I purposely skipped over the first three episodes of the season so not to mess up what has already been scripted and shot in the real series. I recommend printing the episodes so you can read them at your convience. Also, if you want you can skip over episodes by reading the summaries at the bottom for the next episodes.

Summary: The Dragonfly Inn receives a tip that a Donald Trump-type company bought the old Independence Inn building and will most likely bring their Inn out of business. While Sookie and Michel panic, Lorelai sends Kirk undercover as a "Spy" to get as much info as he can. Of course this is Kirk we're talking about here so things go not as planned but in the end, Lorelai gets the info she's looking for. What they find out is that there's no way their inn can stand up against the new threat so Lorelai seeks help from the Mike Armstrong. Meanwhile, Luke who has been staying with Anna and April is starting to feel unwelcomed because he's butting into their daily routines. When April comes home to inform Luke that Freddy asked her to a dance, Luke gives his supoort… without Anna's consent and that of course results in huge blow-up between the three of them. What happens after, causes Luke to have to call Lorelai for help. Rory received a letter from Logan, which frustrates her so to show him that she can have a life of her own, Rory accepts an offer to a dance with Marty. However, we all know that dances have a way of having things unexpected happen.

Here is what happens in the episodes previous to it and may be different then the tv version.. it starts taking place of episode 2.. In my version; Rory is still having a long-distance relationship with Logan, Taylor was behind the wheel of the Thunderbird when it went through Luke's, Kirk is still working in real estate, Luke's Diner's entire front window is smashed and so is a lot inside, after the situation in 7.01 with Lorelai in,( Luke doesn't even TALK to Chris until my episode 6) in my version Luke runs to stay with Liz and TJ for a couple of weeks, then after not being able to take it anymore he returns to the Diner to start reconstruction when Emily who had heard about his and Lorelai's parting yells at him for ruining another family, after that Luke decides to leave and stay with Anna/April for a while, it works out well at first but then Luke and Anna come close to pulling a Lorelai/Chris thing but Luke realizes it at the last minute and then everything starts going downhill from there. Meanwhile, Lorelai and Chris try a relationship but Lorelai is still hurting from the whole Luke thing, she still can't trust Chris 100 and in the previous episode to this one; Chris goes with GiGi to Europe for an important business meeting and then to set up a divorce with Sherry. Also, nothing really happens with Lane yet and Ceaser went to cook for another restaurant. This episode replaces 7.04.

Also, if you haven't watched GG seasons 1-6 then there are a lot of spoilers here. If you think that everything in this story is a spoiler then please stop reading it because I put my heart and soul into writing this and I would rather hear about the feedbacks on the contents itself rather than the spoilers thing

Also, I gave Michael an accent because I wanted to actually hear his accent as he says lines. For his accent, I doubled consonants and added an extra e at the end of the words to make the "a" sound at the end without affecting the vowels inside the word. The characters here are not mine so I don't own them but I do use them here in the stories so I'm giving a brief shout out here stating so. One of my biggest problems is spelling especially Celebratity and famous people's names but I try to spell it how it sounds so you get the point of who I mean.

"Taking Responsibility Without Being Responsible"

Lorelai picked up her house phone as barking noises rang throughout the house.

Rory: "Hey mom, it's me Rory,"

Lorelai: "Hello sweetie, you have great timing,"

Rory: "What's with all the barking I hear in the background?"

Lorelai: "Oh, Paula Abdula is here again,"

Rory: "What? So not only do you come home with a stray dog but a drunken celebrity too?"

Lorelai: "No, not THAT Paula Abdula,"

Rory: "Okay, you've lost me,"

Lorelai: "You see, about a month ago this female stray dog started to come by. Every time Paul Anka spots her, he barks his head off because apparently he's afraid of female dogs and for some reason all the barking gets her excited so she runs around the front yard, eventually she runs into a tree and then runs off into the sunset. So I named her Paula Abdula,"

Rory: "Appropriately named,"

Lorelai looked up to see Paul Anka done barking through the window and he went to the couch to lay down.

Lorelai: "Yup, relationships sure are exhausting… even for dogs,"

Theme music Lorelai arrived at the Dragonfly Inn to see Michel in a panic and Sookie starting to look panicked too.

Lorelai: "What's going on here?"

Michel: "It'z horrible! Simply horrible! Awful!" (translation: "It's horrible! Simply horrible! Awful!")

Lorelai: "Enough of the suspense Scarlet O'Hara, just tell me what is so bad,"

Michel: "Well you see, de oth'r day one of de forme co-workers from the Chic-Inn…" (Translation: "Well you see, the other day one of the former co-workers from the Chic-Inn…")

Sookie: "The Calvin Klein Inn that he worked at after the Independence Inn closed down"

Lorelai: "The one where he kept on talking to Janet Jackson on the headphones. Right…"

Michel: "He callede because he heared rumerz of someting datte if wuz true would gutte de Dragonfly Inn likea fish," (He called because he heard rumors of something that if was true would gut the Dragonfly Inn like a fish,")

Lorelai: "Okay Mr. Overdramatic, skip over the hysterics and get to the point,"

Michel: "Darre iz a grouppe of Hotel ownerz dat haffe startad gahering strengge in de Northern New England Statez. Th'y build big, expensif innz to push oth'r smaller innz outuf biznez and den dey buyye de property to sell to independant ownez datte take partin de company. In oth'r words dey invade oth'r innz likke Germany," (translation: "There is a group of Hotel owners that have started gathering strength in the Northern New England states. They build big, expensive inns to push other smaller inns out of business and then they buy the property to see to independent owners that take part in the company. In other words they invade other inns like Germany,")

Lorelai: "Or the Spanish Inquisition,"

Michel: "Whatte?"

Lorelai: "Nobody suspects the Spanish Inquisition,"

Michel: "Diz iz no timme to be funny! Now dey have their eyez on de old Independance Inn," (translation: "This is no time to be funny! Now they have their eyes on the old Independence Inn,")

Sookie: "No, no it can't be true. It's just a rumor… right?"

Michel: "Wrong, I went by therre to investigate mysef an I ran into an oldde enemy of minne who confirmedit to mea," (translation: "Wrong, I went by there to investigate myself and I ran into an old enemy of mine who confirmed it to me,")

Lorelai: "Who did you talk to?"

Michel: "Datte fat rat Tobin. He iz going to be de manage of de new inn," (translation: "That fat rat Tobin. He is going to be the manager of the new inn,")

Sookie: "Tobin? Sweet, helpful Tobin? No, he wouldn't do that…"

Michel: "He would an he didde! He felt likke we betrayed him by not including him wid de Dragonfly Inn, so he decidad to turnne traitor!" defended Michel. (translation: "He would and he did! He felt like we betrayed him by not including him with the Dragonfly Inn, so he decided to turn traitor!")

Lorelai: "Okay, Michel we believe you! Just calm down. Now we can't get ourselves all worked up over this whole hotel thing until we actually have proof. What we need is to get inside there to see if and what they're really up to,"

Sookie: "But who will go? I mean Tobin would recognize all three of us,"

Michel: "What we needde iz someone totally oblivious who can sneakke inne an come out wid de info," (translation: "What we need is someone totally oblivious who can sneal in and come out with the info,")

Kirk: "Lorelai, good you're here. Boy do I have a new product for you…"

Kirk entered the scene carrying a bottle with something disgusting and green.

Sookie: "Kirk, we're a little too busy panicking to deal with you right now"

Lorelai: "Kirk, why are you back to selling things again? What about your Real Estate job?"

Kirk: "Oh well, I showed a client a house and she bought it… but it collapsed on her and she threatened to sue me, so my license was revoked. If only I had inspected the foundation… anyway so now here I am ready to show to you my best product idea ever,"

Lorelai got "that look" in her eyes and she turned to Kirk with well… a smirk.

Lorelai: "Say Kirk, how would you like a job?" she began.

Both Sookie and Michel now have horrified looks on their faces.

"What?! NO!" they shouted in unison.

Lorelai: "I know that I swore I would never give Kirk a job around here but just trust me on this"

Kirk: "A job? Really?"

Lorelai: "Yes, Kirk a job. But it's top secret. So we need someone who we can trust to do it,"

Kirk: "I can be that someone… as long as I haven't eaten anything with sugar in it, it makes me hyper and things just slip out,"

Lorelai: "Then PLEASE don't have anything with sugar in it if you decide to take this job,"

Kirk: "What does this job entail?"

Lorelai: "Well, you have to play spy for us."

Kirk: "Spy?"

Lorelai: "Yes, you have to go under cover like on Miami Vice, go to the old Independence Inn, find out what's going on there, join their group meetings, and come back with as much information and paperwork as you can get. So do you think you can do it?"

Kirk: "Spy on the Independence Inn?"

Lorelai: "Yes to save the Dragonfly Inn. You like us and the Dragonfly Inn, right? We REALLY need someone to take this very important, risky job and help us,"

Kirk: "Yes, to save the Dragonfly Inn I will spy on the Independence Inn!" declared Kirk.

Lorelai scolded him: "Kirk! You have to keep this a secret! No one can know that you're doing this!" she shouted at him.

Kirk: "Oh, right. Sorry. I'm going to go home and get ready to spy!" he whispered excitedly and then ran out.

Lorelai turned to Sookie and Michel who had weird looks on their faces.

Lorelai: "Don't worry, it'll work out you'll see. Even KIRK can't screw this one up,"

Sookie turned to Michel: "I bet you twenty dollars he goes in a spy costume,"

Michel turned to Sookie: "Damn, den I bette you thiry dollurz he screwz up an tells dem everyting," (translation: "Damn, then I bet you thirty dollars he screws up and tells them everything,")

Lorelai: "The level of trust here is just astounding," said Lorelai sarcastically.

