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Episode 17: "Jealousy Can Even Sink A Boat"

Everyone in Stars Hollow was waiting in Miss Patty's hall for Taylor to start the town meeting. Luke was on his cell phone talking to Lorelai.

Luke: "I can't believe you have me coming here to this stupid thing just so that you can hear it over the phone,"

Lorelai: "Hey just because I can't be there physically doesn't mean I can't be there in spirit! When Taylor starts speaking just hold the phone up, okay?"

Luke: "I feel as if I should replying to that with a: "Yes Master" like Egor,"

Lorelai: "It's not Egor, it's Eye-gore… remember?"

Luke: "That's the Young Frankenstein version,"

Lorelai: "There's another version of Frankenstein? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Come on, Luke! We'll make Taylor go crazy, it'll be fun,"

Luke: "Maybe for you but I don't think it'll have the same effect for me,"

Taylor finally made his way to the podium.

Taylor: "Folks, hey settle down. Folks!"

Everyone continued to ignore him.

Taylor: "Excuse me, people of Stars Hollow….!"

Jackson stood up and finally said: "The bearded dragon wants to start the meeting,"

Everyone stopped talking and Jackson sat back down. Taylor cleared his throat.

Taylor: "I called you all to this meeting because… Luke, what are you doing?"

Luke holding the cell phone up, blushed a little as he replied sheepishly: "Lorelai is on her cell phone and she wants to hear the town meeting, so I'm holding the phone up. Let's just get this thing over with,"

Taylor: "Okay. Well the Spring Fling is coming around the corner and I have major plans for it this year. This year, we're converting it into a Water Safety Seminar,"

The entire room groaned loudly.

Luke: "Lorelai says she always KNEW you had water on the brain!"

Taylor: "I do not. I was simply thinking ahead to the summer where most of the town will be experiencing some sort of water-type activity. I just thought I should brief the entire town on boat safety,"

Babbette: "This isn't the National Coast Guard for cryn' out loud, we don't even have a lake in town big enough to do "water-type activities" with. We have to go over to Litchfield,"

Taylor: "Litchfield may not care about their citizens but I do. What if people don't take the proper precautions, someone gets hit in the head with a paddle, falls over board and drowns?"

Luke: "Lorelai says then maybe there'll be human-eating Piranha in the lake that would get rid of the body…"

Taylor: "Lorelai, you're being obtrusive, stop it!"

Luke: "Lorelai says: "I'm not even here and I'm still getting Taylor riled up. This is fun,"

Taylor: "This is a very serious matter. There are people out there who can't start their speed boats…"

Luke sighed: "She said "Dirty"

Taylor: "It is not dirty, it's true. What if nobody has ever water skied before and wants to this summer. They could get very hurt if they do it wrong,"

Luke sighed even harder: "She said: 'Even DIRTIER"

Taylor: "Would you hang up with her before I install a "cell phone during a town meeting penalty law" effective tonight?"

Luke: "Lorelai, I'm officially off Annoying Taylor Phone Duty. Bye!"

With that Luke hung up.

Luke: "Lorelai said she wandered if the Bearded Dragon was going to hook up with a Bearded Lady?"

Patty: "You mean West Side Tilly?"

Kirk: "No, old Mrs. Thomas,"

Taylor glared at Luke.

Taylor: "Why do you keep on relaying her messages to me?"

Luke: "Because she's right, it is fun to see you get riled up. You really DO look like a dragon with that smoke coming out of your ears,"

Taylor: "Can we please get back on course here! I'm taking this very seriously and I hope that all of you will too,"

Miss Patty: "But why are we doing this in replacement of the Spring Fling?"

Taylor: "Because I'll be going on vacation to the Bahamas the following week. When I get back it will be a few weeks before summer and it will be too late then,"

Kirk: "Huh? Last year didn't you go to the Bahamas, Taylor? Right I remember now, you told me how you fell over the side of the boat and had to have some 70 year old use CPR on you,"

Sookie: "Wait a minute, you're just doing this so that you can learn how not to drown in the Bahamas?!"

Taylor: "Now people it's just a tiny inconvenience…"

Gypsy: "Get him!"

The entire town started ganging up on Taylor.

Theme Song

Lorelai was surrounded by a group of executive-looking people men and women dressed in suits holding clipboards. Lorelai greeted them with a professional smile.

Lorelai: "Welcome Durham Group to the Albany, New York newest addition; "The Morning Dove Inn". We have made major improvements with the exterior and interior. We decided to sort of follow the ideals of what an inn with the word "dove" in it should look like. So we went with pale tones especially white, off-white and pale yellow. For the furniture we used soft wood colors to blend with the light atmosphere and not overpower the inn with too much color. We also decided to go with couches, beds and sofa chairs that have light blue to add a variety of color and liven the inn up without over doing that. The kitchen is where most of the yellows are except for the appliances, which we went with, metallic and white.

There are ten bedrooms each with two queen-sized beds, a bathroom, a fireplace, entertainment appliances such as televisions, curtains, a small end table, a table lamp and floor lamp, ceiling fans, a closet (complete with hanging rack, hangers and a small safe for personal items), a phone and a modem jack for people who need internet access.

For the moment we are still interviewing people for employment positions. There are some really good applications out there so the decisions are tough. I will be happy to lead a tour through the inn so you can see for yourself the amount of love and care that has gone into bringing this inn to life.

Speaking of bringing things to life, this reminds me of the feel I had when I became a first-time mother. I was alone and needed a place to live. The only place I knew that gave me hope of giving us the kind of life I wanted, was an inn placed in the tiny town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut called "The Independence Inn". The owner was compassionate and gracious enough to allow me to work for her because of my determination to do a good job. Not only that but she also gave us a place to live there. It was very hard to work and raise my daughter but I was happy because I knew it would all be worth it someday. We were bound for better things all we had to do was get through the tough times. The Independence Inn did indeed give me the independence I needed and I was finally able to work my way to the top as the Head Manager. I was able to buy a house and affording school wasn't so hard anymore. When the owner moved away to California and left me in charge of the inn, it was when I knew I had made it.

That very inn I loved so much ended up in a fire caused by an electrical problem and was forced to close. It nearly broke my heart. I have never forgotten how much the inn was like a home to me. When I opened my own inn "The Dragonfly Inn" I wanted to make sure to convey that feeling to other people. I have used those same kinds of feelings and dedication to my inn and the inns I have been working with during the past four months. Now I'm blessed with a husband and another child on the way. This child will grow up with stories of the inns, which are important to me and hopefully my love for them will pass down onto her. I hope that she will take over for my inn someday when I'm not able to. I thank all of you for the opportunity to work with such a great company that truly cares for people and their families,"

The group clapped proudly and some of the women had tears in the eyes. Just then Lorelai's cell phone went off and she looked to see who was calling her.

Lorelai: "My first-born daughter is calling, perfect timing isn't it? If you just go to the kitchen and let the amazing new chief serve some amazing dishes for you, then I'll be right with you after I take this phone call,"

The group agreed and started walking away except for Mike Armstrong who stayed behind.

