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Will Turner stood at the cliff and looked out over the bay and the ocean beyond. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky with the sun reflecting off the sea as though they were one. He came to this overlook, often, always wondering if he would see a ship with black sails. He didn't, of course. They would be stupid to return to Port Royal, wanted by the crown as they were. Still, it had been five years since he'd seen the ship or any of it's crew and he wondered how his old friend and his first love had fared over the years.

He'd heard rumors of course. About a ship with black sails crewed by the most fiercely loyal pirates in the Caribbean and captained by a man who'd cheated death countless times. The rumors had grown to include a woman said to be as beautiful and dangerous as the sea itself who took her place beside the Captain in battle and in life. Some said she was the Captain's wife, others said she was just his companion, but she was included in the stories now. As much a part of the legend as he was.

Will often sought out the rumors, wanting to hear all about the grand adventures his friends were having. He'd heard fantastical stories that he knew he shouldn't believe but after the two adventures he'd shared with Captain Jack Sparrow he wasn't quick to judge.

In any case, he knew their lives were much more adventurous than his had been. He'd returned to Port Royal shortly after their last adventure ended and had pleaded for clemency. Surprisingly it had been Norrington who had helped restore his name. He'd told Will to consider it a gift from one ex fiancé to another. An uneasy friendship had formed between the two after that and Norrington often came by the forge for company whenever he was stationed in Port Royal.

Elizabeth's father had been returned to his place as governor shortly after Will's return. He'd also become a regular visitor to Will, always asking if he'd heard anything new of his daughter, if he was sure she'd truly turned pirate. He suspected the questions were more show than anything else by now as the governor had accepted long ago that he'd raised a very strange girl. He could see in the older man's eyes whenever he would retell stories or rumors he'd heard that Governor Swann was glad of his daughter's happiness even if it was in a way he disapproved of.

Will had married two years before, to a woman who lived in town. Once he'd thought it impossible to love anyone as much as he'd loved Elizabeth but Lily had captured his heart from the moment he'd met her with her soft eyes and beguiling smile. They'd had a child only a year after marrying, a boy they'd named Jack.

Will smiled as he pictured the shock it would bring to his son's namesake if he ever learned that little fact. The last time he'd seen Jack, he'd been beyond angry with him. The only thing that had stopped him from drawing his sword and killing him outright had been Elizabeth's love for the pirate. But time had healed all those wounds, leaving barely a scare in their place. Will knew Jack would not have stolen Elizabeth on purpose. He would've done everything he could to keep from falling in love. And Elizabeth wouldn't have been nearly as happy with him as he knew she was with Jack.

Will's life consisted of caring for his wife and son and running the forge, which had been left to him when Mr. Brown had died. And while he was happy in his life, he still found himself coming to this stone cliff a few times a week, the very place where he'd first kissed Elizabeth, back when he'd believed in the fantasy of fairytale love. He would look over the ocean, wondering what kind of life they were living, wondering if he'd ever see them again, until the sun set. Then he would go home to his wife and forget about them until the next time his feet led him to the cliff.

This night would be no different. After a few moments of scanning the clear waters he turned to make his way home. Passing by his forge on his way, he was shocked to see two hooded figures huddled near the doorway. He thought about simply continuing on, the forge was locked up tight and he knew they couldn't get in but something about their postures made him pause. After a moment of staring, he made his way over to them.

"Can I help you with something," he asked, startling them from their conversation.

When the figures turned toward him, allowing him a glance at their shadowed faces, he drew in a shocked breath, "What are you two doing here? You could be arrested!"

Glancing around to make sure no one was around he quickly unlocked the forge and ushered them inside. They removed their cloaks immediately, turning to face him as he shut the door behind him. Will stared at them, blinking to make sure he wasn't imagining things. They were still there. Jack and Elizabeth. Jack looked no different. He was untouched by time and not for the first time Will found himself wondering how old the legendary pirate Captain was.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was quite changed from the last time he'd seen her. She was still dressed in men's clothes but instead of hiding her figure they enhanced it. The shirt was open at the neck, showing hints of her curves, and the breeches were much tighter than the ones she'd wore before. Her skin was tan, closer to Jack complection than the proper young lady she'd been brought up as and her hair had lightened to a golden blonde, bleached by the Caribbean sun.