This is where Rory's part in the show comes in but I'm not really good with scripting her so I'm just going to summarize it. Rory is with Paris and Doyle (who are arguing over the remote) while she sifts through the mail. She stops and her eyes widened when they fell upon a letter from England. She tells the two to shut up and reads the letter. Whatever was in it, made her get huffy and she throws the letter in the trashcan. Paris quickly intervenes and snatches the letter out of the trash to read it to Doyle. It basically says that Logan hates where he is and what he's doing but what he hates more is the thought of Rory sitting all alone in their apartment. He hopes that isn't the case and states that he might try to sneak out to go see her for Thanksgiving. Just then Marty calls on the phone and Rory picks it up. Marty invites her to go with him to the Harvest Festival dance being held at Yale but "just as friends" so he doesn't have to feel like such a loser. At first she declines but when her eyes fall upon the letter from Logan, she firmly changes her mind and agrees to go.

The next morning Lorelai walked to Luke's Diner to discover that it was still bordered up and there was not a soul around. She sighed solemnly and walked away with a miserable face. Later, she was at the Dragonfly Inn when her cell phone rang.

Lorelai: "Hello?"

Rory: "So things sure are getting wound up again,"

Lorelai: "Oh? Tell me what's going on or do I have to play phone psychic? I think I'll be Miss Cleo today"

Rory sighed and then began to tell her: "I got a letter today… from Logan,"

Lorelai: "Finally, it's about time you heard word from him!"

Rory: "Yeah well, I wasn't really thrilled with it,"

Lorelai: "Oh? Please don't tell me it's a Dear John letter… or should that be a Dear Jane letter?"

Rory: "No, it's nothing like that. In it he basically made it sound like he expected me to just sit around all day, wasting my life away; waiting for him. I have my last year of collage to finish, the Yale News Daily to run, and yes a sort of lame social life but hey most of the idiots I used to hang around with have graduated but that doesn't mean I don't have one at all. So when Marty called me…"

Lorelai: "Wait, Naked Guy? You're hanging out with him again?"

Rory: "Well I was having a HORRIBLE first day at Yale and a paper assignment of mine decided to take a trip with the wind up a tree. Luckily Marty was there and he had the ability of a lumberjack to get it for me. We managed to reconcile under "friends only" conditions. He knows that I am still in a relationship with Logan and I know that he had a hard time with a girlfriend recently so he doesn't want to into a serious relationship with anyone yet. Stop calling him Naked Guy because he was only naked that ONE time, so that title has been revoked,"

Lorelai: "Wax on, wax off. So, why did he call you?"

Rory: "Well, I guess the Senior Class is throwing a Harvest Festival Dance at Yale and he asked if I wanted to go to hang out with him there. At first I said no but when I thought about it more, I said yes. I mean I just had that letter going over and over again in my head until I couldn't take it anymore but I'm worried Logan might take it as cheating. Do you think I'm cheating on him?"

Lorelai: "No, Angelina; that's not cheating,"

Rory: "Mom…!"

Lorelai: "Okay, okay…unfortunately I'm not exactly the best person for you to be talking to about that right now but from what I can see, there's no cheating there. Be careful though school dances are notorious for moonlighting… you go with a guy "just as friends" and you come out of the gymnasium years later pregnant. Okay, so that was just ME but I don't want it to be a genetic trait thing,"

Rory: "Thanks Mom," mumbled Rory.

Lorelai: "Have fun but not TOO much fun,"

Rory: "Okay, that's better. Thanks for listening."

Lorelai: "No problem, Hun,"

Lorelai hung up and turned around to see someone standing an inch away from her face. She screamed startled and then took a better look at the figure to notice a Ninja outfit. Her face got pale as she realized who it was. She fought back the growing urge to go off on him, but in the end with clenched teeth she talked to him.

Lorelai: "Kirk, why are you wearing a Ninja Outfit?"

Kirk: "Well, I couldn't find a Spy costume so this was the next closest costume I could find,"

At this scene Sookie and Michel walked in, took one look at Kirk and Michel handed Sookie money.

Michel: "Damn, you. I wuz going to bette on dat firstte," (translation: "Damn, you. I was going to bet on that first,")

Sookie: "Well, there's still hope that he completely screwed up and told them everything about why he was there,"

Lorelai ignored Sookie and Michel: "Kirk, you went to the old Independence Inn like that?"

Kirk: "Yeah, well you told me to go under cover and I assumed that meant that you didn't want anyone to see my face. Oddly enough as soon I ran into Tobin, he said "Hi Kirk". There was no way he could've known it was me…. Unless he was spying on ME,"

Lorelai said sarcastically: "Yes Kirk, that must've been it,"

Kirk: "I was determined not to give anything away, so I sauntered in and asked for an application. But they told me that they don't just give out applications, which I would have to attend a meeting and so I sat in a room surrounded by other people. I started to feel Closaphobic and hyperventilated while the head boss man was talking. Someone finally handed me a paper bag and after a few puffs; I was back to normal. Then, they were passing around a packet of very important looking papers and I got a BAD paper cut. I saw all of the blood and passed out…"

Michel to Sookie: "Okay, hand me de thiry buckz you owe me!"

Sookie: "Not yet, he hasn't let the cat out of the paper bag. I still have hope,"

Lorelai: "Sookie! Michel! This is very important and you two are acting like High Schoolers! Okay Kirk, so what happened next?"

Kirk: "Oh, well I woke up to find myself lying on my back on the floor and this packet of papers lying on top of my stomach,"

Kirk revealed a packet of papers and held it out to Lorelai.

Sookie: "Ouch, looks like that Italian Soccer player head-butted you!"

Michel whined: "Oh come on, dat's not fairre!"

Lorelai: "Oh Kirk, I KNEW you could do it! I just hope this has what we're looking for in it!"

Lorelai opened the packet so that Sookie and Michel could overlook and see everything too. All three of them gasped on every page that she turned to.

Sookie: "We're DOOMED!"

Michel: "I KNEW I should'e stayed inne Les Vegas wid Celine!"

Lorelai read aloud: "A five-course menu, a meat locker, a green house with home grown vegetables and spices, a swimming pool in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter, a spa, fifty rooms, a sauna and mesash, and Hot Air Balloon rides?"

She threw the packet down onto the floor and stomped on it.

Lorelai: "How can we compete against friggin Disney World?!"

Michel: "I would likke to get my finel paycheck nowwe,"

Sookie: "I have to call restaurants!"

Lorelai holds her hands up: "Hold on, hold on! Let's not give up yet, there has got to be SOMETHING that we can do! They might have taken away our dreams, but they will not take away our customers!"

Sookie: "Look, there's nothing that we have to offer that can keep them from going over there,"

Michel: "If datte Jerk Mole Tobin wasn a manage dere I would go fo an application," (translation: "If that Jerk Mole Tobin wasn't a manager there I would go for an application,")

Lorelai: "No, there's something we can do… I can feel it. If not something then maybe someone can help… wait a minute! That's IT! Oh, Lorelai Gilmore you are a genius!"

Sookie: "Oh goody, she's gone nutty and she's talking to herself,"

Michel: "We should lookke fo "Red rum" written on de wallz of de inn," (translation: "We should look for "Red rum" written on the walls of the inn,")

Lorelai: "I have NOT gone crazy, I just so happened to stumble upon someone I think who can help us. If THEY are having the same sort of problems with this Disney World Inn company then maybe they'll be willing to help US out if it'll guarantee the fall of that company,"

Sookie: "I don't get it. Who are THEY?"

Lorelai: "I don't want to jinx it, so I'm going to wait and see what happens first and then I'll tell you everything. I have to go home, find his phone number and get in contact with him. Then hopefully, the ball will be in our court,"

Michel: "You can do itte. Do whatever it iz you haf to do, just az longge az we can stick it to Tobin and keep de Dragonfly!" (translation: "You can do it. Do whatever it is you have to do, just as long as we can stick it to Tobin and keep the Dragonfly!")

Lorelai: "Hey, where did Kirk go?"

Sookie: "I think I saw him go outside and taking out rope. Maybe he'll hang himself?"

Michel: "No, he'll probably try to wrangle de horses,"

Lorelai: "He's a Ninja, Ninjas don't wrangle horses. If he had a rope he'll probably use it to try and climb a tree or something. Maybe he'll get himself tied up? Either way, he did actually help us out a lot so I'll pay him tomorrow. Okay, so I'm off!"

With that Lorelai grabbed her purse/jacket, flung the door open, and ran out. She then jumped into her jeep and peeled off. When she arrived home, she went through her drawer of phone numbers and came out victorious with a small scrap of paper. She went to the phone and dialed the number.

Answering Machine: "Hello, you have reached Mike Armstrong of the Durham Group, please leave a message and I will get back to you,"

Lorelai: "Ah, hello Mike Armstrong. This is Lorelai Gilmore, um the owner of the Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hallow, Connecticut. I know it has been a while since we last talked but I think it's very important that I bring something up to you…" began Lorelai.

A customer at Anna's store was waiting by her register, ready to pay her for an item. Anna smiled at the customer, gave her greetings and said…

Anna: "The total comes to twenty…"

She was interrupted by loud hammering noises. The noises then stopped.

Anna: "Sorry about that. The total comes to twenty…"

She was interrupted this time by the sounds of a loud drill.

Anna: "Luke! This is a business! I'm working here!"

Luke was over by a doorway, hacking away at something with hammers, nails, a drill and small planks of wood.

Luke: "I KNOW ya working, that's why I'm fixing this for ya,"

Anna: "But you're fixing that STUPID doorway while I'm trying to take care of my customer and your noisy project is interrupting it!"

Luke: "Geez, this doorway looked like the wood planks were about to fall, so I'm just trying to prevent a lawsuit if a customer gets clobbered on the head,"

Anna back to her customer: "I'm so sorry about all of this. The total comes to twenty-five dollars,"

The customer handed her the money, took her bag with the item in it and then booked it as fast as she could out of there.

