Darn Ice Skating!
(The Rewrite)
Written by Lija-chan

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Chapter 1
Loathing for Stuck-ups!

Eh…remind me again…what was I doing here? She wondered as she held the bars that's circling the rink.

"Fuuko-chan, are you ok?" the older woman asked her in concern.

"ah…eh…no, no…I'm fine!" she replied right away, waving her hands in front of her frantically…causing her to lose balance and slipped and hit her butt on the cold icy floor. "Itai—" she complained as she massaged her aching bottom.

The older woman chuckled with a smile, "Mou…be careful, Fuuko-chan." She spoke, giving the teen a hand to stand up.

"Hai, thanks, Yukino-san." She thanked her gratefully.

The woman just smiled, and then suddenly changed her expression to another. It was rather a worried looking one.

She noticed, and so she asked. "Yukino-san, are you ok?"

The woman snapped and looked at her with a forced smile, "Eto…nothing. I'm fine." She replied.

Fuuko raised an eyebrow, "There's something bothering you?" she asked.

She looked once more at Fuuko and smiled sheepishly. "I'm just a bit worried for my other student…that's all." She finally replied honestly.

"Oh…is that so?" she asked, "I'm sure she's gonna be fine." She spoke. Yea! Because, if something did happen to her, I'm sure she deserves it! Hmph! Considering how those other girls are snobs! She totally deserves something to happen to her. She wondered.

Yukino blinked at her and started giggling.

Fuuko blinked as well, "Eh! Did I say anything wrong?" she asked.

Yukino finished her giggling and smiled at Fuuko. "No, nothing at all." She held Fuuko's shoulder and started moving away. "We'll wait a little more for her." She said, still continuing her skating and not even bothering to look back at her.

Fuuko scratched her head. "Did I say anything wrong?" she asked herself, gripping at the bars…she just shrugged.


She sighed, "When is that other student coming?" she spoke with an impatient tone. "I bet she's enjoying pestering Yukino-san." She sighed exasperated. "Ah! They're all the same. I can't believe these rich snobs!"

She had had it! After trying to strike a conversation from the four girls on the other side of the rink, she had the idea that a lot of the aristocrats are the same as them four. She had overheard the four of them badmouthing her and Yukino-san…and she couldn't take it. The truth is, after hearing that…she wanted to polish the floor with their faces. It would be satisfying for her, but it wouldn't be satisfying for Yukino-san and her mother if they had found out that she had polished someone's face to the floor just because of something so small. To Fuuko it wasn't small though.

And to think…the real reason she's here was because her mother wanted her to act lady like…and yet…if they did find out she did something drastic…it's as if…this lessons would be a waste. Both for her, Yukino-san and her mother…she sighed exasperated about her thoughts while continuing her…uh…skating to the other side.

She had just gritted her teeth while trying to reach for the bar of the rink. She was still not far from the four, and so…she heard one of their conversations for the second time.

"Anyway…did you girls prepared for today?" Miyuki—the blonde haired one and possibly their leader—spoke.

"Hai!" all three replied in unison.

"Ok! Kumiko? What did you bring for our loveable senpai?" Miyuki asked the girl with pink hair.

"Ah, hai!" she showed it in front of the blonde. "Chocolates. Because, he looks as sweet as them..." she spoke with a dreamy voice and a sigh. All of them sighed as well.

"You Takani-san?" she asked the red haired girl.

She giggled, "You know how I love flowers right? I picked these in our garden." She said proudly as she sniffed the bouquet, then suddenly sneezed.

All three laughed at her, "Mou!" she huffed. "That's ok, Takani-san." The blonde leader said and the red head nodded.

"And you, Ryoko-chan?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

The said girl grinned widely…and finally, she showed hers. All three stared at it intensely. "Whoa…" all three voiced out in surprise.

It was a small velvet silver box. "What's inside it?" asked Takani.

"Guess!" the dark blue haired girl shouted out.

"Ah! A necklace!" Kumiko called out proudly. "No—" came the swift reply of the girl. "Aww…" she whined.

"Is it…a bracelet?" asked Takani in a sheepish voice. Ryoko pouted and shook her head simply. "Aww…" the girl whined as well.

"Eto…is it…an anklet?" Miyuki asked. All three looked at her… "What—?" the former looked at them.

Ryoko just shrugged, "apparently, all of you didn't get it right." Ryoko answered. "It's simple. It's a ring!" and she flashed the box open, revealing a golden ring with a humongous glistening diamond stuck on top of it.

The three looked at it in AWE…as if they're drooling over it, and wanting to wear it on their own finger. They were trying to get a hold of it.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" the dark haired girl shouted. "This is for senpai! I'm going to tell him to marry me!" she shouted in confidence.

All three looked at her as if she'd gone crazy. "Well, good luck with that." One said, "He's going to marry me…" the other muttered. "Yea…sure…" the other one spoke.

'Give me a break…' Fuuko thought.

"I'm going to confess to him! Ha! And he's going to go out with me!" Miyuki shouted out proudly.

At that last sentence…all Fuuko could do, was walk away (more like skate away) as long as she can't hear the mutterings of the four girls.

She sighed as she remembered the memory from an hour ago. "As if they can make that man fall for them if they did give him those things…" she raised an eyebrow. "And as if, when that Miyuki person confessed to him how much she loves him, he'd want to go out with her in an instant…" she muttered in disgust. "You have got to be kidding me!"

Yes, she detested those kinds of girls. That's why she never acted like them. She'd die before she could even act like one…she supposed.

She shrugged and rolled her eyes. "This is going to be a long day…especially since I'm going to spend it with those snobs." She sighed once more. I'd probably be dead by tomorrow…well…I hope not…or do I? she thought sighing for her nth time.

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