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Chapter 7
Bewildering Measures

Today was a peaceful afternoon. For most people…I guess. Well, classes had just ended minutes ago. But, nope, he's still at school. He's really ticked off at the moment; and he only had ONE reason why he's still in school. It was the fault of none other than that monkey—proclaimed leader of the Hokage; a ninja-wannabe and the only one in the group with a brain full of water. The Sea-monkey; as he would want to call him by his nickname.

He would have already been at his next destination right now if that good-for-nothing selfish leader—so he says—didn't just suddenly send him a message at the last minute.

He remembered the message sooo very well.

"Mii-bou, U nid 2 go 2 r clasrum a ticher nids 2 spik wid u abaut sumtin cant go gota help my anoyin dad wid sumtin.


Oh yes! He remembered the message quite well. When he read it at first glance he thought, what in the world does this mean? He thought to himself as he tried to decipher the txt-formatted words with creased eyebrows. (He was supposed to be the smartest in the Hokage, right?)

He read it once again. "That idiot." He muttered irritatingly after realizing what the message meant, as he glared at the message that only contained hiragana and katakana. "He could have used at least a kanji or two!" he hissed; stupid Sea-monkey. So that was the reason…

He looked at his wristwatch. "Kuso!" he cursed under his breath. "Sea monkey, you bastard…" he hissed, he ran to the second floor in a fast pace.

Dew drops of sweat had formed on his temple. This is definitely disrupting my schedule! He thought, running and running until he halted just in front of 1-C's classroom. This is their classroom. He glared at the closed door.

"Ah! Mikagami-kun, just the right person I wanted to see." The man spoke. Tokiya, as though by impulse, immediately looked at the man who spoke out of nowhere. I wasn't even able to sense him there…my concentration was disrupted? What in the world? He thought to himself. "You called for me?" he spoke politely, forgetting his thoughts.

"Well, Hanabishi-kun had said that you're very good friends with Kirisawa-san…" So it was Hanabishi? He thought. "So—" the man was continuing on.

He blinked at the middle-aged man in front of him, about to interrupt. "um…no, we're not—" he was about to say that he didn't really have connections with Kirisawa, or any of the Hokage members for that matter, but…the man cut him off with his laughter. He stared at the man with his mouth slightly open. Eh?

"Ahahaha! No, that wasn't what I was thinking, young man." He handed Tokiya a notebook with a smile. "Here."

He looked at the man with a raised eyebrow. "Huh?" he took the notebook with a questioning face. What did he mean by that? He wondered. He looked at the notebook, then at the man in front of him; after another glance at the notebook, he looked up at the teacher in front of him once more, "Sir, me and Fuuko-san are'n—" With squinting closed eyes and a smile, he planted his right hand over Tokiya's shoulder. "Yes, I know. You're just friends. Don't worry, I was not thinking of anything about you two." He waved his other hand in front of his face as if meaning to say "no"and shaking his head as well.

"Huh?" was what Tokiya can only mutter. He didn't quite understand this…teacher. Just what is he? He thought as he creased his eyebrows in a disgusted manner. What is he thinking? What in the world did he mean by that?!

"Well, you better leave that notebook at her house now, OK? Thank you so much for taking care of Kirisawa-san, Mikagami-kun. She's one of my wonderful students." He smiled, making his eyes squint once more. "I'll be off now." And with that, he walked off not looking back and turning just at the corner.

Tokiya stood wide-eyed for a second on the same spot. "What was that about?" he asked himself, then looked down at the notebook he held on his right hand.

He immediately took out his cellular phone and clicked speed call number 2. He waited until the other line rang. A voice spoke from the other line with an enthusiastic greeting. "Don't you 'hello' me, monkey!" he growled. "What was that teacher?!" he demanded.

- "Oh yea! I forgot to tell you! Okashiizu-sensei have always been like that…if he says something weird to you, don't let it get to ya! It's normal!" -

Normal for their class maybe, but not for me! He thought. "I suppose you're used to it coz your class consists of weirdoes…" he snapped at him, smirked and stared at the distance with bored eyes.

