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Neo Negima By Ten-Faced Paladin Chapter 6: The Dreaded Afterschool Session

Negi rested his head on his futon. He had managed to wake up without finding himself in Konoka's bed again. The previous night hadn't been the most wonderful night in his life. Despite what the boys back home would have argued, being in a large bath with several named girls was not as wonderful as some fantasies would have made it look like.

Needless to say, after Asuna dragged Negi back to their room, after waiting for him to get dressed, another argument came forth. Asuna making a fuss over his 'pervy' activities. Negi retaliated with asking just what the hell happened to her and how she couldn't see anyone coming. The entire argument ended when Konoka returned. She had a rosy blush on her face which Negi quickly matched when he was faced with what just happened. Asuna finally relented and the three of them retired for the night.

Negi was now sitting up while rubbing his eyes. He saw someone moving and he put his glasses on to identify them. He looked and saw none other than Asuna getting ready to leave.

"Asuna?" he asked sleepily.

"Huh?" Asuna asked as she turned to see Negi. "Oh, mornin' Negi-bozu. I'm heading out so I'll see you at class."

"Okay," Negi nodded. "Need a lift?"

Asuna blinked slightly. She hadn't expected for him to offer her a ride. She wasn't even sure just how he was planning to give her a ride at all. It was somethign she just had to see.

"Sure," she smiled. "Better get ready quick though."

Negi nodded and he immediately started scrambling out of the futon and began grabbing a set of clothes for the day. Asuna also noticed that he grabbed the staff that he always carried around.

In a few minutes, Asuna found herself breathless at the scenery of Mahora she could see. The rising sun just made it beautiful.

"Now this is useful magic," she smiled mischeviously.

"I'd have to agree," Negi smiled. "The simple things are usually best."

Negi let his staff float to the ground. She leaped off and faced Negi with a smile on her face. Negi sat on his staff which was floating above the ground.

"Thanks," she smiled. "I guess we're even now."

"Think nothing of it," Negi shrugged with a smile. "I guess I'll see you in class?"

"Wouldn't miss it," Asuna laughed. "My grades won't be able to take the strain."

Negi smiled and he took off. Asuna watched him go with a smile still on her face. It wasn't everyday that someone got to see the scenery around Mahora like she did.

"I guess he's not big trouble after all," Asuna shrugged.

With that, Asuna entered the building to get her papers. She had to get her route finished as quickly as possible if she wanted to get to school on time.


Negi sighed as he leaned back in his chair in the teacher's lounge. The headmaster had actually given him his own desk in there. It actually used to belong to Takahata, but with his transfer it was open space so Negi was moved in.

Negi had gotten through another day of classes. Asuna was actually pleasant for a change and hadn't lost her temper in the usual spectacular fashion. There hadn't even been the usual class riot which seemed to come out every so often. The only things that were really set the day out was how Ayaka had tried so desperately to take every chance to talk to him. He just shrugged it off. She had been acting that way since they met. He would just have to get used to it.

"No riots," Negi smiled. "A new record."

"Good to hear Negi-kun," Shizuna's voice came from behind.

Negi swivelled in his chair and faced his supervisor, "Oh! Hello Shizuna-sensei. What's up?"

"Well, Takamichi wanted me to pass along his list for his 'afterschool study sessions.' " she explained.

"Study sessions?" Negi asked in confusion. Takamichi hadn't mentioned anything like that in his notes that he had left.

"Yes, he forgot to mention it to you," Shizuna smiled. "Every so often he holds a pop-quiz and the low scorers have to stay behind for extra lessons."

She produced a piece of paper and handed it to Negi. The young teacher took it and adjusted his glasses so that he could see jusst who was going to be attending.

"Let's see," Negi spoke as he read. "Yue, Fei Ku, Makie, Kaede, and Asuna. Somehow, I'm not surprised."

"Those five have the highest attendance for those lessons," Shizuna smiled. "Progress has been slow though."

"It's no problem Shizuna-sensei," Negi smiled. "I'd be glad to do it. It's not a problem."

"Oh good," Shizuna sighed. "The lesson is after school today. The lesson plan should be with Takamichi's notes. Good luck."

