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Alright! My first Tofuu! And since I'm like new to the Tofuu club of this website... please be kind to read and review for me, kay? Anyway, the storyline is 7 years later. So these are their ages:

Tokiya: 24

Recca, Yanagi, Fuuko, Domon: 23

Kaoru: 20

Ganko: 16

Oh yeah! One more thing this is based on the anime, not the manga... I still want one, though...

Here goes the first chapter!

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- Oh God, will they ever stop? -


- C'mon... At least one hour... There would be no phone calls... -


The Mikagami residence.

The owner was grumping while lying lazily on the couch. Who is it? You may ask... It is Mikagami Tokiya. Yes, it is him. But, hey this isn't Mikagami that used to make girls drool over back at high school. This is Atty. Mikagami Tokiya. And he is lawyer in demand these days which explains that there were like a thousand potential clients trying contact him right this minute...

Obviously, he had enough of overtime work. But, he is just such a famous lawyer that the rich and famous section wanted to hire him.


- Alright... I'm there . . . -

Finally, Tokiya got out of the couch to answer the phone.

"Good afternoon. This is Mikagami Tokiya speaking. May I help you?"

Tokiya answered in that oh-so-formal tone.

To his surprise, the voice from the other line laughed. It made Tokiya raised an eyebrow.

"Err...who's this?" The lawyer asked.

"Aww... c'mon, man! It's me!?"

"Who...?" His eyebrow rose even further...

"You know... the flame boy... the 'sea monkey'..."

No response...

The voice sighed.

"Okay... Ahem... 'I shall protect my Hime! If I ever fail, I shall commit suicide!!!'

Tokiya's jaw went down. "You? Hanabishi? Hanabishi Recca?"

"Hey, he remembered! Wahoo!"

Tokiya had to take the phone off his ear because of the piercing cry that seemed to be more screeching than Kurenai.

"Um...Okay. Okay. I remember you, OK? So... do you have case or something?"

"Aw, come on... Don't tell me you're going workaholic and all that..."

Tokiya sighed, annoyingly. "OK then, what did you call for...?"

"Could you come to my house this weekend? There's gonna be like a Team Hokage reunion! Isn't that going to be exciting?"

- This is a dream... This has got to be dream... -

"Monkey, don't you know that a hundred clients are trying to call me right this minute?"

- Wow... just a minute ago, I really didn't want any clients... but just hearing the sea monkey's voice makes me think otherwise... -

When Mikagami Tokiya graduated from high school, he won a scholarship from the University of Tokyo for being the valedictorian. So, he bade goodbye to his friends to start on a new life... At first, Tokiya thought it was good because there won't be annoying "monkeys" around...

But as time passed by, Tokiya seemed to find something missing as he goes on in his everyday tasks in this college. There was one time; he hoped that at least one of them would also be studying at the Tokyo University, too. But that continued until he finally graduated...

After that, Tokiya returned back home where he started working as a lawyer. That's where he became pretty famous as the lawyer that even how young can defend his case just like a veteran. But, of course, everything came out with a price...

He worked from day till night, client after client, case after case. He didn't care at first. He thought it will make him forget the emptiness he felt deep inside. He tried to ignore it. But everyday seems to be getting worse and worse... It only took him countless sleepless nights to realize that he misses those people allot especially to a certain someone...

"Come on, Tokiya! We're gonna see each other again... Come on! Domon's coming here, too! "

"Why would I want to meet that gorilla again?" Tokiya asked him, as if Recca didn't remember anything...

"But, but, it was my mom who sent all of us at the house..." Recca argued. "And, and Kaoru will be there. And Ganko-chan You should see her... She has grown well!"

"Just tell them I said hi!" Tokiya countered, getting tired at this conversation.

"Oh yeah... Yanagi-hime's really great! In fact, don't you know we are already engaged?" Recca said excitedly.

"Look, I'm really busy. Just say congratulations to her and, yeah, congratulations to you, too." Tokiya shot back, definitely annoyed.