- "What'd you say, YOU!" he coughed, "Che!" he sighed. "Oh well…that's Mii-bou for ya…well, I need to go. Dad and I have work to do." Recca spoke. "OI! Recca! Quick and stop your yapping on that phone and help me here, you useless boy!" a voice of an older man was heard from the line. "Hai! Hai! Well, gotta go, man! Ja!" was what Recca said last and the line went dead. -

He sighed, still standing in front of 1-C. Another weirdo…how can I not get—

He blinked his eyes, realizing he was still standing in front of the closed classroom door; after much contemplating, he decided to open the door and made a quick peek inside the empty classroom.

He sighed once again when he witnessed it was dim inside and not even one soul was present. "No one." He murmured under his breath. Of course there was no one there! Classes were dismissed an hour ago. So the school was now deserted from most of the students.

He scanned the whole room, and then rested his eyes on a table just near the window.

It was the exact table of a certain purple-haired-monkey. How did he know? He was sometimes dragged in her classroom, by her—forcefully—of course, if she wanted anything from him, or if she has something she wanted to show to him…for reasons unknown to him. She was always doing stuff with him and he didn't really think anything of it, until now. Why couldn't she go and do it with Domon or Recca or Yanagi?

Well, he thought of Domon first coz he was certain she has feelings for that Gorilla. He was sort of disheartened by the thought and he didn't even know why. After all, he had seen her in many occasions where she shed tears just because Domon had gotten hurt during a fight, and he was so much convinced by the way she acted that he blinded himself that fact is that she really do feel the same way Domon felt for her.

Although…just the thought of Domon and Fuuko hooking up with each other kind of bothered him, and he didn't have the slightest idea to why he felt that way. But, he's the smartest of the Hokage, right? How come he can't seem to identify that unknown feeling he was currently experiencing at that moment? It wasn't like it's unknown to him, but he felt greater whenever he's around her, than when he's around Yanagi.

He creased his eyebrows towards the center just above his nose; shaking his head to get rid of the things he was currently thinking. There was no way he felt something for that purple-haired-incessant-idiot, Kirisawa Fuuko! Or…so he made himself believe…

He looked at the table near the window once again; he smiled to himself subconsciously. A sudden bright light enveloped the room. When it went clear…she was seating on that same place, facing another table, talking and laughing heartily, when she faced him at the door and she waved at him actively; "Mi-chan!" she called him with a big grin on her face. He smiled inwardly, not realizing once again.

The little illusion slowly vanished and the classroom was back to the empty room it was before; her voice of laughter still echoing in his mind, her voice that always called him with that stupid pet name she'd given him a long time ago. He always showed outward disgust whenever she called him that, but as time passed by, he learned to let her be and call him that anyway. What would he lose anyway, right? Certainly nothing. If there was, he would have stopped her from calling him that before it lasted this long.

He frowned as realized it was just an illusion he had just imagined a minute ago. What was THAT about? He asked himself, dumbfounded.

Maybe the saying was true…that 'once something's there you ignore it, but when it's not there, you start missing it.' He shook his head. Was that right? Did he really miss her? That can't be now, can it? He really didn't know what was happening with him.

Maybe it was just his delusions. That's what he made himself believe. His heart kept insisting it meant something deep; his mind kept bugging that it's just misapprehension. Which one should he follow? His heart or his mind?

Realizing he's been standing at the same spot for a whole half hour, he sighed to himself and walked out of the classroom, closing the door and walking away from the classroom. Maybe he'll think of that some other time. He was late as it is.


Fuuko reminisced on what happened yesterday. Her parents finding out about her getting suspended for a month…if you're asking me, a month's quite long…no, actually very long. But, even if she didn't like the idea of being away from school for such a long time, she thought maybe this could make her busy than be bored at home, molding like a bread.

She remembered how the gang was worried about her sudden change of actions that day too. She was never quiet, and even she knows that truth. Dang! Even Tokiya was worried. OK…well, she had a lingering feeling that he was worried about her—or so she thought, and that made her happy inside. If that was the truth…she was sure to have a heart attack because of shock.

What was more of a surprise to her was when she woke up that morning, she found out that her mother enrolled her for ice skating lessons, without her consent, making her go that same day! How? Remember that little paper with the directions on it?