Anna turned her attention back on to Luke: "Now then. That has been a VERY reliable doorway, and I didn't ASK for you to fix it. Even if I DID, I certainly wouldn't ask for you to fix it during working hours,"

Luke: "Well, I couldn't wait until after closing because I'm cooking you and April dinner,"

Anna: "That's another thing! We aren't used to eating that kind of food! A hamburger, a hot dog, or spaghetti, that has been our kind of dinner for since April was three and now all of a sudden, we're being fed food with antipasto and eggplant… have you noticed that we haven't EATEN any of that?"

Luke: "Well, no,"

Anna: "That's because we spread it around the plate to make it look less and when you leave the kitchen we hide it or put it back in the pot. Look, Luke I really appreciate all the hard work that you've been doing around here but it's not part of April and mine's routine. You've been here for two months, Luke. Don't you have a Diner to go back to? Don't you have people who are waiting for you to return?"

Luke with a hurt look on his face: "April should be coming home from school, I'm going back to your house "

With that he took his tools/ supplies, opened the door and walked out of the store.

The sun was setting as Lorelai parked her jeep in front of Luke's Diner, hoping for some sign that he was there. But the diner was the same as when she checked on it earlier that day. For some reason she felt compelled to get out of the jeep and take a better look at the damage. There was a gap between the hole in the glass and a plank of wood, where she was able to wiggle through and found herself inside the diner. Glass was all over the floor, the tables and chairs looked like they had been through a tornado and rotting food still sat on the counter.

Lorelai: "I can't stand to see this place like this anymore,"

So Lorelai began to clean up the wreckage that was Luke's Diner.

Meanwhile, April entered her house to see Luke preparing to make diner.

Luke: "Hey,"

April awkwardly: "Hey"

Luke: "What's the matter? Did something happen at school today?"

April: "Yeah, I guess so…"

Luke and April played eye games with each other until April finally gave in.

April: "Freddy… asked me out,"

Luke: "He did? That's good, right? I mean what kind of "Out"?"

April: "Yes, it's a good thing and it's only to the Winter Dance at school but we would probably go to movies or something like that until then,"

Luke: "So what's the problem?"

April: "My mother. I don't think she's going to like it at all. I just KNOW she won't let me go to the dance with him. The first time when I actually get to feel special and I can't do it. I don't know what to do,"

Luke thought it over for a minute and then he looked at April.

Luke: "Look, I'm your father right? Well, if the mother gets to make decisions around here, then the father should be able to. So, it's okay by me if ya go out with Freddy and go to the dance with him. I'll talk to your mother about it sometime soon, okay?"

April smiled happily: "Okay!"

She hugged Luke and then raced upstairs, where he heard her talking on the phone excitedly.

The glass was no longer all over the floor of the diner when Lorelai suddenly remembered about waiting for Mike Armstrong's call and she quickly gathered her things, only to turn around and see Miss Patty. She jumped startled.

Patty: "Oh, I'm sorry dear I didn't mean to startle you. I was at my studio when I saw that the lights were on here and I came to see if Luke had returned. Instead I found you… what are you doing here?" she asked her suspiciously.

Lorelai shifted uncomfortably as she came up with an excuse: "Oh well you see, I saw a mouse scuttle in here and so I chased it…"

Patty: "You chased it…"

Lorelai: "To catch it… before it goes back to tell the other Mousekateers, how great the cheese is here, and then all of them make the diner their new Club House,"

Patty said still not falling for it: "Uh huh…"

Lorelai: "Then I saw it slip on the glass and I thought a whole mouse is bad enough but half a mouse is worse, so I ran and got a broom. I was so busy sweeping the glass and emptying it into the trash that I completely forgot about the mouse and realized "What am I thinking, I'm terrified of mice!" So I was just about to go over to Doosey's to buy a mouse trap when you came in,"

Patty: "Lorelai… even Bush could come up with a better cover-up than that. What are you really doing here? Why are you trying to fix the diner when you and Luke are…"

Lorelai couldn't hold it in anymore: "Because that's no reason to just leave things like this! Just because we are no longer in a study relationship and just because we are barely speaking anymore doesn't mean that we are no longer involved in each other's lives!"

Lorelai realized what she just said and sat down in chair and started to look miserable. Patty looked very concerned and she sat down at a chair beside her.

Lorelai: "Look, I can't just LEAVE this place like THIS. This building belonged to Luke's father and Luke worked so hard at making it into something special. I mean, all of us have spent a lot of time in this diner. It's an important part of this town and to see it dying and wasting away like this is too much for me. So I thought I'd try and do something even if it was something small,"

Patty considered some things for a moment then her eyes widened with the flash of an epiphany.

Patty: "Lorelai, you're absolutely right. Let's not ask what the Diner can do for the Town but what the Town can do for the Diner!"

Lorelai confused: "What?"

Patty: "I've got a brilliant idea. Can you be here at two o'clock tomorrow?"

Lorelai sat there trying to read Patty's face to tell what she could be possibly thinking.

Lorelai: "I might have something to do tomorrow but I can make sure to be here at that time if it's really important,"

Patty: "Oh, it's very important. Good then it's settled. I will see you here tomorrow at two,"

Patty stood up excited and with a huge smile on her face, she strode out of the Diner with a "Tatta"

Lorelai sat perplexed for a moment but then she remembered about Mike Armstrong's call, she raced out of the diner and into her jeep.

Lorelai peeled off and barely stopped the vehicle before leaping out and making a dash for the door. She would've flung the door open, if it wasn't already wide open.

Lorelai: "Oh my God!" Lorelai panicked.

She ran inside to see if there was a break in. There certainly was a lot of broken stuff and books all over the floor. The curtains and the curtain rod lay on the couch with the panels all torn. The small chair in the living room was flipped over and covered with feathers/cotton from what used to be throw pillows. She followed a specific trail of mess to the kitchen. Her mouth gaped wide open when she saw what was there.

Paul Anka (the dog) was cowering on top of the counter while the stray female dog from the beginning of the show was running around the kitchen like crazy.

Lorelai shouted angrily: "Paula Abdula! Paul Anka! Just look at this mess!"

Both dogs froze, whimpered and hung their heads in shame.

Lorelai: "I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Lorelai walked over to Paul Anka, lifted him off of the counter and with her hand still on his collar, she sat him right night to Paula Abdula. Paul Anka squirmed and tried to run away but to no avail. Paula Abdula took the opportunity to lick Paul Anka on the face, which caused him to stop fussing. Lorelai slowly let go of Paul Anka and watched as the two dogs ran upstairs. Lorelai heard the slamming of a door upstairs and shook her head.

Lorelai cried: "Great ANOTHER mess to clean and dogs just showed me up! I feel like Dr. Leo Marvin in "What About Bob!"

That's when she noticed the blinking light on her answering machine. She quickly dropped her current troubles to press the message button on her machine.

Mike Armstrong's voice: "Hello Lorelai Gilmore, this is Mike Armstrong. It is so good to hear from you again and especially during this crisis that both of us seem to share. I have listened to your ideas and I think I have come up with a solution that would aid us both. I would love to propose the plan to you over diner tomorrow night. Please call me as soon as you hear this message and we shall set up a place and time to meet tomorrow night. Thank-you"

Lorelai cheered happily, rapidly picked up the phone and furiously dialed his number.

Lorelai: "Mike? Hello, it's Lorelai. I just got your message…"

The next day Lorelai entered the Dragonfly walking on cloud nine. She went into the kitchen where Sookie and Michel were fighting.

Lorelai: "Okay, you may praise me now,"

Michel: "No,"

Sookie: "Okay, you're worth $100.00. Oh sorry, I thought you said to appraise you,"

Lorelai: "Only $100?"

Sookie: "Well, I haven't picked up my paycheck yet,"

Lorelai: "No, what I meant was that I need you two to show you're great appreciation for me,"

Michel: "So why ar we forzing ur appreciation on you aganne?" (translation: "So why are we forcing our appreciation on you again?")

Lorelai: "Because I came up with a way to save the Dragonfly Inn and bring that Over-the-top company out of the hair of other small Inns!"

Sookie cheered and hugged Lorelai tightly but Michel remained suspicious.

Michel: "Greatte bring up our hopesse, only to send demme crashin down latar. So whatte iz yur disillusionment planne?" (translation: "Great bring up our hopes, only to send them crashing down later. So what is your disillusionment plan?")

Lorelai: "Well, you remember Mike Armstrong from the Durham Group a couple of years ago, right?"

Sookie: "Nope,"

Michel: "How could I possibly forge de Begging Baskette,"

Sookie: "Begging Basket?"

Lorelai: "The Durham Group is part a large Inn retail chain that takes small inns under their management and make them flourish. About two years ago when the Dragonfly Inn just started to flow, Mike had a meeting with me. He was very impressed and really wanted me to give him ownership of the Dragonfly. In return we could have either keep our management but give them our profits OR we would have given him ownership and become part of their company to aid and consult other small inns. Obviously, I turned his offer down. Now things have shifted a bit. There is another possible option for us to work with them which would not only guarantee the Dragonfly's survival, but the downfall of that Barbie's Dream Inn company AND we may even have the chance to own the old Independence Inn,"

Sookie: "Oh my God! REALLY?! What is this option?!"

Michel: "Don't keep usse in suspensse… spill de beanzze!"

Lorelai held up a wagging finger: "Not yet. I have a dinner meeting with Mike tonight and hopefully that's where we will finaliaze the plan. However, I PROMISE I will tell you EVERYTHING first thing tomorrow morning,"

Michel: "Oh surre, go skip de country an leaf uz wit dis disaste," (translation: "Oh sure, go skip the country and leave us with this disaster,")

Lorelai: "Michel, I'm not skipping the country or abandoning the Dragonfly Inn,"

Michel: "Datte's what Joseph Stalin said,"

Sookie: "Well I believe you Lorelai, I'm praying that whatever you're planning works. Most of your plans do so we have a pretty good chance,"

Lorelai: "Thanks guys. Now I have something important to do at two o'clock today so I'll have to leave early,"

Sookie: "Hey, me, too,"

Lorelai: "You, too? You mean you're going to Luke's?"

