A/N another one of my stupid attemts at angst/romance/drama
I'm not a H/H shipper I just got the inspiration 4 this after
3 cokes and some depressing music. R/R to tell me how much this sucks.

One Last Dance

The darkness surrounds me - all of the time. When I'm sleeping,
when I'm running, when I'm eating, whenever I do anything that I used
to love so, now is shrouded in darkness. I never thought anything
like this would ever happen. Not to him. That's why I let him loose,
why I gave him some slack. I had always watched over him, like a
protective mother, trying hard to keep him from dirting his clothes
or scraping his knee. But this was much more than that... it went
deeper. I could not live one single day of my life without worrying
about him. So much rested on him, and it was not fair. He was so
young, and did not deserve this at all. Yet it was always expected,
it always lingered in the back of my head, the thought that one
day, perhaps one day in the very near future, he would be taken from
me - ripped out of my arms cruelly by the cold darkness that is death.
Has it no pity, no mercy? I had never really noticed how much pain
he lived through, and I took it for granted. Now I regret everything
I ever said to him; and everything I never did. Everything I never
told him - about me, about how I felt... he never knew. Now, as I sit
here, watching the children run through the neighbouring park, and
my best friend's mother come to place flowers at his grave, and all
of the brothers, and finally my best friend, untill his tombstone
is no longer visible, and it turns to a decorative floral pattern, much
so like that of a wedding...

The hours pass as I sit in solitude, awaiting the fall
of the sun, which seems to linger longer than it should, like the
last one at a party. Finally, when the moon is ready to appear,
and all is dark, I cast my eyes upon the grave again. The moonlight
shines on the inscription, and as I read the name over and over,
I remember the last thing he ever said to me - "I'll be back, just
wait and see..." His cocky grin, messy hair, and reckless eyes. That
is what drove death to him. I glance up - the moon is full. I hear
the cry of a wolf as my eyes fall on the name just one last time...

Harry Potter

A tear slips down my cheek as I walk out of the graveyard,
back to my dingy room in the back of my office, with the door
which reads "Proffessor H. Granger," in gold letters, a title I was
once so proud of. I would now give all of it up, for just one
more dance with my dear Harry.