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Chapter Three

Back at the mall...with Stan and Pashmina...

"Stan!! Don't you think this puppy is adorable?!" squealed Pashmina as she cuddled with a small brown and black spotted beagle who was licking Pashmina to its heart's content.

Stan didn't reply (in most words) for he was too preoccupied in looking at the ever changing chameleon in the large pet store. "Huh?"

Pashmina sighed as she brought out her pink striped wallet and brought out money to pay for the beagle puppy. "Here you go." she said as she gave the manager the amount of money the puppy was worth. "Ok! I shall name you...Molly, and you shall be mine, and you shall be my Molly! We should go to the pet store across the street!" smiled Pashmina as she began to leave the mall, so she could go to a larger pet store and buy a dog bed, puppy food, and a collar for her newly bought pet.

At the larger pet store...

Pashmina delicately carried around Molly as she looked at all of the different types of dog beds. She decided on a small pink circular dog bed, along with a pink dog pillow, and a light pink blanket. "Hehe, this should do for your sleeping requirements!" gleamed Pashmina as she bought the items. "Stan?? Hm... did I leave him?" She shrugged then began looking for a pink collar.

"How about this Molly?" said Pashmina as she showed her puppy the solid pink color. The puppy didn't seem to notice the collar so Pashmina decided against it. "I wonder what Stan is doing..." wondered Pashmina as she picked out a light pink collar with few slanted white stripes. Molly somehow noticed the collar and began chewing on it.

"Molly! Please don't do that! I haven't bought it yet!" Surprisingly enough, Molly obeyed Pashmina and was very quiet for the rest of the time.

As Pashmina was beginning to pay for the items, Molly jumped from Pashmina's arms and began running around the store. "Oh!! Molly wait!!" Pashmina shouted as her puppy ran through the isles. "I'll be back to pay for these!!" she said to the cashier as she ran after her small puppy. The cashier, along with some of the other customers, stared at the girl running after her dog.

Pashmina must've ran through the entire store at least 5 times before she caught up with her puppy. She spotted Molly's wagging tail behind an isle. As she began to near the dog, she heard, "Pashmina?"

She looked up to see Stan who was now holding her puppy. "Stan?" she tried to catch her breath. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

"Well, I heard you earlier at the pet store saying 'We should go to the pet store across the street!' So, I decided to get you here." answered Stan as he helped Pashmina to her feet. "So, did you get all the things Molly needed?"

"Uh what? Oh yeah! Oh my gosh! I forgot to go back to the register to pay! I'll be right back!" said Pashmina as she ran back to the cash register.

"Wait up! I'll help you!" said Stan as he put down Molly and began to run after Pashmina. Molly, thinking it was a game, ran after Stan who was running after Pashmina. The customers in the isles the three were passing by stared at the scene and wondered what an odd day it was.

Stan caught up with Pashmina who was already paying for the stuff she had bought. Molly caught up with the two but spotted a boy around 16 and ran up to him. "Okay Molly time to g- where's Molly?" said Pashmina as she gathered the brightly colored bags.

"She's right...here..." Stan said as he looked around. "Or not."

"Aww man! Not again!" complained Pashmina as she began looking for Molly once more.

"Well, I guess this time is should be easier shouldn't it?" laughed an unknown, but smooth voice from behind Pashmina. She slowly turned around, to find a smiling boy holding onto her fidgeting puppy. "I hope she doesn't escape anymore!"

Who is this boy? He seems familar... thought Pashmina as she gently took back her puppy. "I'm Pashmina and thank you so much." She quickly glanced at the boy's features, He's about 6', like Stan, his hair is honey colored, eyes, a gorgeous dark blue. He seems nice!

"Nice to meet you! I'm Antonio!" replied the no longer unknown boy. Stan soon ran up to Antonio and Pashmina.

"Oh good you found her!" smiled Stan. "Who's this Pash?"

"Oh this is-" she was cut off by Antonio.

"Antonio," he said as he shook hands (rather hard) with Stan. "You've got a cute girlfriend Stan don't let her go. You never know what might happen to her. Or her puppy!" he smiled as he reached out and petted Molly.

Stan's reaction was first, glaring at Antonio's hand that was near Pashmina's chest. That pervert! He might try to "accidently" miss Molly's head and touch Pash's chest!! Stan smacked himself (literally) to reassure his self that if that happened, he'd punch Antonio.