Sookie: "Yeah, Miss Patty called me up last night and told me and Jackson to make arrangements for an emergency meeting at Luke's,"

Lorelai eagerly: "Did she tell you what it was about?"

Sookie: "No, sorry. I have no clue,"

Lorelai and Sookie arrived at Luke's diner at two o'clock to see almost everybody from town blocking the Diner.

Lorelai: "Wow, this is a swarm! What is everyone here for?"

Babette: "Well this old broad Patty here, came up with a hum-dinger of a plan! Ya see, we told Taylor we were gonna have an emergency Town Gathering Function for a good cause for the town and he agreed to it. So Patty called me and we called almost everybody in town to tell them to get here,"

Patty: "All of us are going to help fix Luke's diner,"

Lorelai was so happy to hear it: "Are you serious? What about Taylor, I mean it was his Thunderbird that crashed through the diner,"

Taylor arrived just in time to figure out what was going on: "It wasn't my fault, the brakes in the car weren't working properly AND Luke failed to file for it so I don't have to do anything!"

Lorelai got a momentum going: "Taylor, all you have to do is replace the glass and we can do that rest. You shouldn't have a problem doing that, you replaced Doose's Market window when that group of kids threw rocks in it last year, so you know where to get one big enough. AND you owe Luke that new window whether it's legally or not. EVERYONE in town comes to Luke's at least once a week… it's out Cheers bar. Not to mention that despite all of Luke's gripes against doing this kind of thing, if anyone really asked him seriously to help out; he would. He's done a lot for this town, even if you choose not to believe that. Just think of this as a Town Function Charity Event and we're doing this to help better the town. Unless you want people to start shouting: "Attica!" and revolting against you, causing the town to lose a lot of business then go ahead and do nothing,"

Lane: "Yeah, I haven't worked for almost three months and I can't afford to pay rent!"

Taylor sighed in defeat: "Oh all right. I'll get the stupid glass and pay Tom to put it in but at the next Town Meeting you all have to go along with my next idea for a Town Function,"

Lorelai: "It'll be painful but worth it. Like having a tooth pulled"

Everyone clapped happily and then started work on Luke's Diner. Lulu tapped on Lorela's shoulders and she gave her a hug.

Lorelai: "Oh, Lulu thank-you so much for coming and helping us out,"

Lulu: "No problem, this is a GREAT idea and I'm filling in for Kirk,"

Lorelai: "Filling in for Kirk?"

Lulu: "Yeah, he got tied up in the branches of a high tree and when I cut him down, he fell,"

Lorelai winced in sympathy: "Ouch! Is he okay?"

Lulu happily: "Oh yeah, he landed on a pile of fertilizer that was going to be used on the lawn of the tree he climbed. He just doesn't want to smell up Luke's Diner because Luke would get mad at him,"

Lorelai: "Oh well, I think it's for the best anyway. There are a lot of sharp tools that cut off limbs and fingers around here,"

Lulu: "Even the saw? I wanted to use the saw,"

Lorelai: "NO! Ah I mean, I don't think the saw is the right tool for you to use. How about the tape measurer or a level,"

Lulu: "Oh great idea! That way, I can use math here and then teach it to the kids tomorrow! Thanks Lorelai!"

Lorelai: "Glad to help…. keep you alive,"

Rory was at the dinner table at Emily and Richard's estate, waiting for the food to be served. She was able to get to her grandparent's house two hours earlier than usual because of the Harvest Festival Dance being held at Yale that night.

Rory: "I apologize that I have to leave Friday Night Dinner earlier than usual but I promised to go to the Harvest Festival Dance with a friend of mine who's been very down lately,"

Richard: "While, I'm not thrilled that our visit with you had to be adjusted: I do understand that socialization is very important in college, especially at a university function such as this,"

Emily: "I agree with your grandfather, I hope you have enough time to get ready for the dance… I certainly hope you're not planning on going there wearing THAT,"

Emily laughed while Rory double-checked her outfit wondering what was so horrible about wearing it to the dance.

Rory smiled and fibbed: "Ah, of course grandma; I wouldn't dare to wear this at the dance,"

Rory hurriedly started thinking of what dress to wear at the dance when her cell phone rang.

Rory: "Sorry Grandma… hello?"

Lorelai asked loudly over the deafening sounds of constructions: "Guess what I'm doing?"

Rory: "Something dirty?"

Lorelai: "Well, sort of. I'm at Luke's Diner fixing it,"

Lorelai was in the middle of the construction zone in Luke's Diner, surrounded by people scurrying around with tools, planks of wood, tables/chairs and the new glass window. Zack was pretending to play guitar with a plank of wood, Lane smacked him upside the head and pulled him along.

Rory didn't understand: "What are you doing that for? Are you doing that all by yourself?"

Lorelai: "Of course not silly, I'm not Bob Vila… the entire town is here with me! It's kind of like being Ty Pennington!"

Rory: "The whole town?"

Lorelai: "The whole town! Cool, isn't it?! I mean, I'm not sure how all of this will turn out but at least Luke won't have a skylight anymore. I even managed to coax Caesar to come back as a cook, if I can get Luke to agree to put some chilled banana thing on the menu. I know I'm not at the best of terms with Luke right now but I hope I can at least do that,"

The maid came by and placed plates of food on the table. Richard began to dig in while Emily slowly picked up her forked as she tried to listen to Rory's phone conversation.

Rory: "I think what you're doing is great! It should be such a big help for Luke and make a certain situation a little less painful without having to worry about this! I hope everything works out for you but I have to get going, I'm at Friday Night Dinner and I have to go to that Harvest Festival Dance tonight,"

Lorelai: "Oh, right. I have to meet with Mike Armstrong tonight. Good luck with your thing, too. I hope you can get your mind off of things for a little bit and just be yourself while you're there. Have fun, honey,"

Rory: "Thank-you Mom. Bye!"

Rory hung up and looked to see Emily's curiosity nearly burning a hole through her head.

Emily: "SO… what was that call about,"

Rory trying to be nonchalant: "Oh, just mom calling to catch up… nothing special,"

Emily: "Oh, so your mother is doing nothing… with everybody in her town. Just a ho-hum, walk in the park with everybody singing: "Zippity-do-da" and talking to blue birds…"

Rory knew she wasn't getting anywhere and feared Emily would keep going so she caved in: "She and the whole town are at Luke's Diner fixing it up for him,"

Emily nearly choked on whatever disgusting food she was eating: "She's WHERE? Doing WHAT? Man, what a fool she is! I mean, her, wasting her time and energy on rebuilding that disgusting diner which is owned by the biggest uncouth of a jerk I was forced to tolerate! Especially after what I said to him, he's still standing there like an idiot!"

Rory realized that she stumbled on to something: "Luke has been gone for a two months and bordered up the broken diner. Two months ago from today… when you returned home from your summer trip. Do you happen to know anything about why he did that?"

Emily shifted nervously and avoided eye contact with her.

Richard now was catching onto something, too: "I too am curious to know why it is that Luke abandoned his diner two months ago,"

Rory growled: "Grandma!"

Emily: "Fine! I went to talk to him after I heard what happened between him and Lorelai! I told him what a complete Neanderthal he was to her and how he not only destroyed his own chance of actually having a normal family but quite possibly ours,"

Rory: "What an awful thing to say to him, you don't understand his circumstances at all! Why did you say that to him?! What did you mean by it?!"

Emily admitted stubbornly: "There's nothing keeping your mother here any longer. Things are almost exactly the way they were when your mother ran away from us with you. You're mother is feeling trapped and suffocated by everything and she'll take off on us again! I just KNOW it. You're on your last year of college; about to go off into the world, the Dragonfly is booming in business so much that she would be able to be accepted in any Inn or Hotel in the US as a manager, and your father and I are certainly not a good enough reason to keep her coming here. The only thing that could possibly keep her here is the one thing that is threatening to take it all away and destroy any progress we have made with her! That's Luke!"

Rory slammed her fork down onto the table and shot up on her feet, shouting: "You can't blame Luke if that happened… and it WON'T happen! You're right that one of the reasons why she wouldn't leave is Luke himself, but I'm still here, too! Even with things the way they are now with my father; she knows he's here for her! Despite what you think, you two are a very good reason for her to stay as well! She understands that! She understands what it would mean if she just abandoned all of us… she would be MISERABLE! Not only because of the thought that she ran away from something she couldn't handle but because she would've left behind so much that is here encouraging her! All of Stars Hollow proved that to me tonight! So the next time you are worried about your daughter, why don't you bring it up with her instead of messing things up more by confronting someone else?! I'm afraid, I must be going… I have a dumb dance to get to. Oh and I'm going there wearing THIS outfit, too!"

With that, Rory bid her quick good-byes and fled out the door.

Later that afternoon, April came home from school to see her mother in the kitchen instead of Luke.

April: "Wow Luke, you turned into Mom neat trick,"

Anna: "Cute. No, I sent him off to the grocery store to keep myself from whacking him over the head with his spatula or hammer,"

April: "Nice plan. I'm going upstairs to do my homework,"

Just then the phone rang and Anna answered it.

Anna: "Hello…? Can you talk to your WHAT April…? Oh, that's a mean joke, you shouldn't tease a mother like that. What?! You're not joking?!"

April had a look of horror on her face as she slowly tried to back away out of the kitchen.

Anna: "Uh, huh…. Winter Dance?! Freddy… I'm sorry but April is very busy doing homework tonight I'm afraid she doesn't have time to talk to you on the phone. When? Not for a VERY long time… about three more years. Bye Freddy,"

Anna slammed the phone down and still had her back to April.

Anna struggled not to explode on her daughter: "April…. What was the meaning of that phone call?!"

April: "Luke hasn't talked to you about it yet, huh? OK, I'm going to do my homework… Bye!"