Mike: "Great job, you have all of them in the palm of your hands!"

Lorelai rolling her eyes: "Good, I'll just make some bread out of them. You're looking like Mr. Burns from "the Simpsons", it's really starting to creep me out. Mike, I really need to take this call,"

Mike: "Okay, okay. I'll meet you in the kitchen,"

So Mike walked off and Lorelai called Rory back.

Rory: "Hi Mom, what took you so long to answer?"

Lorelai: "Oh apparently being pregnant means you have to learn how to cook using people,"

Rory: "Huh?"

Lorelai: "I was entertaining the Durham Group and told them my story. It was like I was Barbara Streisand in "A Star is Born" it was GREAT. But then Mike had to ruin it by a comment, now I just feel dirty and I have to try and wash this damn spot out of my hands,"

Rory: "I was calling because I got a phone call from the new station in Boston where I applied for a position,"

Lorelai: "Really? What did they have to say?"

Rory: "They want me to go for an interview,"

Lorelai: "With a vampire?"

Rory: "No, with me,"

Lorelai: "Even better. Well that's so great, honey. When is it?"

Rory: "In two days,"

Lorelai: "I know you'll wow them! Good luck!"

Rory: "Thanks Mom for being a good cheerleader,"

Lorelai: "It was either cheerleading or cooking. SO it was either wear the flippy skirt or an apron… the decision was a no-brainer,"

Rory: "Good choice. Okay Mom, I've got to get to classes,"

Lorelai: "Okay sweetie. I love you, say hi to Johnny Depp for me,"

Rory: "Sure thing, I love you too. Don't work so hard,"

Lorelai: "Me? I have no idea what you're talking about,"

Rory: "You ARE pregnant so you should be taking it easy. You thought the whole interviewing people for positions process would be laidback but from what you've told me it's far from the case. Especially with your eating habits being unpredictable lately and lack of sleep, I don't want you to overexert yourself. Remember what happened to Laura in "Little House on the Prairie","

Lorelai: "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Bye Rory,"

Rory sighed: "Bye Mom,"

Lorelai closed her cell phone and stuck it back into her pocket. She started walking to the kitchen when she suddenly felt so dizzy that she had to stop and put a hand on one of the sofa chairs to keep herself from falling. Finally she was able to shake it off and went into the kitchen acting as if nothing happened.

Again sorry but this is going to be another one of the episodes where I'm going to summarize Rory's part because I have short time. So Rory is in Boston waiting in a room full of other girls also interested in the position. Most of them seemed to be right off of America's Next Top Model. They chatted about boys, clothes, fashion, and etc. while Rory organized her references and personal notes.

Meanwhile Lorelai was running around upstairs giving the newly acquired staff a tour of the guest rooms. She was now speaking to the maids.Lorelai as she spoke she walked over and pointed to what she was talking about.

Lorelai: "Okay maids, welcome to your corner offices. These are the guest rooms and each room must be given the same kind of care you give to your own bedrooms. As matter of fact they require some extra love and care as if you're adopting them into your family like Angelina Jolie. Every morning at ten o'clock it is your responsibility to clean each room. Unlike Bush's proposal with the education system; No room should be left behind. You must remove all the sheets and pillowcases so they can have a de-bacteria bath. However, washing the comforters is also just as important because guest's hands and sneezes could be all over them. Those don't need washing everyday but definitely need tending to before the next guest comes. Worse comes to worse we have extra comforters in the linen closest. To prevent further spread of bacteria attend to disinfecting the doorknobs on both sides of the doors and on the TV remotes,"

The maids nodded their heads in agreement and took notes.

Lorelai: "Also remember that there are many people out there who have severe allergies and unless you have an inhaler in hand, you don't want them to have asthma attacks. So please make sure you dust as much as you can especially around the windows and on furniture,"

The maids nodded again.

Lorelai: "Good. Now I need to emphasize something important. Each guest who is visiting the inn, comes with their full trust in the staff so they don't have to worry. With that in mind, any form of stealing money or possessions from ANY guest's room won't be tolerated. Not only will you be fired immediately following an investigation, but you may also face Larson charges. So no Dodger's from Oliver Twist here or you'll be sleeping with the fishes… compeshe?"

Maids: "Yes, Mrs. Gilmore-Danes,"

Lorelai: "Glad to hear it. Now I want you all to separate, find your own guest room, practice removing the sheets and putting new ones on because they can be a pain in the ass if you don't have a knack for working with them,"

Everyone agreed and dispersed into each room, leaving Lorelai free to walk away. She walked out of the room and to the top of the stairs.

Lorelai: "Now that I have a moment to myself, I can go to the kitchen downstairs and get something to eat,"

Mike Armstrong was approaching the stairs from the bottom floor and looked up to see Lorelai there.

Mike: "Hark, what light thru yonder window breaks. It is the east and Juliet is the sun,"

Lorelai: "I'm not the sun, I'm the whole solar system buddy. Quote more Shakespeare to me and I'll make you an asteroid and shoot you out of the galaxy," (a hypocrite considering she just mentioned something from Mac Beth to Rory)

Mike laughed nervously: "Okay, okay I give,"

Mike made his way up the stairs as Lorelai made her way down them. They barely passed each other when he just so happened to stop and turn around to see Lorelai as her legs seemed to come out from under her and she started to fall forward. Mike reached out and grabbed her with both hands just before she fell and pulled her backwards. Luckily Lorelai managed to grasp the rails to keep from landing on her back. Both of them didn't dare move an inch until Lorelai was sure she had firm footing on the stairs. Finally Lorelai turned to face Mike and laughed forcingly.

Lorelai: "Oops, sorry I guess I lost my balance there for a second…. I'm no Mary Lou Retton"

Mike didn't buy it and looked at her with concern.

Mike: "I don't know, it seemed more than just that to me. I thought for sure you were going to faint or something,"

Lorelai forced a reassuring smile.

Lorelai: "Of course not. I'm fine, I just lost my balance that's all. I was just really hungry and didn't pay attention to where I was walking. Once I go and eat I'll be perfectly fine… like Popeye with Spinach,"

Mike was still not convinced but he knew he wouldn't be able to get her to admit the truth so he just shrugged.

Mike: "Fine, whatever. You better go into the kitchen and have them serve you something right away. I don't want you to get hurt, okay?"

Lorelai: "Okay…"

Mike: "Oh by the way, I left my cell phone in the car and the phone lines are being installed later today. Can I just use your cell phone to make a few quick calls?"

Lorelai took her cell phone out of her coat pocket and handed it to Mike.

Lorelai: "Just make sure no one catches you with a pink cell phone,"

Mike: "I have a sister, I'm used to it by now,"

Lorelai walked into the kitchen while Mike dialed a number.

Mike: "Hello, this is Mike… we need to talk about Lorelai Gilmore,"

Meanwhile Luke was at the diner with April sitting at the counter.

