What if Sirius had been in Slytherin after all? Then there would be only three Marauders.

Then Severus Snape wouldn't be friendless at all.

Sirius, Lucius and Severus are just like the Marauders, only the Slytherin version.

Oh things would be different.

Especially when at the beginning of their seventh year, Remus Lupin returned looking rather...attractive is a weak word for what he looked like.

Sirius finds himself falling in love...and a lot of trouble.

Note that Sirius and Regulus are here both the Perfect Sons , according to their Mother, so he's a bit mean( That-COUGH-is-Cough-Cough-an understatement-cough)

' Sear?Mother says we are leaving in five minutes so you have got to hurry up!' Regulus informed his elder brother.

'Thanks Reg, have you seen my –' Before Sirius could finish , a black , silk tie was in front of his face.

'Thank you.'He breathed, he really didn't want to be late for the train!

'No problem.' Regulus than did a levitation spell on Sirius' trunk.

Sirius and Regulus threw a last look in the large mirror that stood in Sirius room.They looked very much like each other, though you could tell Sirius was almost seventeen, and Regulus was still fifteen for another year, his birthday had been at the beginning of the summer. Also there was the fact that Sirius hair had just been cut, above the ear, and was ravenblack, where as his younger brother had longer chocolat brown hair. Sirius was taller, more muscular, his nose smaller and more delicate, his lips a little pouty, and his eyes weren't dark but a light silvery kind of color with goldenish sparks in them.

They were both wearing expensive clothing, Regulus a dark , rich velvet blue pants, a bordoux t-shirt and freshly polished shoes without a single scratch.

Sirius a baggy-ish at his ass, tight for the rest, black jeans from a very famous muggle brand named Jezus or something, he couldn't quit remember( yes he wore Muggle clothing, but it was very good muggle clothing) and a polo that was made of a baby-blue very soft fabric.His shoes were sportif, white ( and i really mean WHITE!)

'We look good don't we?'Regulus commented as they walked out of the room, down the stairs where everybody else was waiting.

'Ah, you sure do!' Bella said winking.

She was already out of school and happily married to Rodulphus Lestrange, who had been her not-so-secret-except-for-Rodulphus-himself- crush for years.

'Thank you Bella, don't look so bad yourself either.' Sirius said winking the same way as she did.

' Be carefull !Avec les polissons!' Bella said as they left the house and got into the limosine.

Sirius smirked"Be carefull, with the pranks."His cousin had said.