"Wake up, dweeb," Drew groaned in May's ear. She didn't stir. He frowned and took a pillow; he then hit her on the head with it. "I said wake up."

May, startled, quickly woke up with a yelp. She rubbed her sore head and glared the green-haired lad face-flat beside her. "Drew!" she hoarsely whined, "Why'd you have to wake me up with a pillow?! I'm still sleepy." She got on her knees and rubbed her sleep away, yawning. She glanced at the clock and asked, "Why did you wake up so early, Drew?" No reply. "Drew?" She looked down and found that he had fallen asleep.

"Mmm...so sleepy. Must train. Masquerain...," he mumbled.

May giggled and got an idea. She slowly reached under his shirt and tickled the side of his stomach. "He's sure to wake up now."

Drew jumped and accidentally hit his head on the wall behind him. "Ow," he moaned and rubbed his head, "May, what'd you do THAT for?"

"You fell asleep," May huffed, "Tsk. Tsk." She stood up and looked at him. I wonder if he remembers what happened last night... "Uh...Drew? About last night..."

"What about it?"

"Do you...um...remember it?"

"Of course I do," Drew said bitterly, "It was nothing special. After all, it WAS just a stupid bet." He stood up and went to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

May stood at her spot, a bit shaken and hurt. Did I...do something wrong? She looked down at her feet sadly. "I wonder what his problem is..."

Inside the bathroom, Drew pondered over last night's kiss and scowled. It was all a bet...nothing special. He stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

"Ohhh-oh," May sang to herself as she and Drew walked up a hill, "Yeah-yeah, yeah, Oh... You know, everything that I'm afraid of. You do everything I wish I did. Everybody wants you. Everybody loves you. Ooh... I've got a crush on you!" She giggled and put on a very optomistic smile.

Drew didn't even look at her when he asked, "What's with you?" He noticed that they reached a fork in the road and scowled.

"I'm just so psyched!" May cheered, "The contest hall is only a few more minutes away and I KNOW I'm going to win it!" She looked up at the sky, her optomistic smile turning confident. "I just know it. It's in the air." As if on cue, cherry petals blew around her. She flailed her arms about wildly. "Drew, help me! Please!"

Drew simply turned around and looked at her calmly. She was in a vortex of cherry petals and seemed like she was going to die or something. "Roselia, stop it," he grumbled.

"Rosssee!" Roselia stopped its petal dance attack and landed on the ground gracefully. It saw May looking at it and bowed politely. "Ros-eh."

May found the petals clearing and was baffled when she found out that it was Drew who did that to her. "Drew, why did you do that?"

"Look, May, I don't think this is going to work out." He glared at her icily.

May shivered and took a step back cautiously. "W-what do you mean?" she uttered, "Did I do something wrong?" She didn't hear the teen reply and sniffed, holding back tears. "Drew..?"

"I just think we have to go our seperate ways," Drew blurted out, a hint of pain in his voice, "We're just...not made for one another, y'know? We have two completely different paths."

As Drew said those words, May felt several negative emotions flood through her. She was confused, angry, sad, upset... She just didn't know what was going on between them. He was okay this morning...what happened? Why did he go and do this? Is this some kind of nightmare? Tears fell from her eyes and her lips quivered. This whole thing was just to awful to be false. "But...I-I don't understand."

Drew didn't want to show it, but his heart was breaking and tears were coming for his eyes. "I just... I just can't go on like this! I have a path different from yours and a destiny to go with it! I'm sorry, May but I have to leave you by yourself. From now on, you're on your own." I'm sorry, May. I just can't bear to travel with you because I... I love you so much that I wanna cry. He approached her and softened his expression a bit.

"Drew..." May managed to whimper out. Tears were still running down her face and her shoulders were quivering along with her lips. I guess...if this is how he wants it, then... She wiped away her tears and put on a fake smile. "I understand. I guess I'll see you in the Grand Festival then, huh?"

Drew understood that she was just faking her sudden happy-confident attitude and did it himself. "Yeah," he agreed, "Until then." He took out a rose and gave it to her. "Goobye, May."

"Goodbye, Drew." The two shook hands and locked gazes with each other. Both were unaware that they harbored feelings for each other, but felt the deep connection.

Drew was the first to let go and took the left road. Someday, we'll be able to embrace this distance. A small tear trickled down his face and Roselia noticed it, but just kept silent...aware of the situation.

May watched Drew walk away and finally sent out her Beautifly. She gave it a small card and it flew towards Drew, dropping it in his welcoming hands. She smiled and returned her bug pokemon into its pokeball. He had better read it, because it's the truth.

Drew opened the card and read, "Day and Night pass by us like the ever-changing wind. Fast and unoticeable. We will meet again someday and that's a promise. But when we do, we might not recognize each other. Be aware of that. -May." He smiled and folded the card. I think she was expecting this. He placed the card in his pocket and continued walking down the road.

May knew that he just read her card and smiled genuinely. "I WILL see him again someday," she bowed and took off at the right road. Goodbye...for now.

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