Well, being as idiotic as she could be…there was actually something written at the back of the little paper—that she didn't took notice of—that Ganko handed to her. (And she actually called her mom, wasting a quarter in the process!)

"Kirisawa Fuuko, you better go to that ice skating lessons starting today!

4.00 pm sharp!

- Mom"

Was what was written on it; she felt a bead of sweat slowly flow on the side of her head. "Ah…I should go." She made a forced smile, and then a dead beat sigh left her lips.

And so! Here she was! Seating there and…doing nothing but wait…(im)patiently.

She was actually, at her limit now…Fuuko's not exactly a patient person. Even if you tell her proverbs like: "Patience is a virtue." Or "Patience is a nobler motion than any deed." Or "though patience be a tired mare, yet she will plod." Whatever that means; she can't help it if she broke down and shout, "When are you getting here?!" She would have probably done so…if only there weren't four freaky stuck-up-the-nose-princesses standing just a few meters away from her.

Well…the only proverb that made sense to her was, "Patience is the virtue for asses." That definitely made sense to her; and she let out a breath at that thought.

BUT, she probably misread that though, that little proverb was supposed to be, "patience is the virtue of asses." Expect Fuuko to misread things and just stick to them 'til the end.

She randomly tapped her foot on the floor, still wearing her skates, impatiently waiting for the last of Yukino's little—stuck-up—pupils. She sighed in exasperation. Damn it! Where is that person? Also…where is Yukino-san? She should be mad at this last person for being snobbishly late! She was furious. She thought Yukino-san was a very nice person…and yet, these five students of her didn't seem to care about her and her consideration that she gives to them. She thought it was cruelty to her kindness.

She clenched her fists in irritation. They piss me off. She thought irritably, a vein visible on her temple. A sudden bolt came in to her as she felt she needed to go somewhere and fast; she groaned and wrinkled her face.

"Fuuko-chan, is something the matter?" asked a voice coming from the side. She looked up and found Yukino walking towards her, also wearing her skates on.

Fuuko blinked, "Oh…I—where's the restroom? If ya don't mind me asking…" she smiled scratching the back of her head sheepishly. "Oh. It's over there." Yukino pointed to the other side of the rink.

Fuuko's eyes widened as she rested her eyes to the little corner just at the other side of the rink. Wearing skates would take forever for her to get there if she took the long way, and she actually needs to go quick before she pisses on her shorts…and that's a big problem, not to mention, big humiliation for a 16 years old young woman like her…what a disappointment, if the news ever came out to her mom, she'd be dead when she gets home. She was sooo sure.

So…she has to go there…through ice, and…she has to get there fast. "Ah…thanks, Yukino-san…" she forced herself to smile, the woman smiled back.

She stood up. "We'll be starting classes once you get back…" Yukino smiled once more, but then her face fell to a pout. "I was hoping my last student would get here quick…" she looked towards the door. Fuuko was already in front of the rink, almost ready to enter. "Huh?" she looked back at Yukino. "What's so important about her?" asked Fuuko, "we can start without her, right?"

Yukino made a hesitant smile, "well, true. We can…but I was actually doing something at the smaller rink because I needed to do something else…I was hoping that my top student can help you with—ah, Fuuko-chan, weren't you supposed to go to the restroom?" she looked at Fuuko with worry as the latter fidgeted on where she was standing on.

Fuuko forced a smile. "Ah…yea…I'll be back quick…" she finally entered the white rink and quickly—as she could possibly can—and surely skated towards the other side.

Happily landing on the other side with a satisfied smile, she ran for the corner and opened the dark door.

Yukino smiled at this. "I'll tell you once you get back…" she whispered; she heard a sudden sound of a door opening behind her and she quickly turned to face where it came from. Her face lit up as she saw the person she has been waiting for quite awhile now. "Ah! You're finally here." She sweetly smiled.

He stopped just a few feet in front of her, his breathing quite heavy. "Sorry for being late, Yukino-sensei." He bowed apologetically, his long hair swaying along with him.

A bead of sweat was visible on her temple, her hands raised in front of her chest as though in surrender. "Ah, it's fine, it's fine." She smiled. "I was going to ask a favor though…and I sure hope you don't mind." Yukino turned around and walked nearer the rink. She saw Fuuko finally out of the restroom and standing on the other side of the rink, looking at her…feet? Oh! And she made a sudden dive down, but she was able to see her purple hair from behind the opaque railing.