April tried to flee the scene but Anna swirled around, sprang in front of April and blocked her from going up the stairs to her room.

Anna: "April Nardine, you level with me right now. What is going on with you and Freddy and what does Luke have to do with this?"

April shifted nervously as she tried to explain: "You see, Freddy asked if I would go out with him. I was really happy because he's really nice… you've met him, he's really nice isn't he? Ah, anyway, he mainly asked me to the Winter Dance but since it's a couple of months away we would probably hang and go out… to places… together. I told Luke and while he was concerned about the situation, he assured me of his support and that he would discuss it with you… but I guess he was saving it for the right moment,"

Anna took it all in, took a deep breath and then let it out: "First of all for Luke to make such an important decision without me is unacceptable but for you to not think twice about telling me personally is inexcusable! If you thought that you would be able to get away with it, then you've got another thing coming! How could you?!"

April: "Because I KNEW that you would react this way! You never listen to me without a parent's ear… this is something that's very important to me!"

Anna: "You're only 13 years old! You're not old enough to date yet!"

April: "It's not dating, we're just going out together!"

Anna: "That's the same thing!"

April: "No it's not Mom, not to my generation! I'm not the same as girls when you were in High School, I'm smarter and more independent…"

Anna: "But you are still a little girl. You should be focusing solely on your school work and activities and not be like Kitt in Legally Blond!"

April: "Mom!"

Anna: "No, you are NOT going out with this boy end of discussion!"

April: "What about the Winter Dance?!"

Anna: "There would be teacher supervision and you can be with Freddy there as long as you're in a group with other kids!"

April: "That's not fair!"

Anna: "Life isn't fair! If you keep this up then you're not GOING to the dance!"

April shouted emotionally: "If you think that I would accept going only in a group, then not going to the dance was what you intended me to do in the first place! You have to trust that I can take care of myself! I have to be able to socialize with both girls and boys, Mom!"

Anna stepped to the side to cross her arms sternly: "Fine, you're NOT allowed to go out with Freddy and you're NOT allowed to go to the Winter dance either, until you can show me some respect young lady!"

April screamed: "Well congratulations Mom, you get your way again! I'm nothing but a nerdy bookworm again!"

April pushed by her mother, raced up the stairs and slammed the door with a "BANG!" behind her, locking it.

With worse timing than ever, Luke came in through the door to see Ann glaring up the stairs and red in the face.

Luke: "The television's not on? With all the shouting, I thought the television was on and April had lost the remote again. But with that ever warning and threatening look on your face I think I missed a bad episode of Roseanne here,"

Anna placed her hands on her hips and stared him down.

Luke: "I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

Anna: "Yeah, like Richard Nixon. How DARE you tell my daughter that it's okay to be going out with a boy! That's bad enough but to make a decision like that without consulting me is irresponsible!"

Luke: "She's MY daughter, too! I was trying to be responsible! I didn't see anything WRONG with her going out with Freddy! He's a really nice boy!"

Anna: "She's a girl and she's 13 years old! She's not old enough to be dating yet!"

Luke: "Dating?! No one said anything about DATING! She's only 13 years old, the only concept of dating they have at that age is what they see in Harry Potter!"

Anna: "She was going to go to a dance only with him!"

Luke: "To a supervised Middle School dance! There's no chance of anything romantic there unless ya count Love Shack as a love song. Anna, you're right she is only 13 years old but they're idea of "Going Out" is different than the adult version. To them just holding hands is hard enough to do, the thought of kissing makes them want to throw up. They don't even have a CAR yet. It's better that she's honest with us and that we know she's thinking about these things, rather than have her hide things without our support, getting further and further away from us, and for us to only know what's going on from other people or from if something BAD happened,"

Anna: "Us? Us?! You mean YOU! She told only you because she thought that by telling you, she could get away with it!"

Luke: "That's not it! She told me because she was afraid to tell you and both us knew that you would react this way!"

Anna: "So when were you planning on clueing me in on this? If I saw a ring on her finger?!"

Luke: "No, I was trying to think of a way to tell you where you would be able to see it from her point of view,"

Anna: "Oh, so now you're Shirley McClain? So tell me Shirley what exactly IS her point of view?!"

Luke: "You don't trust her enough to decide for herself what is the right and what is wrong. She needs the support and trust of her mother AND father. She knows that she has my support and trust but she thinks you don't hear her and so you don't trust OR support her. I want to work with you on that and maybe she'll be able to come to you first,"

Anna: "She is MY daughter first, okay?! She is MY whole world! I gave birth to her and raised her on my own, so I get to make the decisions first! What makes you think that you know everything there is about parenting, huh? Since when did you become the parenting expert?!

When we were going out, I didn't want kids and neither did you. Then I messed up and got pregnant, so I didn't want to burden you by forcing you to be her father. I didn't want you there because I didn't think you would want to be there. It took me a long time to get used to having a kid around and finally I found a routine that fit her and me. Now, she's getting to the confusing phases of adolescence and all of a sudden, her father is in the picture. A father who doesn't care about that routine's balance and who pushes his own ideals of family life on us. Yes, I am so happy to know that you accepted her as your daughter and that you're willing to spend some time with her but it's this ideal family life dream of yours that is starting to tear us apart!

When April grows up and goes off to college then I'll start thinking about having a normal family life but for right now, I just want to make sure that April is safe. When was it that you had thoughts of wanting a family life, anyway? When I had moved away from Stars Hallow, you couldn't even stand to be in the same room with a kid and then all of a sudden you show up at my house, wanting to be April's father. I asked you this before and I'm asking it again: when did you start wanting a family? What was it that changed your mind THAT much?"

Luke couldn't answer, he couldn't even make eye contact with her. He just shifted nervously wanting to form the words, but not being able to.

Anna: "Oh, I think I get it now. It's not WHAT changed your mind; it's WHO. Is that it? Did you get into some kind of fight with her and is that why you've been here driving me crazy for two months? You should go back and get over it because this ideal family life of yours isn't here… it's there. If she is the kind of person that has that much influence on you then she has to be the kind of person who is still waiting for you to return. It's probably best that you take your leave now and not be here when April comes downstairs for dinner. That way I have at least a chance of talking with her in a non-Jerry Springfield show way,"

Luke said a little upset: "I'm sorry that I'm such a burden on you. I guess I still need to work on a lot of my own issues by myself. I'll just gather my junk and get outta here,"

He walked out of the kitchen, into a room where he threw most of his stuff in his duffel bag, took a hold of his tool box, waved a goodbye to Anna, went into his truck and then drove off into the oncoming night.

Lorelai was sitting at a dinner table at a VERY expensive looking resturant. She was wearing an elegant red dress. Across from her seat sat a very handsome blond man with sparkling blue eyes, wearing a dark blue suit and had a gorgeous smile.

Mike: "So, how does everything sound to you? I know it would be very hard with your schedule for those four months but I assure you it would be worth it,"

Lorelai: "Well, I definitely have to explain everything to Sookie and Michel, and ask for their feedback before saying for sure. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm willing to do pretty much anything to save the Dragonfly. Short of a Showgirls thing… I'm not good with pole-dancing,"

Mike chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Mike: "I understand. So shall we order? I think the waitress is going to spit in our food soon if we don't order food because we've been here for an hour and only ordered drinks,"

Lorelai: "I just didn't want to make this into an expensive ordeal, or anything other than just a plan meeting,"

Mike: "I have no ulterior motive, I only wanted to settle plans and get to know you better if we're going to be working together. Besides, if people here see us not eating a thing, they'll think I'm cheap and I would get evil looks from the women when we leave. I mean we're both dressed up and all, it wouldn't be good,"

Lorelai opened up a menu and started looking at the items: "Okay then, but I'm warning you I eat A LOT so the girls might give ME evil looks when we leave,"

Mike also opened a menu: "It's okay, this is a business meeting so the Durhams are paying for it. Besides, it's very refreshing to see a woman as beautiful as yourself not counting calories and reading the Nutrition facts on bottles of ketchup all night,"

Lorelai: "Hey, I AM a woman, doing that is required by law,"

Mike: "Of course, I apologize. Oh, here comes the waitress. Hello, we'd like to order our dinner please," he announced to the waitress.

The waitress gave him a look like; "It's about time," and took out her notebook/pencil to write down the orders.

Luke was still driving towards Stars Hollow, when his cell phone rang. Clumsily, he fumbled with the phone one-handed and eventually held it up to his ear.

Luke: "Hello?"

Anna: "Luke! She's gone!"

Luke: "Who's gone? April? Is April missing?"

Anna: "Yes, I went to her door to tell her to come down to dinner so that we could talk but after no answer, I opened her door to see a completely empty room and the window open,"

Luke: "Uh oh… is there a tree a near that window?"

Anna: "Yes of course,"

Luke: "Oh man, she used a Lorelai shimmy down the tree escape! Hold on, I'm turning around. I'll be right there in about half an hour,"

This is where I would go to Rory and the dance she's at with Marty but again I'm not very good at scripting her so I'm just throwing together a short summary. Basically, she goes to the dance with Marty but when she gets there she notices that Marty is bothered by something and he manipulates her to dance with him. At first, it's a very uncomfortable dance but after a little while they actually get a rhythm and have fun with each other. Then they hit a slow song where they get caught up in the mood and end up kissing. Rory freaks out and runs out of the building while Marty slaps himself on the forehead with his hand. He follows her outside to see her sitting on the doorsteps crying. In loud sobs she apologizes for breaking her promise with him, how much she loves Logan and imagined she was dancing with him instead of Marty. That's when Marty apologizes and confesses that the only reason why he convinced her to dance with him was because his horrible ex-girlfriend that broke his heart was there, dancing with the guy she dumped him for. Marty sat down beside Rory and put his arm around her in consolation, saying that she is one of the rarest type of people in the world. The type of person who is pure-hearted, kind and understanding. She then tells Marty that's because she learned it from what her mother told her. The scene ends there.

