used to it."

I wish his power didn't smell as bad. Thought Ron. As the last part of his thought kicked in. Kurt rushed into the room. "My power is wonky." Said the blue German boy.

"Wonky? You've been hanging around Jubilee too much." Said Kitty.

"I can still port, but no smell." Said Kurt as he ported across the room with out the tell tale smell.

"That's my fault. I wished for it not to stink." Said Ron slightly blushing.

"Danke sehr viel neuer Kerl" Said Kurt as he ported downstairs.

"What did he say?" Said Ron.

"Sorry I only speak a little Yiddish." Said Kitty.

I wish I knew German. Ron thought. "Ich spreche Deutsches! kühl! Ich spreche jetzt mit Ihnen auf Deutsch. Duh! Ich muß zurück zu Englisch schalten." Said Ron as he noticed the blank look on Kitty's face.

"The Professor wants to see you as soon as you get unpacked. I'll see you downstairs Ron." Said Kitty as she left his room.


Ron got to the Professor's office about five minutes after he unpacked. He knocked and was let in by a beautiful redhead. "I'm Jean. This is Scott." Said the girl as she introduced the person next to her.

"Pleased to meet you." Said Ron.

"You can tell that the reason that I called you here was to introduced to some of the other students. I heard that you've met Kurt already. He's bouncing off the walls praising your name." Said the Professor with a smile. "We're going to have to help you with that imagination of yours."

"Am I in trouble?" Said Ron. "Darn and on my first day too."

"No you aren't. But we're going to work on a mental trigger that's easier to control than using 'I wish'. " Said The Professor.

"Yes sir." Said Ron.

"But for today, all I want you to do is explore the grounds and meet people. Later on tonight some of the boys are going to go into town." Said The Professor.

"Can I come?" Said Ron.

"Sure." Said Scott.

"What's your power?" Asked Ron

"I fire blasts of energy from my eyes. Hence the red shades. Jean is a telekinetic with some physic abilities. Kitty can..." Said Scott before he was interrupted by Ron.

"She can phase through walls. And My power is the ability to do anything that I imagine." Said Ron.

"Cool" Said Scott, and Jean.


Scott, Kurt (with holo), Evan, and Ron all piled into Scott's red convertible. They headed into town to go to a club for teens. The club was packed with what seemed like a sea of teens. "This place is hopping!" Said Ron. Ron went to the dance floor and started to dance. Scott watched the new guy dance just like every boy band member from the videos. He let out a small chuckle until he noticed that just about every girl within fifteen feet of Ron started to dance around him. Ron was having a good time until he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. He was spun around and was introduced to Lance Alvers. "So you're one of the new goody goods. Just a bit of advice. You stay away from Kitty, she's mine." Said the long haired tall teen.

"Um dude for one thing, breath mints is recommended for threats. Come on! It's in the shitty villain handbook right next to doomsday plans that never work. For another thing, I just met Kitty, and the others. And they seem cool. But let me guess you're a part of the 'bad mutants.' I wish that just once instead of a fist fight something like this just ended in a dance off or something. Crap!" said Ron as suddenly the house lights came up and it was just him and Lance on the dance floor. A booming voice was heard over the PA. "All right! We gots our selves a dance off!. Blond boy starts it off." Ron jumped into the air and did a somersault, landing on his hand he pushed himself back to standing position. "Slim bean it's your go!" Lance did a back flip landing into a split. This went on for about five minutes getting more and more complicated until the final move. Ron proceeded to bust a dance routine that would have made both J-Lo and Justin Timberlake jealous. After that number Lance just stood with his jaw agape and threw in the towel. All the guys rushed Ron and shook his hand. "Ron could you teach me some of those moves?" Asked Kurt as he hopped up and down.

"Sure." Said Ron as he headed to the bar to get a smoothie.

Author's note. Kurt said "Thank you very much new guy. " Ron said. "I'm speaking German! cool! I'm now talking to you in German. Duh! I have to switch back to English." I hope you all like this new story I'm writing. Next chapter will start in the club and end up back at the mansion. If you do please leave a review.