Chapter Nine---Sell My Soul

Riku stared out at the crowd that had gathered. They swaying with the melody that had begun, the one Leon had written for Riku's song. His breath hitched in his chest. This was so important to his group…what if he screwed it up? What if they weren't they hit everyone thought they'd be? Riku closed his eyes, shaking his head before looking at Cloud one last time. Blue eyes meet aquamarine for one excruciatingly long second before Riku began to sing, Leon and Cloud softly filling in.

I crawled out from the pain of yesterday, I crawled to you andI said all the things that you said to say, I have said enough?

Do you like it yeah, yeah, Do you like it yeah yeah

Riku opened his eyes to see the crowd still swaying, bouncing to the beat that was steadily growing heavily, more lively. He risked another glance at Cloud who looked at him with a confused frown. Riku offered him a wavering smile before he continued.

I know why you play these dirty games, they're killing me andI know how you love to watch me beg, well, here I am.Do you like it yeah, yeah? Do you like it yeah, yeah?

Riku stepped back and let Leon's rougher vocals take over while he kept up the main, driving melody. The crowd was cheering and yelling and Riku's heart pounded with excitement. Maybe this would work after all, maybe, he still had hope. He didn't look at Cloud again for the rest of the song, but he could feel those blue orbs boring into his skull. He just couldn't bear to turn and see rejecting in Cloud's eyes.

I don't wanna be a puppet for you, I don't wanna bite the hand that's feedingI don't wanna be a sucker for you, oh yes you…I hate myself for beggingI hate myself for staying, I hate myself for listening to you…

It's too little too late, well I can't escapeSo I'm beggin' you pleaseI changed all the things that you told me to change,Now I'm on my knees…

The chorus took over and by this time, the crowd began to sing along, badly and off key but it filled Riku and the rest of False Pretense with exhilaration. They were doing it, they liked the songs and they liked the band. This was going to work!

I just wanna get out, stuck inside of thisWaiting for something else, waiting to existCan you offer me help, help for what I missed, I missed?

As the song faded, the crowd erupted into a roar of cheering and applause. Riku meet Fujin's eyes and she nodded at him with a slight smile. They'd done just fine. Now all they had to do was keep it up. Riku took center stage again and introduced Cloud. Cloud took the mic and spared a glance to Riku's retreating form before he took a rather large sigh and began to speak.

"This song is called, "Made of Steel" and I wrote it for my best friend. I hope he likes it." Riku stared at the blonde, almost forgetting to play as Cloud began to sing in that focus shattering, ground shaking tenor voice.

I can be anything that you want me to be, a punching baga piece of string, that reminds you not to thinkWell, I found the note down in your car, it's not your fault it gets this hard

Hold your head high, don't look downI'm by your side, I won't back downYou wanted a hero tonightWell, I'm not made of steel…But your secrets safe with me

The world tilted and swayed. Was Cloud saying…did he really mean… Riku looked up just in time to see Cloud turn to him with a smile, throw him a wink and continue belting out the heartfelt lyrics, charming the crowd with little effort.

I can be anything that you want me to beA holy cross, some sympathy that reminds youHow to bleed…They found the note down in your carYou climbed up here to fall apart…

Leon took over for Cloud's vocals at this point, seeing the blonde put down his guitar, grab Riku and kiss him roughly, right there in the middle of the stage. Needless to say, the crowd went absolutely crazy. They cheered wildly but their raucous was drowned out by the roar that filled Riku's ears when Cloud's lips crashed on to his. Cloud broke away just in time to finish the song, playing lyrics tag with Leon's headier tone.

They knock you down…I'll pick you upThey laugh at you… I'll shut them up

Well, I'm not made of steelWell, I'm not made of steelI'm not made of steel…but you're secrets safe with me

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