Luke arrived at Anna's house and knocked on the door in urgency. Anna swung the door open and practically pulled Luke inside as she began pacing around the kitchen in a panic.

Luke: "Okay Anna, calm down,"

Anna: "Calm down?! How can I calm down when God knows where my daughter is! This is all YOUR fault! If you hadn't gotten her hopes up like that and if you had talked to me about that boy then she wouldn't have felt like she had to run off! I have no idea where she would go and if she's okay. Should I call the police?"

Luke: "Calling the police is going a tad too far. Not only that but it might spook her and get her even more upset. You're panicking, so you're not thinking clearly. I'm sure we can find her if we think hard enough,"

Anna: "I don't know what to do, Luke. Nothing like this has ever happened to me or to April before,"

An epiphany hit Luke and as much as he hated to admit it, there was only one way to find her.

Luke: "I think I know what to do,"

He walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, where he pulled out his cell phone.

Anna called out to him: "Who are you calling?"

Luke answered: "Dear Abby,"

Lorelai: "… So Paula Abdula left and Paul Anka whimpered as he looked out of the window and watched as she walked off into the sunset. Then this morning, Paula Abdula showed up again and everything went back to him being scared of her and her running around like crazy. I guess relationships are just too complicated for dogs,"

Mike laughed heartily and had to take a sip of whine to keep from choking on his food.

Mike: "You know, you certainly do have a very entertaining life I bet you NEVER get bored. I never get sick of hearing about all your funny stories,"

Lorelai rolls her eyes: "Sometimes it's a little TOO entertaining. I feel like I need to take a break into reality. I haven't told you the best stuff yet either. One time I went to a Town Meeting with Rory and Luke was there…" Lorelai stopped herself and suddenly got quiet.

Mike: "Ah, I was thinking it was strange that you haven't mentioned Luke once. He was one of the reasons why you decided to turn down our offer before. I assume that means something bad happened between you two. I'm sorry to hear that, you seemed much more happy when I first met you. Now it seems like you're forcing yourself to look happy to keep people from noticing how miserable you really are,"

Lorelai was impressed: "Wow, how did you know all of that?"

Mike grinned boastfully: "I did take Psychology in my first year of college AND my sister has a PHD in psychology so I have a lot of forced knowledge in that area. So is it really over between you and Luke?"

Lorelai sighed, put her fork down, and pushed away from the table as she crossed her arms, deciding whether to explain everything or not.

Lorelai: "He screwed up and I screwed up even MORE and now so much has happened between us that I'm afraid we can't ever be the same way we were before all of it. I sometimes wish that we never got romantically involved with each other and threatened our friendship like this, but when I think back to when we were dating, I remember how happy and comfortable I felt. The first time in my life, I never doubted my feelings about anyone I loved. So when I think about that I start to feel guilty about everything and hating the way things are now. I gave back the engagement ring but the boat that belonged to his father still sits in my garage because there's no where else to put it. A car went through his diner, I ended up rebuilding his diner while he's still gone. I don't know why. At first it was because I used to go to the diner everyday and seeing it in that condition was like walking into "Schindler's List". Then as I thought about it, I guess maybe it was a small way of atoning for some of what I did… of what happened between us. But I know that's not enough to fix everything between us,"

Mike: "So do you think it's over between you two for good?"

Lorelai looked away so that Mike couldn't see a small tear roll down her cheek.

Lorelai: "Probably. It's been three months-and-a-half since we had the Big Fight and we haven't spoke to each other since."

Mike: "Maybe it's a sign that you have to move on from him and onto something else in your life. This plan of ours is your first step in doing that. Perhaps, you're not supposed to settle down with him at all and you just wanted to so bad that you ignored all the warning signs,"

Lorelai thought for a moment then she uncrossed her arms and leaned in for her food again.

Lorelai: "Maybe… I don't know,"

Mike tentatively: "Do you think that maybe you might consider ever looking in my direction?"

Lorelai nearly choked on her food.

Lorelai: "What?! Now wait a minute, you're not…"

Mike: "I didn't mean to be so forward but I figured that since you and I are going to be working in such tight quarters that maybe…"

Lorelai: "Do I have a sign on me that says: "Date Me," on it? Mike…"

Just then Lorelai's cell phone rang. She quickly answered it without looking to see who was calling.

Luke's voice: "She ran away from home!"

Lorelai: "Calm down, who ran away from home?"

Luke: "April,"

Lorelai: "She did WHAT?!"

Lorelai stood up from her chair. She bowed an apology to Mike for the interruption, indicating that it was an important call and Mike nodded in acknowledgement. Lorelai walked to a pillar on the far side of the room where she could see Mike still sitting at their table.

Lorelai back on her cell phone to Luke: "Okay, now why did April pull a Houdini? Start from the beginning,"

Luke: "Well you remember the boy that April likes, right?"

Lorelai: "Um Frankie… or something,"

Luke: "Freddy. He asked April to go to the Winter Dance with him and in the meantime they would go out…"

Lorelai: "Okay…"

Luke: "She asked me if it was all right and I said yes…."

Lorelai: "Okay…."

Luke: "…Without making sure it was all right with Anna,"

Lorelai slapped her forehead.

Lorelai: "Oh Luke… you were taking responsibility without being responsible,"

Luke: "What?"

Lorelai: "It's a rule I learned from parenting with Rory. That's a big No, No when parenting with another adult. It means you were trying to be in control with what was going on without considering how it would affect other people and without consulting the other parent. I'll bet Anna got mad…"

Luke: "Oh she did,"

Lorelai: "She yelled at April, pulled out the Parent Card; told her she couldn't go out with the boy, and then April ran to her room…"

Luke: "Should I still be filling ya in on what happened or do ya think you can take it from here?"

Lorelai: "Oh I definitely know where this is going. So April went Jimmy Hoffa?"

Luke: "This is no time for your jokes! Anna is one step away from calling in the FBI and I KNOW that is just going to make the situation worse. I can't even think of where to start. Since this situation happened to scream: "Lorelai" to me, this is the only thing I could think to do. Please, I KNOW this isn't good timing but if you have any idea of where I might find her, please tell me,"

Lorelai didn't even hesitate to answer: "I'll do what I can. Okay, where to start… this was all about a boy, right? First, you have to get someone to find the boy's phone number,"

Luke: "Why?"

Lorelai: "Because we have to know if she's alone or if she's with her boyfriend. Have Anna call his number, ask for him and if he's not there then April is probably with him somewhere,"

Luke: "Good, that makes sense. Wait a sec…"

Luke put his cell phone on a side table while he ran over to Anna in the kitchen.

Luke: "Anna, do you have Freddy's phone number?"

Anna looked up in confusion.

Anna: "What? I have a list of all the kids numbers that she hangs out with… I think his is there. Why?"

Luke considered what to say to her but finally decided on telling the truth.

Luke: "I called Lorelai because she used to run off on her parents all the time (because uh…they're crazy) and she has a daughter, too so she's an expert on this. The first thing she advised us to do is; call his house, ask for Freddy and if he's not home we know that April must be with him,"

Anna gave Luke a look but it was short lived because of the dire situation. She then got up from the chair she was sitting in and went to the fridge. She pulled off a sheet of paper with names and telephone numbers on it, trailed her finger down it until she stopped at a name.

Anna: "Ah, here it is!"

She then raced to the phone in the kitchen, picked it up and dialed furiously.

Anna: "Hello? Hi, this is Anna Nardine; April's mother…. Yes um, is Freddy there? I would like to talk to him for a minute…. Went out? Oh, no I didn't know that they went out somewhere together. When Freddy gets home, would you ask him to call me right away? Thank-you so much. Good-bye,"

Anna hung up and then swung around to look at Luke.

Anna: "He's with April, I told his parents to have him call me as soon as he gets home,"

Luke went back onto his cell phone.

Luke: "Freddy's parents said he went out with April. Anna told them to have him call her when he gets home,"

Lorelai: "It's not a good idea to wait until then. She might move to somewhere else by then. We have to try and catch them while they're together,"

Luke: "What? How?"

Lorelai: "Okay, so they are thirteen years old right? Does April have any money or does she have access to any money?"

Luke walked into the kitchen with the cell phone.

Luke: "Anna, Lorelai says that we have to try and catch them together in case April decides to go somewhere by herself. She wants to know if April has any money or does she have access to money?"

Anna thought for a moment.

Anna: "Well, she just spent her allowance at the Book Fair that was at school this week. I do have a safe that I put all of our money in but I change the combination numbers every month just in case she finds them and I just changed it yesterday. So no, she doesn't have any money,"

Luke back to Lorelai: "No, she doesn't have any money with her,"

Lorelai thought aloud: "Okay… and knowing boys he doesn't have any money with him, either. So we need to think of places where a boy and a girl can go that doesn't cost money… I think I got it! Is there a park somewhere in town?"

Luke shouted to Anna: "Is there a park in town?"

Anna: "A park? There's a very small one… by the lake,"

Luke back to Lorelai: "Yes, there's a small one by a lake,"

Lorelai: "She's there with him!"

Luke: "What? Are you sure?"

Lorelai: "She HAS to be there. Just TRUST me on this one,"

Luke: "I did, that's why I called you."

Luke called back to Anna: "Anna, she's at the park!"

Anna: "Oh, please God I hope so!"

Luke to Lorelai: "I'm gonna go and find her. I'm sorry, I feel totally pathetic. I must've pulled ya away from something important but thanks,"

Lorelai looked back at the table where Mike was still sitting at, fixing his hair by looking at the back of his knife. Lorelai shook her head and answered Luke back with…

Lorelai: "The interruption was well welcomed. You have no idea how,"

Luke: "Oh, well then thanks anyway. Um, I've got to get going,"

Lorelai: "Please at least call me and tell me if you find her. Or tell me when you get back to Stars Hallow tomorrow… or it'll drive me crazy all night wandering if she joined a traveling circus,"

Luke paused for a minute then he replied: "I'll let you know tomorrow either way. Good night,"

Lorelai: "Good luck and good night,"

Both of them hung up. Lorelai closed her phone and stood reflecting on things for a minute. Then she returned to the table with Mike.

