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Summary: J/E. Elizabeth and the crew have just rescued Jack (Cuz let's be honest. None of us care how he's rescued as long as he's rescued). Will Elizabeth be able to face both her guilt and her feelings for Captain Jack? Mostly Elizabeth's POV but I may occaisionally slip.

Authors Note: I haven't written a fanfic in a very long time but after seeing DMC (three times) this plot bunny just wouldn't get out of my head. I have about five chapters written so far and I'm working on the rest but I would dearly love to hear any opinions you might have so far! I know this chapter is short (most of them will be but I'll try to update every day.)

Wobbly-Legged, Rum-Swilling Pirates
(Working Title...not sure if I like it. Comments? Suggestions?)

"Heave men! Heave like you're bein' paid for it!"

Gibbs was shouting orders to the crew. The familiar sound grounded Elizabeth for a moment before she was sucked back into the present. They'd done it. After three months of searching they'd found Ja- Captain Sparrow. She couldn't say his name. Not even in her own mind. She'd dreamed of this moment every night since he'd...been gone.

'Not dead...not dead because if he's dead then I murdered him...'

They'd sailed to the end of the world and now they were only seconds from having their Captain back. He was floating in the water next to his beloved ship which they'd found, oddly whole, a week earlier. With each pull of the rope through the hands of his crew he was that much closer to being back where he belonged. The mission was complete.

And Elizabeth had no idea how she felt. She'd been as adamant as any of them, maybe more so, about finding him and had given little thought to anything else for the past three months. Will had not spoken to her much since that first night. He must have seen the kiss between the Captain and herself. She should have spoken to him about it but...she just didn't have the energy or the words to explain what had happened. No one but she and the Captain knew what had truly happened in those final moments between them and the guilt had kept her mind from thinking on much else.

That kiss... she'd never been so swept away by something so simple in her life. She'd felt...free, just as he'd promised she would if she ever came to his side. For a few breathless moments she'd forgotten what it was she was supposed to be doing. It was only when his back had hit the mast that she remembered... the crew, the kraken, what she had to do. She hadn't lied when she said she wasn't sorry. It was what had to be done. No matter what she felt for- no. There was no use going down that path- even in her own mind. Nothing could come of it. She was a governor's daughter- even if she was a bit of a fugitive for a moment. And he...he was a pirate.

Besides...she loved Will. The love they had for each other was pure- even innocent. It was the kind of thing girls dreamed of. Getting married to your childhood sweetheart. The sweet and handsome boy you know would do anything for you. It was certainly her childhood dream. But was it still what she wanted? She'd been avoiding asking herself that question since the Captain had given her that blasted compass. She wasn't a child anymore. Elizabeth knew Will was her first love. There was no question about that. But was he her true love?

Elizabeth shook herself. This wasn't the time to be thinking of such things. Not when they were so close to having him back. She could see hands now...covered in rings, gripping the railing. His hands. Elizabeth's heart pounded up into her ears as more and more of him was revealed. As he climbed over the rail his gaze immediately sought her out. He pinned her with his eyes and she was helpless to do anything but stand as the man she had sent to his death stalked toward her with an undefinable purpose in his eyes. He ignored the crew who were cheerfully welcoming him back. He sidestepped Will as he tried to block the Captain's path. He even ignored the sight of Barbossa, back from the grave and standing at the helm of His ship.

Elizabeth finally rid herself of the momentary paralysis when he was within arms reached and she practically jumped backwards, suddenly terrified to touch him. He was a man with a mission though and he continued to advance on her until her back hit the mast and she had nowhere to run. He continued toward her until there was barely an inch of space between there bodies, bringing his arms up on either side of her to rest against the mast and effectively caging her in.

"Elizabeth..." he spoke her name as though they were lovers, "I do believe you and I have a bit of talking to do."

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