April: "I'm so glad our school has spring vacation because I really need it right now,"

Luke: "Me, too. You know what it's perfect timing because I JUST finished the boat and I wanted to test it out. Would you like to go with me?"

April: "To the lake in your boat?"

Luke nodded.

April: "I would like that very much it would be like real-life Marine Biology,"

Luke: "I'm glad to hear that,"

Just then the diner phone rang and Luke answered it.

Luke: "Luke's, what do you want?"

Mike: "Hello, it's Mike Armstrong of the Durham Group…"

Luke: "Ah right, listen I've got work to do here so would you hurry this up?"

Mike: "I don't know if this is really any of my business but I decided it was time for me to butt in,"

Luke: "You sound like the narrator in "Stand By Me"… get on with it,"

Mike: "It's about Lorelai…"

Luke now was interested.

Luke: "What about Lorelai?"

Mike: "Hmm, how can I say this…? She hasn't been acting quite right lately, within the past week I have noticed some very worrisome things. She often has to lean on furniture to support herself, she has fallen so many times I've lost count, and just a few minutes ago she almost passed out and fell down the stairs doing a perfect impression of Scarlet O'Hara,"

Luke's eyes widened as he commented with: "She almost fell down the stairs?! Uh, I KNEW this would happen! I KNEW that she would overwork herself and like an idiot I just HAD to let her do it. I really am like Egor…"

Mike: "Uh Luke?"

Luke: "What?"

Mike: "I called the Durham Group, lied, told them Lorelai's doctor called and ordered an immediate bed rest at home. We talked it over and the Durham Group has decided she's worked long enough so she can go home with the knowledge that the old Independence Inn will soon be hers. Now all is left is to actually get her out of here and that's why I called you,"

Luke: "I see…. I think I got it. Well luckily there happens to be a lull right now but I have my daughter kind of here visiting. I can drop her off at the house and then I'll be there to drag Lorelai home,"

Mike: "Good idea. I called you because I thought if ANYONE can get her out of here it would be you. I'm relieved to hear that you're just as concerned about her as I am,"

Luke: "Yeah… of course…"

Mike: "Goodbye Mr. Danes,"

Luke: "Bye Mike, thanks,"

Luke hung up the phone, stared at it for a moment and then turned to April. April looked up at him with curious eyes.

April: "What was that all about?"

Rory was finally called in for the interview and sat on a chair across from a suit-wearing, stern-looking, dark-haired man. Rory felt a little intimidated but she tried to shake it off. The man asked her many questions about her past journalist history as well as dealing with the public. Then he asked her questions on what she thought was wrong or right. Lastly he asked her how important it was for her to get a story. Rory answered him the best she could and admitted things she wished she could've held back. At the end the man sat there and looked her right in the eyes said…

Man: "When it comes to being a field reporter, you have to be stubborn, determined and hungry to get the scoop. Every second counts and things can happen so fast that you may lose your chance. You can't be timid and worried about hurting people's feelings just to get the story. What it comes down to is what's in the public's best interest. Our viewers don't want to see a vapid, air-headed college girl who has no opinions of her own except what awful clothes the people were wearing. Our viewers also don't want to see some hard-assed college girl bite people's heads off and out for blood. We're not tabloid's or paparazzi we're newscasters. We are supposed to be the voices of the public. So with that said, there has to be a middle. A common ground for common people. You are the only girl I have seen so far who may have the potential I'm looking for. But if I push you, would you push back or would you break?"

Rory: "My life has been anything but easy. Nothing has been handed to me on a silver platter and what has I have regretted taking without working hard for it. My dream has always to be like Christina Amenport because I believe HER to be the common ground for the common people. She has a voice that reflects she truly cares about people. I realize that she must've had to do some shoving to get what she wanted but it has never affected her one bit. You can't see it through the screen all you can see is what she allows you see. Of course I have questioned my self constantly about whether or not I could handle the pressure of being a field correspondent. Every time I've pondered that, I received one answer. If it's for the sake of my dream of doing something I love then I would have to. Otherwise my dream would just be that… a dream. It wouldn't become a reality. This position is one I feel is perfect for me. I can start out small as a fill-in for the original reporter until after she's back from maternity leave. At the same time I can take courses at Harvard for my Master's degree. When my time with temporary fill-in terminates then I can always find somewhere else here in Boston to go. I can try to join the Boston Globe's staff or perhaps a permanent position will open up for this station for me to take. Either way this possibility is one that will open doors for me. I believe it deep inside my soul,"

Man: "Enough of the Robert Frost/ Emily Dickinson talk, Miss Gilmore. Keep in your mind; talk like that may distance you from making a connection with the public. Then again talking like a Valley Girl will do the same so again there has to be a middle,"

Rory: "Boy there is a lot of middles… I bet the beginnings and endings are feeling very left out right about now,"

Rory suddenly realized what she said and quickly covered her mouth in shock as the man just sat there. Suddenly he cracked a very slight smile and gave one chuckle.

Rory: "I'm so sorry I realize that was very inappropriate. I have this thing with my mother and it some times pops up out of the blue like the shark in Jaws…."

Man: "That is what I'm talking about Miss Gilmore. You have a deep connection with your mother I take it? You have to be able to spread that connection out to your viewers. Reporters who are solid and boring are way less approachable then those who can show their soft, human qualities like a sense of humor. They are less rememberable and popular as well. Much like the differences between Barbara Walters and Geraldo. Liking a certain reporter is what keeps viewers tuning in to our newscast as opposed to other ones. So I urge you not to lose what unique personal qualities you have that sets you apart from other people if you wish to have a successful career as a field reporter,"

Rory: "Aw, you're an old softy under that tough exterior, aren't you? My Step-Father is very much like that,"

Man: "Well, I hope you're used to it…"

Rory looked up at him with wide eyes.

Rory: "Why is that?"

The Man cracked a small smile.

Man: "That's for me to know and for you to find out. You ARE a reporter after all,"

Rory still wasn't sure if he meant what she thought he meant.

Rory: "So are you saying…?"

The Man shot up out of his seat and waved right to the door.

Man: "You are not the last person I have to interview and it wouldn't fair to them if I just gave the position to you. IF you do have the honor of having this job, you will receive an official letter in the mail next month,"

Rory stood up from her seat and started walking to the door.

Rory: "By the way, you never told me your name. If we're going to be working together some how I would like to know your name,"

Man: "You can call me Mr. Snuffleupicus"

Rory gave a wink as she said: "Okay then, Good-bye Mr. Snuffleupicus I hope to see you soon,"

With that Rory walked out of the room.

Lorelai was pointing out where the phones were to the phone/cable guys when there was a knock on the door.

Mike's voice called out: "Lorelai, can you get that?"

Lorelai: "If I got married and got pregnant, then I can get a door,"

Lorelai walked up to the door and swung it wide open. Luke was on the other side. He took one hand, grabbed Lorelai's arm and pulled her outside.