The man behind her just looked at her curiously. "I don't mind at all, Yukino-san…" he stated as he blinked at the woman's sudden strange behavior.

Yukino turned to face him once again, "great!" she was happy, very delighted; and it was clearly seen in her face.

"I want you to—"


"Hmm…I'm glad the floor in the restroom weren't slippery." She talked to herself as she tied the shoelace on her left skate. "I would probably slipped and peed on myself." She giggled at that and finished. "That would be bad…" she wrinkled her nose and tied the other shoelace. It took her half a minute to finish the other; she wanted to double-tie them both. Making sure they won't loosen again. "There…now I've double tied them." She grinned to herself. She was now ready to stand up…

"Excuse me?" a familiar voice came from above her.

She was about to look up as she stood up. "Huh?"


There was a sudden flash, her eyes were closed and she felt pain course through her forehead, her body rested on one of the benches. "Ow…" she held her forehead with her hand.

"Ugh…" the other voice whined as he held his nose in pain, his eyes almost in tears.

Fuuko felt dizzy for a second. That was quite an unexpected bump after all. "I'm sorry…" she was able to say aloud as she still had her eyes closed; standing up slowly, regaining posture.

"Stupid monkey!" he blurted out, glaring at her. Fuuko almost choked because of…air(?) Was that even possible?

"Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-CHAN?!" she gasped out…well, more like shouted out, actually; her eyes widened in shock. "Wha-what—you—eh?!" she asked in surprise, putting down her hand, her eyes still as wide as they could.

Tokiya still had his hand on his nose. "I should be the one to—ugh—ask you that!" he countered; still feeling the searing pain of his nose. "You're paying for my medical needs if you broke my nose!" he shouted at her. Fuuko just blinked. "I'm sorry…" she did not retaliate…and…that was WILLINGLY by the way.

Tokiya blinked at her. He checked if there was blood running from his nose; seeing none, he glanced back at Fuuko. "Ki—"

"MIKAGAMI-SENPAI!" a group of girls shouted a few meters from the side. Fuuko perked up, Oh! So it's him…huh? She thought as she remembered the girls were talking about a certain senpai of theirs.

Tokiya made a bored look. Great! It's them! He thought sarcastically to himself. He sighed and turned his head to face them and with a nonchalant voice, he asked, "What?" a venomous tone in his voice made the four flinch from where they stood.

Fuuko stifled a laugh and leaned on the railing and forward in front of Tokiya. Tokiya glanced at her. "What's so funny?" he asked with the same venomous tone.

She grinned widely, "nothing." And closed her eyes; the smile still graced her lips.

"Um…Mikagami-senpai," one of the girls from the four managed to say (more like stammer) something. If you've remembered what happened to Tokiya earlier, you would know why he's cranky. If NOT, you're in for a bad luck.

He turned to them once again, his eyes spelled 'murder', "WHAT?" his tone of speaking wasn't higher, it went lower actually, but it was deadlier than before.

Fuuko smirked at the four girls, staring at them with amusement. So now how can she propose to Mi-chan when he's this pissed off? She wondered in amusement as she still bent and rested her arms over the railing.

The girls smiled weakly, "we-we wanted to give you some things…" the one proclaimed as their leader, Miyuki spoke blushing pink, handing all the things. "Thi-this one…" she was handing the chocolate, "it's from Kumiko…" she declared with a scared tone.

"What is it?" he asked, raising his chin. "Tho-those are cho-chocolates, senpai…" Kumiko, the pink-haired girl replied reluctantly with a small blush. Tokiya immediately looked at the girl, he glared. "Sweets can cause diabetes and tooth decays. I don't want that." He muttered like a spoiled-brat. Fuuko rolled her eyes, her chin rested on her right palm, her other arm still rested on the railing; she sighed. Tokiya rolled his eyes at Fuuko and glared at her from the corners of his eyes.

The pink-haired girl's face turned blue and started to cry and sobbed and also sniffed at his declaration about not wanting the chocolates. "Wahh!" she placed her palms over her eyes and skated away. "Ku-kumiko!" the girls called for her.