Negi nodded and waved as Shizuna walked away. He then began digging through the papers on his desk until he produced a lesson plan that Takamichi had left. Negi hadn't understood which class it was for, but now he had a good idea. He immediately started reviewing it so that he could be prepared for the class.


Negi had just opened the door to his classroom when he found the five students on his list standing in a group. They were all near the entrance and each of them all had a bit of paper with something written on them. Negi could see that each one had things like 'baka pink' or 'baka black' on him.

"Negi-sensei," Yue smiled. "Welcome to the mighty morphing baka rangers!"

Negi couldn't help but sweatdrop. This was new to him. he hadn't been quite expecting the low scorers to form some kind of mock-superhero group. He had to admit, it was rather funny. The girls seemed to think so too.

"Who are you calling a baka!"

Well, all but one anyway.

Negi shook his head and walked into the room some more. As he put his papers onto his desk, he noticed that Asuna seemed to look slightly disappointed for a moment. Negi could guess why. She was probably hoping that Takahata would be the one to be teaching her this class.

Returning his attention to the class, Negi began.

"Okay everyone," I think everyone knows why they're here. "So we'll start off with a ten-point quiz. You have to stay until you get at least six points."

He was met with no resistance so he passed his tests around and signaled for everyone to begin. He didn't have to wait long before Yue walked to him with her test. Haruna and Nodoka flanked her sides. Haruna had a grin on her face while Nodoka seemed to be unable to look anywhere else beyond the floor. Negi took the test and immediately marked it.

"Wow Yue!" Negi gasped. "Nine points! Great job!"

"Thank you Negi-sensei," Yue smiled.

The library trio then made for the exit. As they left, Negi was approached by Makie, Kaede, and Fei Ku. Each of them were holding up their tests. Negi graded each one and he looked back to the three girls.

"Three, four, and three." he reported. "Sorry. You'll have to sit through the lesson and try again."

All three of them sweatdropped and laughed slightly. As they went back to their seats, Negi walked over to Asuna to see how they were doing. As he walked closer she held out her test. She was looking upset again. Negi took it and looked it over.

"Two," Negi grimaced. "Well, nothing to get down about. You'll do better next time."

Asuna 'humph'ed and put her hands on her arms as she leaned onto her desk. Negi retreated to his desk and started giving a small lesson on the basics and a bit more on the advanced stuff. He also reviewed some previous lessons. After he finished, he passed out another round of tests. He didn't have to wait long as Kaede and Fei Ku came back with their tests.

"Eight points for the both of you," Negi reported with a smile. "Great! I knew you could do it."

Kaede smiled and laughed as she grabbed her bag. Fei Ku also giggled slightly as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"I Chinese speaking. Japanese hard enough," she smiled.

"Well don't worry," Negi laughed. "I'm sure you can get it."

As the two of them vanished through the door, Makie came with her test. Negi graded it and returned it.

"Just barely Makie," Negi reported. "A six."

"Don't worry Negi-kun," Makie giggled as she drew closer. "Next time I'll do better. Promise."

She then gave him a small peck on the cheek. She left quickly with rosy cheeks. Negi was slightly dazed but he quickly regained his posture. He then went to see how Asuna was doing.

"One," he sighed.

Negi scratched the back of his neck. When people were saying Asuna wasn't great at school, they weren't kidding.

"Well...there's always next time," Negi smiled. "Now that it's just us I can probably be a bit more precise with my explanations."

Asuna gave him a death stare that would have killed lesser men. Negi was sure that he had lost ten years from his life with that stare alone.

"Hey Negi-kun," someone spoke, cutting in.

Negi and Asuna looked to see Takahata leaning in on the open door. A smile was on his face as he saw the scene in front of him.

"Ah, Asuna-kun," he smiled. "Still getting the extra studying eh? Just try not to keep Negi too late would you? He has a class tomorrow."

He left with a wave and was gone in an instant. Negi shook his head. Takahata was always a joker. He looked to see how Asuna was doing and noticed that she was trembling. He also saw that tears were leaking out of her eyes.

"Asuna?" he asked, his concern growing.

She suddenly stood up and made a break for the door. She also managed to shout something before she was out of the door.

