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This was so weird. One moment we were nearly kissing - yes, I do know he was only leaning in for that purpose, and next he acts like nothing has happened! I don't get it! Well okay, we're in bloody potions class, but still, it's kinda rude to stop and pretend nothing happened, right?
Even if we are in bloody Potions.

"I'm really sorry, Sirius. I can't let this happen, can't let us happen…"

I wonder what he meant by that.

Is me being a Slytherin such a big deal? That's just crazy.

And I don't think I deserve that, either.

I mean, I'm Sirius Black; known as one of the most gorgeous guys of Hogwarts! All girls fawn and swoon as I enter a room!

Not that I would act upon their petty feelings, I am not interested in the female species.

Honestly, I would rather have one golden-haired, amber-eyed Gryffindor in my bed.

Well, you would too! Admit it! With his mysterious air of secret wildness, carefully hidden and only seen by his best mates and if you watch very close, like I do, you would see that.

Of course, no one ever watches that close, so no one knows what sort of person Remus Lupin really is.

Anyway, enough said about my love.

I'm forced to pair off with Lily Evans, because Remus has to go home visiting his sick mom. He must really like the lady.

But, when I said I'm forced, do I mean… forced?

Most certainly. That Evans can be very threatening.

She cornered me right after Charms, and well, this is what happened.

´Black. ´ Evans said curtly, while pinning me against the wall. This made me think about Potter; he had had me in the same position a month ago. I contemplated on telling her this, but she seemed very serious.

´I will patrol with you tonight, because no one else was able to switch with Remus.
I want to make this clear: no funny business! ´

After that she'd stalked off. Why is everyone so harsh? She could've said it just a bit more friendlier. Well, I suppose I have to go towards my History of Magic class.

In a matter of fact, I am walking towards History of Magic class; just now, I've remembered Remus is in it too!

Now, he was walking right in front of me, and I didn't remember.

'But still, I don't think I can just… do that!' Remus said. Dear god, he's talking to Evans!

'Why not? You fancy him, don't you?' She replied.

All of a sudden, Remus tensed and turned round.

'Ah, Sirius! It's you! I thought I heard someone!' He said awkwardly.

So he likes someone…

And it's a him.

Therefore, he's into guys.

Wait, remember what he thought in Potions?!
He thought 'I can't let us happen.' So, he does want it to happen!

That means, he likes…me!?

'Helloooo! Earth to Sirius!' He waved his hand in front of my face. 'Oh, what? Hi!'

Could this get any worse?

'So, you're visiting your mom today?' I asked.

'Y-yes.' He cleared his throat. 'Ah, yes, she's sick. And since my dad is out on a business trip, he can't look after her. And my family lives too far away.'

'And thus, the kind Remus will look after his mom.' Lily and Remus laughed. 'What?'

'So I'm kind.' Remus stated. 'Err, yeah…' I raised one eyebrow. 'You do realize that you just said a Gryffindor was kind, do you?' Lily asked between small hiccups.

'So?' Their eyes widened, they looked at each other brief, before saying 'Nothing!' in unison.
'Err, I've got to go to the bathroom! See you in a bit!' She ran off.

"Crap, now I'm alone with him… Restrain yourself. You do not want that. Nope. I totally deny this need to… attack his lips."

I had to laugh at that. Startled, he looked up to me. 'I was just thinking about last History of Magic class.' I lied easily. He nodded and said ;'It was pretty funny, you know.' 'Don't let Potter hear you say that.' Remus looked annoyed as I mentioned Potter. 'You guys still fighting?'

'No…But he was acting like a jerk. I guess that's James for you…'

I laughed and he gave me this really sweet smile.

'He doesn't like the idea of me and you being friends. He…well, he automatically hates every Slytherin, even though you've given him more than enough reasons to hate you,' he added with a playful smack.

'It's not like you were little angels, either.' I pointed out.


'Hey! HEY!! Remus! Wait up!' called a panting Pettigrew, Potter rushing behind him.

'We – pant – were - pant pant - calling you all the – pant - way from the second floor!'

'Oh! I thought I heard something, but I wasn't actually…paying attention.' Remus coughed.

'Of course, you're with…him.' Potter muttered darkly.

'Who else?' I smirked at them. Remus elbowed me, making the two other Gryffindorks snigger.

'Ow! What'd you do that for!' 'You,' he pointed at me. 'were being a git.'

Potter and Pettigrew laughed, very evilly by the way, at that too.

We entered the classroom, and prepared for another boring lesson of History of Magic. Ah, well, at least the view is nice…


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