Lorelai: "LUUUUKKEE, let gooo!"

Luke: "No, we're going… NOW,"

Lorelai: "My husband is kidnapping me!"

Mike: "I'm not Kevin Federline, I'm getting you back to Stars Hollow where you can relax and be at home,"

Lorelai: "But the Durham Group…!"

Mike: "….Said you've done all you have to and are free to go!"

Mike came along with all of Lorelai's belongings.

Lorelai: "What about the Dragonfly…?"

Mike: "Give us a month and the Independence Inn will be yours,"

Lorelai seemed a little relieved but was still reluctant to leave and Luke had to keep on dragging her to his truck. Mike threw her luggage into the back bed and Luke held the passenger door open for Lorelai.

Lorelai stood there glancing at the door unsure of what to do.

Luke: "Lorelai, what are you just standing there for? Get in,"

Lorelai: "I'm having a horrible "the Hitchhiker" flashback here,"

Luke: "You're being ridiculous. You're taking this way too seriously,"

Lorelai: "I know you better than you think. I have a feeling if I get into that car I'm going to end up somewhere I don't want to be… like the Sahara Desert or something,"

Luke: "You really do think I'm here for something else. It's almost like you can't accept the fact that you're free to go home now. Like some caged animal who's owner is letting them back out into the wild. You're so used to running around pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion that you can't see how much it's been hurting you. When you're not working like crazy you don't know what to do with yourself because it seems wrong. But you're not the only one this stress is hurting. Everything that happens to you happens to the baby inside of you and I highly doubt it she can take pain as much as you can. Now the worst is behind you, all of your responsibilities are done except for one… to take care of yourself,"

Lorelai took a deep breath and then exhaled. She shook off whatever else she was concerned about until it wasn't there anymore. Finally she smiled brightly at Luke.

Lorelai: "Okay, you win. Let's go home,"

She sat inside the car and Luke closed the door behind her.

Lorelai sat there staring with a look of surprise as she noticed the truck stopping at a very large building with ambulances parked out in front.

Lorelai: "THIS isn't home. Luuuukkkee, what are we DOING here?"

Luke: "This is where we're going BEFORE we go home. The hospital… so you can have a check-up,"

Lorelai: "I knew there was some sort of ulterior motive. You have been hanging around my MOTHER for too long,"

Luke: "I've NEVER hung around with your mother,"

Lorelai: "Ah merely being in her PRESENCE is enough. Tricking me into thinking I was going straight home, all the while forcing me to go into the hospital for a check-up without me knowing…. Sounds like my mother to me,"

Luke: "I'm not Benedict Arnold here, I didn't betray you or anything. I just knew this was the only strategy to get you here. Lorelai, I am really worried about you. Ever since the morning after Valentines Day when I thought I saw you not breathing…"

Lorelai: "You thought I stopped breathing that morning? I knew you were acting strange… I just wish you would've told me…"

Luke: "Well I couldn't, okay. I thought I was over-reacting and it just seemed stupid to me. But ever since then I've had this bad feeling that there's something wrong or something bad is going to happen. I don't want that to happen,"

Lorelai: "Nothing bad WILL happen, I've had a baby before and nothing happened then,"

Luke: "No offense but that was a long time ago and you were so young when it did. Now you're forty years old and you don't have the laid-back kind of life you had when you were a teenager…"

Lorelai: "Uh hello... I lived with my PARENTS… it wasn't exactly like living in Disney World!"

Luke: "You know what I meant! You've had so many stressful things going on within the past couple of years. Especially having to work with the Durham Group, not eating right and barely sleeping. Now let's go and make sure everything is okay,"

Lorelai refused to move and just sat there looking miserable.

Luke: "Lorelai? What's wrong?"

Lorelai: "I'm not going,"

Luke hung his head in exasperation.

Luke: "After all that I said you still aren't going?"

Lorelai: "I'm afraid…."

Luke: "Of what? Needles?"

Lorelai's lower lip quivered as she held back tears that were forming.

Lorelai: "No that…. that they'll say…"

Finally Lorelai couldn't hold back anymore, starting crying hysterically and Luke had to reach over his seat to hold her.

She cried into his chest: "… that I can't have coffee!"

Luke looked as if someone threw a brick at his face.

Luke: "What?! You're getting all hysterical because you're afraid the doctor might tell you that you can't drink coffee?!"

Lorelai: "I can't help it! I love coffee and all these stupid hormones are making me think I can't deal without it! It would be like taking away my air!"

Luke pried Lorelai off of him so that he could stare her down.

Luke: "I think having to live four months without coffee is better than having to live the rest of your life with guilt if something did go wrong because of it,"

Lorelai pouted: "Not fair being right all the time. Just once I would like to be right,"

Luke: "Well at this moment you are definitely left,"

Lorelai sighed and then with a wince said: "Fine, I'll go in. There, happy now?"

Lorelai and Luke waited in an examining room for the doctor to return. Finally and woman with curly red hair, a white doctors lab coat, a clipboard and a stethoscope came in.

Doctor: "Well I have the results from your blood pressure, blood tests, and etcetera. Also based on your personal accounts of what has been happening over the past couple of months, I do see some major health concerns but nothing we can't work at. Due to the amount of severe stress and over exhaustion, you have very erratic blood pressure levels and it can be very dangerous not only to yourself but also to your baby. You overexert yourself so much during the day that your blood pressure skyrockets and by the time you actually go to sleep for the night it drops to dangerous levels the next morning. It is too early in your pregnancy for me to suggest complete bed rest however I can't allow you to continue going at this harmful pace. For the next few months up until you give birth you must remove yourself from any undue stress. You can still work but I want you to take a half hour break every two hours. Now I'm not saying that you should take that break just to eat. You can eat, put your feet up, watch TV, read the newspaper, or whatever else as long as you relax yourself. I am also concerned about your lack of gaining weight. Given your height and approximate weight, you should have doubled your weight by now and that is not the case. I think your problem occurs not only due to pressed time but also not "feeling hungry". So it is another good reason for you to have the every two hours break. Give it a few weeks and you should be able to realize how much your appetite has grown. You shouldn't be apprehensive about eating a lot, you haven't before and you definitely shouldn't now. Does all of this sound reasonable to you?"

Luke firmly: "Yes,"

Lorelai nervously: "Um, what about coffee? Can I still drink that?"