"It's all your fault!" she sobbed.

Negi leaped to the door and was shocked to see that she was already at the end of the hall.

"She's fast," Negi whispered. "But I'm faster!"

Calling up his magic again, Negi summoned his wind magic to centre around his feet. It allowed him to run fast and hopefully catch up to Asuna. Flying on his staff would have been faster, but it had a bigger chance of him being seen. He soon gave chase,the hallways blurring past him. He saw Auna just get through the fron doors and he burst through them at rapid speed. In the open area, Asuna seemed to get faster since she had more open space. Negi gritted his teeth and poured more magic into his spell. He had to catch her befoore she did something she'd regret.

Asuna finally stopped for breath at a beach. Negi allowed the spell to disappate as he came to a stop. Asuna turned and saw him. She just glared at him angrily again.

"I swear...if you come any closer...I'll shove that stick so far up your...," Asuna huffed.

Negi sighed as he waited for Asuna to catch her breath. She eventually slumped to the ground with a sigh. Negi toook a seat next to her. Both of them were looking out to the sea.

"Takamichi was just joking you know," Negi finally spoke.

"I know," Asuna sighed. "Why did you follow me anyway?"

"I was worried," Negi replied. "You looked pretty broken up."

"Why?" Asuna asked in slight confusion.

"Besides that it's my job to care?" Negi asked with a smile. "You're my friend. Why shouldn't I care?"

Asuna looked at Negi for a moment. She appeared that she was on the verge of disbelief. Negi assumed that not many people went out of their way to help Asuna very often.

"You really want to be a magister magi, don't you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "Why? Are you trying to prove yourself to someone."

"Sort of," Negi nodded, a sad smile playing off his face. "Did Konoka tell you what I told her about my staff."

"Yeah," Asuna nodded. "Something about it being something your father left you and that he's missing."

"That's right," Negi confirmed. "He's a very powerful magi. They said he's actually mastered a thousand magic spells. They called him the Thousand Master. Only a select few magi even come close to his level. Everyone thinks he died a long time."

"Negi..." Asuna spoke, letting him know it was okay for him not to tell her.

"It's okay," Negi smiled. "I don't mind. I know he's alive out there. It's my goal in life to one day find him, and prove that I've matched him."

"What if he really is dead?" Asuna asked gently.

Negi lowered his head for a moment. Asuna assumed he was considering an answer, but she was surprised to see that he was smiling still.

"He's not dead," he answered. "I should know. I met him."

"Really!" Asuna gasped.

"Yeah," Negi ndded. "He gave this staff to me himself. He told me to continue growing. He told me that he would always watch over me."

Asuna looked to the ground. Her parents were long dead. She knew it and had moved on. Negi on the other hand had met his father who everyone had assumed was dead.He still had hope that he would someday see him again.

"Ugh," Asuna sighed sourly. "Fine. If my lousy grades keep you from being a magi then I'll never hear the end of it. I'll just have to study and get them up."

Negi looked at Asuna, his smile still remaining on his face.

"Sounds fair to me," he smiled.

Negi then stood up and held out his hand to Asuna. She sighed deeply before taking it and standing up. She brushed the sand off herself off and the two of them began to head back to the dorms. As they walked, Asuna adopted a small smile on her face. Negi didn't get to see it of course, but she was tempted to actually thank him. It wasn't everyday that someone actually wanted to help her like Negi did.


"There!" Asuna smiled victoriously. "I'm done! Grade 'em yourself!"

Asuan thrust the test she was working on in Negi's face as he was talking to Konoka. He wordlessly took them and began looking at them. After he finished, he sweatdropped and looked back at Asuna.

"Well, the scores are better than before...but," he spoke.

"But what?" Asuna growled.

"It's ten on one test Asuna," Konoka replied. "Not ten added together."

Asuna facefaulted. Sometimes there just wasn't any way to win.

To Be Continued

A/N: Hey everyone. I'm back and another chapter is up. I hope everyone enjoys it. Negi and Asuna get a kind of moment to themselves. Don't worry though, I haven't made any permanent pairings yet. I just thought that Asuna should have a moment with Negi to herself, even if she sort of hates his guts.