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Casey mourned the loss of her innocence for days. But she wasn't really mad at Derek. She was more angry with herself for losing control.

"I'm easy," she said into her vanity mirror as she brushed her long chestnut-coloured hair. She frowned. She had just thrown herself at Derek just like she was one of those slutty girls in school that she hated so much.

"You're not easy," came a sudden voice, causing her to snap her head around. Derek was standing at in her doorway, leaning against it, watching her every move intently. "You're. Not. Easy," he repeated now that her eyes had met his.

She opened her mouth to refute his words, but he silenced her by raising a hand.

"Case, you're the most difficult, stubborn person I know. Well, besides me," he gave a sheepish grin as he sat down on the corner of her bed.

"I practically threw myself at you," she snorted in self-disdain, her cheeks reddening at the thought.

"You did not," Derek responded. "It's my fault."

"You mean because 'whatever Derek wants whatever gets'?" Casey's eyes narrowed.

Derek shrugged. "I can get very persuasive if I want something that badly."

"And you wanted me that badly?" a thin eyebrow arched high on Casey's forehead.

Derek studied her. The flawless smooth skin of hers. Her pouty ripe lips. Her wide blue eyes and disbelieving expression. "Want," Derek corrected her. "I want you that badly, Case."

Casey blinked several times before her expression turned hard again. "You already had me, Derek," she sneered. "What, like you haven't told all of your hockey buddies yet? Am I the locker room joke yet?"

"I didn't tell a soul," Derek replied honestly. "Not one person."

Casey bit the inside of her cheek. She had been so sure he would have told everybody by now. Including Sam.

But Sam hadn't called to dump her yet. And Emily hadn't rushed over, demanding explicit details.

"I'm not going to be one of your girls, Derek," Casey said indignantly.

"How about you just be my one girl then?" he asked softly.

All of the air rushed out of Casey's lungs at that. She looked for any hint, any sign that Derek was joking. That he was setting her up or something. But his expression looked completely honest and truthful.

"What?" Casey's voice came only just above a whisper. "What did you say?"

"I realised it that night you were crying in my arms," Derek said. "I should have seen it before. I thought I would be satisfied if I just had you that once. That I could get rid of the way I feel around you. I thought it was just lust…" he trailed off, looking deep into her eyes, making sure she understood what he was trying to convey to her. "But that's not it."

"What is it, then?" Casey breathed, lost in the depths of his brown, suddenly soulful eyes.

Derek looked away from her. This part was hard. Too hard. He had never actually said this to another girl. "Please… don't make me say it, Case. You know."

"No, I don't know," Casey insisted, making her way towards him. She sat down on the bed next to him, so close that they were nearly touching. "Tell me, Derek."

"Casey, I can't…" Derek croaked.

"Please," she grabbed his hands, forcing him to look up at her. "Please, Derek," she said gently.

"I've fallen in love with you," Derek whispered, so softly that Casey could almost swear she had imagined it. But the look on Derek's nervous face confirmed that she had not been hearing things.

"You're lying," she spoke carefully. This was not the Derek Venturi she knew. The one she fought mercilessly with; the one who went out with a different girl every night—never the same one twice. It had to be some kind of sick joke to toy with her fragile teenage heart.

"Casey, I don't lie."

Casey gave him a "who are you kidding!" kind of look. Puh-leease!

"Okay, okay, I do lie… occasionally," he said sheepishly. "But not about this kind of stuff. Never about this." He looked into her blue eyes. "I don't just go around telling girls I'm in love with them."

"Why me?" she asked hoarsely, trying to slowly accept this extremely overwhelming news from her stepbrother.

"I wish I knew," Derek sighed. "Out of all the girls," he shook his head to himself, "of course it had to be the one girl I'm not supposed to want."

"Maybe that's all it is," Casey looked away from him. "Maybe you just want me because you can't have me."

"That's what I thought, at first," Derek explained to her. "That's why I've been… obsessing over you. And when we slept together, I thought that this whole thing would be over and I could stop thinking about you 24/7. That I could stop hating Sam for being with you. And cursing my dad for marrying Nora."

He looked down at his hands. "But it didn't work. I still think about you all the time. I still get physically sick every time I see you and Sam together. And I still wish that my dad had never married your mom."

Casey just stared, her mouth slightly ajar as she took in all of this. It was all so hard for her to swallow. "I thought you hated me," she said slowly after a few minutes of awkward silence filling the air.

"I never hated you," Derek said, looking back up at her. "I tried to, so I wouldn't want you anymore. But I couldn't. I can't."

Casey stood up, suddenly feeling the desperate need for some air. She walked over to the open window of her bedroom and looked outside at the setting sun. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath of the fresh Canadian air, she asked softly, "What do you want from me, Derek?"

And Derek stood up, walking towards her.

Game over, he thought to himself.

"You," he replied, gently taking her hand. "Just you."

the end :-) hope you all enjoyed!