Attempt failed. That was strange... Tokiya used to be overprotective at Yanagi's safety and welfare before. Just like an older brother would do, it usually involves rejecting Recca's requests taking his hime out for sometime unless if it involves schoolwork. And if it did involve schoolwork, the ice king always made sure he was there to watch. This also means he has to spend some time with the "monkeys". And he was completely annoyed at that part.

Days, weeks, and months passed by. Slowly, Tokiya began to feel an attachment to the group even if he doesn't show it. And it was actually one person that opened that door for him.

" . Why are you like that? In college, you didn't call or write to us. What's the matter?" Recca complained.

"I'm concentrating on my studies, of course..." Tokiya's voice trailed off at that part. He remembered how much weight he felt in his heart no matter how concentrated he was back then. Always hoping to see someone he knew.

"Oh yeah... But you didn't tell us that you're back at the neighborhood. And this is your old number I'm calling, don't you know that?" Recca argued yet again.

"I'm sorry but clients just keep flooding in... And I don't have free time. Just tell everyone I said hi and congratulations to your fiancé..."

"But, but... oh yeah... I heard from Ganko-chan that Fuuko's coming back from Kyoto. Actually, I think she'll be arriving here right this minute!" Recca said with excitement.

There was silence... It lasted for a minute. And Recca got confused. "Huh? Err... Tokiya? Hello? Is somebody still there? Hello?"


"Huh? Aww, man. Hmph! I'll call him again. Ma said it was really important that everyone should be here." The flame master said to himself as he dialed Tokiya's number.


"Huh? You gotta be kidding me! Geez, he is really famous. That's too bad."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, Tokiya accidentally dropped the phone because of shock. He didn't even bother to see that he accidentally hung up the phone. But as soon as that happened, the phone came ringing again. He promptly picked it up again.

"Err...hello?" Tokiya answered sheepishly, thinking it was the flame boy again.

"Mr. Mikagami? It's me, Mr. Midorikawa. Uh... you see there is another case and I was wondering..." A client called him much to the ice king's dismay.

"When is the hearing of your case?" Tokiya said, back to business, as usual.

"Err... they said it's this weekend." The client answered.

Suddenly, Tokiya's mind became like two roads... One road leading to another miserable lawyer working on cases that didn't even matter and another road was leading to somehow a Tokiya smiling or something like that.

There was his chance to see these people and he blew it off... again. If he doesn't go to the Monkey's house, he might never see...

"I'm sorry. But I have another appointment at that time." He said, somehow hesitantly.

"Oh, sorry to disturb you. Well, thank you for your time. "

The client said, a bit disappointed, and hanged off the phone.

Sure enough, Tokiya heard a taxi cab pass by from the outside of his house. And he pretty much knew who was in that taxi cab...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Miss, we are near your home now. Miss? "

Fuuko opened her eyes at the sound of a really polite driver. She sat up and she swore she would have cried if only she didn't have make up on.

She was back at the neighborhood where she grew up. Each corner of this place was filled with unforgettable memories, good and bad.

Just then, the car passed by a certain house. Her heart stopped to beat for a minute. She saw a dark figure inside that house had long silver hair tied in a ponytail and he seemed to be just finishing a phone call.

As soon as the house was completely out of sight, her heart began to beat again.

He is here... He's still in that house... I thought he-

"Err...Miss? Where is your house again?" The driver asked politely.

She shook her head and went back to reality. "Oh, right over there... See that blonde girl waving excitedly? That's my sister. I guess she knows I'm in this car."

She smiled. She was excited to see that girl again, although she won't call her a girl now. The blonde waving over to her has grown to a teenager in her sweet 16th year.

Hmm... I should really watch over this 'big girl' more often...

"Here we are..." The taxi stopped just in front of the house...

"Fuuko-nee! Aaaaaahhh!"

Ganko screamed as she rushed to hug her big sister as soon as she got of the car.

"Whoa! Ganko-chan, you really have grown tall." Fuuko commented, as the blonde's head was just near her neck as they embraced from years of separation.

"I'm so happy, Fuuko-nee! Are you going to live here again!?" The excited blonde asked.

