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For the Love of an Elf By:



Tracey Vadit knew she was different from all the rest. She was not too pretty and not overly smart. She was quiet and most often times stayed in her room either studying or writing stories or poems. Those who knew her knew that she was a very kind and caring person; below the surface however was a beautiful spirit that very few people saw.

The people that could see her spirit were her best friend Anna, her boyfriend AJ and her friend Sam (who has grown to be more of a big brother than a friend).

Tracey was not into sports but more into fantasy books, especially The Lord Of The Rings a series by: J.R.R Tolken. She felt especially drawn to the character Lord Elrond. She even felt that she could fit in Middle Earth because she was 5 feet 4 inches with sandy blond hair, a pale complexion (that held a nice tan when she got sun) and weighed about 150 pounds.

Tracey was nearing the end of of her Sr. Year of High School and getting ready to start her summer before she went for her dreams of becoming a writer in college. Little did she know that this summer held some surprises that would change her life - forever.