Tokiya snorted. "Aren't you going to follow her?" he asked not-really-caring. "Well…Mi-mikagami-senpai…if you just take our gifts, then—" Miyuki started explaining about to hand him their gifts.

"Idiots!" Tokiya finally snapped. "Huh?" all of the girls, yes, including Fuuko gasped out. "Can't you use your brains?!" he growled at them.

The three girls that were left stared at him in fear, their eyes on the brink of tears. "Mikagami-senpai…" Miyuki whispered, the other girls whimpering in fear behind her.

Fuuko furrowed her eyebrows. "Mi-chan!" she shouted. Tokiya turned his face and glared at her. "What?!" he growled. She glared at him; he glared back equally.

She slowly smirked at him. "Eeeh? What's this?" she raised an eyebrow. "Mi-chan's pissed off and I doubt it's not only because I accidentally bumped your nose…" she teased. He harrumphed in irritation. "I was about to tell you something…" he reasoned then glared at the three girls standing in front of him, "…some people just had to interru—"

"Ma, ma, Mi-chan!" she grinned. "Let them do what they want!" she rested her chin on her palm once again. "They've been waiting for you here for quite awhile, you should appreciate their guts for facing you." She smiled at him sweetly. "Che!" he responded at her sentence crossing his arms over his chest. "Fine." He surrendered. Fuuko grinned with a teasing look visible in her eyes,what's this? Mi-chan going soft? She mentally laughed. This is somewhat fun. She declared mentally, with a mental victorious smile.

The three girls stared and blinked at the light (it was light to them, so it seems…) conversation that their senpai and the new-girl shared. Is she a nice person or just acting that way in front of Mikagami-senpai? Hm…even so, it doesn't change the fact that she still doesn't seem to have a nice style…or so they had thought with disgust.

"Weren't you going to give him the gifts, Mizuki-san?" asked Fuuko with a confident smile. "Ye-yes…here." She handed the chocolates, "that's Miyuki, by the way…" she corrected Fuuko then handed the bouquet, "whatever…" she murmured to herself while facing her with a smile; Fuuko waited for someone to hand Tokiya the last gift. Wait! Where's the velvet box? She asked frantically in her mind.

Fuuko confusedly stared at the gifts being handed to the tall bishounen. "Ah…" she blinked her eyes as Tokiya took the gifts reluctantly. "That's it?" she asked, as though knowing something was wrong. Tokiya stared at her with a raised eyebrow. She took them from Tokiya's hands, scanning for the small box. "Oi!" he creased his eyebrows at her. This…monkey… a vein was visible on his temple as he watched her do whatever she want with his gifts; his eyebrow twitching in irritation.

The three girls gasped. "Oi! You!" they shouted at her. Tokiya turned to face them and glared at them again. "I've taken them. Now…aren't you going to leave?" he asked quickly, not even a slight hesitation present in his voice.

"But…I, I was thinking of asking if…if…I could…" she played with her index fingers shyly.

Tokiya gritted his teeth, "if you're going to say something, say it already!" he growled in impatience. She jumped at the place she stood upon on and panicked, her companions did the same.

"Hai!" she stood properly. She fidgeted, "I wanted to ask…if you co-could go on a date with me…" she finally stammered the words out blushing deep red. Even though they were more like a whisper, luckily Tokiya was able to hear them clearly.

He rolled his eyes. Great! Another problem approached me today… he sighed irritably.

"Sorry…I have to decline." He said calmly. "Huh?" Miyuki gasped. "Bu-but…" tears were starting to form over her eyes.

He sighed; he needed to say it now before they start pestering him again. His hand held his temple and sighed—for the nth time, "Me and Fuuko-san have a lot of things to do…so please, would you?" his eyebrow twitched as he tried so very hard not to lose his temper at them again.

Miyuki bit her lower lip as tears finally filled her eyes; she placed her palms over her face and skated away sobbing. "Miyuki-sama!" the two shouted for her as they followed where she skated to.

Tokiya sighed in exasperation. I feel a headache coming on… he thought. He suddenly heard a rustling from his left side and turned to face it quickly. Fuuko looked up at him with widen eyes. "Wha-what was that about?" she asked stammering.

"Huh? What?"

