Lucien didn't like breaking rules, but he couldn't see that he had a choice. He couldn't remember if Lord Morpheus had specifically forbidden entry to his gallery, but Lucien certainly knew he wasn't meant to be in there.

A chained book was suspended in one frame. Destiny's. Lucien wondered if he would be destroyed if he touched it, but he still saw no alternative. He'd been seeking an answer for a long time now, and as Lord Morpheus' absence grew longer Lucien's thoughts became less lucid. He needed to act before he forgot even this idea.

He reached out for the book, and as he held it he called for Destiny.

As the world around him changed, Lucien gripped the sigil until it faded in his fingers and he found himself in a dusty garden. Destiny stood before him.

Lucien bowed. 'My Lord.'
'As you must know, I am here seeking information about your brother, Lord Morpheus.'
'Yes. He has been missing for many years now.'
'Do you know where... that is, can you give me any information that will help me find him?'
'Lucien, I commend your devotion to my brother...'
'But you can't tell me?'
'I am sorry.'
Lucien looked at him closely. 'You really are, aren't you?'
Destiny bowed his head slightly. 'I understand something of the nature of imprisonment.'
'Is there anything you can tell me without breaking the rules?'

Destiny sat on a stone bench, and gestured to Lucien to be seated beside him. 'As soon as we became conscious, there was a part of each of the Endless that was not their function, containing what, if we were human, would be called the soul.'
'And that's the bit of you that can think of something other than your book? The bit that made the garden?'
'And that's the part that can help me?'
'Perhaps. But you came seeking knowledge from the book.'
'If you can help me in any way, my Lord, I'll be grateful.'
'In that case, I will ask how you would imprison Dream of the Endless.'
'I don't know. I don't know anything about magic.'
'So where would you find out about magic, if you needed to?'
'I'd just look in the library.'
Destiny said nothing.

'That's it?' Lucien thought for a moment. 'If I can find the book I'll know who's dreaming of it, and they'll be dreaming of it because they're using it.'
'Remarkable.' Destiny seemed almost to be smiling.
'Will I be able to free him?'
'Could you walk into the waking world and use magic of a magnitude that binds the Endless?'
'Then content yourself with the knowledge of my brother's whereabouts.'
Lucien nodded. 'I'll keep the castle ready for him.' He stood up. 'Thankyou for helping.'
'I did not give you the assistance you desired.'
Lucien smiled. 'Yes you did. It just didn't come out of the book - except as far as we're all in it.'

After he'd sent Lucien back, Destiny went back to reading. He tried to avoid any kind of emotion as he read of Lucien's sorrow at the loss of his library, which was soon to vanish as The Dreaming disintegrated further. He certainly tried not to wish he could have warned Lucien.

And apart from one tiny part of himself, he succeeded.