Doctor: "I have heard about your coffee addiction so I am aware that restricting coffee would make you depressed. You are allowed to have one cup of regular coffee in the morning until your last couple months of pregnancy. Any other time besides that, I recommend decaf or better yet… juice. Also, please restrict drinking sodas with large amounts of caffeine in them… drink diet sodas instead. In addition, you should be careful not to eat too much red meat. Other than that I can't at this time force you not to,"

Lorelai: "I can deal with one cup of REAL coffee in the morning and then decaf for the rest of the day…. I think. Everything else you've stated has strong points I can't ignore. I guess I'll have to learn how to "take it easy" very soon and get used to it for a little bit. Thank-you so much for being so understanding about all of this,"

Doctor: "Believe it or not it's not all that uncommon. It goes along with the times we live in. Just make sure you take care of yourself and others who live around you,"

Luke: "I second that,"

Rory returns to her dorm and sees it is covered with hundreds of wedding dresses. Roselyn comes in with a look of frustration and tells Rory of how Paris suddenly flipped out about what color of white would look better with her skin tone so she rented hundreds of them to find out. Rory with lots of catch-up studying to do tells Roselyn to deal with it herself and locks herself up in her room.

Lorelai was riding with Luke back to Stars Hollow when she suddenly remembered something and pulled out her cell phone.

Lorelai: "Hello Mom, it's me Lorelai,"

Emily: "I guessed that since I thought I heard the phone groan from across the room. So what did you call me for?"

Lorelai: "I just came back from visiting the doctor…"

Emily: "The doctor? Why did you visit the doctor?"

Lorelai: "Because he was feeling very lonely ever since he found out the nurse was really a man,"

Emily: "Lorelai, don't be so snarky. Just tell me the truth,"

Lorelai: "It was just for a check up. She told me that my blood pressure is going up and down like an elevator and I need to avoid any unnecessary, stressful situation. So I can't go to Friday Night Dinner tonight. Good-bye,"

Lorelai hung up before Emily had time to retort.

Luke: "I can't believe you just did that, Lorelai. Do you really expect that will work?"

Lorelai: "This time yes but not without some serious consequences tomorrow. I won't be able to use that next time but I'm hoping in a month I can use the whole "bed rest" excuse,"

Luke: "You're taking this for all it's worth aren't you?"

Lorelai nodded: "Like the judge in the Anna Nicole Smith trial,"

Luke: "Right"

Sookie and Michel were arguing in the kitchen.

Michel: "Oh come on Wolfgang Puck, just this ONE time?"

Sookie: "No, no way am I stooping down to that level,"

Michel: "But they are just like any other guest sleeping in this inn right now,"

Sookie: "Except they don't chew on shoes or drool all over the place,"

Michel: "Babies do that too!"

Sookie: "One last time… NO! I am NOT going to make a special meal just for your dogs!"

Michel: "This is discrimination against me being French and loving dogs!"

Jackson stepped in just at that time.

Jackson: "I don't think not wanting to serve dogs counts as hating the French. I mean she's a chief… she LOVES French food,"

Lorelai cooing: "Aw, it's good to know this place is in capable hands while I'm gone,"

Sookie: "Lorelai! What are you doing here?!"

Lorelai: "Well I could hear you two arguing all the way from Albany New York and I had to come back so I could be Al Sharpen,"

Jackson: "Seriously Lorelai why are you here?"

Lorelai: "It's a long story but my service at the Army is over and now I'm home free,"

Sookie: "So does that mean the Disney World inn is going down and we're going to invade it soon?"

Lorelai: "Yup just like

Michel: "So you can be useful once in a while,"

Lorelai: "When I'm not in charge who gets paid… yes,"

Michel: "Fine, I will return to the unruly guests but this discussion of food for my dogs is far from over,"

With that Michel slinked away. Jackson kissed Sookie on the cheek and left too.

Lorelai: "I have to get going. I just stopped by to let you know that I'm ready to go back to my own little inn…"

Sookie: "You came back way sooner than what was expected. Did something happen?"

Lorelai shifted nervously as she tried to think of how to answer her. Finally she decided to just come right out with it.

Lorelai: "I must've over exhausted myself because I started having near fainting spells. Mike must've caught on because he talked to the Durham Group, convinced them to let me go early, called Luke, then Luke came, kidnapped me, threw me at the doctor, and now I have come back being told that I have to take it easy every two hours. The doctor also added I need to eat and drink more often and carefully,"

Sookie looked very worried when she heard this.

Sookie: "She told you, you have to eat more? You? The person who puts any man to shame when it comes to eating? Why on Earth would you have to have a doctor tell you that?"

Lorelai: "Oh Sookie, don't be like that. Don't worry, I was just working so much that I had little time or energy to eat. Now that I'm back to my normal routines here I can go back to the pace I normally have. I'm fine Sookie, it was just a weird thing, okay?"

Sookie smiled: "Okay, that's a relief. Just make sure you take it easy,"

Lorelai: "Well I'm not Paris Hilton but I'll try,"

Sookie: "Good, you better,"

Lorelai: "Oh believe me Luke is already on me for it,"

Sookie: "That sounded a little dirty but I'm glad to hear it. He's one of the very few people who can do it. He's a very good husband… just a notch under Jackson,"

Lorelai: "He is giving Jackson a run for his money at this point… about to win the Boston marathon. It's funny, I feel like I have to do this not just for me or for the baby but most importantly for him too. For someone who sure complained about kids and families a lot, he really loves the idea of being in a family with kids. I really don't want to screw this whole thing up so if I have to go against my rhythm and take it easy then I have to do it. It's like he's a Mickey Rooney character in an Andy Hardy film,"

Sookie: "Well I'd be careful if I was you, you know how quickly Luke changes directions sometimes,"

Lorelai: "Yes it would be nice to have a weathervane for his mood gusts but I'm used to his shifts by now,"

Sookie: "The only person who can fight against Luke's stubbornness is someone who is just as stubborn herself. You're even more stubborn than Judy Dentch,"

Lorelai: "I always thought that lady had something I admired. Okay, I've got to get going Luke is waiting for me in the truck. I'm coming back to work here tomorrow. Bye Sookie,"

Sookie: "Bye bye, you're Highness,"

So Lorelai and Luke arrived at their new house. Luke went around the truck to open the door for Lorelai. She got out and followed him to the door of the house.

Lorelai: "Oh yeah I totally forgot that the house wasn't finished yet when I last saw it,"

Luke: "No longer is this the Money Pit, it is now the closest thing in America to Buckingham Palace,"

Lorelai: "I don't know if I like that idea, it would make YOU Prince Charles and imagining you with those ears scares me,"

Luke: "You went with Charles instead of William? Great, thanks a lot,"

Lorelai: "Hey I'm married and pregnant but not delusional,"

Luke opened the door. He and Lorelai walked inside. Lorelai took an official tour of the house when they met up with April.

April: "Hey Dad, hello Lorelai,"

Lorelai: "April, what a surprise. Nice to see you again… under different circumstances I hope,"

April: "Yes thankfully. It's Spring Break for my school and Luke has custody rights for the week,"

Lorelai: "That's really good to hear. It will be like living in a real house again with a kid around,"

Luke: "Of course April is willing to be if you need an extra help for anything,"

April: "Yes, I heard a summary of your current situation so if there's anything I can do to make things easier just let me know. I am fully trained in most domestic and responsible duties,"

Lorelai: "That's a very sweet gesture Shirley Temple. Thanks a lot, I'll try not to be too much of a pest,"

Luke: "Yeah well at this point she and I are going to have to be the pests to get you to relax,"

Lorelai: "Where's the Raid spray… just in case?"