Her eye twitched. "That conversation with them?" she asked.

"Which part?"

She narrowed her eyes. "The last part you said!" she pointed an accusing finger at him.

"Which is…?" he asked nonchalantly with a raised eyebrow, his hands resting on his hips. He was enjoying tormenting the purple monkey. He needed something that can cool off his growing headache.

"Don't play dumb, Mii-bou!" she continued pointing her finger, her temper growing impatient.

He sighed for the hundredth time that day. So much for it becoming fun… he wondered to himself.

"ANSWER ME!" she shouted, her face red…in anger, or something else…he didn't know. She was seated on the bench, her breathing heavy because of her temper.

Tokiya leaned closely at her using the railing that separated them from each other. "Ok, I'll only tell this once, so you better listen carefully, moron…" he stated at her. She nodded with closed eyes and a pout. "Fine, fine…" she opened her eyes suddenly, "HEY! You just called me moron!" she wrinkled her eyebrows towards the center of her forehead and gritted her teeth. He rolled his eyes, No DUH.

She continued to grit her teeth. "Ice block!"

He raised an eyebrow. "Idiot."

She narrowed her eyes at him dangerously. "Ill-tempered refrigerator!" she stuck her tongue at him.

"Manly monkey."

Fuuko widened her eyes and gritted her teeth madly. "GIRLY-MAN!" she exclaimed in anger.

Tokiya's eyebrow twitched in frustration. That's it!! He snapped for the second time that day. "At least I'm not a wild ugly monkey!" he shouted at her. Oh no! He did NOT just say that…he knows of all people that Fuuko does NOT like it when she's called ugly…

Fuuko cracked her knuckles loudly as she stood slowly from the bench.That's…it… she thought. She stood on the ice. Tokiya slowly backed away with a questioning-eyebrow. The volcano had just erupted.

"What now?" he asked a bit peeved.

She continued to walk towards him. She was murmuring words under her breath like, 'murder'; 'death'; 'Mi-chan' and 'stupid asshole'. It doesn't sound nice, huh? "What are you whispering now?" he furrowed his eyebrow at her.

A burning dark aura surrounded her as she readied her right fist. "Oi! Kirisawa," he called desperately. But, it seems the person he's trying to call cannot be reached. Please try again…later. Much, much later.

She raised her fist and finally, even the great Mikagami Tokiya wasn't able to dodge it. It hit him over his stomach and he choked in pain, as he held his abdomen and tried to still himself with the help of the railing. "Ow…" he was able to murmur out.

"You called me ugly…you…" she glared at him. She cracked her knuckles again, "want more?" she threatened. Tokiya coughed a fit. "No…no thank you, monkey." He surrendered by waving his right hand in front of her. How did it come to this? Tokiya wondered to himself as he continued to hold on the rail beside him.

"Ma, it seems you two are getting along fine." A female voice came from behind Tokiya, Fuuko looked surprise at the woman. "Ah! Yukino-san!" she brightly called. She smiled and skated slowly toward the older woman.

She grinned. "You could say that!" she happily declared, giggling happily, much to Tokiya's dismay.

Tokiya perked up and immediately turned his head towards the two women—one tomboy monkey and female human—as to Tokiya's perspective. What in the world?! His eyes widened unbelievingly towards Fuuko, who was heartily smiling at Yukino.

"That's great, Fuuko-chan." Yukino smiled sweetly. "Ahaha! Yea, it is, ain't it?" Fuuko laughed happily. Tokiya turned to her and rolled his eyes. Why you insufferable little brat monkey! He thought to himself infuriatingly.

Fuuko glanced at him and glared at him. Hehe…you won't get me easily, Mi-chan! HAHAHA! She laughed mentally. She smirked and let out a victorious tongue out at him. Loser! Kekekeke…

Round 1: Fuuko 1; Tokiya 0. She declared mentally.

"Well, Mikagami-san, have you told Fuuko-chan what you two must do?" Yukino broke Fuuko's happy musings. She blinked and stared at Yukino intensely. "What's that?" she asked stupidly.

Yukino giggled. "So you have not told her? All those times?" she asked curiously.

Tokiya was finally able to stand properly. He cleared his throat. "We had a bit of misunderstandings awhile ago." He lied. "Oh…I see." Yukino murmured.

