This is my first May/Drew fanfic, so take it easy on me. No flaming!

Anyway, the characters aged five years.

"Hey, Beautifly!" May called out to her bug pokemon. She ran up the hill and panted when she finally saw Beautifly perching on a rock. "Beautifly, you sure are energetic today."

"Beau!" Beautifly cried. She gave her trainer a small 'smile' and started ascending, sparkling dust emerging from her colorful colorful wings.

"Okay," May sighed. She happily called out, "Show me the Moonlight Veil!"

Beautifly twirled around while at the same time using silver wind. As soon as she was covered in a silver 'blanket' she quickly used Morning Sun and caused the 'blanket' to glow and look like the light of the full moon. The whole area was filled with sparkles and glitters as the Moonlight Veil slowly faded away.

"Great job, Beautifly!" May cheered. She smiled cutely and giggled at her pokemon's achievement. That technique took them three and a half weeks to master, but they finally did it.

"Beau-tifly!" Beautifly cheered back as she happily flew around in unpredictable patterns.

"Not bad, May," a voiced teased, "Of course, Masquerain and I can do better."

May turned around and gasped. "Drew!"

Drew smirked and approached her, with Masquerain flying ahead to greet Beautifly. "Hey."

Beautifly stopped her dancing and frowned as Masquerain kept blabbing on about how great he was. He just laughed when she finally snapped and started yelling at him uncontrollably.

"Long time no see," May laughed and held out her hand.

Drew didn't take it and huffed smugly. "Yeah. Two years."

May, disappointed and hurt, retreated her hand and placed both behind her back. "So where were you?" she asked softly. She decided to tease him as payback. "Let me guess. You were too afraid to face me off in the contests in Hoenn so you went off somewhere else." She smirked.

Drew closed his eyes and smirked back. "Very funny. But no. I just decided to train and participate in 'activities' somewhere else because you were always holding me back."

Not realizing that the last sentence was a joke, May gasped slightly. She then forced a weak smile and whispered, "Well then. I'm sorry if I held you back." Tears flowed down her cheeks as she turned around and ran the opposite of Drew. "I won't hold you back anymore!"

"Beau!" Beautifly squeaked and left Masquerain to follow May.

Drew just realized what happened and quickly shouted, "Wait, May! I-it was a joke! May!"

Too late. May was already too far from hearing distance.

"Mas-querain," Masquerain called out to Beautifly, but she ignored him.

Drew swallowed. His guilt started to come over him as he looked at his only true friend disappear from a distance.

May reached her home and ran up the stairs, into her room. Luckily, her parents were away and Max was still on his journey. She ran to her bed and fell into it, crying into her pillow. "Why would he say that?" she mumbled. She then turned to Beautifly and asked, "Is it true, Beautifly?"

Beautifly landed on May's head and replied, "Beau" in a low tone, meaning "No."

May smiled a bit and wiped away her tears. "You're right. But if he meant it, he probably wouldn't have talked to me today." She looked at Beautifly and said, "It's good to know he's back." She stood up and left the house to go find Drew.

Drew was sitting on the rock Beautifly was on moments ago on the little hill. Masquerain perched on his shoulder, looking very gloomy. "I'm so stupid," Drew sighed.

"Hey there," a soft voice greeted.

Drew turned around and saw May smiling at him. "Oh...hey."

Beautifly flew towards Masquerain and flew around him in circles. She then stopped and chirped, "Beau-tifly!"

Masquerain looked at the butterfly with a confused look but then answered, "Mas-querian."

"May," Drew started, standing up, "I just wanted to tell you...I'm sorry. It was just a joke." He looked at her in the eye, meaning that he meant what he said.

May knew what he was talking about and shrugged. "Nah," she laughed, "I knew that. I...was...just pretending to cry!" She winked at him. "I'm a good actress, huh?"

Drew was stunned. He just hurt her, yet she decided to play the 'amnesia' game. He decided to play along and smirked. "I hate to admit it, but you got me."

May looked down at the ground and smiled sadly. "I heard in town that there were contests in Kanto."

Drew looked at her, sensing a bit of disappointment in her voice. "Yeah...there are."

"Too bad I can't go," May blurted.

"Why not?"

"I have to take care of the gym," May replied, "Plus, I can't go all by myself. My parents won't let me."

Drew flipped his green hair and suggested vainly, "You can come with me if you want to."

May looked up at the green-haired teen, surprised. "W-what? Really?"

Drew nodded. "Yeah."

A smile lit up on May's face as she dashed off to Petalburg City. "I'll go call my parents! I'll meet you here tomorrow, okay?"

Beautifly quickly bid a hasty goodbye to Masquerain and flew off to follow her trainer.

Drew watched May make her way through a crowd. "I can't let you win or lose secretly anymore, May."

The next day, May and Drew were on the hill, where they promised to meet. Drew was very nervous about her answer. The cruise to Kanto would leave in two hours so they didn't have much time.

May gave an exasperated sigh and said, "I'm going!" She laughed excitedly and cheered.

Drew, in truth, was very happy at the news, but he remained his cool composure and said, "That's good." He turned around and started to walk away. "C'mon. The cruise leaves in two hours."

May stared at him a bit, until the words finally dawned on her. She ran after Drew and cheered, "Yay!"