Luke: "I'm serious,"

Lorelai: "I know you're serious, that's half the fun,"

April: "Okay settle down you two. Dad, you haven't shown Lorelai your completed boat yet,"

Luke slapped his forehead.

Luke: "Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Come on,"

The three of them exited the house and went around to the back yard. When they approached the Boat House, Luke swung the doors opened to reveal the newly finished white and navy blue fishing boat.

Lorelai: "I can't believe this was the same chunk of wood that was just sitting in my garage for two years,"

Luke: "I'll admit even I wasn't sure if it would ever get done but I'm glad it did because the boat came out better than what I expected,"

Lorelai: "All you needed was inspiration Michelangelo,"

Luke: "So, I was going to take it out on its first trip to the lake tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?"

April's eyes widened.

April: "What? Dad, you asked me to go with you tomorrow,"

Luke: "I have all week to spend time with you April, I'll take you the next day. Lorelai will probably be working for the rest of the week so tomorrow might be her only opportunity to take a half day,"

Lorelai: "Luke…"

April: "No, it's okay. I'll just stay here and read tomorrow or something. No problem you two have fun okay?"

April gave a forced smile, which fooled Luke but Lorelai caught on a little bit.

Lorelai: "Why don't you come with us? The more the merrier, right?"

Luke: "I don't know if the boat can take three people at once,"

April: "No, it's okay. I'm fine with it. Now let's go back inside because it's dinner time and Dad should get started with cooking,"

Luke: "Oh right. Man, you sure are on things today April. I'm glad you're around,"

April laughed nervously: "Yeah well…"

The next morning Luke was heading to the diner while Lorelai went to the Dragonfly, leaving April waving with a frustrated look on her face. The minute they were out of sight April huffed away and marched to the Boat House. She threw the doors opened and just stood there staring at the boat with a glare of hatred in her eyes. Soon the hatred washed over into sadness and she walked up to the boat. She ran her fingers over the haul and then climbed inside. When she got inside she just lay down on her back staring up at the ceiling. Her eyes started to well up with tears and she rolled over to her side to see the engine not too far away. She got up and moved over to where the engine and the cooling system were. She sort of gazed at them for a long time with different emotions reflecting in her eyes.

April: "I can't take this anymore! It's not FAIR! I just want to… I don't know… DO something to this STUPID boat! Hey, if I take a part out of the boat and alert Dad to it before he leaves with Lorelai then maybe he will be so grateful; he'll let me go with him instead of Lorelai! That's the PERFECT plan!"

So excitedly April crawled out of the boat and went to the tool-chest against the wall. She opened it, grasped a screwdriver, and then walked back over to the boat. She climbed inside and went back to the cooling system where she proceeded to pry a small part out of it. She got out of the boat and shoved the part in her pocket. However, unknown to her there was a hole in her pocket and the part fell out onto the floor. April walked over to the tool-chest and left the screwdriver on top of it. With that she proudly walked away.

Luke finally returned to the house and met up with April inside.

Luke: "Huh? Where's Lorelai, she should've been here by now,"

Just then the phone rang and Luke picked it up.

Luke: "Hello, Lorelai is that you?"

Lorelai: "No it's Jacob Marley calling you from the underworld, of course it's me,"

Luke: "Excuse me but when I set a time for you to come home I kinda expect you have been in this house enough to know how to get here,"

Lorelai: "I'm sorry Luke but I just can't make it there,"

Luke: "What, why not?"

Lorelai: "The Smiths unexpectantedly showed up after they had cancelled and so now I have to get them settled in. By the time I get home it should be sunset and it would be too late for anything really. Why don't you take April with you instead? That way at least someone will be with you to test the boat out,"

Luke: "The…. SMITHS, huh…?"

Lorelai: "Yeah I mean John just got so exhausted from being involved in unnamed crimes that he had to find somewhere to crash,"

Luke sighed: "Okay, I get the hint. I'll go to the lake with April. Is there REALLY a John Smith there?"

Lorelai: "I dunno ask Pocahontas. Have fun and be careful,"

Luke: "Right. Call me as soon as you get out,"

Lorelai: "That means you'll have to actually carry your cell phone with you,"

Luke: "I've picked up a few tricks while you've been gone. I take my cell phone with me everywhere now,"

Lorelai: "Uh huh…. Fine then I'll call you when I get out. Bye,"

With that Lorelai hung up and spun around to return to the almost barren front room.

Lorelai: "Sorry about that John Smith, right this way,"

She gestured at the air where a guest should've been and led the way to the stairs.

Luke who had just hung up the phone turned around to look at April.

Luke: "April, are you still interested in going to lake with me in my new boat?"

April asked curiously: "Why, what happened?"

Luke: "Lorelai is tied up with work right now and she can't get away so she suggested I stick to my original plan of taking you with me instead. Would you like to do that?"

April's face lit up and she replied: "You bet!"

Luke: "Okay put on some really warm clothes and get ready then we'll go,"

April practically skipped off completely forgetting about what she had done earlier that day.

Luke and April arrived at the lake with his truck towing the boat along. He backed the truck up to the water and then carefully freed the boat into the water. When he finally had it steadied enough, he waved for April to join him. April climbed in and Luke started the engine. It sputtered at first but then it finally caught on and the boat moved forward towards the middle of the lake.

Meanwhile Lorelai parked her Jeep in her new driveway. She got out and sighed.

Lorelai: "Too bad John Smith couldn't stick around. Things were so slow and boring today that everyone suggested I go home. Fine by me, I can call Luke and see how things are going with those two,"

Lorelai picked up the phone, dialed and waited. She would have to wait because Luke had left the cell phone in the front seat of the truck and it kept on ringing. Finally the cell phone's voice messenger came on the line.

Lorelai: "Hi Luke, it's Lorelai. I'm just calling because you told me to when I got home and a lucky coincidence is that I'm home now. But knowing you, this message won't do me any good because the phone's not with you. Call me when you do eventually come back from your trip. Bye,"

Lorelai hung up but something was still nagging at her.

Lorelai: "Hmm, maybe he didn't go after all. Maybe something came up and he had to drop April off somewhere. I better go check the Boat House,"

So Lorelai walked outside and went to the boathouse. She opened the doors to discover that it was indeed gone.

Lorelai: "Okay, guess not,"

Suddenly something shiny on the floor reflected enough light from the starting to set sun to catch Lorelai's attention. She walked over to the floor, slowly bent down and picked it up. She examined it in her hands for a little bit but still had no clue as to what it was.

Lorelai: "Ooh a mystery,"

She then noticed the screwdriver sitting on top of the tool chest and she walked over to it. She was placing the screwdriver inside the draw when a thought suddenly occurred to her. She quickly closed the tool chest and started walking fast out of the Boat House. She continued down the street until she went into the Book Store. She walked over to the register where Andrew was.