"Yea! Those girls kinda interrupted before Mi-chan could say anything…" she smiled.

Yukino tilted her head to the side. "Mi-chan?" she asked. "Yea! Mi-chan." She pointed to Tokiya, who for some reason blushed pink in embarrassment. Gee…thanks. Now the whole world knows! No, you're just exaggerating there.

She giggled. "What a cute pet name. It's weird how you can be closed for such a short time." She giggled once again. Fuuko blinked her eyes and chuckled. "Haha! We've known each other since last year, Yukino-san." She stated with a huge grin. Tokiya widened his eyes. Now the whole world knows EVEN THAT! He wanted to slap his forehead, but resisted anyway.

Yukino gasped at the unexpected news. "Is that so?" she asked. "That's even greater!" she happily announced, clapping her hands together with glee. "I'll tell you now then, Fuuko-chan," she started. "Hai?" Fuuko asked and blinked her eyes; Yukino held her hands with a smile. She stared at the younger girl in front of her with an expectant look and a cheery grin. She giggled a few pitch.

Fuuko blinked her eyes at the woman in front of her. Why don't I feel good about this? She wondered to herself as she felt a current run pass her spine. This was definitely NOT a good sign. Not good…NOT one bit.


From a room not very far away from the largest rink of Yukino's Ice Skating School, four girls are seen sulking seated on the chairs. "Miyuki-sama," a girl with blue dark hair, Ryoko, called. "I see now why you didn't want me to show the ring and propose to Mikagami-senpai…" she continued sulking.

"Idiot." Miyuki shouted at her. "He would never say yes! I doubt he's that stupid to actually accept your offer…even if it was me…I know it's hard to accept…but he would most definitely reject every single girl that would pass him." She didn't really want to remind herself of the harsh truth, even if it was truly a fact.

"But, why won't he?" Ryoko complained. "I'm rich and beautiful!" she whined. "Shut up!" Miyuki shouted at her. "It's because of that attitude, that's why! You act like a spoiled-brat who gets whatever she wants!" she lectured. "Hmph!" Ryoko crossed her arms in front of her chest. "At least I wasn't rejected formally…" she pouted and looked away.

Miyuki gritted her teeth. "Why you!!" the other two girls stopped her from attacking the dark-haired girl. "Violent girl!" Ryoko accused her.

"Miyuki-sama! Stop, please!" Kumiko interrupted their argument. Miyuki did what she was told and stood still. "Hmph! Stupid." She muttered and walked to her seat.

"What did you say?!" Ryoko ran and tried to reach for Miyuki's hair. The two girls, yet again, stopped the other one from violently hitting other. The latter looked away with a proud pout, "who's the violent girl now?" and raised an eyebrow.

Takani, the red-haired girl stood between the two. "Now, now…stop fighting you two."

"Yea," Kumiko interjected. "Quiet, Kumi." Takani threatened. Kumiko bowed apologetically, "hai…" she pouted and did not say another word.

Takani flipped her hair. "Shouldn't we have any plan for that new girl?" she raised an eyebrow knowingly. "Like?" Ryoko asked. "Something that'll keep her from coming back here…" Takani replied.

Miyuki grinned. "I agree. That girl certainly wants to take our Mikagami-senpai away. Did you see how she flirted with him?!" her eye twitched angrily. That's a bit of a misunderstanding…I doubt these girls would listen to reason… "He was all over her!" she exclaimed with a disgusted face. (Now, that's not right…)

"She was trying to be comfortable with Mikagami-senpai…and…he easily relented!" Ryoko exclaimed in horror. "Ano…" Kumiko was trying to interrupt. All three immediately turned their faces to her and glared at her intensely. "Uh…never mind…" she gave up right away and did not say a word once more. She was always the outcast in the group…she doesn't even know why she's staying with them.

"We'll definitely have something plan for her…" Miyuki uttered. She chuckled evilly. "Just wait, you ugly new girl…" she proclaimed as a flash suddenly glinted from her grinning teeth. All three laughed evilly and once again, Kumiko was the one being left out. This time…she was actually glad she wasn't in it.

Poor new girl-san… she thought to herself.

- TBC -

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