There was both a cutlass and a pistol strapped to her waist along with a money pouch. She didn't seem to be bothered by the weight of these items, moving freely and gracefully as she and Jack made there way further into the room. As she stopped in a pool of fading sunlight he noticed she had beads and other trinkets braided into her hair on one side, no doubt due to Jack's influence. The freedom that blazed in her eyes convinced Will even further that she'd made the right decision. Piracy suited her.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, none of the three knowing quite what to say after five years of separation but it was quickly broken as Elizabeth flung her arms around Will in a friendly embrace.

"Elizabeth..." he breathed on a laugh, returning the simple embrace warmly. "It's been so long. It's so good to see you again."

"It's good to see you as well, Will. I've missed you so."

Jack spoke up then, "Alright now that's enough of that. Kindly stop pawing my wife."

It was said with a teasing note in his voice and Elizabeth pulled away from Will, giggling and swatted her husband's shoulder.

Will smiled at the affection between the two, "So the rumors are true? The great Captain Jack Sparrow is married."

"Aye," Jack nodded, "The wench would have it no other way."

Elizabeth swatted her husband again, harder than before, "Wretch. I would remind you that it was you who proposed to me."

Jack opened his mouth to retort but Will interrupted, getting the distinct feeling that they could keep this little argument up for hours, "I wasn't sure if I would ever meet up with you two again."

"Weren't rightly sure we'd be welcome, mate," Jack replied, both him and Elizabeth peering at Will questioningly.

Will shook his head, "It's been five years, Jack. Or course you're welcome. Lily doesn't believe me at all when I tell her of our adventures together."

"Lily? That'd be the little wifey, am I right?" Jack asked.

"How did you know I was married? Surely there aren't rumors flying around Tortuga about me as there are about the two of you?"

"My father told us," Elizabeth answered, smiling.

"Your father? You've been to see him?"

Will wondered briefly how that would be possible. Elizabeth's father was always surrounded by servants or Naval officers. It would be nearly impossible to get the man alone. He shook his head to rid himself of the worry. They were Jack and Elizabeth Sparrow, after all. Together there probably wasn't much they couldn't do.

"Ah yes, dear ole Papa," Jack sighed sarcastically, "That was a trip I could 'a done without."

"Jack darling, do be quiet," Elizabeth turned to Will, "He's just sore because father threatened to have him hanged again."

Jack huffed and Will was hard pressed to smother the laughter that threatened to burst out at the Captain's antics. He really was the strangest man Will had ever met.

Elizabeth continued to ignore her now pouting husband, "So you own the forge now, Will? I saw that your name was now on the sign."

Will nodded, "Mr. Brown left it to me when he died a few years ago, since he didn't have any sons. I'll be leaving it to Jack someday, assuming he wants to be a blacksmith."

Captain Jack looked startled at that and he and Elizabeth exchanged confused looks, "Uhh... that's very flattering son but I'm afraid it'd be rather difficult to captain The Black Pearl from here."

Will laughed, "Not you, Captain Sparrow. My son, Jack."

The look on Captain Jack's face as he processed this information was quite possibly the funniest thing Will had seen in his entire life. The man looked completely dumbfounded, his mouth gaping open like a fish and his eyes growing wider than was natural. Elizabeth looked a bit shocked as well, but she hid it much better than her husband.

"Your son- Jack? As in...Jack is his name? His name after-" Jack seemed to be having a lot of trouble letting this information sink in.

"Yes. Jack, my son. Who is named after you, Captain Sparrow."

Jack made a strangled noise of disbelief and Elizabeth snorted, an inelegant sound. After blinking in surprise at the unladylike sound, Will found himself snickering along with her.