He got his posture back and smiled as Antonio chatted with Pashmina. "She's not my girlfriend, but she's my best friend!" said Stan as he put his arm arm Pashmina. He glanced down at his watch and said to Pashmina, "Hey Pash, what time did we have to go to the theater?"

"Um 2, why?" she replied. Her response was Stan showing her his watch which said 2:30. "What?! We're late!"

"Are you guys leaving now?" peeped in Antonio as he ran his hand through his short hair.

"Well, if you want, you could come with us!" smiled Pashmina as she and Stan began walking to Stan's hot red convertible.

"Would you mind?" wondered Antonio as he began walking towards his dark blue truck.

Stan mentally punched himself before saying, "Oh I'm sure they won't mind."

"That's great! I have nothing better to do so I'll join you guys!" shouted Antonio through his window.

Stan put his car in reverse and began backing up. "Do you like Antonio Pash?" said Stan as he began to put the car in drive.

"Stan, please. I barely met him today!" laughed Pashmina as she looked for a radio station. "Why? Are you jealous?" teased Pashmina.

"No, it's just, man... I can't think straight anymore!" replied Stan as he tried to keep both eyes on the road. Of course I'm jealous! he thought as he quickly looked over to Pashmina who was playing with Molly.

"It's just, I don't want you to get hurt." he finally said.

"Don't worry Stan! Besides, I want you to always be there for me!" smiled Pashmina as she looked out the window.

"Hehe good. 'Cause I'm not planning on letting you go soon!" happily replied Stan as he parked the car in the theater's parking lot. Just before he turned the car off, he put down the windows, then locked Pashmina's door and turned the car off. He then quickly ran over to Pashmina's door before she could start yelling at him. He unlocked her door and put his hand out, which she graciously took.

"Thank you good sir!" giggled Pashmina as she put down Molly (who fell asleep) in the seat. Stan then closed Pashmina's door as she waited for him. "Oh look! There's Antonio!" she waved as she pointed out Antonio waving at the two from a distance. She then grabbed Stan's hand and pulled him towards Antonio. "Hey Antonio!" she smiled as she greeted Antonio.

"Hey!" smiled Antonio. "So, where're your friends?" said Antonio as he looked around the entrance of the theater.

"Hmph. They left without us!" whined Pashmina. "Oh well. So do you two still want to watch a movie?"

"I have nothing better to do!" beamed Antonio.

"I'm driving you, so, what the hell." smiled Stan as Pashmina linked arms with both of the boys. The three decided on watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Stan didn't want Antonio trying anything on Pashmina so he took the middle seat between the three. I need to talk to Sandy... I don't want Pashmina to go out with Antonio! anxiously thought Stan as the previews were showing. "Hey Pash, let's get some popcorn?"

"Sure! We'll be back ok Antonio?" smiled Pashmina as she followed Stan down the stairs. Pashmina followed Stan out of the theater to the concession stand similarly to a puppy following its mother.

"What size do you want? I'll pay." said Stan as he looked at the candy and the popcorn.

"Um, let's get a large! Then I'll pay for the drinks 'kay?" smiled Pashmina.

"What can I get you?" asked the cashier.

"Um, I'd like two medium cokes and one medium lemonade please!" replied Pashmina as she took out her money. Simultaneously, Stan was ordering the popcorn along with two Buncha Crunches.

"That will be... $8.50." said the cashier to Pashmina. Pashmina gave the cashier a $10 bill and gathered the three drinks on a drink holder. "1.50's your change. Thank you for coming and enjoy the movie!"

"Stan, you ready?" asked Pashmina as she watched Stan gather the popcorn along with the Buncha Crunches.

"Yup! Now, let's go back." answered Stan as he carried the popcorn. This time, Stan was following Pashmina, until Stan opened the door to the theater. The two walked up the steps to their seats beside Antonio. "Did we take long?" asked Stan.

"No, the movie hasn't started yet, so you guys are just in time!" replied Antonio. Stan took his seat between Antonio and Pashmina and began munching on the popcorn.

"Oh I forgot, I got one for you Pash!" gulped Stan as he gave Pashmina one of the Buncha Crunches.

"Thanks!" smiled Pashmina as she reached for the popcorn.

Hm...these two are going to be harder to separate than I thought. Hm...I should think of something while we watch the movie. thought a rather irritated Antonio.

end of chapter three...

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