Mike: "Lorelai, you were certainly gone for a long time, did something happen?"

Lorelai: "Yes, actually. I'm sorry to break this meeting short and skip desert but I have to back home there's an emergency. Nothing major but it's something that only I can take care of, so I hope you don't mind?"

Mike looked up in wonderment: "No, of course I don't mind. Before you leave though I would like to know what you think about the possibilities between you and me,"

Lorelai thought of how to let him down.

Lorelai: "Mike, you are a very nice and handsome man but I can't go out with you. I just got off of a very deep relationship with someone and I'm currently involved in a very strange relationship right now. Then with you and I having to work together, I don't want a whole Carly Simon, James Taylor thing to happen. It's best if we just make our relationship strictly professional. I'm sorry,"

Mike: "If that is truly how you feel, then there's no need to apologize. I hope everything works out okay at home. Please remember to call me and let me know what the Dragonfly Inn has decided to do,"

Lorelai grabbed her coat off of the chair and put it on.

Lorelai: "I will. Thank-you for everything,"

Mike stood to shake her hand: "It was my pleasure,"

They shook hands and then Lorelai left.

Meanwhile at Anna's house, the parting was not as easy.

Luke walked into the kitchen triumphantly.

Luke: "She must be at the park. It's probably not best that you go pick her up so I will,"

Anna: "You called Lorelai to ask where to find my kid?"

Luke: "Yes, I told you that. I called her because she told me many times about how she would sneak away from her parent's house. She did that because her parents tried to control her, they didn't care how she felt as long as she did what they wanted. They tried to run her life for her and she didn't want that to happen; so she would run off. She would eventually go back home but she always appreciated how it felt to be free to be herself for that little bit. I thought that someone who had been there before would know where she might go… now we know where to look and find April,"

Anna: "It's NOT the same as with her parents,"

Luke: "No it's not. And it won't with me around. Anyway, I'm going before Freddy goes home for the night,"

Anna: "How can you be sure that she's there?"

Luke: "I just know she is,"

Anna: "When you find her, you have better not talk with her about her and Freddy. You take her straight here so that I can talk to her about it. Do you understand?"

Luke went to the kitchen door to leave.

Luke: "Yeah, I got it,"

He opened the door and left. He jumped into his truck and took off. A few minutes later, he stopped at a small park. He parked the truck and then started walking on foot.

April and Freddy were sitting on a small bench facing the lake. It was dark and they probably wouldn't have been able to see if it wasn't for the moon reflecting on the lake and a light pole not too far behind them.

Freddy: "April, I have to get home. I missed supper and Mom will be mad at me,"

April: "But I thought that you would stay here with me all night?"

Freddy: "Are you kidding? Mom's making macaroni and cheese tonight AND the baseball game is on tonight. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!"

Freddy got up and waved goodbye as April waved goodbye back looking very disappointed. Freddy was walking away behind April still sitting on the bench, as Luke approached the scene.

Freddy: "Hi, April's Dad,"

Luke: "Hi, Freddy… is April there?"

Freddy and Luke were now walking past each other.

Freddy: "Sure is. I gotta go home for supper. Bye April's Dad,"

Luke: "Bye Freddy,"

Freddy walked away until he disappeared into the night. Luke kept on walking all the way up to the bench that April continued to sit on.

Luke: "So Forest Gump, can I sit here?"

April looked up to see Luke there she was a little bit surprised but she said: "I guess so. So, you knew where I would go, huh?"

Luke: "You could say a little, annoying, reckless bird told me,"

April looked down at her feet as she asked: "Did Mom yell at you too?"

Luke snorted a little: "It's something she's VERY good at. Yeah, I think I'm in as much trouble as you are… of course I'm smarter than trying to pull a stupid stunt like running away,"

April sighed: "I know, it's stupid but I just had to get out of there. I needed some time to myself to think some things over,"

Luke: "Were you going to stay away all night? You KNOW your mother would've had the FBI out looking for you if you did,"

April: "Yeah, I know. I just couldn't stand to hear her yelling at me some more,"

The two of them sat in silence for a few minutes until April spoke up.

April: "Mom and I have always had a problem connecting with each other. I always thought that she was so busy working and supporting out lifestyle that I should find a way to stay out of her hair; do something solitary. Then I found science. It has been like a best friend to me. I constantly wanted to know how everything works and why things to what they do. I found out why the sky is blue, the classification of animals, the chemistry of the world and the reactions of life. One thing about science that even Einstein could never fully explain is why people fall in love with each other. I mean, we know the chemical reactions and changes in the brain but not what specific details makes one person more desirable than another. Why we as humans need other humans and can mate with one person for a lifetime. Falling in love and dealing with relationships is something that you don't have to be a scientist to do.

I've never really been very good at being at girl and when Freddy asked me to the dance for the first time I thought; finally someone sees me as a girl and not as a nerd. I actually started wandering what dress I would wear, how I would style my hair, what shoes I would wear, and about wearing makeup. Finally, I had a chance at being a girl rather than being a scientist. Then I realized I had to tell my mother and I knew that she wouldn't understand. She's always overprotective of me and she doesn't believe that I can be strong when I want to,"

Luke looked down at his hands nervously: "As much as I would like to continue listening to ya, I promised your mother that we wouldn't discuss this until you talk to her first. I'm already in the dog pound as it is,"

April: "Oh, sorry,"

She looked up at Luke and he looked up at her to shrug.

Luke: "Eh, it's okay. It's good that you're getting all of this stuff out instead of building it up all inside,"

April: "Can I ask you a question?"

Luke: "I guess so…"

April: "Why do you think Mom didn't tell you about me?"

Luke shifted nervously. Then he groaned and sighed.

Luke: "We started dating because both of us were at the same place in life. My father was sick and I had just started converting my father's hardware store into the diner and she was establishing her store. Neither one of us had any desire what so ever of settling down or having kids but we didn't want to be completely by ourselves either. But as the years went by and after my father died, we slowly began to realize that we didn't see eye to eye on most other things. We had nothing in common so we barely had a lot to talk about or a way to get to know each other. Not too soon after, your mother's store was picked up here and so we decided to go our separate ways. I guess that's part of the major reason why she didn't tell me about you,"

April was full of curiosity: "If she did, do you think you would've been like how you are now?"

Luke: "I had so much going on at that time with trying to run the diner and coming to terms with everything that I didn't have enough room in my head for anything else. I don't think I would've been able to accept that kind of responsibility at that time and it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I changed my mind on the whole kids thing,"

April: "What was it that changed your mind that much?"

Luke sat silent not wanting the words to come out but April caught onto it.

April: "Lorelai, right?"

Luke: "Is it that obvious to you and your mother?"

April: "Well, there is definitely a difference between how you are now and how you were when you were dating her. I can tell that before you acted as if a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. That one time at my birthday party you were so closed off until she came into the diner and then you were so open to anything. You were willing to work things out with other people and trying hard at accepting other people's routines,"

Luke gave in: "Okay, okay so it's true! Jeez, you girls sure know how to get a guy kneeling in pain! Maybe, it sort of started when I first met her; Lorelai was so nutty, spontaneous, willing to try anything even if it's a bad idea, and so happy being herself… it was the complete opposite of who I was. I guess it made me wander why it was that she acted that way and if at all possible I could feel like that. Then I saw how she was with her daughter Rory, she was a little younger than you were when I first met her. Her daughter is one of the smartest, patient, strong-minded and caring kid I had ever seen… I guess I began to think that not all kids are a like; that there are as many different personalities of kids as there are with adults. I wandered why that was. I watched as Lorelai and Rory interacted with each other and I found out that a lot of it comes from the support of the parents. Even though Rory's father wasn't there, Lorelai made up for the gap herself by supporting Rory, giving her space to be her own person, and believing in her. It was surprisingly easy to become a part of it because as much as I pushed them away, they still let me in their own little group.

As the years went by I watched as other guys came in and out of Lorelai's life and women come in and out of my life… somehow those relationships never worked out and there we both would end up, still standing with each other. I never questioned why I just figured that's how things went but somewhere along the way I kinda fell in love with her without even knowing it. I didn't think that she would ever want to be in a relationship with me and I was scared that if we did maybe we wouldn't be able to be friends anymore. Finally, we decided to put caution to the wind and just jump in. Then I screwed up and she screwed up even more, then I screwed up even more than she did and then she screwed up in nuclear explosion proportions… now so much has happened between us that I doubt we'll be able to fix what was broken,"

April: "You called her and asked where to find me, didn't you?"

Luke slapped his forehead.

Luke: "Damn it, I'm so pathetic! Not ONLY did I bother her by calling her but here I am talking to my 13 year old daughter about my ex-love life!"

April: "It's not that bad, you haven't said anything dirty and we're not talking about me with Freddy so you can't get in trouble. Did Lorelai sound angry when you called her?"

Luke went over the phone conversation in his head.

Luke: "Actually no she didn't sound angry. I mean she was concerned about you but she wasn't in a hurry to hang up or anything like that,"

April unsure: "She would've let her 13 year old daughter go to the dance, wouldn't she?"

Luke: "She would've been acting very WEIRD about it but I'm sure she would've been understanding enough to know how important it would be to her daughter and she would trust her daughter's judgment. She probably would help her daughter pick out her dress and stuff and get her ready for the dance,"

April thought long for a moment.

April: "I'm sure she would too. I hope you two can fix your problems because I think it would be a good thing,"

Luke looked over to April.