Jack was still having trouble grasping the concept, "You named you son after me?" he sputtered, "A pirate? A pirate who stole your fiancé?"

Elizabeth huffed, "You didn't steal anything Captain Sparrow. It was my choice to make."

She seemed to feel badly about that statement once she'd said it, looking to Will for any signs of pain. He showed none, only grinning at her, at peace with the events of so many years ago.

Jack didn't notice the exchange at all, "Yes, yes luv. Of course it was your choice but that is not the point! Young Mr. Turner here has...well he's..."

Elizabeth arched an eyebrow, looking oddly similar to her husband, "Jack for pity's sake let it go," she looked back at Will, "How old is he?"

Will smiled proudly, thinking of his son, "Nearly a year. He looks like his mother."

Jack grinned, apparently over his shock, "Well that's a relief."

Elizabeth glared over at her husband, "Exactly how many times am I going to have to hit you in one night? Behave yourself."

Jack merely shrugged and Elizabeth looked apologetically to Will, "Please ignore him. He loses what little tact he has when he's off The Pearl for more than a few moments."

Will chuckled, "It's fine, Elizabeth," he assured her inquiring, "So do you have any children yet?"

From the blanched look that appeared on Elizabeth's face and the way Jack suddenly found the floor interesting, Will knew he shouldn't have asked. Three years ago he'd heard a rumor that Elizabeth was pregnant. The man who'd told him said that late one night The Pearl had been ambushed and that a tragic wound during the battle had not only taken that child but any chance for another.

"I'm sorry," he started, unsure, "I'd heard once...I had hoped it wasn't true."

Jack stepped up behind Elizabeth, cradling her in his arms and whispering something to low for Will to hear into her ear. The strangely domestic moment made Will feel like an intruder and he looked away. It was odd to see Jack Sparrow being so tender with someone. Will hadn't thought the pirate Captain remembered how to be gentle. He could see that they had a very strong relationship, though. While they had been through tragedy, he could see that they loved each other. For the first time Will was more than just content with Elizabeth's choice, he was happy for her.

The woman of his thoughts abruptly cleared her throat, snapping his attention back to her, "It's alright, Will. It was a long time ago. I just...I hadn't realized that it had become part of the legend now. I was surprised is all."

Will reached out to touch her shoulder, "I truly am sorry, Elizabeth. You as well Jack."

Jack gave a nod and a small smile but Will got the impression that the Captain had not healed nearly as much from the tragic blow as Elizabeth had.

"'S alright lad. All in the past as the lady said. We should be getting back to The Pearl, though."

"No," Will started, not wanting them to leave on such a somber note, "You must join Lily and I for dinner."

Elizabeth looked hesitant, "We wouldn't want to intrude, Will..."

Will shook his head, "Nonsense. I insist. Lily will never believe me if she doesn't see you two for herself. And she'd never forgive me if I didn't give her the chance to meet the infamous Captain and Mrs. Sparrow," he ended grinning.

The opportunity to brag made up Jack's mind immediately, "Well, we can't have that, can we? Come Lizzie, luv. It's time to corrupt the innocent with our tales of pillage and plunder."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at her husband, shaking her head at Will, "Thank you, Will. We'd love to meet your wife and little Jack. Besides for all it's merits, living on a ship doesn't afford the chance for quality food very often."

"Lead on Mr. Turner," Jack waved his arm extravagantly.

Will laughed, opening the heavy door and glancing around before motioning them to follow him, "Perhaps on the way you can tell me how you managed to defeat Jones. I'm sure he was rather angry when he realized you were alive again..."

"You mean you haven't heard?" Jack asked aghast.

Elizabeth winced playfully, "Now you've done it, Will. He'll be going on and on all night."

"Hush woman. The lad asked didn't he? He wants to know and I would not deny him this story. You see Will, it happened like this..."

Will's laughter echoed through the quiet streets and as Jack regaled him with the unbelievable tale of how they'd stolen the heart back from right under Beckett's nose and bartered it for freedom from Jones. It was an exaggerated tale no doubt, but it was pure Jack.

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