No longer did this blonde wear any frilly dresses like those dolls she used to control. She still wore a head band except it didn't have ribbon or a cartoon character design on it. It was a plain lime green headband which matched her light green tank top and black cargo pants which seemed to hide her black sandals from sight.

"Of course, Ganko-chan! Wait. Where's ma?" Fuuko asked, completely surprised at Ganko's new transformation.

"Oh... she said she had a meeting or something... But, aaahh! I can't believe you are here..."

"Ahem... miss? Err... luggage?" The driver interrupted them.

"Oh, sorry..." Fuuko sweatdropped, she had completely forgotten about her luggage because of the excitement.

After taking her belongings off the car and paying the driver with an extra tip, Fuuko has finally entered the house where she grew up.

"Wow! I can't believe I'm here again!" The wind goddess remarked. She took a deep breath and sighed.

And he's here, too... Does he know I've returned?

"So, a meteorologist, huh?" Ganko said, as she handed her big sister a glass of juice. "What's that supposed to do?"

"A meteorologist is someone who patrols the weather..." Fuuko answered, knowing she'll have to find a job soon.

"Oh yeah! What about you Ganko-chan? What's going to be your course?" She asked.

"Err... I haven't thought about it yet." The teenager scratched her sheepishly. "But it's too early to think about it..."

"Too early!? Ganko-chan, in high school life, time seems to run so fast, you can't catch up. You must think about your course as early as possible..."

"Geez, I don't see you for years and in mere seconds you act like mother... Don't worry, it'll come up." Ganko said, true to her name, she is still the stubborn one.

Fuuko smiled. "Well, I acted like that before... Mom said I should take Fashion Designing just like her. But I said no. And well, I ended up in Meteorology. Weather fascinates me to no end."

"I remember that..." Ganko smiled.


"I'll get it!" The phone rang and Fuuko took it quickly.

"Hello? This is Fuuko Kirisawa."

The voice from the other line squealed in delight and Fuuko was taken aback.

"Fuuko-chan! You are back! This is great..."

Fuuko's eyes widened as she recognized the one who just called. It was one of the best of her best friends.

"Yanagi-chan! God, I missed you!" Fuuko's face brightened up a little.

"I can't wait to see you again! If only I have time... but the kids really don't want me to go away..."

Fuuko laughed genuinely. "You are still the Yanagi Sakoshita I met. Always thinking about others..."

The Hokage's healer giggled. "Well... it won't be a Yanagi Sakoshita anymore..."

"Hey! Wait a minute... You don't mean he proposed to-"

"Yes! And I said yes!" Yanagi squealed excitedly.

Fuuko screamed with happiness for her dear friend. "God, I really want to see you right now!"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot! There's going to be a reunion of Team Hokage at Recca-kun's house this weekend. Everybody's going to be there..." Yanagi's voice trailed off as soon she said 'everybody'...

"Oh really? Okay then!" Fuuko said, trying to hide what she really feels. "I'll be going there. Heck! I still remember the way to that house..."

"Great! Well, this is all I got time left! I have more work to do in here. Bye! See you there!

"See you there, too!" With that, she placed the phone back to its stand.

Fuuko sighed and looked herself in the mirror.

Geez, what would everybody think now that I'm wearing make up.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Fuuko was about to go there when...

"Oh no... This couldn't be..." She whispered to herself, as she noticed the outline of the shadow of the visitor.

He can't see her like this! She's wearing make up! He might laugh! Not to mention that she was wearing a white blouse, an aqua blue skirt, and white heels.

What if he says she has become uglier than before...? What if he was disappointed and then leaves? What if he won't go to the reunion this weekend because of her?

What if...

"Hey, Fuuko-nee! Aren't you going to get the door...?" Ganko inquired as she noticed her sister just standing like a frozen statue in front of the door...

"Uh...Uh... could you do it? I-uh-gotta go... Go unpack! OK!?" She ran straight to her room.

"Uh... Fuuko-nee? Since when did she get shy around people...? I wonder who's at the door."

Ganko said to herself as she unlocked the door... and her eyes widened...

"It's you..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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