Luke: "Yeah, I hope so too. I have to be at Star Hallow first thing tomorrow morning and you have school tomorrow too, so we probably should go back to your house. You have to be able to face your problems now if you want to do that when you're an adult. I've still got to work on that myself,"

Luke held out his hand for April to take. She hesitated for a moment and then she took it. The two of them stood up together and then walked away from the bench.

It was the next day and Lorelai entered the Dragonfly Inn.

Lorelai: "Sookie, Michel… I have BIG news!" she announced out loud.

Sookie and Michel gathered in the foyer with Lorelai.

Sookie: "You seem chipper this morning… I assume the dinner with Mike Armstrong came out good,"

Lorelai: "Yes, it did! Now that we have things settled between the Dragonfly Inn and the Durham group, I need to know you're feedback. You see the Durham Group is also being threatened by the new big cooperation and they are willing to help us out if we help them. They have recently purchased a ton of buildings up and down the Eastern Coast to transform into inns but they're having problems with getting them together and being successful. So I would come in as a consultant. I would oversee the layout, construction and the management of the new inns for four months until they are running successful, after that they would buy out the competition and all the work I put into the company will give us a BIG reward. We can buy the Independence Inn and make it a partner to the Dragonfly Inn!"

Michel: "Whatte?"

Sookie: "No way! How?!"

Lorelai: "Because by then the competition would have finished the renovations and the inn would be free to the Durham Group once we buy their company out. I'll drop out of the Durham Group and with the money I earned from working with them, I will have enough to own the new Independence Inn. We can keep the Dragonfly Inn as a place for visitors and families to stay in but the Butterfly Inn we'll use for big cooperation shindigs, large tourist groups, weddings… all that stuff that would normally take up all of the Dragonfly's room! What do you think? The Dragonfly Inn AND the Butterfly Inn… wouldn't that be great?!"

Sookie was dreaming off to space muttering: "The Dragonfly Inn and the Butterfly Inn…"

Michel just stood there gaping.

Lorelai: "Hello? Earth to Sookie and Michel; what do you think?"

Both of them snapped out of it.

Sookie was cheering: "Oh my God! I can't believe it!"

Then Sookie quickly realized something.

Sookie: "Wait a minute, you would have to be gone for four months? The Dragonfly Inn can't run without you!"

Lorelai: "I'll find someone to take my place until I get back and I'll be back for holidays. It doesn't start until after Thanksgiving anyways. Not to mention, this is all to save the Dragonfly,"

Michel: "Diz all soundz too good to be truie,"

Lorelai: "Mike Armstrong is a business man, he's not a lawyer so he only said what he knows what will happen. Even if this doesn't work exactly the way they want it, the Durham Group is still willing to back us up on the Butterfly Inn even if they have to battle it out with the Evil Empire company. This is the only thing that I can think of that we can do to preserve the Dragonfly and prevent other potential inn companies from doing the same thing in the future. So what do you two think? I won't set foot anywhere until you both give me the okay. So deal or no deal?"

Sookie and Michel looked at each other then back to Lorelai: "Deal!"

Everyone jumped up and down excitedly.

Luke was driving to his diner and as he turned around the corner, he got a glimpse of the diner. In surprise, he quickly put his truck in park and leapt out. He then ran to the door and threw it open. There was the diner almost exactly like it was before the accident except even more details were added. There were people at the tables, Lane was serving them and Caesar was cooking away in the kitchen.

Luke walked right up to Lane.

Luke: "What, what the Hell happened in here?"

Lane: "Well, a hello to you too Luke. So good to feel appreciated around here,"

Luke: "I didn't mean to be rude but what the Hell happened to this place?"

Lane walked to the counter to pick up a plate of food for a table.

Lane: "Well, things were too quiet around this town without you so we had to do major construction to make up for it,"

Lane walked over to a table and dropped the food off while Luke still stood over by the counter.

Luke: "We? We who?"

Lane: "Everyone. The whole town. We made it into a Town Function Project, it was all Miss Patty's idea,"

Luke sat down on one of the stools in shock. He was speechless for a minute until the words finally caught up with him.

Luke: "So everything is back to normal… what about Caesar?"

Caesar overheard the conversation from the kitchen: "I went to other diners but for some reason they didn't like my cooking style and as long as the chilled bananas are added to the menu, I'm ready to cook up a storm here,"

Lane walked past Luke to grab another plate of food to serve.

Lane: "Isn't it GREAT! We wouldn't have even thought of it, if it hadn't been for someone,"

Luke: "Someone?"

That's when Luke looked over the edge of the counter and caught a glimpse of the place behind the counter where his father's list was still there. Except the writing had been furnished with a protective glaze and there was a small golden frame sealed around the writing.

Luke realized only one person knew about that list and would add such tacky details to it.

Luke asked Lane: "Did Lorelai have something to do with this?"

Lane had dropped off the food to another table and now was taking an order while she answered Luke.

Lane: "Yeah. She stopped by several times looking for you and eventually she couldn't take it anymore and started cleaning the place when Miss Patty came in. I have a feeling though that even if the town hadn't pitched in, she probably would've fixed up the diner herself… well not considering the glass window. Which by the way; she convinced Taylor to pay for as well as the profits you lost because you had to close the diner. It's strange isn't it? Even though you two are hardly speaking to each other, there's still this string attached to you guys,"

Luke: "A string?"

Lane: "Yeah, that keeps you two from threading away for good,"

Lorelai was across the street, picking up some things from Doose's. She left the building and was across the street from Luke's Diner when she noticed his truck. She quickly crossed the street and took a quick look around the diner through the window. She saw him sitting on one of the stools by the counter but she didn't have enough nerve to actually go in and see him. She sighed in relief then turned around to leave.

Just then, Luke spotted her and saw her starting to walk away. Her ran up to the door and shouted: "Lorelai, wait!"

Lorelai stopped and spun around to see him standing in the doorway.

Lorelai: "Luke. So you're back, huh?"

Luke: "Yeah well I was driving Anna crazy and it was about time to get back to the diner to try and fix it… but I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore. I have a feeling you had something to do with it?"

Lorelai: "It's a slight possibility. So how did things go with April, you found her okay, right David Carruso?"

Luke: "Yes, I did thanks to you. She and I talked for a little bit and then I took her back to her house,"

Lorelai: "Was Anna mad at her? Did she go off on her?"

Luke: "At first she did but as they talked, she eased off… she even allowed her to go to that Winter Dance with Freddy but April made an agreement with her not to go out with Freddy until after the dance,"

Lorelai smiled.

Lorelai: "That's GREAT! It sounds like they've made much more progress than I would've if it had been me with my mother,"

Luke: "Lorelai…?"

Lorelai: "Yeah?"

Luke: "I think I'm going to ask for split custody of April,"

Lorelai was so both shocked and angry that she choked up on her words before spitting it out in a shout: "Are you SERIOUS?!"

Luke was taken aback by her reaction then he gained a pained/determined look.

Luke: "Of course, I'm serious. I can't believe that you're acting this way, can't you think about April for once?"

Lorelai: "I AM thinking about April! Here you go again, taking responsibility without being responsible!"

Luke is now shouting too: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Lorelai: "You KNOW that Anna won't agree to that. Which would mean you would have to fight for custody. Not only will that hurt Anna but it'll hurt April even more! She and her mother had a way of living together and all of a sudden someone who she just started letting into her heart, would be destroying it! She's at a VERY confusing time in her life right now and tensions are bad enough with her mother as it is, something like this would only tear them apart and she would hate you for it! For example think of how Rory and I would've felt it all of a sudden Christopher had shown up and demanded custody of her like that!"

Luke took a step back ready to just leave the conversation and go back inside.

Luke: "That environment isn't good enough for April. First her mother kept her away from me and now that I'm trying to get to know her, I can't. Anna has always had a problem being open to people, trusting people and doesn't like it when things don't go her way. April hates the fact that she feels suffocated having to be this perfect, nerdy scientist and when for the first time she wanted to feel like a real girl; Anna punished her for that. She hasn't even STARTED the whole dating thing yet and this is what happens. When she gets older and falls into a real relationship with a boy, there will be major problems I just know it! I don't want the same thing that happened to you and your parents to happen to her. She wants to be a doctor but she also wants to be a normal girl, too,"

Lorelai sighed and put her hand to her head thinking about things for a moment.

Lorelai: "I understand what you're saying but even if you do battle it out for custody of her, it doesn't mean that you'll get what you want. Anna will try everything to shoot you down in court, you know. She'll bring up the fact that you never liked or wanted to deal with kids before and she will bring up your failed marriage to Nicole. She might even bring ME up and get me mixed up all in this. I'm just trying to warn you what you're looking to go up against and how it will not only affect Anna but April, and yourself too. So PLEASE, all that I ask is for you to WAIT until you know for SURE. Because here you are, ready to hurt more people that you claim to care about without thinking about the consequences of your actions!"

With that, Lorelai left Luke standing there.

Summary for next episode:

It's Rory's birthday and boy are a lot of crazy things going on! First, the town is running a huge scavenger hunt, which is of course very strange and complicated. Then, both Luke and Lorelai want to try and talk to each other but chicken out. At the town meetings, at the diner, and even just walking down the street; they keep bumping into each other and literally at one point with Paul Anka on leash. They open their mouths to try and speak but can't and end up running off. Rory gets the opportunity of a lifetime being an intern at the Hartford news station. She meets a young Yale, very handsome male college student interning for the tech department of the news station. They hit it off but Rory's determined not to mess things up with Logan. Meanwhile, the newspaper staff at Yale decides to throw Rory a BIG surprise birthday party (including a video-phone call from Logan) but that's not the biggest surprise. The biggest surprise is after the drunken blowout party, when Rory sees her father waiting for her. Which in a mix of being drunk and full of angst, Rory unleashes her rage on him. In the end, Christopher drives off heartbroken, Rory wakes up the next morning hung over and heartbroken but Lorelai and Luke finally make the important first steps of communication/ reconcilement, and Luke pours Lorelai coffee at the diner and she tells him about her working for the Durham Group soon.