Andrew: "Oh Lorelai, can I help you with something?"

Lorelai: "You've had a boat before and have been around boats, right?"

Andrew: "Well I WAS in the navy for a little bit so I hope so,"

Lorelai presented Andrew with the part she had found on the floor.

Lorelai: "Could this possibly be from a boat?"

Andrew: "I don't know there are many things that can be from besides just a boat,"

Lorelai: "What if it was pried off by a screwdriver?"

Andrew: "You know if it is from a boat it looks like it could've belonged to the cooling system,"

Lorelai: "Cooling system? If a piece was missing from it would that be bad?"

Andrew: "Oh yeah, it could cause MAJOR problems. The engine could overheat, catch on fire, or the worse case scenario is it could cause the engine to take on water and the boat could sink,"

Lorelai's eyes flashed with horror. Quickly she gave Andrew her thanks and raced off.

Luke and April were removing the fishing poles from the lake.

Luke: "Well two fish are better than nothing,"

April: "Unfortunately we had to throw them back,"

Luke: "It's the law and I'm not much of a rule breaker,"

April: "You're not Danny Zuko from Grease, that's for sure,"

Luke took both rods and put them on the bottom of the boat. Then he went to the engine and started it up. The engine sounded horrible and Luke had a strange look on his face. That's when he started to notice smoke coming out of the engine. He inspected the engine further and to his horror he saw water streaming in through it. He jumped back and panic reflected in his face.

April noticed the terrified look on his face and quickly raced over.

April: "Dad, what's the matter?"

She gasped when she saw the smoke and gasped even louder when she saw the water.

April: "The boat is leaking!"

Luke: "Yes I kind of noticed that!"

April: "How did that happen?!"

Luke: "I don't know maybe when I built the boat I forgot a piece in the engine or the cooling system… I dunno the point is the boat is going to sink!"

April: "What can we do?"

Luke: "We can't restart the engine like this it would be way too dangerous and I know you can swim like a fish but I can't swim at all,"

April: "This is bad. Maybe I could swim to the shore and then call for help on your cell phone,"

Luke: "Even with your swimming Flipper, it's too far away you could never make it. I don't want to put you in that kind of risk. I just HAD to forget the STUPID cell phone!"

As Lorelai walked down the street she noticed a truck parked with a speedboat in tow. Kirk was making sure the boat was secure.

Lorelai: "Kirk, what are you doing with a speed boat?"

Kirk: "Well Taylor has me in charge of taking boats to the lake in Litchfield in preparation for the Boat Safety Seminar and he's paying me so I can't say no,"

Lorelai: "Kirk, please take me with you!"

Kirk: "I have a wife,"

Lorelai: "Yes I KNOW that I'm married too! I have no intentions of cheating with you! I need to get to the lake in Litchfield and I need a boat!"

Kirk: "Really, what for?"

Lorelai: "Luke and April took his boat out to the lake. I found a piece that might be missing from the boat and they could be in serious trouble. So please ditch the geek costume, turn into Superman and help me out over here!"

Kirk thought about it for a second then replied with: "Really? I always thought I was more of a Spiderman,"

Lorelai in exasperation: "FINE, you're Spiderman… now are you going to help me or not?"

Kirk threw a fist in the air and declared: "Spiderman to the rescue!"

He then accidenly punched himself in the face. While he rubbed his face in pain, Lorelai scrambled to the passenger door. When she got inside she honked the horn, scaring Kirk out of it and he ran to the driver's door.

The boat was now filling really fast with water. Luke and April sat on the highest part of the boat.

Luke: "If it gets really bad I just might have to carry you on my back while I try swimming to the shore,"

April: "You said yourself that you can't swim! It would just get both of us in trouble,"

Luke: "I don't know what else to do! This is all my fault! I should've double checked the boat to make sure everything was there and then I should've tested it out myself! Now I have to figure out a way to make sure my daughter doesn't drown,"

April: "It's not your fault Dad…. it's not…"

April wanted to confess but when she looked up at Luke and stared at his face, she could feel the weight of disappointment on her shoulders.

April: "…It could've happened to anyone,"

Just then, Kirk pulled up to the lake. He and Lorelai quickly raced out of the truck to try and spot where Luke and April were.

Lorelai: "There, in the middle! That has to be them! Come on Kirk, we've got to get this boat in the water!"

Kirk and Lorelai worked together to get the speed boat in the water. As they did Luke and April noticed from where they were that people were there.

April: "Hey look! They've got a boat! Maybe they came to rescue us!"

Luke: "Nobody knows that we're here except for… no way. She wouldn't…"

Kirk was trying to get the motor going. He pulled and pulled, finally he gave it one good yank and the engine started BUT he pulled a little TOO hard and went flying backwards, out of the boat and into the water.

Lorelai: "Are you okay Mr. Limpret?"

Kirk: "Yes,"

Lorelai: "Okay good, go to Luke's truck and see if there's rope we have to somehow get the boat out of the lake. It's his dad's,"

Kirk totally soaking wet ran to the bed of Luke's truck and rummaged through what was there. Finally he came across a couple of long ropes. He raced over to Lorelai and handed them to her.

Lorelai: "Thanks, you stay there,"

Kirk: "What, why?"

Lorelai winked as she replied with: "It's safer for the both of us. Besides, I have experience with motor boats from all the summer camp I had as a kid… okay so it was more like escaping from the camp,"

Lorelai got the boat going and surprisingly had a good handle of it. As she approached Luke's boat he was at a loss for words.

Lorelai: "So Captain Ahab, plan to go down with the ship or are you Jack from Titantic?"

Luke: "Lorelai, what the Hell are you doing here?!"

Lorelai: "It's so good to see you too. Save the formalities and let's concentrate on getting the two of you out of here. I'll explain everything later and I mean EVERYTHING…"

Lorelai shot April a look and April looked down in guilt.

Lorelai handed the rope to Luke and Luke tied three rope ends together. He then tied one end to the hull of the boat and then took the other end with him on the speedboat. The three of them squeezed into the speedboat where Lorelai lead them away back to the shore. As they got there the rope was so tight, Luke couldn't exit the boat or he would've lost his grip on it so Kirk got the keys from April and backed Luke's truck up as far as he could. It still wasn't enough. Lorelai who had ran to Kirk's truck came back with another rope. Luke tied it to the end he hand in his hand. He connected the rope to the back of his truck and got into the driver's seat. He carefully put the truck into drive and moved it up forward he barely moved an inch but the other boat was too heavy. So luckily there was another rope in the speedboat that they used to connect to the main rope and then to Kirk's truck. With the two trucks moving, it finally had enough strength to pull Luke's boat along however it gained more water as it did. Also, the rope ends started tearing and the back of Luke's boat did too. However, the boat finally made it far enough so that Luke untied the rope, backed up the truck into the water and with the help of Kirk and April got the boat safely attached to the trailer.

