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Author's Note: This is told from the POV of Maria Ross's father. In all of my stories Vato Falman is Maria's father. This parental pairing has a rather long story behind it but basically I really think that they could be related. However, in this story no names are named so it can be anyone you want. This story has hints of Maria/Denny. Read and Review if you want but Flames will be sent to Roy! Thanks!

I Held Her First

Who's that beautiful young woman dancing with her blushing groom?

Could that be Maria? My Maria?

It's so hard to tell, she looks so different from the little girl with her short black hair and her mischievous grin that she directed at me whenever she had an idea. Is this the little girl I used to read stories to before I tucked in her for the night and kissed her forehead?

She never did like fairy tales when she was little. One time I asked her about that and she told me it was because the world didn't have happy endings.

However she was wrong, the world does have happy endings. It has to have them for how else can I explain this entire day? When I look at her now all I can see is joy written on her face. Pure, heart-felt joy.

I know that expression. It's the same one I had on my face when she was born, when she started to cry for the first time, when she smiled at me for the first time…practically every time I looked at her that expression appeared back on my face.

You take good care of her Mr. Denny Brosh. Take good care of my Maria and never forget that I held her first. She's my daughter, my only child and even though I'm not holding her any more and even though she's grown up she still has a place in my heart.

If I told you these words out loud you probably wouldn't understand what I was saying but someday, hopefully, you will. Someday, you'll be sitting at a table watching you little girl dancing with her groom and you'll know.

You'll know that suddenly she's grown so much bigger then you expected. Suddenly you aren't enough for her. She craves a different kind of love, a love that you can't give her. A love that can only be given to her by a young man. When that happens you'll find yourself wondering what happened to the little girl that cried all night and kept you awake or the little girl that pulled on your arms as soon as you came in from work because she wanted you to pick her up.

Today, you and Maria made vows to each other. Vows that were built from love. I've always prayed that Maria would find a man like you, a man who is strong and will take care of her but I never expected it to happen so soon. Somehow though, I knew it would be you. I knew from the moment I arrived back in Central from East City and saw the two of you working with each other. You were both perfect together.

Now all I can do is raise my glass in a silent toast to you two and hope that you both continue to have a very happy and pleasant path no matter where your lives take you.

Somehow it's fitting. I held Maria first and now I'm the first to let go.