Kirk: "Well now that I have this boat in the water I have to go back and get the others,"

Lorelai: "Thank-you Kirk so much. You have no idea how much,"

Kirk: "It's no problem for Spiderman,"

Luke: "Thanks Kirk,"

Kirk nodded, got into his truck and then drove off into the sunset.

Luke turned to Lorelai.

Luke: "What are you doing here?"

Lorelai sarcastically: "Well you see I didn't have enough excitement in my life what with being pregnant and all so I thought going on a rescue mission was just the kind of thrill I was seeking,"

Luke: "Lorelai, I didn't mean to snap at you like that. I'm just overly upset and confused right now,"

Lorelai: "I called you and when you didn't answer I got suspicious,"

Luke: "You believed me about the cell phone thing?"

Lorelai: "Of course, you're not a good liar. Besides, there is only one other person in the world that I trust more than you,"

Luke: "I'm glad you did. Damn it, this was SUPPOSED to be a leisurely trip to the lake… how did things get so out of hand?"

Lorelai revealed the part she had found to Luke by holding it out to him.

Lorelai: "I think this might have something to do with it. I found that on the Boat House's floor,"

Luke's eyes widened: "Wait a minute, this was from the cooling system. There is no way that could've come out of the boat by accident. There is no way I could've forgotten something like that. I couldn't have been that irresponsible and careless with the boat,"

April was just kicking rocks with her feet but refused to make eye contact with Luke until Lorelai ran out of patience with her.

Lorelai: "April, maybe you could shed some light onto this situation,"

Luke looked perplexed.

Luke: "Huh, what? Why April?"

He sharply looked at April. April took a deep breath and finally raised her head.

April: "I took that piece out with a screwdriver. It was my intention to alert you before you left with Lorelai but when it was determined that I would go with you; in my excitement I forgot,"

Luke: "YOU did this? You purposely sabotaged my boat? Why would you do such a thing?!"

April: "I was upset and angry! I felt like you were treating Lorelai more special than with me so I wanted to do something I could get more praise from you!"

Luke: "I didn't treat you unfairly! The plans changed that's all! I still would've taken you out on the boat, just on another day! That wasn't going to change!"

April: "But…"

Luke was now getting very fed up with April.

Luke: "How on Earth can I trust you now with what you did? Do you know how worse the situation could've been? What if Lorelai hadn't figured it out and didn't come for us? What's even scarier than that is what if it was Lorelai who came with me instead? Huh? Not only would've my life been threatened but also hers and the baby's! You're just lucky everything turned out the way it did…!"

April: "I'm so sorry!"

Luke: "You're supposed to be smart… how could you have done something so stupid! Maybe your mother was right maybe I AM a bad influence on you!"

April: "No, that's not true!"

Lorelai shoved Luke and he stumbled in surprise. The fighting was quickly put on pause.

Lorelai: "OKAY! You two are doing a wonderful flashback performance of my father and me but break it up! You two are doing nothing but shouting at each other and trust me shouting doesn't resolve anything. It just makes matters worse. Luke you go and get the boat/truck ready so we can leave, meanwhile I'll talk with April,"

Luke: "But…"

Lorelai shot him a sneer.

Luke sighed in defeat: "Fine, I'll go to my corner,"

Luke walked away leaving Lorelai there with April. April completely emotionally drained, sat on the sandy ground. Lorelai carefully and slowly joined her.

Lorelai: "You were jealous,"

April: "I was not,"

Lorelai sort of laughed: "YES, you were. That's why you did… what you did. When Luke made plans with you and then broke them; it hurt you. You wondered if he did it because he loved me more than you. Jealousy is okay it reminds us that we're human but it can be dangerous too. Jealousy kills people, starts wars, and it can even sink a boat. As much as I love Luke the problem sometimes occurs where he doesn't recognize jealousy or hurt. Sometimes he's blind to it, which is kind of hypocritical considering he's prone to it himself. But he means well. He is constantly trying to make sure everyone is happy. He is so busy doing that he just can't multi-task enough to realize he may be unintentionally hurting someone. You have to tell him what you're feeling otherwise he won't know. If you feel like you're being treated unfair say it to him. Even if your scared of his reaction to it. Because often he can come up with an alternative plan. Just give him time to let things sink in first,"

April: "I get it now. It's just… now he hates me. He's disappointed in me because of what I did,"

Lorelai: "He does not. He's just feeling hurt from all of this… maybe even a little guilty himself. He wouldn't be judgmental enough to let this one little incident change the love he has for you. That's not your Father... he's not that kind of man. Like I said, give him some time and then go and tell him how you really feel. Hopefully he'll understand… if not then I'll verbally knock him upside the head like Alice to Ralph until it does sink in. Okay?"

April smiled.

April: "Okay. You're very good at this,"

Lorelai winked: "Years of practice. We should get back to the truck so we can go home. I think we definitely need a really good meal with pie and ice cream,"

April reached over and hugged Lorelai.

April: "Thank-you,"

Lorelai: "No problem… Boat Breaker,"

Lorelai laughed but April held it in until she couldn't any longer and she laughed too. April stood up and then helped Lorelai to her feet. The two of them walked back to the truck together. April then walked right up to Luke.

April: "Dad, can we talk please? Without yelling?"

Luke nodded: "Of course,"

He and April talked privately while Lorelai walked over to the passenger's side of the truck. She turned around and watched as the sun disappeared over the horizon of the lake. When it did, April and Luke joined her with smiles on their faces.

Lorelai: "Better now?"

Luke: "Much better, Doris Day… thanks,"

Lorelai: "Good, then it's time for food,"

Lorelai went to move by suddenly she stopped and grabbed her stomach.

Luke panicked shouting: "Lorelai! What's the matter?!"

Lorelai waited a minute before answering.

Lorelai: "She kicked… I felt her kick,"

Luke breathed a sigh of relief and then replied with: "She did?"

He walked over to Lorelai.

Lorelai: "There, there it is again! Wanna see?"

Luke: "Well, I'm not…"

Luke started but before he could refuse, Lorelai grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach.

Luke: "Oh yeah, look at that,"

Lorelai couldn't help but laugh.

April: "Can I feel it too?"

Lorelai: "Of course you can, come over here,"

April walked over and placed her hand on Lorelai's stomach. She giggled when she felt it kick.

Lorelai: "With all that kicking I think I might have to be a Soccer Mom,"

Luke: "Please God, no,"

The next episode…

Episode 18: "Lorelai on Connan O'Brien Meets Bono"- Connan O'Brien stays at the Dragonfly Inn and after having a great time he asks who's the owner of the inn. When he learns of Lorelai's story he personally invites her to come back stage to his show. Lorelai asks Rory and Luke to come with her but Luke refuses. When they leave for the show and Luke finds out that Bono is the musical guest, he starts to get itchy and finally he goes off to join them. Not a moment too soon because the second guest on the show cancelled their appearance and Lorelai takes the stage! Lane has her baby.